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Jump start your SAP career today by self training to become an SAP consultant from the comfort of your home for just US$499 only! Visit : …

Jump start your SAP career today by self training to become an SAP consultant from the comfort of your home for just US$499 only! Visit :

Kick Start your SAP consulting career! With a relatively small investment, you can become an experienced SAP consultant with our SAP R/3 ECC 6.0 training videos. Since this is a zero to expert program you will be taken through the course subjects step by step and make sure you understand the SAP training well.

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  • 1. 1
  • 2. 2© Maxum Communications, Inc 2012What is SAP SoftwareSAPWe give you straightforward, practical details of SAP– all consolidated in one place.canchangeyour life
  • 3. 3© Maxum Communications, Inc 2012SAP contractor earningsThe SAP job market is growingat an unprecedented pace.SAP has created the first ever opportunity to work on contract basisand become instant millionaires!$22,000a month$800-$1000a day
  • 4. 4© Maxum Communications, Inc 2012Dont limit yourself to being contractedOnly in your own countryAs an SAP consultant, youd travel on company-paid business trips across the globe.SAP can be considered as a business opportunity, rather than a careeropportunity – but without the hassle, financial responsibility, overheads andpaperwork of running a business.• stay in five-star hotels• fly business class• daily expenses allowanceof US$80
  • 5. 5© Maxum Communications, Inc 2012Number of vacancies in SAP field iscontinuously growingSAP installation bases are increasing in numbers day by day…At we can help you to become an efficient and effective SAP expert…YOU CAN START THE CAREER YOU TRULY DESERVE.
  • 6. 6© Maxum Communications, Inc 2012SAP is Enterprise Resource Planningmarket leaderSAP is the biggest player in the field ofEnterprise Resource Planning(ERP), with a 60% market share.SAP has been installed in over50,000 large scaleorganizations around the world.Almost 90% of all Fortune 500companies are using SAP.60%market share.
  • 7. 7© Maxum Communications, Inc 2012Why SAP is so popular?SAP has full suite of modules, ranging from financial to human resources, and all thesemodules are efficiently integrated with each other in real-time.• Tonnes of features• Integrated modules• Streamlinesbusinessprocesses
  • 8. 8© Maxum Communications, Inc 2012So Tell Me - What Is SAP?In contrast to a custom developed systems, the built-in configurable SAPallows the organizations to concentrate on their core business withouthiring a coding team to develop an ERP system.SAP stands out of other ERP systems because of the degree of configurabilityin the system. SAP has 10,000 database tables to hold all its systemsettings.
  • 9. 9© Maxum Communications, Inc 2012Employment market has opened up forSAP configuration experts.SAP configuration is a hugefield of education by itself,since the total number of pagesin SAP product documentationabout it’s system configurationis around100,000The market for such SAPconfiguration consultants isSO HUGE!
  • 10. 10© Maxum Communications, Inc 2012So Tell Me - What Is SAP?SAP business does not stop after the initial setupThis is a NEVER ENDING PROCESSas long as the business continue to use SAP…SAP
  • 11. 11© Maxum Communications, Inc 2012So Tell Me - What Is SAP?SAP consultants are free to choose the module of their interest to study andbecome an expert in to become highly sought-after consultants.Each consultants must at least know the integration areas of their module with othermodules.
  • 12. 12© Maxum Communications, Inc 2012SAP ModulesModule Abbreviation DescriptionFinance & Controlling FI/CO This module is the main module which has got main sub modules as follows :-Finance – General ledger, Accounts receivable, Accounts payable, Asset AccountingControlling – Cost center, Profit center, Internal order, Product costing, ProfitabilityAnalysisMaterial Management MM This module is all about purchasing, vendor management and inventory managementSales & Distribution SD This module is all about sales and customer managementProduction Planning PP This module is all about manufacturing activitiesProject Systems PS This module is all about managing various projects within the organization like buildinga new building, plant and etc.Human Resource HR This module is used to manage the HR activities and more importantly the payrollprocessing.Business Intelligence BI This module is about extracting various data for management reporting and analysisAdvanced BusinessApplication ProgrammingABAP This is the programming language of SAP using which we can do customization tocater to business needs which cannot be addressed by the standard SAP featuresBasis Basis This is the system administration part of SAP where various administration functions ofSAP is handled
  • 13. 13© Maxum Communications, Inc 2012SAP consultantsThere are 2 groups of SAP consultants: functional and technical: Functional consultants are the ones who have mastered how to influencethe functionality of the system by changing the settings of the system. Technical consultants are the ones working with the back-end aspects ofSAP, such as programming and system administration.
  • 14. 14© Maxum Communications, Inc 2012SAP consultantsSAP functional consultants: You should be able to take part indiscussions with key financedepartment users like thefinancial controller, CFO andaccountants. This means youneed a high level ofcommunication expertise in orderto listen to and understand thebusiness requirements.SAP Technical consultants : These are the 3 modules in SAP(BI, ABAP or Basis) which do notrequire accounting knowledge,and therefore people with apurely technical interest orproficiency are best suited forthese modules.
