Global Priorities:Critical Choices for theObama Administration63 rd ANNUAL CONFERENCEApril 2-3, 2009
GLOBAL         Welcome to the 63rd AnnualPRIORITIES     Conference of the World Affairs               Council of Northern ...
Global Priorities: Critical Choices                                                                                       ...
Elizabethan D   III. Addressing Global Poverty: Economic Development, Health,                 1:00 – 2:15 PM     Plenary I...
Colonial   VI. New Tapestry of Economic Players: The United States, Emerging         	        Georgian    VIII. The Middle...
2009 Annual Conference                           Speaker Biographies                           * Moderator                ...
Andrew Crockett                                                                 Rafiq Dossani                           An...
Elizabeth Farnsworth*                                                            James Goldgeier                          ...
Jan Hamrin                                                                 Nancy A. Jarvis*                           Jan ...
Kenneth Juster                                                                    Jennifer Kates                          ...
Stephen Krasner                                                             Jane C.S. Long                           Steph...
John Melo                                                                     Abbas Milani                           John ...
Randy Newcomb                                                                   William J. Perry                          ...
Pavel Podvig                                                                   Nayla Rizk *                           Pave...
Daniel Rosen                                                              Toni Verstandig                           Daniel...
Jack Wadsworth                                                           Mason Willrich*                           Jack Wa...
R. James Woolsey                                                                  2009 World Affairs Council Scholarship  ...
2009 World Affairs Council of Northern                                                                                    ...
2009 World Affairs Council of NorthernCalifornia Scholarship Recipients Students Nahila Ahsan, University of the Pacific  ...
36 | Our Community   World Affairs Council | Conference Program 2009 | 37
The Marines’ Memorial Association is a non-profit Veterans                            Organization, chartered to honor the...
WorldAffairs 2009: Global Priorities: Critical Choices for the Obama Administration
WorldAffairs 2009: Global Priorities: Critical Choices for the Obama Administration
WorldAffairs 2009: Global Priorities: Critical Choices for the Obama Administration
WorldAffairs 2009: Global Priorities: Critical Choices for the Obama Administration
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WorldAffairs 2009: Global Priorities: Critical Choices for the Obama Administration


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WorldAffairs 2009 Conference Program

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WorldAffairs 2009: Global Priorities: Critical Choices for the Obama Administration

  1. 1. Global Priorities:Critical Choices for theObama Administration63 rd ANNUAL CONFERENCEApril 2-3, 2009
  2. 2. GLOBAL Welcome to the 63rd AnnualPRIORITIES Conference of the World Affairs Council of Northern CaliforniaCRITICALSTABILITY We stand at a moment when global affairs are rapidly shifting, requiring that shared solutions tap all sources of innovation. Changes made today will have a lasting effect on our future, our nation and our world — demanding weHUMANITARIAN understand the challenges we face and the opportunities for creative solutions. In that spirit, we are proud to be hosting our Annual Conference in SanPHILANTHROPY Francisco for the first time. The Northern California community has long been deeply engaged in international issues, with a wealth of intellectual, entrepreneurial and community-based resources that enable us to have aENGAGING positive influence on current and future events. We extend our gratitude to our trustees, donors and members whose on-CHOICES going commitment to exploring critical international issues make the conference possible. We also thank those local corporations whose generous support has helped make this conference possible.LISTENING We hope each of you will, together with us, learn, engage and celebrate the richness and diversity of knowledge, ideas and experience that create a strongDIVERSITY global community.CLIMATE Sincerely yours, George B. James, II Jane Wales Chairman of the Board President & CEO
  3. 3. Global Priorities: Critical Choices for the Obama Administration 63 rd ANNUAL CONFERENCE Conference Co-Chairmen Agenda The Honorable George P. Shultz, 60 th US Secretary of State The Honorable William J. Perry, 19 th US Secretary of Defense Thursday, April 2nd 5:30 – 7:00 PM General Registration 10:00 – 10:15 AM Coffee Break Georgian Italian 6:00 – 7:00 PM Welcome Reception with Campbell’s Jazz Soup 10:15 – 11:30 AM Morning Breakouts Colonial Borgia I. Developing Clean and Efficient Alternative Energy Strategies 7:00 – 8:00 PM Dinner With the development of a comprehensive energy and climate change Grand Ballroom plan, the Obama administration promises to invest in renewable energy and low-carbon emission technologies, improve energy efficiency, decrease 7:00 PM Co-Chairman’s Opening Remarks reliance on foreign oil, and create new American jobs. What will this clean The Honorable George P. Shultz, 60 th US Secretary of State energy future look like? Which renewable energy sources are the best targets for investment? What innovations and courses of action are critical 8:00 PM Leadership Challenges in the Global Economic Turmoil for this new strategy? Sir Andrew Crockett, President, JPMorgan Chase International Moderator: Mason Willrich, Director, California Clean Energy Fund Jan Hamrin, CEO, HMW International Friday, April 3rd John Melo, CEO, Amyris Biotechnologies R. James Woolsey, Venture Partner, VantagePoint Venture Partners 7:15 – 8:00 AM Registration & Continental Breakfast Italian Georgian II. The Impact of a Global Recession: Globalization, Trade and Protectionism 8:00 – 8:45 AM Profitable Solutions to Climate, Oil and Proliferation During the toughest economic climate since World War II, how will turmoil Grand Ballroom Amory Lovins, Chairman & Chief Scientist, Rocky Mountain Institute in the international financial markets impact the Obama administration’s fiscal and monetary policy? How can the government encourage business growth 8:45 – 10:00 AM Plenary I: Three Challenges in One: The Economy, and to what degree is intervention needed to revive the nation’s financial Grand Ballroom Energy and the Environment system? What will be the effects on global trade and can the US avoid protectionism? Moderator: Elizabeth Farnsworth, Special Correspondent, The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer Moderator: John Wilson, Partner, Shearman & Sterling LLP A Tangled Web of Crises: Crafting Serious Solutions to Serious Problems Barry Eichengreen, Professor, Economics and Political Science, Jane C.S. Long, Associate Director, Energy and Environment, Lawrence University of California, Berkeley Livermore National Laboratory Kenneth Juster, Executive Vice President, Innovative Climate and Energy Strategies Edgard Habib, Chief Economist, Chevron Corporation Dan Reicher, Director, Climate Change & Energy Initiatives, Engaging China David Victor, Director, Program on Energy & Sustainable Development, Stanford University2 | Agenda World Affairs Council | Conference Program 2009 | 3
