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Ronelde Earle Newsletter

  1. 1. Africa Training Ministries Uganda & Mercy Seat Missions Australia Issue 2— JANUARY 2014 Featuring the AFRICA TRAINING The ultimate tragedy is not the oppression and cruelty by the bad people but the silence over that by the good people” Martin Luther King Jr ESSENTIAL NEEDS NOT WANTS 1. Balance of funds for FINAL purchase of Vocational School land and buildings $AUD $15,000 2. Four Wheel Drive for medical/food supply response unit 3. Trauma Counselling 4. Education all levels 5. Post War rehab Inside this issue: AUCTION = ACTION Original Ugandan hand made crafts FOR SALE BY AUCTION In my last newsletter we were raising much needed funds for a 4WD. This vehicle is still very much needed although our priority list is growing. Once back in Uganda under the guidance of the Executive Director of African Training Ministries “Pastor James Omara”, I was taken to many remote villages outside Lira. To see a “white” was unique to them. No Non Government Organisational support had been provided to them from the beginning of the Kony’s Rebels Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) war 1986 - 2011 Uganda Education- both formal and vocational ; Trauma Counseling and Rehabilitation programs are essential . What was your child doing over the holidays? Sadly the majority of Pastor James’ family was massacred in this very first onslaught outside Lira 2003 . WOMEN IN NORTHERN UGANDA MAKE HISTORY IN 2013 Achievements in 2013 Thank You Hervey Bay Baptist Church, Sunrise Rotary Hervey Bay and Dr Sam for your generous donations in 2013 One life at a time! 48 Women and girl LRA Escapees /former child soldier victims ,made history as the first women in Northern Uganda to be given training. Uganda has had more of her share of the ugliness of war and corruption. So how can we make a difference? Answer: ATM and Mercy Seat joined together in empowering women to learn and be valued within their local and Ugandan community
  2. 2. Issue 2— JANUARY 2014 NEWSLETTER Page 2 Purchase directly from Mercy Seat Mission all Ugandan hand made Original craft. Own your unique genuine AFRICAN decorator pieces by bidding online from my Facebook auctions “ronni Jeffery” UGANDAN wall hanging on heavily woven cotton. Size: 87cm width x 150 depth CURRENT Reserve bid is: $147AUD (unframed) go online to Facebook page Ronni Jeffery to bid OR view other ITEMS This AUCTION CLOSES ON 28th JANUARY 2014 100% raised is returned to ATM Uganda’s victims guaranteed! Does helping hurt others ? Indeed it can when we turn third world survivors of tribal wars into beggars! NGO’s , missionaries and aid agencies have sometimes been the cause of hopelessness to those who simply want to be. Let us empower them by allowing vulnerable and internally displaced persons to be educated, have ownership of their own cultural legacy and to teach the following generations how to live simply, honestly and self sufficiently Micro Enterprise is not a new concept to the world, however to those who have suffered atrocities like the escapee child soldiers and survivors of his LRA war—it IS! By purchasing any of these hand made pieces, is just the beginning of children reaching physical, mental and spiritual restoration. REACH OUT AND TOUCH SOMEONE! “NOT ON THE HAND OUT TRAIL”— ATM & Mercy Seat educate & teach Micro Enterprise to victims of war Pastor James Omara (right) said “There are so many needs in this world and northern Uganda is among the poorest and most needy in the world today.” ‘War torn from the LRA Rebels, communities have suffered atrocities beyond belief among my brothers and sisters in Africa.” Mercy Seat founder Ronni Jeffery says “For too long the world has given charity but no planning for their future freedom and growth. Instead of buying produce, equipment etc for these internally displaced people, ATM and Mercy Seat have introduced a self sustainable, micro enterprise scheme. Each district has been given art pieces to learn and create from. No remote villages with escapee child soldiers , victim or returnees has received NGO help to date. Rather than buying a plot of land for AUD $10K, leasing a plot of land for the sum of $2AUD per month with monies earned from their own hand made craft will allow an income from farming and skills development . The war started in 1986 and ended in 2011!!! “—one day at a time” If you are interested in becoming involved in the education, rehabilitation and restoration of these children, youth and former sex slaves to Kony’s soldiers and their HIV offspring then please contact either: Ronni Jeffery—Facebook Page or Email: OR Ps James Omara on his Face- book page. You can help immediately by inviting Ronni to guest speak at your community event, school, rotary club and church. Hear the true stories of people like James who went into the burning villages night after night “just in case he could save one more person”. REACH OUT AND TOUCH SOMEONE TODAY So how can we make a difference? Answer: One life at a time—one day at a time says Ronni Jeffery (below) In turn this creates economic/community development and long term sustainability. Whilst creating their unique art (a form of rehabilitation) they are also telling their own story of capture, abduction, escape and now restoration for future generations. Three generations were wiped out by Kony LRA . The survivors , culture and future, is at risk of annihilation. Total dependence on charity only opens the doors to the exploitation and rape of the wealth and peoples of this beautiful nation.
  3. 3. How to donate: DONATE PLEASE: Hervey Bay Baptist Church BSB: 704 913 ACC: 002225 Reference: Missions Child Soldiers For more information contact ronnijeffery@ Phone: +61 403783407