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Rocky River Chamber of Commerce - Social Networking
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Rocky River Chamber of Commerce - Social Networking


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Brad Kleinman discusses Social Networking (Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter) at the two part webinar series for the chamber.

Brad Kleinman discusses Social Networking (Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter) at the two part webinar series for the chamber.

Published in: Education, Technology, Business

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  • Reporters are using it to find leads, suggestions what they should cover in a storeyIndividuals are even using it for fundraising for personal reasons! Podcaster Tabitha Grace Smith wanted one of her UK based writers of her radio drama to come to the US to attend the science fiction and fantasy conference, called DrgonCon. The writer couldn’t afford the trip, so Tabitha Twittered her group asking for donations. Within moments, six people donated $600 to ChipIn an online contribution tool anyone can use. Churches are using it to drive daily prayers, announce events and encourage spiritual growthBusinesses are using it to find issues customers are having with their product and then throwing their customer service team on the problemShocked to see the Cleveland City Council using it to inform citizens and engage them in the processYou can see Marcia Fudge our District State Representative using it to connect with her consistencyEach of these institutions have found successful ways to implement this tool to better serve their customers and goals.Our goal today is to provide a number of “ah HAH” moments where you will figure out how to use Twitter for your organizationFood banks are out of food??? Needs helpJohn’s daughter is stuck in LondonFred is in New York and forgot his power cord
  • Transcript

    • 1. Using Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to Market Your Business
      Presented by
      Brad Kleinman
    • 2. Outline
      Stats and Trends
      Facebook Basics
      Getting Started
      Building Your Profile
      Sharing Content
      Building Contacts
      Facebook for Business
      FB Ads
      FB Connect
      FB Share
      FB Public Profiles*
      Wrap Up
    • 3. Facebook Stats
      General Growth
      More than 200 million active users
      More than 100 million users log on at least once each day
      More than 2/3rds of users are outside of college
      The fastest growing demographic is 35+ years old
      About 70% of Facebook users are outside the US
    • 4. Facebook Stats
      User Engagement
      Average user has 120 friends on the site
      More than 3.5 billion minutes are spent on Facebook each day (worldwide)
      More than 20 million users update their statuses at least once each day
      More than 4 million users become fans of Pages each day
    • 5. Facebook is “Attention King”
    • 6. Facebook – The Social Network
    • 7. Getting Started
      Edit your profile
      Basic info
      Personal info
      Contact info
      Education and work
    • 8. Facebook Basics
    • 9. What’s on your mind?
    • 10. Facebook for Business – Events
    • 11. Facebook for Business – Ads
    • 12. Facebook Ads – Step 1
    • 13. Facebook Ads – Step 2
    • 14. Facebook Ads – Step 3
    • 15. Facebook Ads – Step 4
    • 16. Facebook Connect
    • 17. Facebook Share
    • 18. Facebook for Business – Public Profiles
    • 19. Facebook Pages – Step 1Pick a category and name
    • 20. Facebook Pages – Step 2Upload your picture
    • 21. Facebook Pages – Step 3Add your information
    • 22. Your ‘Canvas’
    • 23. Facebook Pages – Step 4Customize Your Page
    • 24. Embed custom content with FBML
    • 25. Facebook Pages – Step 5Publish!
    • 26. Facebook Pages – Step 6Update it regularly!
    • 27. Using Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to Market Your Business
      Presented by
      Brad Kleinman
    • 28. Are you IN?
    • 29. Introduction
      LinkedIn is an online network of more than 30 million experienced professionals from around the world, representing 150 industries
    • 30. Features of LinkedIn
    • 31. Getting Started
      Create an account
      Fill out profile information
      Invite your contacts
      Make some recommendations
      Join a group
      Promote your profile
      Be proactive
    • 32. 1.) Creating your account
    • 33. 2.) Fill out your profile
      Complete your profile
      Make it public
      Use a custom URL
    • 34. Fill out your profile
    • 35. Using LinkedIn
    • 36. 3.) Invite your contacts
      Locate the profile
      Click ‘add to network’
      Choose how you know him/her
      Create a custom message
    • 37. Build your network
    • 38. 4.) Make recommendations
      You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours
      Don’t forget to ask
      Make it personal
      Use recos elsewhere!
    • 39. 5.) Join a group
    • 40. Groups on LinkedIn
    • 41. Groups on LinkedIn
    • 42. 6.) Promote your profile and grow!
      Add to email signature line
      Promote on Website / blog
      Search your network’s connections
      Ask for introductions
      Join groups
      Upload your contact list securely
      Advanced search
      Make Status updates
      Use the Microsoft Outlook add-in
    • 43. Use advanced search
    • 44. Are You Tweeting?
    • 45. Introduction to Twitter
    • 46. News media
      Non Profits
      Who’s Tweeting?
    • 47. Getting Started with Twitter
    • 48. Getting Started with Twitter
    • 49. Configure your settings
    • 50. Twitter Basics (Twasics)
      @ Replies
      Direct messages
    • 51. What to Tweet About
      Industry news
      Tips and ideas
      Cute, human interest stories
      Fascinating presentations
      Issues your organization faces
      People you’ve been talking to
      Recognizing volunteers and contributors
    • 52. Growing Your Followers
    • 53. Creating Your Marketing System
    • 54. Using Facebook and LinkedIn to Market Your Business
      Presented by
      Brad Kleinman