World Prayer Assembly 2012


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World Prayer Assembly 2012

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World Prayer Assembly 2012

  1. 1. For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of theFor the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord, as the waters cover the sea.glory of the Lord, as the waters cover the sea. Habakkuk 2:14Habakkuk 2:14
  2. 2. Why Indonesia?Why Indonesia? A vibrant movementA vibrant movement of prayerof prayer
  3. 3. a strategic nationa strategic nation IndonesiaIndonesia is one ofis one of the worldthe world’s’s mostmost diversediverse andand dynamicdynamic nationsnations
  4. 4. the church has sufferedthe church has suffered hundreds of churches havehundreds of churches have been destroyedbeen destroyed
  5. 5. but the church has unitedbut the church has united beyond denominationsbeyond denominations and generationsand generations beyond traditionsbeyond traditions and agendasand agendas
  6. 6. they are passionate in prayerthey are passionate in prayer
  7. 7. the youth are engagedthe youth are engaged
  8. 8. children in prayerchildren in prayer are becoming aare becoming a forceforce
  9. 9. by the thousandsby the thousands
  10. 10. the 4/14 window is taking rootthe 4/14 window is taking root
  11. 11. leaders in the 7 mountains areleaders in the 7 mountains are mobilizingmobilizing
  12. 12. momentum is growing everywheremomentum is growing everywhere
  13. 13. Indonesia isIndonesia is modelingmodeling servantservant leadershipleadership their influence is impactingtheir influence is impacting other regions and nationsother regions and nations
  14. 14. they are committed tothey are committed to see their nationsee their nation transformedtransformed
  15. 15. and areand are seriousserious aboutabout prayerprayer 13 story13 story prayer towerprayer tower outsideoutside JakartaJakarta
  16. 16. Korea as a co-host nation
  17. 17. Korea has a culture of prayerKorea has a culture of prayer
  18. 18. prayer leaders areprayer leaders are engagedengaged
  19. 19. they are connecting inthey are connecting in global missionsglobal missions
  20. 20. serving movementsserving movements
  21. 21. the youth is involvedthe youth is involved
  22. 22. in compelling waysin compelling ways
  23. 23. they are catalysts for the 4/14 Windowthey are catalysts for the 4/14 Window
  24. 24. KoreaKorea also has aalso has a history ofhistory of sufferingsuffering
  25. 25. and hasand has overcome aovercome a prevailingprevailing world viewworld view through athrough a culture ofculture of prayer . . .prayer . . .
  26. 26. they are contending forthey are contending for North / South reconciliation!North / South reconciliation!
  27. 27. Korea led the way by hostingKorea led the way by hosting the first International Prayerthe first International Prayer AssemblyAssembly an event thatan event that launched thelaunched the current globalcurrent global prayerprayer movementmovement
  28. 28. Focus of the World Prayer AssemblyFocus of the World Prayer Assembly childrenchildren in prayerin prayer
  29. 29. youthyouth
  30. 30. national & regional movements ofnational & regional movements of prayer in places like Burundi . . .prayer in places like Burundi . . .
  31. 31. and India . . .and India . . .
  32. 32. it will bring together leaders and growit will bring together leaders and grow relationships to spread Godrelationships to spread God’s glory’s glory
  33. 33. creating new spiritual highwayscreating new spiritual highways
  34. 34. uniting leaders and prayeruniting leaders and prayer movements around the globemovements around the globe
  35. 35. transforming ourtransforming our worldworld through prayerthrough prayer May 14-18, 2012May 14-18, 2012