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Speciality products for garment processing

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Garment speciaities

  1. 1. Wetting Agents Product Ionicity Function Key Features NameAltranol-K Anionic Low foam wetting agent Alkali stable It ensures rapid and uniform deaeration and wetting of Very high wetting efficiency all cotton and cellulose-synthetic substrates for improved efficiency in all textile processesAltranol-SWH Anionic Low foam wetting agent Alkali stable It ensures rapid and uniform deaeration and wetting of Very high wetting efficiency all cotton and cellulose-synthetic substrates for improved efficiency in all textile processesAltranol-84 Nonionic Highly effective non-ionic wetting agent for all garment Smooth and trouble free running of the goods processes Universal applicationCore Alkali Neutralizer Product Ionicity Function Key Features NameAltraplex-NV Nonionic Core alkali neutralizer pH buffer for neutralizing alkaline finishing processes.Dytec VSB Nonionic core alkali neutralizer Is an unique high temperature stable acid buffer. Prevents fibre damages in comparison to mineral acidsCationising AgentProduct Name Ionicity Function Key FeaturesAlquat-5851/ Cationic Cationising agent Specially developed cationic, water-solubleCCL/XE polymer intended for use in the “Cationising of cotton” goods prior to pigment dyeing process.
  2. 2. Desizing/Scouring Agents for Denim Product Ionicity Function Key Features NameAltranol Anionic Natural desizing and cleaning agent for fabrics and It removes size, loose colour and other3PM/TIO garments, which produces a substantially desized fabric impurities from the goods. or garmentAltranol DSZL Anionic Innovative, multi-functional desizing product developed Formulated as a combination desize, lubricant for denim wet processing and penetrable chemical. It also serves as a complete package auxiliary for alkaline scouring and bleaching, eliminating the need for multiple products. It can also be used as a physical abrasive to replace DE [diatomaceous earth] and peralite.Lubricants Product Ionicity Function Key Features NameLubassist C Nonionic Economical Anticrease agent Prevents the formation of running creases. Provides exceptional fiber/fiber and fiber/metal lubricity. It is recommended for use in the fabric wet processing for reduction of crack, crease, wrinkling, crow’s-feet’s, chafe marking & fold marks.Modlube ACA Anionic Lubricant for wet processing of garments & fabrics. Acts as a lubricant when the fabric rubs against itself or machine parts, and eliminates yarn/fibre abrasion. Is low-foaming and facilitates smooth running in jet machines with higher machine loading at shorter liquor ratios. Is highly stable to caustic alkali and to high electrolyte concentration making it ideal for application of all dyes on cellulosic fibres & their blends.
  3. 3. Back Stain PreventorsProduct Name Ionicity Function Key FeaturesNobac DBSP Weakly Highly Concentrated antibacksatin agent Exhibit superior anti-redeposition properties anionic effective in preventing back staining during garment washing It mparts improve wicking and anti-static properties, which make polyester containing fabrics, feel softer, cooler and generally more comfortableNobac-BS/conc Weakly Highly Concentrated powder form anti-back stain agent. It minimizes staining of pocketing and labels anionic and keeping filling whiter.Altranol-BSG Nonionic Economical antiback stain Reduces back staining in desizing and cellulase abrasion processAltranol BSP Weakly Antiback stain Additive for reducing back staining in desizing cationic and cellulase abrasion processAltranol SB Weakly Antiback stain agent Highly Concentrated in powder cationicAltranol PV Weakly Speciality polymer to prevent tinting of garments To prevent the ground from being stained cationic when prints produced with direct and reactive dyes are washed off. Color regain in over bleached denim. Prevents back staining during different processing stages of Denim Garments Helps to prevent the staining of white or pastel grounds in multi-color fabrics i.e. wool plaids, checks and stripesAltranol AT Nonionic Is a complex nonionic alkylpolyethylene glycol ether, It has excellent dispersing, suspending and APEO free with good detergency, excellent soil anti-redeposition properties minimizing staining dispersing efficiency and wetting properties of pocketing and labels and keeping filling whiterAntipil & Antislip Product Ionicity Function Key Features NameAntipil CAS Cationic Stable Nano dispersion Imparts excellent antislip, antipil and antisnag characteristics to all fabric substrates i.e. synthetics, cellulosics and their blends.
