Traveling Entrepreneurship Bootcamp 5-26 August 2013, Isla Holbox, Mexico
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Traveling Entrepreneurship Bootcamp 5-26 August 2013, Isla Holbox, Mexico



The is the first program we offer. It will change your life.

The is the first program we offer. It will change your life.



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Traveling Entrepreneurship Bootcamp 5-26 August 2013, Isla Holbox, Mexico Traveling Entrepreneurship Bootcamp 5-26 August 2013, Isla Holbox, Mexico Presentation Transcript

  • Thursday, May 16, 13
  • 21 days of self-discovery and training...Thursday, May 16, 13
  • take the leap..Thursday, May 16, 13
  • ..and find your way to become atraveling entrepreneur.Thursday, May 16, 13
  • FOLLOW YOUR HEARTYou worked hard to get where you are now. You are proud of that too. Butyou feel like there is something missing. The spark in your heart tells youthere is something else waiting for you. Maybe you can even see the door..but you don’t know how to open it (yet). Maybe you are scared to take theleap. (that’s normal..) You have come to the right place.In this program you will start to discover new things about yourself and aboutwhat you desire. We work with specialized (spiritual) coaches who help peoplefind the things that make them happy. Or happier if you will. You will learn aboutyour passions, the different things that make you smile, the various talents thatyou have. We help you see the possiblities of a life in which you follow your heartand meanwhile provide for your daily cost of living. We call this way of livingtraveling entrepreneurship. You can work from wherever you want. Everyone cando it, if you are open to it and willing to think in possibilities. We welcome you inthis tribe of location independent entrepreneurs. Are you ready to live yourdreams?Thursday, May 16, 13
  • WILL YOULEARN?WHATThursday, May 16, 13
  • WORK FROM YOUR TALENT AND PASSIONPassion and talent are the most important ingredients to do meaningful work. Oftenpeople are not able to work from their passion, of just partly in the job that they endedup doing. Not to speak for their talents that most often can’t find way to be expressedin a job.This training will take form in three sessions of 1,5 hours and follows a positive approachtowards your current job and work environment. The goal is to help you explore your talents,the things you do well and the knowledge you already have, exploring new possibilities.During this creative training we stimulate you to think beyond the regular and the expected.As soon as you have your personal mission clear, you will concentrate to put your talentsand knowledge together within that mission and we can use the business model canvas tocreate a new job around that.What will you learn in this training?I. You investigate your qualities: what is going well? what do I find worth working on?;II. Think of ways to improve your situation: what is your dream for the future?;III. We will discover what drives you, what makes you get up in the morning?;IV. You map and discover talents and how you can use those daily;V. How can you combine all this in creating a new, fullfilling job for yourself?TalentcompetenciespassionThursday, May 16, 13
  • HOW TO MAKE MONEY WITH YOUR IDEAA lifestyle of working wonderfully, traveling the world while working for example,becomes feasible through a good idea. An idea that allows you to live your lifestyleand make some money to pay for it all. This could be anything really: selling wine onthe internet, being an online consultant for customers in India, sell seeds of uniquetulips, working with your hands locally, you name it. An idea is not worth anythingunless you know how to find customers, how to make money with it and where toget started. This training helps you with that.What will you learn in this training?I. Everything there is to know about the ‘Business Model Canvas’ and its theory; you will come upwith business ideas and evaluate the viability of your ideas;II. Quickly and easily make a business model around your idea; create a value proposition andthink of the activities you will be undertaking as well as the skills you need to do so;III. You will come up with smart possibilities to make some money with your idea, your talent andskills and the most important part: you will get some feedback!;IV. You will learn to apply the business model canvas without our help, so you can plot any newidea in the future yourself.Most importantly, this session will teach you to learn to think in opportunities. Yes, but... is not anoption if you want to create a life for yourself where you have the keys to the door. The BusinessModel Canvas is just the tool. The mind the powerful engine to think differently. This trainingexplores that in just about 5 to 6 hours.Thursday, May 16, 13