  4. 4. Elizabethan D III. Addressing Global Poverty: Economic Development, Health, 1:00 – 2:15 PM Plenary II: Strategies for the Greater Middle East: Hunger and Education Grand Ballroom Where to From Here? What is the future of foreign assistance spending and efforts to combat global poverty under the Obama administration? What might Moderator: Nancy A. Jarvis, Attorney, Farrand Cooper, P.C. reduced spending mean for US commitments to economic development An Update on the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and global health, as well as humanitarian relief? Moreover, should the Michael O’Hanlon, Senior Fellow, Foreign Policy, The Brookings Institution strategy for allocating US foreign aid be reformed to be more responsive Architecture for Peace: A Comprehensive Approach to End the Conflict to the needs of donor nations, as well as to respond to global health and Toni Verstandig, Senior Policy Advisor, Center for Middle East Peace humanitarian emergencies? and Economic Cooperation An Update on the Conflicts in the Persian Gulf and Pakistan Moderator: Sara Abbasi, Chairman of the Board, Developments Vali Nasr, Professor, International Politics, Tufts University in Literacy Edward Miguel, Associate Professor, Economics, University of California, 2:15 – 2:30 PM Coffee Break Berkeley Italian Jennifer Kates, Vice President and Director, HIV Policy, Kaiser Family Foundation 2:30 – 3:45 PM Afternoon Breakouts David Roland-Holst, Professor, Agricultural & Resource Economics, University of California, Berkeley Elizabethan D V. Responding to Humanitarian Emergencies: Zimbabwe, Sudan, Congo, Gaza Colonial Room IV. State Failures? A Fragile Pakistan and Afghanistan As recent events in Africa and the Middle East have shown, regional In today’s interconnected world, weak and failed states pose a significant and political conflicts can quickly escalate into humanitarian crises. What risk to both US and global security. Looking at Afghanistan and Pakistan, mechanisms need to be in place for international institutions to respond only the most recent examples of failed or failing states, how can we most effectively? What are the best steps toward prevention? How can better anticipate, avert or respond to conflicts and avoid state failure? we respond more rapidly to avoid emergencies escalating to crises? Moderator: Anne Kenner, Adjunct Professor, Hastings College of the Moderator: Nayla Rizk, Partner, Spencer Stuart Law, University of California Fabienne Hara, Vice President, Multilateral Affairs, International Crisis Group Stephen Krasner, Professor, International Relations, Stanford Randy Newcomb, President & CEO, Humanity United University Christine Covey, Member, Board of Directors, Seeds of Peace Neil Joeck, Senior Fellow, Center for Global Security Research, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory William Cole, Senior Director, Governance, Law and Civil Society Programs, The Asia Foundation 12:00 – 1:00 PM Lunch Grand Ballroom US Strategic Power in the 21st Century Leslie H. Gelb, President Emeritus, Council on Foreign Relations4 | Agenda World Affairs Council | Conference Program 2009 | 5
  5. 5. Colonial VI. New Tapestry of Economic Players: The United States, Emerging Georgian VIII. The Middle East Regional Crises: Israel-Palestine and Iran Economies, China, India and Sovereign Wealth Funds Recent events in Israel and Gaza have sparked energy to reboot the peace The turmoil in the world’s financial markets along with the growth of process. Yet, democratic elections in the Palestinian territories have made sovereign wealth funds has significant geo-political implications. How negotiations for a two-state solution more complex. While in Iran, upcoming have these relatively recent developments changed the playing field for elections scheduled for June raise new challenges for US efforts to prevent both the world’s major economic players and emerging economies? Iran from acquiring nuclear capabilities. What impact do these recent developments have on the new US administration’s policies for these two Moderator: Doug Bereuter, President, The Asia Foundation critical regions on opposite ends of the Middle East? Rafiq Dossani, Senior Research Scholar, APARC, Stanford University Daniel Rosen, Principal, Rhodium Group, LLC Moderator: Ralph Kuiper, Chairman, Peninsula Chapter, World Affairs Jack Wadsworth, Advisory Director, Morgan Stanley Council of Northern California Abbas Milani, Director, Iranian Studies, Stanford University Borgia VII. Russia, Europe, NATO and the Near Abroad Omar Dajani, Assistant Professor, McGeorge School of Law, The Russian incursion into Georgia, deployment of missile defense University of the Pacific systems in Poland and the Czech Republic, NATO membership for Ukraine and Georgia, and the latest crisis over natural gas flows 3:45 – 4:00 PM Break through Ukraine into Europe have placed considerable pressures on US-Russian relations. With a new tone in Washington toward Europe, 4:00 – 5:00 PM Roundtable: The First 70 Days: is there also a window of opportunity to improve relations with Russia? Grand Ballroom Has the Obama Administration Got it Right? How might the new US administration and NATO refocus the agenda with Russia? Jane Wales, President & CEO, World Affairs Council of Northern California James Goldgeier, Senior Fellow, Transatlantic Relations, Council on Foreign Moderator: Jan Kalicki, Counselor for International Strategy, Relations Chevron Corporation Fabienne Hara, Vice President, Multilateral Affairs, International Crisis Group Pavel Podvig, Acting Associate Director for Research, Center for Dan Reicher, Director, Climate Change & Energy Initiatives, International Security and Cooperation, Stanford University Daniel Rosen, Principal, Rhodium Group, LLC James Goldgeier, Senior Fellow, Transatlantic Relations, Council on Foreign Relations 5:00 PM Conference Concludes Ambassador Steven Pifer, Visiting Fellow, Center on the United States and Europe, The Brookings Institution6 | Agenda World Affairs Council | Conference Program 2009 | 7
  6. 6. 2009 Annual Conference Speaker Biographies * Moderator Sara Abbasi* William Cole Sara Abbasi is chairman of the board of Developments in Literacy (DIL). William Cole serves as senior director for governance, law and In 2001, Ms. Abbasi established DIL’s San Francisco chapter. DIL is a US civil society programs and concurrently as senior director for program based non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of female strategy and development for The Asia Foundation. Mr. Cole spent literacy in the remote areas of Pakistan. She serves on the boards of 2002 in Afghanistan reestablishing the Foundation in that country and One Nation, the World Affairs Council of Northern California, Stanford has traveled frequently to Pakistan and Afghanistan in the years since. University’s Islamic Studies Program and Menlo School. With her board He plays a central role in strategic planning and program development affiliations, she has been actively involved in several initiatives with a at the country level for the Foundation’s seventeen field offices. Prior particular focus on education and cross cultural understanding. She holds to joining the Foundation, he held a range of foreign aid and policy a BA in business administration from Santa Clara University and an MA research-related positions focused on democracy and governance in international relations. reform, economic policy reform, social change, strategic planning and management, and project design and evaluation. He is a frequent writer Doug Bereuter * and speaker on topics related to Asian development, Afghanistan and Doug Bereuter is the president & chief executive officer of The Asia Pakistan, democracy and governance, and the political economy of social Foundation, headquartered in San Francisco. Previously, Mr. Bereuter and economic reform. served for 26 years as a member of Congress from Nebraska. During his congressional career, he was a leading member of the House International Christine Covey Relations Committee, where he served as vice chairman, chaired the Christine Covey is a founding board member of Seeds of Peace and Asia-Pacific Subcommittee, chaired the Europe Subcommittee, was ranking served as its first vice president. For 30 years, Ms. Covey lived and minority member of the Human Rights Subcommittee, and had