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Telling, and Selling, Your Hospital Quality Story
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Telling, and Selling, Your Hospital Quality Story


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WordWrite President and CEO Paul Furiga presented this at the Hospital and Healthsystem Association of Pennsylvania Annual Public Relations Conference in Harrisburg, Pa.

WordWrite President and CEO Paul Furiga presented this at the Hospital and Healthsystem Association of Pennsylvania Annual Public Relations Conference in Harrisburg, Pa.

Published in: Business, Health & Medicine

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  • dancing and Leading the Profession
    Elise Dempsey, RN, PhD
    Senior director for clinical improvement
    Catholic Healthcare West, San Francisco
    Dempsey’s passion and effectiveness essentially guarantee a project’s success. Dempsey has championed the electronic health record at this large, multihospital organization for many years. Managing clinical IT projects in which all hospital systems and processes are fully replaced in a 48-hour period has been compared to overhauling an airplane while in flight. But Dempsey effortlessly led thousands of hospital personnel and clinicians through this massive change, making what seems impossible, possible.
    Dempsey acknowledged her team of colleagues upon accepting the award. “Nursing informatics is still really a young field,” she noted. “After collecting data, we transfer that data into information, and then into knowledge — knowledge about our patients and the care that we’re providing.”
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  • Transcript

    • 1. Telling, and Selling, Your Hospital Quality Story How Storytelling Can Deliver Happy Endings For You and Your Hospital #HAPstory
    • 2. Why storytelling? • Once upon a time . . .
    • 3. Why storytelling? • Because of . . .
    • 4. Why storytelling? • Our old brains struggle in a new world
    • 5. Why storytelling? • Reaching the “old brain”
    • 6. Why storytelling? • Reaching the “old brain”
    • 7. Takeaway #1: Why storytelling • “Stories create the emotional context people need to locate themselves in a larger experience.” — Scott Bedbury, Brandstream (formerly led Nike and Starbucks marketing) #HAPstory
    • 8. Why storytelling in healthcare? • “It is a competitive advantage for you to have a unique voice . . . Companies with unique personalities give themselves a leg up because people want to embrace other people . . . we all dislike antiseptic and bland corporate communications. .” — Dick Costolo, new Twitter CEO
    • 9. Why storytelling in healthcare? • Because we invented “antiseptic!”
    • 10. Why storytelling in healthcare? • Well, what happens in hospitals?? • Lives begun • Lives healed • Lives saved • Miracles • Do we deserve to tell that story or what?
    • 11. Takeaway # 2 • Every hospital has great stories to tell. The most important story is its own. #HAPstory
    • 12. So what’s your great story?
    • 13. So what’s your great story? • “The hospital provides residents a wide array of medical, surgical, laboratory and rehabilitative services using state- of-the-art technology in an intimate, community hospital setting . . . this essential community hospital has earned one of the highest patient satisfaction rankings in the country.” BLAH!
    • 14. So what’s your great story? • “I just finished reading Tribes by Seth Godin, which argues that leadership requires a manifesto. I think that the manifesto is a story. It resonates because it is so intensely personal. Who are we? How did we get here? What will we achieve . . . Lest technology – heck, anything – subsume the patient, we need to tell better stories.” Elizabeth Han, biomedical engineer, University of Toronto Bloorview Hospital
    • 15. Takeaway #3 • Your hospital story must answer: Who are we? How did we get here? What will we achieve? #HAPstory
    • 16. Your authentic story: • Rooted in fact
    • 17. Your authentic story: • Shared by a fluent storyteller
    • 18. Your authentic story: • Continually read your audience to ensure you’re connected
    • 19. Takeaway #4 • Your authentic healthcare story is rooted in fact, shared by a fluent storyteller and continually evolves to resonate with your audience. #HAPstory
    • 20. What makes a good story? • An authentic archetype
    • 21. How you do it • Adapt old, authentic archetypes
    • 22. How you do it • Create new story archetypes
    • 23. Takeaway #5 • Classic story archetypes are the best framework for successful 21st century hospital storytelling. #HAPstory
    • 24. Some tools for you: strategic • Five Burning Questions Assessment
    • 25. Some tools for you: just do it! • Map your story’s characters and their roles
    • 26. Some tools for you • Plot where you want the story to go
    • 27. Now you’re the storyteller! • What’s your organization’s BEST current story? • Let’s map it out!
    • 28. Now you’re the storyteller! • Who are the characters who drive your story? • Let’s share some examples . . .
    • 29. Now you’re the storyteller! • What is the ideal “plot line” and “happy ending” for this story? • Let’s share some examples
    • 30. Takeaway #6 • Think like a storyteller and find the characters and “happy endings” in every story you develop for your hospital. #HAPstory
    • 31. Thank you! Paul Furiga, ABC President WordWrite Communications LLC 10475 Perry Highway Suite 104 Wexford, PA 15090-9213