Maven Matrix Exposed 03
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Maven Matrix Exposed 03



A review and discussion of the Maven Matrix Manifesto.(Part 3 of 5) ...

A review and discussion of the Maven Matrix Manifesto.(Part 3 of 5)

Essentially, this reviewed work tells you how to make yourself into a larger-than-life maven who dominates the chosen niche and attracts business hand-over-fist. And how to turn this traffic into a high-income product line.

Until I can get the slidecast made, the audio for this slideshow is at:



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    Maven Matrix Exposed 03 Maven Matrix Exposed 03 Presentation Transcript

    • The Maven Matrix Manifesto EXPOSED Part 3 of 5
    • Matrix Step #7: Develop Your Own Phraseology Create memorable phrases - or your own slanguage - to describe your approach
    • All silos have their walls built of this. Private organizations, clubs, religions, cults, corporations – all these both brand their products and preserve their clientèle by distinguishing themselves from competitors and also-rans. There is the nomenclature of specialist studies, but there is also the slang used by the “insiders” in any industry.
    • Plus side of this is to make your key ideas mnemonic – to get your phrases known in the common vocabulary – another viral marketing strategy.
    • Matrix Step #8: Use a Signature Communications Channel Use a regular way of communicating that distinguishes you
    • Gary Vaynerchuk does a weekly video blog that tells the “average Joe” how to find and buy good wine. 5 to 15 minute videos every single week. Result: he's been on Conan O'Brian, Ellen Degeneres, has been offered his own cable TV show – and his family liquor store was transformed into a $50 million company.
    • Matrix Step #9: Create a Velvet Rope Community Create your upper-end, exclusive funnel section
    • All sales funnels have exclusive upper-end sections. Football stadiums have reserved boxes. Theaters have box seats. Race stands have special boxes down front and bleachers for everyone else. Front row concert seats are more expensive.
    • “Mavens deliberately create these communities by providing their customers and prospects with value-laden information, opinions and advice... “Mavens have the unique ability to treat people like relevant, important people, not mere consumers.”
    • “And that is the psychology behind the velvet rope. Anyone who has ever gone clubbing knows, or can imagine, what it's like to receive VIP treatment. Other people stand in line for hours, hoping to be allowed into the club and allowed to pay the large cover charge...
    • “But imagine if you could just step up to the velvet rope, be instantly recognized as a celebrity or VIP, And whisked past the lines of ordinary people into the elite inner sanctum of the club. You'd feel like a million bucks, right?”
    • Matrix Step #10: Evangelists Get affiliates to sell for you devotedly.
    • Find the underlying system...