  4. 4. Antiozonates Product Ionicity Function Key Features NameAquasorb OZ Cationic Antiozonate organic softener Protect indigo dyestuff against ozone & NOX fading.Powersil Nonionic Antiozonate silicone based softener Exhaustible amino silicone emulsion formulatedNOZ specifically for denim. It prevents oxidative degradation of indigodye by ozone &Resin Finishes Product Ionicity Function Key Features NameTristar-L-112 Nonionic Low formaldehyde based resin Crosslinker for the low formaldehyde easy case finishing of textile materials composed of cellulosic fibres and its blends with synthetic fibres. Treatment offers durable and permanent effects on treated fabrics and garments. Passes Japan Law-112Tristar-PCS Nonionic Permanent creases on cellulosic with built in catalyst Is developed as An unique performance chemical designed for achieving special fashion effects on all class of cotton rich garments i.e. shirting, bottom weights, denims Very low formaldehyde values, in particular according to Law 112 and AATCC 112 Soft handle
  5. 5. Strength Improving Agent Product Ionicity Function Key Features NameModfinish HD Nonionic High density polyolefin emulsion Sewability improver for textile goods of all types of fibres. Improves the abrasion resistance & tear strength of resin finished goods. Eases needle penetration considerably when needling non-wovens and feltsModfinish NF Cationic High density polyolefin emulsion Sewability improver for textile fabrics & garments of cellulosic, synthetic or wool fibres and their blends. Specially designed for application by the exhaust method in short liquor jets. Improves the sewability of textile fabrics, especially knitwearModtex PE Nonionic Low density polyolefin emulsion It increases the tear strength and abrasion resistance of fabrics treated with resinsPolyurethane Softener Product Ionicity Function Key Features NamePermafin ZF Nonionic Non-formaldehyde Urethane finish based on non- It is designed to impart a naturally soft yellowing urethane pre-polymer with built-in catalyst peaches hand, high impact resilience, down proof finish coupled with durable hydrophilicityPermafin UR Amphoteric Formaldehyde free, reactive ,self-crosslinking, The basic handle is soft &high bulk permanent polyether polyurethane polymer Additive for low-formaldehyde resin finishing. Improves abrasion resistance and rub fastness. Reduces pilling Fibre-bonding agentPermafin Amphoteric/ A nano-dispersion self-crosslinking polyether Anti-pilling treatmentsNano PU Anionic polyurethane Upgrade of resin finish treatments Increased durability of selected softeners and resin finishes Durable hydrophilic finishes on all fibres Improved wet and dry rub fastness
  6. 6. Quenchers Product Ionicity Function Key Features NameQuench PN Nonionic Permanganate neutralizer Developed for rapid removal of potassium permanganate residues from processed garments.Quench BA Cationic Optical Brightener Quencher A high performance composition designed for treating fabrics & garments to help restore original colour and/or prevent changes in HUE & Tone brought about by accidental contamination by optical brighteners. It can be used as a quenching or a stripping agent to remove fluorescent whiteners from textiles, garments & dyeing equipmentsNeutrox ALN Nonionic Neutralizes residual peroxide & hypochlorite during Avoids yellowing caused due to traces of bleaching process. hypochlorite left on the indigo dyed garments or fabrics Optimizing of bleaching & dyeing cyclesQuench APY Anionic To prevent phenolic yellowing of garments & fabrics To prevent phenolic yellowing of garments & fabrics due to NOX, Packing etc.Moisture Management Product Ionicity Function Key Features NameQuest AQ Nonionic It is a fabric conditioner for imparting durable soil Quest-AQ combines the dual effect of quick release & anti-soil