Improving aquaculture feed in Bangladesh


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Improving aquaculture feed in Bangladesh - feed ingredients to farmer profit to safe consumption. Presented by Dr. Mike Phillips at the 'Aquaculture feeds workshop', held on the 4th of April, 2013, at the BRAC Center, Dhaka Bangladesh.

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Improving aquaculture feed in Bangladesh

  1. 1. Improvingaquaculture feedin Bangladesh -feed ingredients tofarmer profit tosafe consumption Study Background
  2. 2. FtF Aqua is workingin 20 Districts with4 hubsKHULNAJESSOREBARISALFARIDPUR
  3. 3. Background• Aquaculture (fish) production growing• Intensification of fish farming systems and use of feed• Fish feed production has now reached > 1 million tonnes/yr• What are the major opportunities, constraints and how to support sustainable growth?
  4. 4. Feed study objectives• To identify the current status and future trends in use of aquaculture feeds• To identify key bottlenecks for industry development• To identify solutions for sustainable growth of the aquaculture feed sector – Farm level – Feed industry – Government
  5. 5. Feed study approach• Feeds study started in August 2012• Major activities – Review and consult – Develop methods – Consultations across the “value chain” – All stakeholders – Analyse and draft report• Workshop – 4th April 2013
  6. 6. An integrated value-chain approach. . ... to understand all aspects of feed production and use ConsumersValue chain analysis and key interventions
  7. 7. Wide ranging analysis and stakeholders• Economics (profits, costs and • Farmers benefits) • Traders• Social (employment, gender, • Processors equity) • Ingredient producers• Environment (life cycle analysis) • Public and private
  8. 8. Key research questions?• Which tools and indicators can be used for analyzing aquaculture feed sector?• What is present and future use and demand for aquaculture feeds?• What are the options for producing more and/or better feed to meet future demand?
  9. 9. Key research questions?• What are current feeding practices? What improvements can be made to reduce farm level feed wastage and improve profitability?• What are the value chains for feeds and role of different actors and how can these be improved.• What are the research and development priorities for aquaculture feed in the short (1 year), medium (2-3 years) and long term (3-5 years).
  10. 10. Feeds workshop purpose• Review the major study findings• Stakeholder feedback on key challenges and opportunities for aquaculture feed development• Identify follow up interventions
  11. 11. Thankyou
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