Taking Advantage of Viral Marketing with Twitter - Wisconsin eMarketing Techniques Conference Breakout

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How can you get people to spread good word-of-mouth for your products and services? Viral marketing has taken off thanks to ‘Web 2.0’ and tools like Twitter and YouTube are part of the reason why! In …

How can you get people to spread good word-of-mouth for your products and services? Viral marketing has taken off thanks to ‘Web 2.0’ and tools like Twitter and YouTube are part of the reason why! In this session, learn more about why Twitter is such an incredibly simple yet robust platform, and why YouTube is a website that you can’t ignore any longer. Walk away with practical actions steps to get you moving in the right direction for each.

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  • 45-54 year olds are the top demographic. The more expected demo of 25-34 year olds following closely behind at second. But notice how boomers and senior citizens are getting Twitter on more likely than their grandchildren:
  • 1.) research tool 2) branding 3) collaboration and networking 4) it’s the new water cooler 5) direct traffic
  • Reporters are using it to find leads, suggestions what they should cover in a storeyIndividuals are even using it for fundraising for personal reasons! Podcaster Tabitha Grace Smith wanted one of her UK based writers of her radio drama to come to the US to attend the science fiction and fantasy conference, called DrgonCon. The writer couldn’t afford the trip, so Tabitha Twittered her group asking for donations. Within moments, six people donated $600 to ChipIn an online contribution tool anyone can use. Churches are using it to drive daily prayers, announce events and encourage spiritual growthBusinesses are using it to find issues customers are having with their product and then throwing their customer service team on the problemShocked to see the Cleveland City Council using it to inform citizens and engage them in the processYou can see Marcia Fudge our District State Representative using it to connect with her consistencyEach of these institutions have found successful ways to implement this tool to better serve their customers and goals.Our goal today is to provide a number of “ah HAH” moments where you will figure out how to use Twitter for your organizationFood banks are out of food??? Needs helpJohn’s daughter is stuck in LondonFred is in New York and forgot his power cord


  • 1. Taking Advantage of Viral Marketing with Twitter Thank you to our sponsors
  • 2. Outline • Introduction • Statistics and Trends • Why Tweet? • Getting Started • What to Tweet About • Tips on Growing • Measuring Success • Twitter Tools • Integrating Twitter
  • 3. Are You Tweeting?
  • 4. Introduction to Twitter
  • 5. Statistics and Twends
  • 6. Statistics and Twends http://www.quantcast.com/twitter.com#summary
  • 7. Statistics and Twends
  • 8. Twitter’s Churn Rate Twitter’s audience retention rate is ~40% http://blog.nielsen.com
  • 9. Do you accept Twitter?
  • 10. Why Tweet?
  • 11. Who’s Tweeting? • News media • Churches • Individuals • Non Profits • Authors • Government • Businesses • Politicians
  • 12. Getting Started with Twitter
  • 13. Getting Started with Twitter
  • 14. Getting Started with Twitter
  • 15. Configure your settings
  • 16. Getting Started Best Practices 1. Use a branded background graphic 2. Use a nice headshot for your picture 3. Send important updates to your cell 4. http://www.chrisbrogan.com/50-ideas-on- using-twitter-for-business/
  • 17. Twitter Basics (Twasics) • @ Replies • Direct messages • Retweeting • TinyURLS
  • 18. What to Tweet About • Industry news • Tips and ideas • Cute, human interest stories • Quotes • Fascinating presentations • Issues your organization faces • People you’ve been talking to • Recognizing volunteers and contributors
  • 19. What’s hot on Twitter? • Twitscoop • Twitturls • WhatTheTrend
  • 20. Growing Your Followers Be Follow Promote personal Find local the 90-10 great Retweet and twitterers rule content authentic
  • 21. Some General ‘Twips’ 1. Create a Sharing System 2. Use Search.Twitter.com 3. Use a URL shortener 4. Retweet! (RT) 5. Use #hashtags
  • 22. Create a Sharing System Post it to Digg, Find interesting Reddit, content? Stumbleupon, Delicious, Facebook Post it Twitter (if Shorten the URL related to LWL, append #LWL)
  • 23. Search.Twitter.com
  • 24. Using Search.Twitter.com
  • 25. Using a URL Shortener
  • 26. HootSuite & ow.ly http://www.ladieswholaunch.com/magazine/build-a-powerful-brand/3154 http://ow.ly/8jxS
  • 27. Track Your Clicks
  • 28. Integrating Twitter • Include a ‘Follow me on Twitter’ on email signature lines • Include a ‘Follow me on Twitter’ on your website and/or blog
  • 29. Integrating Twitter • Bring in your last tweet or your last series of tweets with widgets • WordPress – Twitter Tools – TweetSuite • HelloTxt
  • 30. Measuring Success 1. Measure your follower base 2. Measure your tweets 3. Measure your clicks 4. Measure your website analytics
  • 31. Measuring your follower base
  • 32. Measuring your tweets http://tweetstats.com/graphs/ladieswholaunch
  • 33. Measure your clicks
  • 34. Measure your traffic
  • 35. View your referral sources
  • 36. Twitter Tools Tweet HootSuite Twilert Deck Twitter Mr Tweet WeFollow Local
  • 37. Case Studies • Zappos • Whole Foods • Comcast • CoffeeGroundz • Naked Pizza • BBGeeks http://einfo.blogspot.com/2009/02/small-business-twitter-case-studies.html
  • 38. Case Study – Zappos
  • 39. Case Study – Zappos • Share some details about what he’s up to personally and professionally. • Provide some behind the scenes info regarding what its like to work at Zappos.com. • Launch a Twitter contest asking people to help them rewrite their confirmation emails. • Incubate an idea for polling customers on Twitter. • Explain why he is using Twitter. http://www.bivingsreport.com/2008/zapposcom- a-twitter-case-study/
  • 40. Thank you Thank you to our sponsors