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Sunnybrook lift1 dr krym v5 jg Sunnybrook lift1 dr krym v5 jg Document Transcript

  • Dr. Krym visits Santanna at SunnybrookTruly, it was a miraculous day.Dr. Valerie Krym remembers Santanna’s amazing thought ‘I can help.’ My car was in the shop forstory and the part Sunnybrook Hospital and the repairs so I decided to walk. It was at least -10˚ Ctrauma team played in her survival: but I had on a winter coat and boots so I started hiking very quickly to the scene.I’m not usually home at 5:00 p.m. on a Thursdayafternoon, but that day I was outside my house When I got there, Santanna had already beenin rural Nobleton, Ontario when I heard sirens pulled from underneath a truck and was in theapproaching. back of an ambulance. I was basically a woman in a black coat that walked out of the night, on aNormally, as an emergency physician, I don’t rush rural road in the middle of nowhere. I introducedto ambulance-attended scenes but when I saw one myself and told the paramedics: ‘I’m Dr. Krymambulance go by and then a second go by with from Sunnybrook. I’m going to go with you topolice vehicles and fire trucks, I knew it was a Sunnybrook. That is this woman’s only hopevery bad accident. of survival.’The accident was about a kilometre away from my Santanna was critically injured with very low,home. At that moment I made a split decision. I life-threatening blood pressure, with legs almost
  • amputated, a smashed pelvis and starting to loseconsciousness. I knew Sunnybrook was her bestchance of survival.If she had travelled to a local hospital – eventhough it was closer – there wouldn’t havebeen a trauma team there, she would havebeen received by a GP, and it may have taken30 minutes for them to get a surgeon in.She would not have survived. It would havebeen a death sentence.The paramedics had been told to drive theambulance to the community hospital but Iover-rode that order. I told them: ‘if you takeher there she’s not going to survive. Sunnybrookis her very best chance for survival. Lights and there, the whole trauma team was waiting for her.sirens, let’s go!’ Then they had to work fast.We got to Sunnybrook in 37 minutes. It’s 50 Later, when I learned that she’d survived I was sokilometres. You can imagine how fast we were happy. I visited her at least once or twice a weektravelling. It was through rush-hour traffic, on while she recovered. When I first walked into thethe 401 in the wintertime, through ice and bad room she said: ‘It’s you! I’m so happy! You savedconditions. The paramedics did an excellent job. my life!’ she kept saying that over and over again. We were all crying. I was so happy to see she’dMeanwhile, in the back of the ambulance, we survived this.were fighting to save Santanna’s life. She wasseverely injured from the waist down, but still It’s a real success story. But without theable to talk. I was trying to keep her conscious trauma team at Sunnybrook, she would notby talking to her. have survived at all.She kept asking me ‘amI going to die?’ I told her‘not on my watch’.As we were turning off the main road toSunnybrook I told the paramedics: ‘notify thetrauma team. We need the whole trauma team inthe room upon our arrival. We can’t be waitingfor anyone when we get there. She’s so critical, weneed them waiting for us.’ So, when we rolled in