a long worked in divided areas of the Middle East, Central Europe and the tenure on its Subcommittee on Economic Policy & Trade. He served as Balkans with her diplomat family, serving as chair and board member an infantry and intelligence officer in the US Army, practiced and taught of bi-national schools and organizations in Jerusalem, Cairo and Berlin. graduate courses in urban and regional planning, and led various agencies She was a CPA with Arthur Anderson and Thompson Greenspon, and programs in Nebraska state government. He graduated Phi Beta Kappa co-founded the CPA review course at American University in from the University of Nebraska and has two MAs in city planning and Cairo and taught accounting at Bethlehem University and American public administration from Harvard University. University in Cairo. She served as Washington representative of the American University in Cairo and Jerusalem correspondent of Biblical Archaeology Review. She is also a board member of the Paul Taylor Dance Foundation and co-director of a San Francisco Bay Area scholarship fund. She studied at Michigan State University and The George Washington University.8 | 2009 Annual Conference Speaker Biographies World Affairs Council | Conference Program 2009 | 9
  7. 7. Andrew Crockett Rafiq Dossani Andrew Crockett is president of JPMorgan Chase International and a Rafiq Dossani is a senior research scholar at Shorenstein APARC, member of the executive committee of JPMorgan Chase & Co. Before responsible for developing and directing the South Asia Initiative. Dr. joining JPMorgan Chase, Mr. Crockett had been general manager of the Dossani’s research interests include South Asian security, and financial, Bank for International Settlements, serving two five-year terms. At the technology and energy sector reform in India. He is currently undertaking request of the G-7 finance ministers, he also served as the first chairman projects on regional integration, innovation in outsourcing, engineering of the Financial Stability Forum, a group of senior financial officials from education, access to capital and entrepreneurship in information the major economies that monitors the health of the international financial technology on the South Asian subcontinent. He earlier worked for system. Earlier in his career, he held senior positions at the Bank of the Robert Fleming Investment Banking Group, first as chief executive England and the International Monetary Fund. He has received Honorary officer of its India operations and later as head of its San Francisco LLD from the University of Birmingham, European Banker of the year operations. He has also been the chairman and chief executive officer of and Knight Bachelor. He is the author of several books on economic and a stockbroking firm on the OTCEI exchange in India, the deputy editor financial subjects, as well as numerous articles in scholarly publications. of Business India Weekly, and a professor of finance at Pennsylvania State He was educated at Cambridge University and Yale University. University. He holds a BA in economics from St. Stephen’s College, New Delhi, India, an MBA from the Indian Institute of Management in Calcutta, Omar Dajani India, and a PhD in finance from Northwestern University. Omar Dajani is an associate professor of law at the McGeorge School of Law, University of the Pacific. Previously, Mr. Dajani was based in Barry Eichengreen the Palestinian territories, where he served first as legal adviser to the Barry Eichengreen is the George C. Pardee and Helen N. Pardee Palestinian negotiating team in peace talks with Israel and, subsequently, as professor of economics and professor of political science at the University a political adviser to United Nations special envoy Terje Rød-Larsen. Prior of California, Berkeley. Dr. Eichengreen is also research associate of the to working in the Middle East, he clerked for Judge Dorothy Nelson on National Bureau of Economic Research in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and the US Court of Appeal for the Ninth Circuit and was a litigation associate research fellow for the Centre for Economic Policy Research in London. at the Washington office of Sidley & Austin. He has written extensively From 1997 to 1998, he was senior policy advisor at the International in the fields of international law and negotiations theory, focusing on the Monetary Fund. He is a fellow of the American Academy of Arts and legal aspects of the conflict in the Middle East. Sciences. He is the convener of the Bellagio Group of academics and economic officials. He has held Guggenheim and Fulbright fellowships and has been a fellow of the Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences in Palo Alto, California, and the Institute for Advanced Study in Berlin. He was awarded the Economic History Association’s Jonathan R.T. Hughes Prize for excellence in teaching in 2002 and the University of California, Berkeley, Social Science Division’s Distinguished Teaching Award in 2004. He is also the recipient of a doctor honoris causa from the American University in Paris.10 | 2009 Annual Conference Speaker Biographies World Affairs Council | Conference Program 2009 | 11
  8. 8. Elizabeth Farnsworth* James Goldgeier Elizabeth Farnsworth is a freelance journalist for The NewsHour with James Goldgeier is the Whitney Shepardson senior fellow for Jim Lehrer and produces documentaries. Ms. Farnsworth was chief transatlantic relations at the Council on Foreign Relations and professor correspondent and principal substitute anchor of The NewsHour with Jim of political science and international affairs at The George Washington Lehrer. She then became a senior correspondent, reporting mostly from University. Dr. Goldgeier was previously an adjunct senior fellow at overseas. In recent years, she has reported from Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, the Council on Foreign Relations and the Henry A. Kissinger scholar Turkey, Egypt, Israel, the West Bank, Gaza, Chile, Haiti and Vietnam. Her 2001 in foreign policy and international relations at the Library of Congress. four-part series on the AIDS crisis in Botswana and Malawi received the From 2001 to 2005, he directed the Institute for European, Russian 2001 Silver World Medal from the New York Festivals and a national Emmy and Eurasian Studies at The George Washington University and prior nomination. Her documentary, Thanh’s War, garnered a CINE Golden Eagle to that was an assistant professor at Cornell University. He has been a and a San Francisco International Film Festival Golden Gate Award. Her visiting scholar at Stanford University, The Brookings Institution and the writings have appeared in numerous publications and she co-produced The Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars. From 1995 to 1996, Judge and the General, a feature-length documentary about the legal pursuit he was a Council on Foreign Relations international affairs fellow serving of former Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet. She received her MA in Latin at the US State Department and on the National Security Council staff. American history from Stanford University. He earned his undergraduate degree from Harvard University and his PhD from the University of California, Berkeley. Leslie H. Gelb Leslie Gelb is president emeritus of the Council on Foreign Relations. Edgard Habib Dr. Gelb writes, speaks and consults on foreign policy and politics and Edgard Habib is chief economist at Chevron Corporation. In 1988, Dr. served in the three worlds of journalism, government and think tanks: as Habib joined Wharton Econometric Forecasting Associates (WEFA) in a columnist and correspondent for The New York Times, where he won a Washington, DC, as the vice president for the Middle East and Africa. He Pulitzer Prize; as a senior official in the departments of Defense and State; was later named senior vice president and managing director for WEFA’s and as the president of the Council on Foreign Relations. He entered Washington operations. He later became a senior advisor for Mitsubishi government service in 1966 as an executive assistant to Senator Jacob Corporation, based in Tokyo, on global petroleum markets and country Javits. From 1967 to 1969, he served in the Department of Defense. He risk assessment. In 1997, he joined the International Energy Agency of was also a senior fellow at The Brookings Institution and then joined The the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, based New York Times as a diplomatic correspondent and has since worked in in Paris, as manager of their Middle East and Africa affairs. He earned various positions. He returned to government in 1977 as the assistant his BA in political science and international finance from the University secretary of state for politico-military affairs in the Carter administration. of San Francisco. He also holds an MPA in development economics and He has authored five books and countless articles. He earned his BA public finance, and a PhD in economics from the American University in from Tufts University and his PhD from Harvard University. Washington, DC.12 | 2009 Annual Conference Speaker Biographies World Affairs Council | Conference Program 2009 | 13
