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3 d ripple print
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3 d ripple print


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Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. What is “3-D Ripple Print”? 3-dimensional transparent print or Special embossed color print on cellulosic goodsExclusive recipe by “Permafin-PN..” systemPrimarily for cellulosic goodsUnique and exceptional printFully creative finish
  • 2. 1. Additives for Transparent & Ripple Print Permafin-PB-37, Permafin-PN-01 Permafin-RPP, Permafin-PN-119 Crosslinker-UX, Microderm-SKC Aquarepel-XC/Conc, Aquarepel-EX-001M Triplex-PTF, Altraplex-AW1. Recipe for Transparent and Ripple printii) Roller Print [mangle padding] – for woveniii) Rotary print – for woveniv) Rotary print – for knit
  • 3. SpecificationAdditives Item Composition Appearance pH Ionicity Solubility [in [10%] water]Permafin-PN-01 Special urethane Colorless to slightly 7±1 Nonion Easily solublePermafin-PN-37 resins for ripple yellowish viscous liquid 5.5 ± 1 Nonion at cold orPermafin- print [soft handle] 5.5 ± 1 Nonion warm waterPN-119Permafin-RPP Special urethane Light beige 5±1 Nonion Easily soluble resins for ripple viscous liquid at cold or print [stiff handle] warm waterCrosslinker-UX Catalyst of Light beige 5±1 Nonion Easily soluble Urethane resins viscous liquidAquarepel- Fluoro polyacrylate White to yellowish liquid 2.5 ± Cation Easily solubleFC-1500 0.5Aquarepel- Blocked Light beige 7±1 Nonion Easily solubleEX-001M polyisocyanate DispersionAltraplex- AW Organic phosphoric Light yellowish clear liquid 9±1 Weak Easily soluble compound anionMicroderm- Special silicone Milky white liquid 4.5 ± 1 Nonion Easily solubleSKC copolymerTriplex-PTF Special polymer Off white liquid >5 Anion Soluble
  • 4. AdditivesPermafin- PN-37Permafin- PN-01Permafin- PN 119Urethane resin for transparent print and color printExcellent alkaline stability. No hydrolysis problemPrevent staining of dyes in washing processGood transparency and vivid print on goodsFilm with soft handle [PN 119*>PN 37 > PN-01]Permafin- PN 119 provides more volume
  • 5. AdditivesPermafin- RPPUrethane resin for transparent print and color printExcellent alkaline stability. No hydrolysis problemPrevent staining of dyes in washing processGood transparency and vivid print on goodsGood volume feeling to the clothes and bed clothesFilm with medium to stiff handle
  • 6. AdditivesCROSSLINKER-UXCatalyst for urethane resinPromotes activation and fixation of Urethane resinApplying quantity: 5 ~ 10% of urethane resin appliedMICRODERM-SKCSpecific softener for Ripple print [only for knit]Form film by itself without any bad influence on printApplying quantity: 30 ~ 50 g/l
  • 7. AdditivesAQUAREPEL-FC 1500Film protector for color Ripple print [by reactive dyes]Prevent color change/lost of dyes under strong alkalisAquarepel-EX-001MCatalyst of FC 1500 in color ripple printPrevent drape property of fabricsApplying quantity: ca. 20% of FC 1500 applied
  • 8. AdditivesTriplex-PTFThickener for viscosity controlApplying quantity: x% [for viscosity ca. 5000 cpsAltraplex- AWUsed in washing process after alkali ageing ofRipple PrintPrevent yellowing of transparent print film afterdryingWhen neutralizing by Acid, used jointly in a bathApplying quantity: 3~5 g/l
  • 9. Application1. Roller Print for WovenRecipe:Permafin--RPP : 95%Crosslinker-UX : 5%Thickener [Triplex-PTF] : x% [ca. 5000 cps of viscosity]** If softer handle is required, increase the quantity ofPermafin- PN-01 [or PN 37, PN 119, Microderm-SKC]while reducing the quantity of Permafin--RPPPrint condition: Mangle padding [Roller Print]  Setting[190ºC x 100 yd/mm]  Alkali treatment [98% NaOH 32º ~35º Be]  Rinsing & neutralizing  Tentering [170ºC x70 yd/min]
  • 10. Application2. Rotary print for wovenRecipe:Permafin- PN-01 : 70% [or Permafin- PN 37, PN 119]Permafin- RPP : 25%Crosslinker-UX : 5%Thickener [Triplex-PTF] : X% [ca. 5000 cps of viscosity]Print condition:Printing  Curing [180ºC x 2 min]  Padding [98%NaOH 320 ~ 350 g/l]  Rinsing & neutralizing Tentering [180ºC x 90 sec]
  • 11. Application3. Rotary print for knit:Recipe:Permafin- PN-01 : 55% [or Permafin- PN 37, PN 119]Permafin- RPP : 25%Crosslinker-UX : 5%Microderm- SKC : 15%Thickener [Triplex-PTF] : X% [ca. 5000 cps forviscosity]Print condition:Pre-treatment  Printing  Curing [180ºC x 2 min] Padding [98% NaOH, 320~350 g/l]  Rinsing &neutralizing  tentering [180ºC x 1 min 30 sec]