re-disposition properties to 100% absorption and quick drying. polyester, nylon & its blends. It increases the speed of moisture diffusion in 3 directions enabling the fabric to lift perspiration immediately from the skin to the outer surface of the garment as the moisture does not get trapped in the clothingPermafin UR Amphoteric Formaldehyde free, reactive, self-crosslinking, The basic handle is soft & high bulk. Additive permanent polyether polyurethane polymer for low-formaldehyde resin finishing. Improves abrasion resistance and rub fastness Reduces pilling Fibre-bonding agent
  7. 7. Special effects on Denim & GarmentsProduct Ionicity Function Key FeaturesNameUltrafresh Nonionic Product to produce unique bleach finishes. Effect produced: Cracked look/ Ice look / BrightMG white look / Black sky look/Ocean look/Frost Finish looksAlquat CLA Cationic Bleach bath accelerator designed for catalyzing faster Substantial reductions in consumption of formation of active bleaching species resulting in bleaching solution and reduced cycle time. enhanced productivity and optimizing the quantity of Produces sand blast effect on denims during hypo chloride required bleaching. Eco friendly and environmentally safe Sand Blast Effect: Alquat CLA in thickened form is applied by brush or sprayed on the garment followed by line drying, subsequent bleaching step results in the sprayed/ painted areas being lighter in contrast to the rest of the garment May be applied in a pattern by a hand brush on all the parts of the garment which need to be highlighted, followed by drying, subsequent bleaching step achieves the desired results. May be screen-printed followed by drying and bleaching. This allows various different motifs and prints to be achieved on the garmentDeniMAX GC Nonionic To give grey cast on denim like laccase Short process time Less degradation of cotton results in less loss in tensile & tear strengthAlquat BBA Nonionic Concentrated powder form bleach bath accelerator Results in lowering the damage to the designed for catalyzing faster formation of active garments cause by hypo chlorite and also bleaching species resulting in enhanced productivity and minimize occurrence of streaks and localized optimizing the quantity of hypo chlorite required abrasion. Reduced quantities of objectionable gases and odour in the local environment Substantial reduction in bleach cycle time allowing for improved productivity. Bleaching process at lower temperatures allowing savings in fuel costs & energy costs. Vastly reduced effluent quantities Is “eco friendly” & “environmentally safe”.
  8. 8. Organic Softeners Product Ionicity Function Key Features NameProfinish Cationic Cationic softener. Carboxylic acid amide derivative Gives excellent softness & surface smoothness2091 to all type of fabric substrates. Non-yellowingTextile Cationic Cationic/silicone blend Gives excellent surface smoothness & softnessFinisher EXL with improved wash durabilityProfinish-WH Anionic Anionic low foaming organic softener Imparts soft smooth bulky hand / low foaming and does not impart fabric whiteness with hydrophilicity.Profinish NY Cationic Cationicsilicone blend Imparts soft smooth bulky hand / low foaming and does not impart fabric whiteness with hydrophilicity. Non yellowing & suitable for whitesAntimicrobial Finishes Product Ionicity Function Key Features NameSaniguard- Cationic Concentrated Antimicrobial agent Antimicrobial, Disinfectant, Biocide, Sterilant,7500 Biostatic and Odor EliminatorSaniguard Cationic Antimicrobial agent It is an anti-microbial agent imparts durable,500 broad spectrum, bio-static activity to the surface of a wide variety of substrates. It is leach resistant & non-migrating & is not consumed by microorganisms. Effective against gram positive & gram negative bacteria, fungi, algae & yeast’s.
