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Facebook for Continuing Education Professionals - NCCET 2009 - Austin Texas
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Facebook for Continuing Education Professionals - NCCET 2009 - Austin Texas


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Brad Kleinman of WorkSmart Integrated Marketing discusses Facebook for Continuing Education Professionals at the National NCCET Conference in Austin Texas in October 2009. Learn more at …

Brad Kleinman of WorkSmart Integrated Marketing discusses Facebook for Continuing Education Professionals at the National NCCET Conference in Austin Texas in October 2009. Learn more at htttp://

Published in: Education, Technology

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  • 1. FacebookIt’s not just for kids anymore
    Presented by
    Brad Kleinman
    Follow me @BradKleinman
  • 2. Who is Brad Kleinman
    Brad Kleinman
    Follow me @BradKleinman
  • 3. Outline
    Stats and Trends
    Facebook Basics
    Facebook Ads, Connect, & Share
    FB Public Profiles
  • 4. Creating Your Marketing System
  • 5. Social Media Adoption
    From Marketing Sherpa
  • 6. Facebook Stats – General Growth
    More than 300 million active users
    More than 150 million users log on each day
    More than 2/3rds of users outside of college
    The fastest growing demographic is 35+ years
    About 70% of Facebook users outside the US
  • 7. Facebook Stats – User Engagement
    Average user has 130 friends on the site
    More than 6 billion minutes spent a day
    More than 40 million users update their statuses once each day
    More than 10 million users become fans of Pages each day
  • 8. Facebook Demographics
  • 9. Facebook Demographic Growth
  • 10. Facebook is “Attention King”
  • 11. Facebook – THE Social Network
  • 12. Facebook Basics – Navigation
  • 13. What’s on your mind?
  • 14. Building Relationships on Facebook
    Friend filters
    Commenting / Liking
    Facebook email
    Facebook chat
    News feed scanning
    Meeting follow up
    Keeping in touch
    Birthday greetings
  • 15. Managing Friends and Lists
  • 16. Create at Least 3 Friend Lists
  • 17. Facebook Events
  • 18. Facebook Advertisements
  • 19. Facebook Share
  • 20. Facebook Connect
  • 21. Facebook Public Profiles
  • 22. Facebook Pages Versus Groups
    Pages have more benefits than groups
    Facebook Insights
    More customization flexibility
    Post on friend’s walls as the organization
    Open to anyone, not just Facebook users
    Obtain a vanity URL (over 100 fans)
  • 23. Facebook Pages – Step 1Pick a category and name
  • 24. Facebook Pages – Step 2Upload your picture
  • 25. Facebook Pages – Step 3Add your information
  • 26. Your ‘Canvas’
  • 27. Facebook Pages – Step 4Customize Your Page
  • 28. 8 Great Facebook Apps
    Static FBML
    Social Fly
  • 29. Involver Apps
  • 30. Embed custom content with FBML
  • 31. Facebook Pages – Step 5Publish!
  • 32. Public Profile Layout
  • 33. Adding a Fan Box Widget
    Copy and paste this into your code
  • 34. Adding a Fan Box Widget
  • 35. Facebook Pages – Step 6Frequently Update and Measure
  • 36. Measure Fan Size AND Interactions
    Fan Size
  • 37. Measure Quantity AND Quality of Posts
    Quantity of Posts
    Quality of Posts
  • 38. Measure New Fans
  • 39. Measure Page Views
  • 40. Measure Media Consumption
  • 41. Measure Discussions
  • 42. Measuring Demographics (snapshot)
  • 43. Measure Demographics (over time)
  • 44. Measure Active Fans(this week)
  • 45. Track Website Improvement
  • 46. Update it regularly!
  • 47. Don’t just talk about yourself!
  • 48. Create a Publishing Schedule
  • 49. Facebook for Educators – Best of the Best
    William and Mary
    University at Albany
    University of Michigan
    Michigan State
  • 50. 12 Tips and Best Practices
    Maintain consistent messaging with high frequency and high quality
    Measure engagement and report success
    Choose your non-fans landing page
    Get a vanity URL
    Segment your fans with Facebook lists
    Use Facebook Apps on your Public Profile
    Use custom FBML and customize your navigation
    Create different content for fans versus non-fans
    Cross promote your page on websites, email, blog, etc
    Embed a Fan Box widget
    Create your protocol – who will update? Who will moderate?
    Establish a publishing schedule
  • 51. Your Homework
    Week 1
    Get started with your public profile
    Share the page with 15 friends
    Make a statement, share an article or link (measure engagement)
    Week 2
    Establish your publishing schedule for the next month
    Share the page with 15 more friends
    Ask a question, create a poll, or create a discussion (measure engagement)
    Week 3
    Upload a picture album or video
    Publish a call-to-action for your fans
    Post the public profile to your personal page
  • 52. Question and Answer
  • 53. Building Your Facebook Public Profile – STEP-BY-STEP
    Presented by
    Brad Kleinman
    Follow me @BradKleinman