Workhorse Recruitment Ltd - Expert Vet Content Partner Information


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Workhorse recruitment Ltd are searching for expert vets in various small animal fields to join them as content partners. Content partners will receive royalty payments for MCQ questions they write for the database.

This presentation gives more detail for vets who are interested in joining this exciting project.

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Workhorse Recruitment Ltd - Expert Vet Content Partner Information

  1. 1. Content Partners Required Workhorse Recruitment Ltd, is a vet owned IT company which delivers online skills assessments to veterinary practices. The tests provide an objective way for veterinary practices to assess the skills of potential vets prior to employment. We have a database of test questions which continuously requires additional content. And if you are an expert vet with experience of writing MCQ exam questions then we need your help… Read on to find out how you can help us and we can help you. Re-examining Veterinary Recruitment
  2. 2. A Rewarding Partnership You have spent a career working hard to gain the knowledge of an expert. Now we can work together to further reward that hard work. As a content partner, you can expect to be paid a generous royalty fee each time your questions are used in one of our tests. In addition, if you introduce new content partners to us, you can generate even more from any questions they write as well. Royalties are paid out over the lifetime of the questions so work you submit today will still be delivering income to you in years to come. Re-examining Veterinary Recruitment
  3. 3. Subject Fields If you are an expert in any of the following *fields then we want to hear from you: Re-examining Veterinary Recruitment *We are currently only looking for partners in small animal fields.
  4. 4. Relax, We’re Flexible! Many of our content partners are also active lecturers. So we understand that the content you provide is sometimes material that you would like to use in presentations or lectures you deliver elsewhere. To reflect this, our content partner contracts allow limited use of materials submitted. There is also no onerous requirement or pressure on you to write a certain number of questions each year. You can write one or hundreds. The choice is yours. (Obviously, the more you write the more you can earn!) Re-examining Veterinary Recruitment
  5. 5. Quality Counts Workhorse Recruitment Ltd, are committed to delivering the very best tests possible, which is why we also subject all questions to our review process before being admitted into the database. We have a clear and easy process for submitting questions and giving feedback. We also understand that knowledge is ever changing so our database is periodically reviewed to ensure accuracy. We are also looking for expert vets to review our database and sit on our question review panel. Re-examining Veterinary Recruitment
  6. 6. Making The Next Step Have we got your attention? If so the next step is easy. Simply visit our website today at and submit your details. We’ll then send you out a content partner information pack containing all the materials you need to get started. Read and sign the contract and then that’s it, away you go… start writing and start earning! Visit us today and join the revolution in veterinary online assessments. Re-examining Veterinary Recruitment