  • For the majority of companies it goes that you need to be active only, engage withyour customers, clients or suppliers. The intensity of this conversation with youraudience differs per company, but a set of basic principals holds for all of them. Thereare a number of useful steps you can take to successfully tell your story online. Wecall that ‘digital storytelling’. As a traveling entrepreneur, working for clients remotely,we have learned how important this is and we love to share that knowledge with you!What will you learn in this training?I. What makes your offer unique? What do you want from your visitor?;II. How do you tell a story that is worth sharing? What channels can you use to reach your audienceand how do you measure success?;III. How do you use the internet to sell your idea, your product or service?You will learn what different channels are available, what their differences are and how you can usethem from a business perspective. We use some inspiring examples from various industries. Youwill learn about various formats you can use to tell your story. You will understand online visitorfunnels and how you can use and improve those. You will create your own remarkable content, putit online and measure its effects. This training takes about 5-6 hours to complete.DIGITAL ‘STORYTELLING’Thursday, May 16, 13
  • DIGITAL CUSTOMER ACQUISITIONFinding new customers for whatever it is you offer, is often what scares people most.“What if I can’t find customers?” We always like to think that there is alwayssomeone who needs what you have. The internet gives us the ability to reach thosepeople.In the first year of our travel, we have worked for six customers we have never met in reallife before. Sometimes these digital encounters were accidental, sometimes those meetingscame from our networks and sometimes through online marketing efforts. With this trianingyou will learn how to acquire new customers with help of the digital highway. Probablywithout ever have met them.What will you learn in this training?I. Use the internet to digitally find people who are looking for whatever you have to offer;II. Optimalize your profile you use in various channels;III. Tips how to activate your network in search for new clients;IV. Measure your efforts.Thursday, May 16, 13
  • WHEREIS YOUR NEXTOFFICE?Thursday, May 16, 13
  • Isla HolboxQuintana RooM E X I C OThursday, May 16, 13
  • LOUNGE, DRINK, RELAX, SWIMAND REPEAT...Thursday, May 16, 13
  • ..YOGA ON THE BEACH..Thursday, May 16, 13
  • ..SWIM IN FRESHWATERCENOTES..Thursday, May 16, 13
  • ..AND LEARN HOW TO KITESURF.Thursday, May 16, 13
  • WONDERFULaccommodationFOR EVERY BUDGETThursday, May 16, 13
  • AWESOME ON ABUDGET...8 USD / $96MXN PER NIGHT INA DORM OR SHARED CABINUSE OF THE SHARED KITCHENgezamenlijke keukenHOSTELIDA Y VUELTAshared and neat kitchenSleep in a dorm is a possibility as wellThursday, May 16, 13
  • PRIVATEBUNGALOWIN HOSTELIDA Y VUELTA25 USD/ $300MXN PER NIGHT INA PRIVATE BUNGALOW (A/C)private bungalows (a/c)simple but niceawesome place to hangoutUSE OF THE SHARED KITCHENThursday, May 16, 13
  • HOTELCASA LASTORTUGAS90 USD/ $1190MXN PER NIGHT INL U X U R I O U S B E A C H C A B A Ñ AW I T H A I R C O N D I T I O N I N GGREAT bed...ocean viewrelax your ass off when you are notworking...Thursday, May 16, 13
  • Price IndicationProgram Traveling Entrepreneurship• 21 nights of private or shared accommodation near the beach;• Training: Working from your talent and passion;• Training: How to make money with your idea;• Training: Digital Storytelling;• Training: Digital Customer Acquisition;Optional: if you are not a native Spanish speaker, we provide a cool language courseduring your three week visit. We can organize several additional things for you:kitesurfing courses, yoga classes or island tours.EUR 2,290prices will vary depending on your chosen hotel.5- 26 AUGUST, 2013 AT ISLA HOLBOX, QUINTANA ROO, MEXICOprices for USA $2,730, for Mexico $23,000MXNThursday, May 16, 13
  • NOWWHAT?OKAYThursday, May 16, 13
  • S AYYES!AND INVESTIN YOUThursday, May 16, 13
  • COMEJOINUSISLAHOLBOX5-26 AUGUST 2013start@workingwonderfully.comThursday, May 16, 13
  • Subscribe to a training program or couse -start@workingwonderfully.comForward this program to someone are we about Steven about Diana i n k sThursday, May 16, 13
  • Steven Zwerink | Diana 20 8943681 (Skype)+31 6 10 35 98 66 (Steven)+31 6 12 2 33 812 (Diana)@szwerink@dianavermeij@workwonderfullyContactThursday, May 16, 13