Academia Meets Twitter by Richie Escovedo


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Richie Escovedo discusses "Academia meets Twitter" at the eMarketing Techniques Conference for Educators in Austin Texas January 28th, 2009.

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Academia Meets Twitter by Richie Escovedo

  1. 1. Academia meets Twitter Getting a handle on Twitter for communication and professional growth in an educational setting
  2. 2. Many areas within an educational institution require effective communication in order to help meet objectives.
  3. 3. • News Updates Athletics • Admissions • • Marketing/PR Development • • Alumni Relations Etc. • Well thanks, Captain Obvious!
  4. 4. So what does this have to do with Twitter? Think of Twitter as a tool that could be a worthy addition to communication tools already in use.
  5. 5. Twitter is... • a free social messaging utility for staying connected in real-time ( • a social networking and micro-blogging tool Yes, but what is it? • connections, conversations, community, and content
  6. 6. For educational institutions, Twitter can be... • a cost-effective (free) option to accentuate existing messages; • a broadcasting tool to announce relevant information to specific audiences; and • a (brief) conversational tool to appropriately respond to relevant inquiries and follow-up questions or comments.
  7. 7. Two Types Conversationalist Broadcaster • provides a quot;voicequot; • useful if audience knows • seen as an authority and what they are getting source • another way to push • ROE - return on engagement information • a way to interact with those • works best if you have good interested in the institution information to give • all about building • could fill a need from relationships specific area or topic
  8. 8. Twitter is not... • a silver bullet for communication problems. quot;It won't replace crime alerts, regular campus e-mails or our cooperation with local news outlets to help ensure community awareness of important safety issues, but it's an important addition.quot; (quoted source from Univ. Michigan adds voice, text messaging for emergency notification)
  9. 9. Let's Explore Broadcaster Conversationalist • • • • • • • • • • • • Want to see more? s
  10. 10. Twitter and Professional Growth • Referrals • Community • Networking • Commerce • Knowledge • Serendipity
  11. 11. Twitter and Professional Growth :: Referrals
  12. 12. Twitter and Professional Growth :: Community
  13. 13. Twitter and Professional Growth :: Networking
  14. 14. Twitter and Professional Growth :: Commerce
  15. 15. Twitter and Professional Growth :: Knowledge
  16. 16. Twitter and Professional Growth :: Serendipity
  17. 17. Some extras for you... Related articles & presentation sources • Twitter in the mainstream • When is Broadcasting OK on Twitter? • Is Twitter a Tool for Alumni Relations? The Potential of Intentionally Weak Ties • Are you listening? • Twitter, Your Free Text Messaging System • Using Twitter for Higher Ed • 10 Reasons to Monitor Twitter • Question of the day: Should universities tweet? • How individuals use Twitter • Andrew Shaindlin’s 8-step plan to get your alum association on Twitter
  18. 18. Contact Richie Escovedo richie.escovedo [at] Blog Twitter LinkedIn delicious links