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Stop Tweeting...Start Executing - Part 2 by Brad Kleinman
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Stop Tweeting...Start Executing - Part 2 by Brad Kleinman


Brad Kleinman of WorkSmart eMarketing discusses Part 2 of 'Stop Tweeting...Start Executing' with Aaron Kahlow of Online Marketing Connect.

Brad Kleinman of WorkSmart eMarketing discusses Part 2 of 'Stop Tweeting...Start Executing' with Aaron Kahlow of Online Marketing Connect.

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  • 1. Aaron Kahlow
    Brad Kleinman
  • 2. Introduction to the Speakers
    Brad Kleinman
    Aaron Kahlow
  • 3. Program Overview
    Interesting statistics on Social Networking
    Developing your Social Media Strategy
    Implementing your Social Media System
    Best Practices in Social Networking
    Question & Answer
  • 4. Budget Line Increases VS Decreases
    From Marketing Sherpa
  • 5. Significant Barriers to Adoption
    From Marketing Sherpa
  • 6. Create Your Marketing System
  • 7. Create Your Social Networking System
  • 8. Interesting Statistics
    More than 250 million active users
    More than 2/3rds of users are outside of college
    The fastest growing demographic is 35+ years old
    About 70% of Facebook users are outside the US
    In just one day:
    More than 100 million users log on at least once
    More than 20 million users update their statuses
    More than 4 million users become fans of Pages
    More than 3.5 billion minutes are spent on Facebook
    From Facebook.com
  • 9. Facebook is the “Attention King”
    From AllFacebook.com
  • 10. Facebook – The Social Network
  • 11. Personal Profile for Business?
  • 12. Facebook for Business – Events
  • 13. Facebook for Business – Ads
  • 14. Use Inline Fanning
  • 15. Facebook Connect
  • 16. Facebook Share
  • 17. Facebook for Business – Public Profiles
  • 18. Your ‘Canvas’ to Paint
  • 19. Customize Your Page
  • 20. Embed custom content with FBML
  • 21. Frequently Update and Measure
    Embed pictures and photo gallery
    Create videos and upload them to Facebook
    Create and moderate interesting discussions
  • 22. Measure Fan Size AND Interactions
    Fan Size
  • 23. Measure Quantity AND Quality of Posts
    Quantity of Posts
    Quality of Posts
  • 24. Other Measurements
  • 25. My Top 10 Tips
    Segment your friends with Facebook lists
    Create your protocol and establish a publishing schedule
    Consistent messaging, high frequency, high quality
    Measure engagement and report success
    Choose your landing page
    Create different content for fans versus non-fans
    Get a vanity URL (over 100 fans)
    Leverage Facebook Apps – connect to blog, twitter, YouTube, etc.
    Embed custom FBML and customize your ‘sub-navigation’
    Cross promote your page on websites, email, blog, etc
  • 26. Twitter
  • 27. Do you accept ?
  • 28. Interesting Statistics
    21% of Twitter accounts are empty placeholders
    Half of all Twitter users are not "active”
    Nearly 94% of all accounts have <100 followers
    March and April of 2009 were the tipping point
    A small minority creates most of the activity
    Tuesday is the most active Twitter day
    APIs have been the key to Twitter's growth
  • 29. Growing Your Followers
    Create your strategy and publishing schedule
    Use the 80-20 rule
    Retweet (RT) and @reply
    Use Twitter Local, Mr. Tweet and WeFollow
    Use a URL Shortener that Measures results
  • 30. Track Your Clicks
  • 31. Measuring your follower base
  • 32. Measuring your traffic
  • 33. Are you IN?
  • 34. Some Interesting LinkedIn Statistics
    Over 43 million members in over 200 countries
    A new member joins every second
    About half of our members are outside U.S.
    All 500 Fortune 500 companies are represented
  • 35. 8 Quick LinkedIn Tips
    Be proactive and calendarize
    Invite your contacts (Gmail, CSV from Outlook)
    Make and request recommendations
    Join groups and use the Q&A area
    Promote your profile
    Use company search and advanced search
    Make Status updates
    Use the Microsoft Outlook add-in
  • 36. Creating Your Marketing System
  • 37. Aaron Kahlow
    Brad Kleinman