  9. 9. Silicone Softeners Product Ionicity Function Key Features NameDermasil-LIQ Nonionic Semimicro emulsion of modified amino silicone. Treated garment exhibits excellent surface smoothness. Ultra low yellowing & excellent results in wrinkle free systems. Gives excellent results in resin finish bathSylast-FG-2 Nonionic Micro emulsion of organo modified silicone Its optimised formulation allows it to perform consistently on substrates as varied as twill to denim to linen wool. It imparts a classic silicone handleSylast-FG-8 Nonionic Micro emulsion of organo modified silicone. It Widely acknowledged as one of the best imparts a soft, smooth and wet handle with silicone emulsions for garment washing, excellent durable body especially for denim and twill as it does not make the garment limpyAquasil HS Cationic Hydrophilic silicone softener Treated fabric imparts soft smooth greasyNew handle. Shear stable & non-yellowing suitable especially for whites.Dermasil Nonionic Concentrated micro emulsion of Reactive amino Treated fabric imparts very soft, lively900 modified silicone smooth handle.Dermasil Nonionic It is highly effective non-yellowing, high Gives excellent soft & smooth, slightly bulkyCMW performance micro emulsion for permanent finish on handle on all types of fabric & with very little all types of fibres impact on hydrophilicity. Shear stable.Dermasil SE- Weakly cationic A self emulsifiable 97% active silicone fluid that can The nano emulsion gives an inner softness1 be used for achieving extra ordinary inner softness with unique cool, natural and dry handle on all types of fabrics The nano emulsion confers soil release effect to all kinds of fabrics Trouble free: absolutely stable emulsion in a wide pH range and at high shear forcesAquasil TSP Weakly cationic It is a durable hydrophilic silicone softener designed Stable over wider range of temperature. to exhibit luxuriously soft & flexible hand feel to all Improved soft, smooth hand and soil release types of cellulosic, regerated cellulosic & cellulosic properties blends of fabrics & garments, irrespective of Non-yellowing & shear stable. composition & structure. It exhibits smooth and greasy voluminous hand on terry while retaining the fabrics original water absorbency & pile.
  10. 10. Silicone Softeners Product Ionicity Function Key Features NamePowersil-360 Nonionic/weakly A power packed softener & hand modifier based on It imparts a typically soft, waxy,peaches cationic proprietary engineered hybrid polysiloxane & APEO type handle to fabrics free surfactants. The micro emulsion is specifically designed to ensure optimum orientation of the modified siloxane on fabric substrates, during drying, enabling unsurpassed balance of surface slickness & smooth hand, improved definition of colours, enhanced fabric physical properties, reduced bending rigidity & optimized drape. Treated fabric gives least amount of thermo migration in polyester fabrics.Powersil Nonionic Concentrated micro emulsion of Reactive amino Treated fabric imparts very soft, livelyECO modified silicone smooth handle.Powersil-171 Nonionic Concentrated micro emulsion of amino modified Treated fabric imparts very soft, excellent silicone surface smoothness.Sun Protection Factor Improver UV Stabilizers Product Ionicity Function Key Features NameStabilite-UVC Nonionic Light fastness improver for polyester and cotton It is a product newly developed as a light fastness fabrics. improving agent for use on polyester fabric (disperse dyes for regular polyester, cationic dye for CD polyester) and imparts when applied with dyebath superior light fastness as evaluated by 83ºC x 200 – 300 hrs. tests on high temperature fade-o-meter.Stabilite- Nonionic Newly developed ultraviolet ray protective agent, It gives excellent protection from ultraviolet ray with1700/700 which consist of nonionic type emulsion based on washing and dry cleaning durability modified acrylic copolymer is easily compatible with other chemicals
  11. 11. Water & Stain Repelling Agent Product Ionicity Function Key Features NameAquarepel Cationic Modified reactive nitrogenous polymer Highly efficient, durable, water repellent & fluoro-AZN chemical extender. It is suitable for cellulosic & synthetic fibres & their blends.Aquarepel Nonionic Flouro-chemical emulsion Imparts oil, water and stain repellent properties onXC conc. cotton rayon wool silk polyester, nylon acrylic and blends. Stain proof finish resistant to staining by hydrophilic & oleophilic soils.Aquarepel Weakly Fluorocarbon extender Marked improvement of the fastness to washing andXAN Cationic/Noni dry cleaning. Optimizing the oil and water repellant onic effects on delicate articles