  9. 9. Jan Hamrin Nancy A. Jarvis* Jan Hamrin is chief executive officer of HMW International, a consulting Nancy Jarvis is a former chair of the World Affairs Council of Northern firm specializing in the implementation of sustainable energy policies. California. Ms. Jarvis is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations Dr. Hamrin also serves as secretary general of the Environmental in New York, the International Institute for Strategic Studies in London, Tracking Network of North America. She recently retired as the and the Pacific Council on International Policy in Los Angeles. She president of the Center for Resource Solutions that she founded and has practiced law with Farrand Cooper, P.C., of San Francisco since headed for 11 years. She has been part of the renewable energy team 1981. Prior to her legal career, she was foreign policy editor for MIT for the China Sustainable Energy Program since 1999 and has been Press in Cambridge, Massachusetts.   working in Europe, Canada, India, Mexico, Thailand, Brazil, and several other countries. Previously, she founded and served as executive Neil Joeck director of the Independent Energy Producers Association and served Neil Joeck is a senior fellow at the Center for Global Security as manager of solar programs for the California Energy Commission. Research at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) She has co-authored numerous publications. She received her BS in and a research associate at the Center for South Asian Studies at the home economics from the University of New Mexico, her MS in University of California, Berkeley. Dr. Joeck served as director for consumer science and her PhD in ecology both from the University counterproliferation strategy at the National Security Council, and of California, Davis. he was a member of the policy planning staff at the Department of State. He also worked on India and Pakistan as a political analyst and Fabienne Hara group leader at LLNL/Z Division. He worked on nuclear proliferation Fabienne Hara is the vice president of multilateral affairs for the issues in India and Pakistan and wrote numerous classified reports International Crisis Group. Ms. Hara oversees the International Crisis and articles for the US government. He also was a consultant to the Group’s advocacy at the United Nations and the Security Council in Commission to Assess the Organization of the Federal Government New York and directs the International Crisis Group’s New York office. to Combat the Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction. He She has over 15 years of experience in African conflict management received a BA from the University of California, Santa Cruz, an and resolution issues. Her areas of expertise include mediation, MA from the Paterson School of International Affairs, Carleton peacekeeping, transitional justice, the Great Lakes region, Sudan and University in Canada, and an MA and PhD in political science from the Horn of Africa. Before becoming vice president of the International the University of California, Los Angeles. Crisis Group, she was the acting chief and deputy chief of the political affairs division of the United Nations Mission in Sudan. Additionally, she has served as a senior political officer for the United Nations Department of Political Affairs and a fellow at the Carr Center for Human Rights at Harvard University. She earned MAs in international relations, political science and German studies.14 | 2009 Annual Conference Speaker Biographies World Affairs Council | Conference Program 2009 | 15
  10. 10. Kenneth Juster Jennifer Kates Kenneth Juster is executive vice president at Mr. Juster Jennifer Kates directs the Kaiser Family Foundation’s HIV-related policy previously served as under secretary of commerce from 2001 to 2005. projects, conducts policy research and analysis, and provides HIV/AIDS He also served as US chair of the US-India High Technology Cooperation expertise to the Foundation’s public health information campaigns and Group and was one of the key architects of the Next Steps in Strategic media partnerships. Prior to joining the Foundation, Ms. Kates was Partnership initiative between the United States and India. In addition, a senior associate with The Lewin Group. She provided consulting he was responsible for concluding and signing the End-Use Visit services to clients such as the US Department of Health and Human Understanding between the US and China. He was a senior partner at Services, the New York State AIDS Institute, the Texas Department of Arnold & Porter, where he practiced international law. He was also the Health, the New York City Department of Public Health, the Whitman counselor of the US State Department and deputy and senior adviser to Walker Clinic and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Before Lawrence S. Eagleburger, deputy secretary of state. He earned his BA in that, she was the director of the Office of Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual government, MS in public policy, and his JD all from Harvard University. Concerns at Princeton University. She earned her BA in political science and women’s studies from Dartmouth College, an MA in political Jan Kalicki* science from the University of Massachusetts, and an MA in public affairs Jan Kalicki is counselor for international strategy at Chevron Corporation from the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs, where he advises Chevron’s chairman, vice chairman and other senior Princeton University. executives on global energy issues, regional strategies, international business opportunities and negotiations and government relations. Dr. Kalicki is also Anne Kenner * a senior scholar at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars. Anne Kenner served for thirteen years as an assistant US Attorney He served previously in the Clinton administration as counselor to the US (AUSA) in the US Department of Justice. Ms. Kenner worked as an Department of Commerce and comes from an extensive background in the AUSA in the Eastern District of New York, specializing in organized government, financial and academic worlds. In government, he previously crime, racketeering and narcotics prosecutions. She then served for served as a US foreign service officer, a member of the State Department’s nine years as an AUSA in San Francisco, focusing on white collar crime policy planning staff under Secretaries Kissinger and Vance, and chief foreign and serving as the chief of appeals. She has prosecuted numerous jury policy adviser to Senator Edward Kennedy. In finance, he served as vice and bench trials, and has represented the Department of Justice before president and then senior vice president at Lehman Brothers in New York. the Second and Ninth Circuit Courts of Appeal. In 2003, she joined the In academia, he has taught at the London School of Economics and Political adjunct faculty at Hastings College of the Law, University of California, Science, Harvard, Georgetown, Princeton, and Brown University. He earned teaching criminal law and procedure. In 2005, she became a trustee his AB with honors from Columbia College and his PhD from the London of the World Affairs Council of Northern California. She is a former School of Economics and Political Science. trustee of the Katherine Delmar Burke School in San Francisco and of the Friends of the San Francisco Public Library. She obtained her AB from Harvard University and her JD from Boalt Hall School of Law, University of California, Berkeley.16 | 2009 Annual Conference Speaker Biographies World Affairs Council | Conference Program 2009 | 17
