Successful Networking From A Business Owners Perspective


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Successful Networking From A Business Owners Perspective

  1. 1. Successful Business Networking From A Business Owners Perspective By Michael Sloyan Founder & CEO of The World Business Fair Business networking is a very powerful tool that should be included in the marketing strategy of every modern business. As long as it is applied effectively, structured, and monitored closely, Business Networking can easily account for between 20% and 45% of a companies annual sales which, when taken into context, can make a profound difference between profit and loss over a years trading. Business Networking is an integral element of doing business today but keeping it focused and cost effective is what makes it pay dividends. Networking for the sake of collecting business cards will deliver little profit because “it is not who you know - but who knows you that counts!”. Making sure that the real decision makers within the business community are fully aware of exactly who you are, what you do, and where to contact you is the cornerstone of successful “Business Networking” from a business owners perspective. You can attend all of the business breakfasts & lunches in the world but unless you ensure that you are targeting real business decision makers you are simply wasting a lot of time and money. Your waistline will be expanding far more than your bank balance. Networking events are by their very nature heavily populated with salespeople and “managers” and all with a very focused agenda…. to capture your data, your business card, your time, and to sell you their products. That is all very well if you are on a shopping spree but from a business owners perspective there is more to the “Business Networking” deal than that. As a business owner you are ideally looking for:  Good Buyers  Good Suppliers  Sound Sources of Knowledge & Advice Something else to bear in mind is the parochial nature of business networking. Most local business clubs & groups meet regularly at the same venue on an agreed day each week or month. At those meetings the same 15-20 faces will sit around the same tables hopefully waiting for a new contact or lead. They will present themselves to the room in the hope that someone will make a decision to buy 1
  2. 2. their products or services. This practice works - but only for a very limited time, after which you will have collected all of the business cards, heard all of the pitches, and are in fact simply following a hugely expensive, non-productive, “social habit”. In reality, any business today can instantly be both a national & international enterprise. There is no need to depend solely on the local network to find and develop your business contacts. There is no need to restrict your potential for success to a local footprint when in fact now more than ever it is feasible to spread your wings and promote your products and services to a much wider audience. The Internet has opened up a whole new world of exciting opportunities for today’s business owners that allow them to cost effectively expand their marketing footprint. But how do we ensure bring the very best elements of “Business Networking” together in a manageable solution?.  How do we put business owners exclusively in front of fellow business owners?  How do we avoid the salespeople and the managers?  How do we keep our networking “Strictly Business”  How do we make ourselves, and our products & services globally accessible 24/7 – 365?  How do we find buyers, suppliers & good sources of knowledge and advice?  How do we expand the marketing footprint of our businesses to a global audience?  Most importantly, how do we do all of this affordably & cost effectively? The World Business Fair delivers all of the above and more….. Every member of The World Business Fair is a genuine business owner/business decision maker. As a result, each member can feel safe in the knowledge that when they make contact with another member, they are conversing with a fellow business decision maker and that the conversation will not become an unsolicited “sales pitch” from a well meaning, but misguided employee. The World Business Fair extends the “boundaries of potential” for our members so that they can develop not just local, but national and international business connections. Technology today allows us to communicate instantly with potential clients and suppliers anywhere on the globe. By successfully marketing the brand of The World Business Fair on a global scale, we can serve to promote the brands of each of our members.” The World Business Fair enables its members to openly use both pictures & videos to promote their products and services to potential buyers & clients all over the world. Those pictures and videos can even be uploaded from your mobile phone! “Success breeds success” – Members of The World Business Fair get to make contact with a host of different successful business owners from all trades and professions, from all parts of the 2
  3. 3. world. By constantly making contact, rubbing shoulders, shaking hands and sharing thoughts and ideas with successful business owners you will be able to build a powerful knowledge base that will provide you with the tools required to make your business a success. The World Business Fair provides full members with the following benefits:  Business Contacts  A Business Promotion Platform  Business Networking  Business Events  Business Information  Business Advice  International Trade Missions Along with an ongoing supply of new business contacts, you will also receive expert articles, e-books and advice that support the development needs of small to medium sized businesses. We organise Business Seminars & Networking Events globally along with providing our members with exclusive invitations to select lunches, launches & receptions, sporting events and international trade missions. Membership of The World Business Fair will give your business a global support & contact network unmatched by any other business owner’s organisation. The World Business Fair is the one truly affordable option that will support your future success strategy. The World Business Fair takes “Strictly Business Networking” to a whole new level…. I look forward to welcoming you as a member. Michael Sloyan. Founder & CEO The World Business Fair “Get started on your future success strategy today!” 3