  • 15. 15© Maxum Communications, Inc 2012SAP PrerequisitesModule Knowledge Background Consultant CategoryFinance & Controlling Accounting FunctionalMaterial Management Accounting or Purchasing FunctionalSales & Distribution Accounting or Supply Chain FunctionalProduction Planning Manufacturing FunctionalProject Systems Project Management FunctionalHuman Resource Human Resource FunctionalBusiness Intelligence Programming or DataWarehousingTechnicalAdvanced BusinessApplication ProgrammingProgramming TechnicalBasis System Administration TechnicalThe typical prerequisite for anyone wishing to embark on an SAP career isan accounting or IT background as follows :
  • 16. 16© Maxum Communications, Inc 2012The SAP EconomyIf you have already chosen a career path within accounting or computing which is anon-starter, then its time for you to seriously consider switching to SAP for somevery compelling reasons. Because SAP has already been installed in almost 90%of the worlds biggest corporations, it has in turn created what we call "the SAPEconomy".
  • 17. 17© Maxum Communications, Inc 2012SAP Career for Accountant, MBA, Computer ScienceGraduate…You have to use your analytical business skills to put SAP features to gooduse. In the business, we call it the “SAP brain” - analytical, on-point andefficient. Because of the specific niche of skills required,SAP consultants are highly sought after and thus better paid thanaccountants and IT workers.
  • 18. 18© Maxum Communications, Inc 2012…SAP Career for Accountant, MBA, Computer ScienceGraduate1. Lack of Domain Knowledge.IT professionals are afraid to take upSAP because they do not have therequired accounting knowledge.2. Lack of Software Knowledge.Accountants are afraid to take up SAPbecause they are afraid to work withcomputer software.In SAP, this available talent pool is not overcrowded becauseof:
  • 19. 19© Maxum Communications, Inc 2012SAP market open to the real professionalsSAP is not for everyone. SAP market open to the real professionals.If you want to work for yourself in a challenging sector, be your ownboss, meet daily challenges and be right at the heart of businesssolutions, then SAP is the right world for you.
  • 20. 20© Maxum Communications, Inc 2012Start SAP career seriouslyThere is only one rule you need to follow to win the lucrative SAP game: acquirean in-depth knowledge of SAP. Dont waste any more time in otherindustries and miss out on a spectacular journey into an invigorating,stimulating and interesting SAP career.
  • 21. 21© Maxum Communications, Inc 2012Your SAP career could start today!Simply purchase our comprehensive training videos, start learningSAP today, and watch your life transform before your eyes! Itcouldnt be easier!
  • 22. 22© Maxum Communications, Inc 2012Advantage Of Video Based TrainingsIt is scientifically proven that people learn better when they are able to see,hear, and follow along with instructions. Thats why we chose to createthese high-quality training videos to help people learn SAP.
  • 23. 23© Maxum Communications, Inc 2012Advantage Of Video Based TrainingsHere are some reasons that training videos are a more effective way of teaching:1. There is less strain on the human body. You can start the video, sit back and relax.2. Its easier to repeat training videos. Since people learn faster through repetition,repeated training helps to better understand SAP concepts. Re-watching videos ismuch easier than re-reading documents.3. Seeing live SAP screens in action is much easier to understand than looking atbasic screenshots. Watching the trainers click through the menu paths and SAPscreens live helps trainees to learn the concepts better.4. Watching a video is like being in a classroom, allowing you to follow along and learnas you go.
  • 24. 24© Maxum Communications, Inc 2012What Our Training is Based OnOur training material not only explain "how" to do certain functions, but they also explain"why" to do certain functions. Teaching the "why" helps trainees learn the processand methodolgy behind the "how," and makes for a better learning experience. Thismakes the whole training more effective
  • 25. 25© Maxum Communications, Inc 2012What Our Training is Based OnIn our training materials we emphasize more on the concepts and the need to do certainfunctions instead of just explaining on how to perform certain functions.Furthermore, there are many SAP specific functions which are not used in otherapplications or outside of the accounting business world. These functions deserve agood explanation as to why SAP uses them.You will realize the above statement is much easier to understand and digest than theSAPs own statement. This has made our training videos very user friendly andunderstandable by beginners of all sort of background. Look example on next pageOfficial SAP documentation is written only for experienced consultants who have priorknowledge of SAP. It is because of this we have made our explanations easy tounderstand and straight to the point.
  • 26. 26© Maxum Communications, Inc 2012ERPTraining9 made explanations easyOfficial SAP documentation because it is written for experienced consultantswho have prior knowledge of SAP.We have made our explanations easy to understand and straight to the point.
  • 27. 27© Maxum Communications, Inc 2012SAP FI/CO TrainingThis is the SAP FI/CO module which is themost important module of all. SAP FI/COmodule is the finance module which islike the master module for all the othermodules. This basic training will prepareyou to become a trainee/junior levelFI/CO consultant. Using this training youcan easily find a trainee FI/CO consultantjob with any consultancies and proceedfrom there to get on the job training tobecome a trained consultant.$499Total FI/CO Video(full videos package)Total FI/CO Video Duration : 40 Hours 12Minutes 41 Seconds$50Per individual FI/CO video
  • 28. 28© Maxum Communications, Inc 2012SAP MM TrainingThis is the SAP MM module which is thesecond most important module after FICOmodule. SAP MM consultants are one ofthe highly sought after consultants by headhunters. This basic training will prepareyou to become a trainee/junior level MMconsultant. Using this training you caneasily find a trainee MM consultant jobwith any consultancies and get on the jobtraining to become a trained consultant.$499Total MM Video Duration : 13 Hours 59Minutes 42 SecondsTotal MM Video$50Per individual MM video
  • 29. 29© Maxum Communications, Inc 2012WelcometoERPTraining9