  11. 11. Stephen Krasner Jane C.S. Long Stephen Krasner is the Graham H. Stuart professor of international Jane Long is the principal associate director at large for the Lawrence relations at Stanford University, and senior fellow at the Freeman Spogli Livermore National Laboratory. Dr. Long is also a fellow in the Lawrence Institute for International Studies, the Stanford Institute for Economic Livermore National Laboratory Center for Global Strategic Research. Policy Research, and the Hoover Institution. Dr. Krasner taught as an Her current interests are in reinvention of the energy system and assistant professor at Harvard University and as an associate professor adaptation in response to climate change. She is the former dean of at the University of California, Los Angeles. In 2001 and 2002, he served the Mackay School of Mines at the University of Nevada, Reno, former as a member of the policy planning staff at the US Department of director of the Great Basin Center for Geothermal Energy, and former State and the National Security Council as director for governance and chairman of the Nevada State Task Force on Energy Efficiency and development. From 2005 to 2007, he served as director of the policy Renewable Energy. She also worked at the Lawrence Berkeley National planning staff at the US Department of State. At Stanford University, he Laboratory where she served as department chair for the departments has served as chair of the political science department, deputy director of energy resources technology and environmental research. of the Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies, and director of the Center on Democracy, Development and the Rule of Law. He Amory Lovins earned degrees from Cornell University and Columbia University and Amory Lovins is chairman and chief scientist of the Rocky Mountain his PhD from Harvard University. Institute and chairman emeritus of Fiberforge, Inc. Published in 29 books and hundreds of papers, Mr. Lovin’s work has been recognized Ralph Kuiper * by the Blue Planet, Volvo, Onassis, Nissan, Shingo, and he has been Ralph Kuiper is the chairman for the Peninsula Chapter of the World awarded Mitchell Prizes, a MacArthur fellowship, the Benjamin Franklin Affairs Council of Northern California. Dr. Kuiper is retired from 35 and Happold Medals, 10 honorary doctorates, an Honorary AIA years in the aerospace industry. He was the director of research at the and FRSA, foreign membership of the Royal Swedish Academy of Lockheed Martin Advanced Technology Center and served in a variety Engineering Sciences, and the Heinz, Lindbergh, Right Livelihood, and of management positions as a program manager, system engineering World Technology Awards. He advises governments and major firms manager and engineering design director. After retiring, he worked in the worldwide on advanced energy and resource efficiency, and has led microelectronic manufacturing sector and consulted for several satellite the technical redesign of more than $30 billion worth of facilities in communications companies. He serves on the board of the Bus Barn 29 sectors to achieve very large energy savings at typically lower Stage Company Community Theater. In addition to organizing World capital cost. Affairs Council events on the Peninsula, he has worked as a member of the League of Women Voters to collaborate in organizing and bringing in resource speakers for the Great Decisions Discussion Group series. He earned his BS, MS, and PhD in aeronautics and astronautics from Stanford University.18 | 2009 Annual Conference Speaker Biographies World Affairs Council | Conference Program 2009 | 19
  12. 12. John Melo Abbas Milani John Melo is the chief executive officer of Amyris. Mr. Melo has been Abbas Milani is The Hamid and Christina Moghadam director of Iranian instrumental in transforming Amyris to become the leader in the studies at Stanford University and visiting professor in the political science race to find solutions to the world’s growing demand for low carbon, department. In addition, Dr. Milani is co-director of the Iran Democracy cleaner burning transportation fuels and specialty chemicals. Prior to Project and research fellow at the Hoover Institution. His expertise is Amyris, he was president of United States Fuels Operations for BP Plc, US-Iran relations and Iranian cultural, political and security issues. He formerly British Petroleum (BP), where he successfully led programs was formerly a professor of history and political science and chair of the to increase marketing volumes, reduce costs and significantly improve department at Notre Dame de Namur University, research fellow at the financial returns. During his nine years with BP, he also served as chief Institute of International Studies at the University of California, Berkeley, information officer of the refining and marketing segment, senior advisor assistant professor in the faculty of law and political science at Tehran for e-business strategy to Lord Browne, BP Group chief executive, and University and a member of the board of directors of the Center for director of global brand development. In this last role, he helped develop International Studies, Tehran University. He was research fellow at the the “Helios” re-branding effort. Before joining BP, he was with Ernst Iranian Center for Social Research and assistant professor at the National & Young and a member of the management teams for several startup University of Iran. He received his BA in political science and economics companies, including Computer Aided Services and Alldata Corporation. from the University of California, Berkeley, and his PhD in political science from the University of Hawaii. Edward Miguel Edward Miguel is associate professor of economics and director of the Vali Nasr Center of Evaluation for Global Action at the University of California, Vali Nasr is professor of international politics at the Fletcher School of Berkeley. Dr. Miguel is a faculty research associate of the National Bureau Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University, an adjunct senior fellow at the of Economic Research, associate editor for the Quarterly Journal of Council on Foreign Relations and senior fellow at the Belfer Center of Economics, Journal of Development Economics and Review of Economics and the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. Dr. Nasr Statistics. He is the recipient of the 2005 Alfred P. Sloan fellowship and is a member of the board of trustees of the Rockefeller Brothers Fund winner of the 2005 Kenneth J. Arrow Prize. He earned two BS degrees and has been the recipient of grants from the John D. and Catherine in economics and mathematics from the Massachusetts Institute of T. MacArthur Foundation, The Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation, Technology, and his PhD in economics from Harvard University where and the Social Science Research Council. He was a Carnegie Scholar in he was a National Science Foundation fellow. 2006. He received his BA from Tufts University in international relations summa cum laude and was initiated into Phi Beta Kappa. He earned his MA in international economics and Middle East studies from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy and his PhD in political science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.20 | 2009 Annual Conference Speaker Biographies World Affairs Council | Conference Program 2009 | 21
