Worldwide Power Products offers Preventative Maintenance Plans for your Generators


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Worldwide Power Products offers Preventative Maintenance Plans for your Generators.

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Worldwide Power Products offers Preventative Maintenance Plans for your Generators

  1. 1. Worldwide Power Products offersPreventative Maintenance Plans for your Generators Call us: +1-713-434-2300
  2. 2. Everyone who either owns an electrical generator or isconsidering purchasing one surely recognizes the value of anuninterrupted power supply. Indeed, the purpose of a powergenerator is to ensure that its owner is never left without areliable source of electricity.Generators are extremely durable; however, like all complexmachines, they require a reasonable amount of upkeep.Regular inspections and maintenance will help extend the lifeof your generator and ensure that your unit is performingoptimally.
  3. 3. Preventative maintenance plans can be purchased throughmost dealers of power generation equipment. These plansfollow the maintenance schedules recommended by generatormanufacturers. Most manufacturer warranties can actually bevoided by damages resulting from owner neglect.Therefore, it is especially important to schedule preventativemaintenance visits when purchasing a new generator. Thisshould not overshadow the fact that preventative maintenanceplans are incredibly valuable to owners of every type of unit,including both new and used generators.
  4. 4. In fact, before reputable dealers allow used generators to beplace on the sales floor, those units are put through the samerigorous inspection process that your generator would receiveas part of a preventative maintenance plan.This way, dealers can make sure that used generators markedfor resale have been completely refurbished—any faulty orworn down parts will have been replaced and all systems willbe operating like new. Likewise, as a customer with apreventative maintenance plan, you can be sure that generatorkeeps running like new throughout its lifetime.
  5. 5. When it comes to generator upkeep, there is no substitute forthe expertise of a trained technician. While maintenance plansdiffer slightly from dealership to dealership, similar steps arealways taken to ensure that customers can continuously rely ontheir generators.The primary task of a maintenance technician is to inspect allthe components and systems of your generator. Inspectionsinvolve checking fluid levels, testing and cleaning batteries, andverifying control panel readings.
  6. 6. Your technician will also administer a gravity test and a loadtest in order to verify that all of your generator’s electrical andmechanical operations are working properly. Following theinspection, it is the technician’s job to analyze technical data.Data from the inspected generator is compared withmanufacturer standards and also with data from thatgenerator’s previous inspections.This way the technician can be sure that your generator isperforming both optimally and consistently. Finally, themaintenance technician will provide you, the customer, with acomprehensive inspection report. This report will inform you ofany deficiencies in your generator and it will provide a quotefor any suggested repairs and replacements.
  7. 7. Regarding inspection reports, there are two things thatcustomers should remember.First, if you are purchasing a used generator, you should ask tosee any available inspection reports. You should be provided witha report that informs you of the generator’s history (any repairsand replacements that were made) as well as a current inspectionreport which will verify that everything is in proper working order.Secondly, keep in mind that loyal customers (i.e. those enrolled inpreventative maintenance plans) are likely to receive betterquotes on repairs from dealers. This is just another way in whicha maintenance plan can save you money, on top of the insuranceagainst breakdowns that could lead to very expensivereplacements.
  8. 8. While regular inspections help a customer avoid generatorbreakdowns, there are parts to every unit that require specialattention. Batteries, coolant, coolant hoses andv-belts (which drive a generator’s fans) are the most importantthings to maintain. Of course these parts are checked duringeach inspection, but it is also recommended that they bereplaced every three years.Preventative maintenance is especially important in regionsthat experience very high or very low temperatures, asextreme heat or cold can have detrimental effects on agenerator’s battery. If you live in an especially hot or coldregion, you should be sure to have your battery regularlytested for voltage and to follow the recommended schedule forbattery replacement.
  9. 9. The preventative maintenance plan offered by WorldwidePower Products is an excellent example of a comprehensiveplan that takes into account all of the maintenance issues wehave discussed thus far.WPP’s preventative maintenance consistsof four annual visits. Three of these visits arestandard quarterly inspections. WPPtechnicians will perform a rigorous seventypoint check on your generator and provideyou with detailed results as well asrecommendations and quotes for repairs ifnecessary.
  10. 10. The fourth annual visit will entail the same inspection, but willalso include oil and filter change. Diesel generator enginesoperate very similarly to automobile engines and, as such,they require the same periodic oil and filter changes in order torun properly. In addition to these quarterly visits, WPP providesa special third-year service. At this time they will make all thenecessary tri-annual replacements: battery, coolant, coolanthoses and v-belts.
  11. 11. Enrolling in a preventative maintenance plan like the oneoffered by Worldwide Power Products will extend the life ofyour generator and limit the likelihood of failures in its partsand systems. Plans can be purchased along with a new orused generator; they vary in price depending on the type ofgenerator and its kilowatt size.Despite the extra cost, generator owners who pay forpreventative maintenance are almost sure to save money overtime. Without proper maintenance, generators (like all heavymachines) will experience problems and failures that can leadto extremely costly repairs or even, in the worst cases,complete premature breakdowns.
  12. 12. Still, the most obvious consequence of non-maintenance is thepossibility that you will be left without power when you need itthe most. People purchase generators to ensure that theyhave a reliable source of power so that they may avoidfinancial losses and safety hazards; it is for these samereasons that generators must be properly maintained.As WPP’s own Ron Bernuchosays, “If you rely on yourgenerator for backup power, youshould rely on us formaintenance.”
  13. 13. At Worldwide Power Products, we specialize in powergeneration equipment including over 100 new and used engines and generator sets for the industrial, marine, and petroleum industries. CATERPILLAR Call us: +1-713-434-2300