  13. 13. Randy Newcomb William J. Perry Randy Newcomb is president and chief executive officer of Humanity Conference Co-Chairman United. Prior to Humanity United, Dr. Newcomb served in senior William J. Perry is a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution and the management positions at Omidyar Network and the Omidyar Foundation. Michael and Barbara Berberian professor at Stanford University, with He also served as chief executive officer of Golden Gate Community Inc., a joint appointment in the School of Engineering and the Institute a community-based social enterprise located in San Francisco. He was for International Studies. Dr. Perry is co-director of the Preventive an inaugural fellow of the Center for Social Innovation at the Stanford Defense Project, a research collaboration of Stanford and Harvard University Graduate School of Business. He earned MA degrees in Universities. He was the nineteenth US secretary of defense. His cross-cultural studies and development economics from the University previous government experience was as deputy secretary of defense of Bath, England, and his PhD from the University of San Francisco. from 1993 to 1994, and under secretary of defense for research and engineering from 1977 to 1981. He has received numerous awards, Michael O’Hanlon including the Presidential Medal of Freedom. His business experience Michael O’Hanlon is a senior fellow in foreign policy at The Brookings includes serving as a laboratory director for General Telephone and Institution, where he specializes in US defense strategy, the use of military Electronics, founding and serving as the president of ESL, executive force, homeland security and American foreign policy. Dr. O’Hanlon is a vice-president of Hambrecht & Quist, and founding and serving as visiting lecturer at Princeton University and a member of the International the chairman of Technology Strategies and Alliances. He earned his Institute for Strategic Studies and the Council on Foreign Relations. He BS and MS from Stanford University and his PhD from Pennsylvania is also the creator and senior scholar responsible for The Brookings State all in mathematics. Institution’s Iraq Index. He was an analyst at the Congressional Budget Office and previously worked at the Institute for Defense Analyses. He Steven Pifer served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Kinshasa, Congo, where he taught Steven Pifer is a visiting fellow at The Brookings Institution, where college and high school physics in French. He earned his BS and MS he focuses on Russia and Ukraine. Ambassador Pifer is also a senior degrees in physical sciences and his PhD in public and international adviser with the Center for Strategic and International Studies. He affairs all from Princeton University. has provided commentary on Ukraine, Russia and arms control for numerous media organizations. A retired foreign service officer, his more than 25 years with the US Department of State focused on US relations with Europe, the former Soviet Union, arms control and security issues. His assignments included deputy assistant secretary of state, with responsibility for Russia and Ukraine, ambassador to Ukraine, and special assistant to the president and National Security Council senior director for Russia, Ukraine and Eurasia. He also served at the US embassies in London, Moscow and Warsaw as well as in Geneva at the negotiation on intermediate-range nuclear forces. He earned his BA from Stanford University.22 | 2009 Annual Conference Speaker Biographies World Affairs Council | Conference Program 2009 | 23
  14. 14. Pavel Podvig Nayla Rizk * Pavel Podvig is research associate and acting associate director for Nayla Rizk is a member of Spencer Stuart’s Technology, Communications research at the Center for International Security and Cooperation at & Media Practice in North America and is a leader in the firm’s board Stanford University. Dr. Podvig worked at the Center for Arms Control services practice on the West Coast. Ms. Rizk has placed key executives at Studies at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, dedicated to Fortune 100 through start-up companies in the communications systems the analysis of technical issues related to arms control and disarmament. and services, hardware, software, professional services and digital media In Moscow, he was the leader of a major research project and the editor sectors. She previously ran the Technology, Communications & Media of the book Russian Strategic Nuclear Forces. He was awarded the Leo Practice in North America and led the firm’s nominations committee. She Szilard Lectureship Award of 2008. From 2000 to 2004, he worked with is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, the Pacific Council on the Program on Science and Global Security at Princeton University, and International Policy, a trustee of the World Affairs Council of Northern earlier with the Security Studies Program at the Massachusetts Institute of California, a board member of the Harvard Business School Alumni Technology. His current research focuses on the Russian strategic forces Association, and former board chair of the Harvard Business School and nuclear weapons complex, as well as technical and political aspects of Club of Northern California. She earned her BS in operations research nuclear nonproliferation, disarmament, missile defense, and US-Russian and industrial engineering from Cornell University and her MBA from arms control process. Harvard Business School. Dan Reicher David Roland-Holst Dan Reicher is the director of Climate Change and Energy Initiatives David Roland-Holst is a professor in the Department of Agricultural for Prior to his position at Google, Mr. Reicher served as and Resource Economics at the University of California, Berkeley. Dr. president and co-founder of New Energy Capital Corp., a private equity Roland-Holst is one of the world’s leading authorities on economic, firm funded by the California State Teachers Retirement System and energy and climate policy modeling. He has extensive research VantagePoint Venture Partners to invest in clean energy projects. He also experience in economics related to environment, development, served as executive vice president of Northern Power Systems, one of agriculture and international trade. He has served in several academic the nation’s oldest renewable energy companies. He was also an adjunct posts in the US, Europe and Asia. He also conducted research in professor at the Yale University School of Forestry and Environmental over 40 countries, working with many public institutions including a Studies and Vermont Law School. From 1997 to 2001, he was assistant variety of federal and state agencies, such as the Asian Development secretary of energy for energy efficiency and renewable energy at the Bank, Inter-American Development Bank, Organization for Economic US Department of Energy. Prior to this, he was the chief of staff, assistant Cooperation and Development, World Bank, and several United secretary of energy for policy, and deputy chief of staff and counselor to Nations agencies. Most recently, his research has been central to the secretary. Prior to his roles at the Department of Energy and in the the passage, design and implementation of California’s path breaking business community, he was a senior attorney with the Natural Resources Global Warming Solutions Act. He holds a PhD in economics from the Defense Council. He holds a BA in biology from Dartmouth College and University of California, Berkeley. a JD from Stanford Law School.24 | 2009 Annual Conference Speaker Biographies World Affairs Council | Conference Program 2009 | 25
  15. 15. Daniel Rosen Toni Verstandig Daniel Rosen is the principal of Rhodium Group, LLC, a specialized Toni Verstandig is currently a senior policy advisor at the Center for Middle practice helping decision-makers in the public and private sectors East Peace and Economic Cooperation and a senior policy advisor to the analyze and understand commercial, economic and policy trends in Aspen Institute Middle East Strategy Group. From 1994 until 2001, Ms. greater China. Mr. Rosen is an economic advisor specializing in China’s Verstandig served as deputy assistant secretary of Near Eastern Affairs at commercial development, and writes and speaks extensively on US- the US Department of State. She worked directly with the secretary of China economic relations. He is also an adjunct associate professor at state and the special Middle East coordinator as a member of the peace Columbia University and a visiting fellow with the Peterson Institute team where she participated in bilateral and multilateral Middle East peace for International Economics in Washington, DC. He has directed negotiations. Prior to joining the peace team, she served as deputy assistant research for an investment venture in Beijing and Shanghai focused secretary of state for Egypt and the Arabian Peninsula. She also served on the value chain partners of American multinationals. He was for 17 years as senior staff to the chairman of the Committee on Foreign senior advisor for international economic policy at the White House Affairs in the US House of Representatives. She is a graduate of Boston National Economic Council. He earned his BS in Asian studies at the University and Stephens College and also holds an honorary JD from University of Texas, Austin, and his MS in foreign service from the Seton Hill College. School of Foreign Service, Georgetown University. David Victor George P. Shultz David Victor is professor of law at Stanford Law School and director of Conference Co-Chairman the Program on Energy and Sustainable Development. Dr. Victor’s current George P. Shultz is the Thomas W. and Susan B. Ford distinguished research focuses on the role of state-controlled oil companies in the oil fellow at the Hoover Institution. In 1982, Dr. Shultz was sworn in market, on the design of effective strategies for protecting the global as the sixtieth US secretary of state and served until 1989. He then climate and the emerging global market for coal. He is also adjunct senior rejoined Stanford University as the Jack Steele Parker professor of fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations, where he was senior advisor international economics at the Graduate School of Business and as to the Council’s task force on climate change and leads study groups on a distinguished fellow at the Hoover Institution. From 1981 until his improving management of the nation’s $50 billion strategic oil reserve appointment as US secretary of state, he was chairman of President and on devising a foreign policy strategy for regulation of geoengineering. Ronald Reagan’s Economic Policy Advisory Board. He became He is author or editor of seven books and numerous articles on energy secretary of the treasury in 1972. In 1974, he left government and environmental policy. He earned his BA in history and science from service to become president and director of Bechtel Group. He Harvard University and his PhD in political science and international served in the administration of Richard Nixon as secretary of labor relations from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. for eighteen months. Additionally, he was a professor of industrial relations and later the dean of the University of Chicago, Graduate School of Business. He also taught in the department of economics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He earned his BA in economics from Princeton University and a PhD in industrial economics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.26 | 2009 Annual Conference Speaker Biographies World Affairs Council | Conference Program 2009 | 27
  16. 16. Jack Wadsworth Mason Willrich* Jack Wadsworth is honorary chairman of Morgan Stanley Asia and Mason Willrich is an independent consultant, advising clients on energy advisory director of Morgan Stanley globally. Mr. Wadsworth joined matters. Mr. Willrich is board chairman of the California Independent Morgan Stanley as a managing director in 1978. In 1987, he moved to System Operator, senior advisor of the Massachusetts Institute of Japan as president of Morgan Stanley Japan, chairman of its executive Technology Energy Innovation Project, director of the California Clean and operating committees and head of the firm’s investment banking Energy Fund, trustee and past chairman of the World Affairs Council of business in Asia. In 1992, he moved to Hong Kong as chairman of Northern California, member of the advisory councils of the Goldman Morgan Stanley Asia. After retiring from Morgan Stanley he moved School of Public Policy and of the Center for Energy, Environment and from Hong Kong to San Francisco. He began his investment banking Law, the Boalt School of Law, University of California, Berkeley, and career with the First Boston Corporation. When he left, he was member of the administrative board of The Papers of Benjamin Franklin, executive vice president, a member of the management committee Yale University. Formerly, he was partner of Nth Power, director of and the board of directors and co-head of the investment banking Evergreen Solar, Inc., founder and chairman of EnergyWorks LLC, and department. He earned a BA from Williams College and an MBA chief executive officer of PG&E Enterprises. Prior to this, he was director from the University of Chicago, Graduate School of Business. for international relations at The Rockefeller Foundation, professor of law at the University of Virginia, assistant general counsel at the US Arms Jane Wales* Control and Disarmament Agency, law associate at Pillsbury, Madison Jane Wales is the president and chief executive officer of the World & Sutro, and pilot for the US Air Force, including service in Strategic Air Affairs Council of Northern California and the Global Philanthropy Command. He earned his BA from Yale University and JD from Forum, vice president of Philanthropy and Society and director of the the University of California, Berkeley. Program on Philanthropy and Social Innovation at the Aspen Institute. Ms. Wales is host of the nationally syndicated weekly National Public John Wilson* Radio interview show It’s Your World. From 2007 to 2008, she served John Wilson is a corporate lawyer who has advised companies and their as acting chief executive officer of The Elders, chaired by Archbishop financial advisors around the world for many years and a trustee of the Desmond Tutu. Previously, she served in the Clinton administration World Affairs Council of Northern California. Mr. Wilson is currently as special assistant to the president, senior director of the National the managing partner for Shearman & Sterling’s San Francisco and Menlo Security Council and associate director of the White House Office of Park offices and an elected member of the firm’s policy committee. Prior Science and Technology Policy. She chaired the international security to moving to San Francisco, he spent nine years in the firm’s Paris and programs at the Carnegie Corporation of New York and the W. Alton London offices, where he participated in transactions and advisory work Jones Foundation, and directed the Project on World Security at the throughout Europe for such companies as Nokia, STMicroelectronics, Rockefeller Brothers Fund. During her tenure as national executive Daimler-Benz, RyanAir, Dassault Systemes, Mediaset, and various private director of the Physicians for Social Responsibility, the organization equity firms including Soros Private Equity Partners and Morgan Stanley was a co-winner of the Nobel Peace Prize. Capital Partners. More recently, he has advised sovereign wealth funds from the UAE in connection with transactions and investments in the United States. Prior to attending law school, he was a legislative staff member for Congressman John B. Anderson of Illinois.28 | 2009 Annual Conference Speaker Biographies World Affairs Council | Conference Program 2009 | 29
  17. 17. R. James Woolsey 2009 World Affairs Council Scholarship James Woolsey is a venture partner with VantagePoint Venture Partners Donors as of March 20, 2009 of San Bruno, California. Mr. Woolsey previously served in the US government A special thank you to our Annual Conference student and teacher on five different occasions, where he held presidential appointments in two scholarship donors Republican and two Democratic administrations, most recently as director of Central Intelligence. He serves on a range of government, corporate and non-profit advisory boards and chairs several, including that of the Washington Sara Abbasi* Gregory Maged* firm, ExecutiveAction LLC. He serves on the National Commission on Energy Joanna Ballou * Harvey & Eve Masonek Policy and is currently co-chairman of the Committee on the Present Danger. Louis Belden* Jeanne A. McHugh Previously, he served as chairman of the executive committee of the Board of Igor R. Blake* Linda R. Meier* Regents of The Smithsonian Institution and as a trustee of Stanford University. Dick Castile Mrs. Albert Moorman* He has also been a member of the National Commission on Terrorism, the Richard Chong* Carl & Gwaltney Mountford* Commission to Assess the Ballistic Missile Threat to the United States, and the Helen & Tom Clausen* Virginia S. Mueller president’s commission on Federal Ethics Law Reform. He received his BA Pamela Cook Ruediger Naumann-Etienne* from Stanford University, an MA from Oxford University, and an LLB from Maggie Cox* Wayne R. Phillips* Yale Law School. Roger S. Dong Joan Platt* Elliott Donnelley* Harriet Meyer Quarré Theodore L. Eliot, Jr. Betty A. Reddell Margee Ensign* Frank & Sharon Rettenberg* William P. Fuller & Jennifer L. Beckett* Richard & Jean Ringe Beverly Gaines Rosemary Roach* Mr. & Mrs. Louis C. Haughney Robert A. Scalapino William Alston Hayne David Schmidt* Richard & Bea Heggie William Schwarzer Irwin & Agatha Hoff Maria W. Starr* Claudia & Keith Kennedy* Carol & Noel Stevens Dave Kenny Jackson & Elizabeth Stromberg* Richard & Elizabeth Kinyon & Edward L. Taylor Zachary Kinyon* Jean Louise Thacher J. Burke Knapp* Richard & Sally Tuttle Carol & Ralph Kuiper* Nancy van Ravenswaay Frank Littler Dennis Welch & Cynthia Anderson* Donald & Alice Loughry* Wendy Willrich* *Denotes Full Scholarship Donor30 | 2009 Annual Conference Speaker Biographies World Affairs Council | Conference Program 2009 | 31
  18. 18. 2009 World Affairs Council of Northern California Endowed Scholarships Each student and teacher is uniquely matched with the scholarship they receive based on their interest and commitment to foreign affairs. GEORGE BALLOU MEMORIAL AWARD PHILIP HABIB MEMORIAL AWARD Sarah Jean Harrison, San Francisco Natalia Li, Foothill College State University David-Joseph Goteiner, Lick-Wilmerding Paul Joy, University of San Francisco High School RICHARD CASTILE AWARD CAROL MARQUIS MEMORIAL AWARD Diana Liao, Mills High School Sarah Snow, Stanford University Jonathan Trinh, Skyline High School JEFFERSON PEYSER MEMORIAL AWARD EDITH COLIVER MEMORIAL AWARD Greg Livingston, Foothill College Joanna Kim, University of California, Berkeley Shaydanay Mellon, Mills High School GERALDINE H. READ MEMORIAL AWARD Lani Amaro, Albany High School CARLTON DUDLEY MEMORIAL AWARD Eric Fischer, University of San Francisco Schools Program Melia Ungson, Albany High School Building the global citizens of This year, 50 students and teachers World Affairs Council Chapter Scholarships tomorrow is critical to our mission. have received scholarships to attend For the past 38 years, our Schools the 63rd Annual World Affairs San Joaquin Chapter Marin Chapter Program has enabled thousands of Council Conference. The Youth Debbie Yee, University of the Pacific Brandon Ernst, Dominican University students to engage with international Outreach Initiative has sponsored Zhipan Ren, University of the Pacific Megan Healy, Montgomery High School leaders, participate in in-depth 20% of these scholarship recipients. Nabeel Cajee, University of the Pacific institutes, attend our Annual Students and educators are part Conference, and study abroad of a long tradition of participants Peninsula Chapter through our scholarship program. who have attended our Annual Scott Zhuge, Palo Alto High School Conference, many of whom In 2007, we founded the Youth have gone on to careers with an Outreach Initiative, extending these international focus. We invite you to powerful opportunities to students talk with students during receptions at under-resourced high schools in and meals, continuing to build the Bay Area. relationships between generations.32 | Schools Program World Affairs Council | Conference Program 2009 | 33
  19. 19. 2009 World Affairs Council of NorthernCalifornia Scholarship Recipients Students Nahila Ahsan, University of the Pacific Sulaiman Mohamed, Skyline High School Joelle Appenrodt, San Rafael High School Ahmed Mostafa, Foothill College James Bonnie, California State University East Bay Tiffany Phu, Skyline High School Mameet Chahal, Foothill College Jamieson Prevoznak, San Francisco State University Kevin Chen, Mills High School Nima Shahidimia, Santa Clara University Chi Hin Chim, De Anza College Velecity Simmons, Skyline High School Kaela Connors, Sonoma Valley High School Danielle Spencer, Street Academy High School Priscilla Cortez, Skyline College Emmeline Sun, University of California, Berkeley Faisal Hamid, Mills High School Sze Man Tai, University of California, Berkeley Abroo Khan, San Francisco State University Daniel Lao Talens, University of San Francisco Rowena Kuang, Skyline High School Boryana Vasileva, San Francisco State University Christine Lam, Skyline High School Richard Walker, Burlingame High School Simone Lang, University of California, Berkeley Andrew Wang, De Anza College George Liang, University of California, Berkeley Mikias Wondyfraw, International Studies Academy Allison Light, Miramonte High School Nancy Xie, Lowell High School Raissa Dina Mbassa, Foothill College Yuzhe Zhao, California State University East Bay Teachers Our Community Matthew Furey, John O’Connell High School Darrah Hallowitz, Terra Linda High School Community forms the heart of everything we do at the Council. It is in Evonne Morici, Skyline High School community that we learn, embracing at a deeper level the diversity of the Rebecca Robinson, Los Gatos School District global environment. And it is through engaged community that conversations Jessica Worchel, College Track take root and evolve into actions that lead to change. To this end, we are deeply grateful to our community, a community that continues to grow and thrive with each passing year. We thank our members, our trustees and our corporate members. We thank our sponsors. And we thank our passport partners and our community partners. Without the support of each of you, this event would not be possible.34 | Schools Program World Affairs Council | Conference Program 2009 | 35
  20. 20. 36 | Our Community World Affairs Council | Conference Program 2009 | 37
  21. 21. The Marines’ Memorial Association is a non-profit Veterans Organization, chartered to honor the memory and commemorate the valor of members of the United States Armed Forces who were killed, lost or died in military service for their country. The association provides a “Living Memorial” in San Francisco’s Marines’ Memorial Club, and facilities for forums and educational lectures to promote the literary interests of members and guests. Membership is open to Veterans who served honorably in any branch of the US Military, as well as Americans currently serving. Community Partners The Asia Foundation San Francisco Center for Economic Development Asia Society of Northern California San Francisco Film Society Center for Resource Solutions United Nations Association East Bay Foundation for Sustainable Development United Nations Association San Francisco Human Rights Center Berkeley Net Impact38 | Our Community World Affairs Council | Conference Program 2009 | 39