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  • My adult Beginning ESL students love this list. It takes a week to do l or 2 letters but they choose 10 words to spell to another student, like a dictation. So they are focused on 20 new words and their spellings. I hope to do more with it, but the class is 2 hours. Thanks for your work.
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Ws Gradedwordlist

  1. 1. Graded Word List Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Beginner Pre-Intermediate Intermediate Upper Intermediate Advanced 1. a a bit abandon abdomen abbey 2. a.m. abroad abbreviation abolish abbreviate 3. able accent aboard abortion abhor 4. about accident absent absence abnormal 5. above act absolutely absolute abrupt 6. across action academic absurd absorb 7. address active accelerate abuse abstract 8. adjective actor accept acceleration absurdity 9. adult actress accommodation acceptable abusive 10. aeroplane add account accidentally acceptance 11. after advantage accountant accomplish access 12. afternoon adverb accuse according to accompany 13. again adventure acquaintance accurate accomplice 14. against afraid acting accusation accomplishment 15. age agency activity ache accustomed 16. ago ahead actual acid achievement 17. agree aircraft actually acknowledge acknowledgement 18. air airline addition acrobat acne 19. airplane alarm clock administration activist acquire 20. airport album admirable acupuncture acquisition 21. alive alcohol admit adapt acquit 22. all almost adolescent addict acre 23. alone along advance additional acute 24. alphabet already advert adequate adamant 25. also amount advise adjust addictive 26. always ancient aerial admission adjacent 27. am anger aerobics adoption adjourn 28. ambulance ankle aerosol advertise adjustment 29. an anybody affair adviser adultery 30. and anyhow affect affection advantageous 31. angry anyway affluent aggressive adventurous 32. animal anywhere aged aisle advertisement 33. another apartment agenda alert advocate 34. answer architect agent algebra affectionate 35. any argue agony alias agile 36. anyone argument agreement allowed aggravate 37. anything army aid alteration aggression 38. apple arrive aim alternative alibi 39. April art alcoholic ambassador allege 40. are article alien ambitious allergic 41. arm artist allow ambush allergy 42. around asleep aloud amputate alleviate 43. as assistant altar analogy alliance 44. Asian astronaut alter analyse allowance 45. ask ate altitude analysis alternate 46. at at first amateur angel ambition 47. August athlete amazing announcement amicable 48. aunt author amuse anonymous ample 49. autumn awake amusing anticipation anagram 50. away bacon ancestor anxious analogous 51. baby badly angle apparently analytical 52. back bake anniversary appearance anchor 53. bad bakery announce appliance anecdote 54. bag bald annoy application anonymity 55. baker balloon annual appoint antenna 56. ball band ant appreciation anthem 57. ballet bandage anticipate approval appalling 58. banana bargain antique approximately apparent 59. bank bartender anxiety apricot applause 60. bar baseball apart from apron applied 61. barber basket apologise arise apprehensive 62. bath basketball apology arithmetic appropriate 63. bathroom bat appear arranged arose 64. be battery appetite arrangement aroused 65. beach battle apply arrested arson 66. bear bean appointment arrivals arsonist 67. beautiful beard appreciate arrogant ascend 68. because beat approach arrow ashamed 69. become became approve artistic ashes 70. bed because of approximate assassinate ashore 71. bedroom beef arc assembly aspect 72. beer been area association assassination 73. before began arena assortment assault 74. begin beginner arch assumption assemble 75. behind beginning armed astonish assembly line © Copyright 2006 Will McCulloch
  2. 2. Graded Word List Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Beginner Pre-Intermediate Intermediate Upper Intermediate Advanced 76. believe begun arrange attach assert 77. bell being arrest attend assertive 78. below belief arrival attention assess 79. better belly artificial attitude assessment 80. between belong as if attract asset 81. bicycle belt as long as attraction assign 82. big bench ash auction assignment 83. bike beneath ashtray authority assist 84. bikini best aspirin autograph assistance 85. bird beyond associate automatically assort 86. birthday bilingual athletic avalanche assorted 87. black bill athletics avenue assume 88. blonde billion atmosphere avoidable assumed 89. blue birth atomic awaken assurance 90. boat biscuit attack aware assure 91. body bit attempt axle assured 92. book bite attractive axis astonished 93. boot blackboard audio background atom 94. boss blank audience barbarian attachment 95. both blanket automatic bare attendance 96. bottle bleed automobile barely attentive 97. bottom bless you available barn attorney 98. boy blind average basically audible 99. bread blood avoid bead authentic 100. break blouse award beak autumnal 101. breakfast blowing awful beam avail 102. bridge board awoke beforehand awareness 103. bring boil axe bend awkward 104. brother bomb badge beneficial bachelor 105. brown bone baggage bent backing 106. build bonus balance besides backward 107. bus book token ban bid badger 108. business border banking biography baffle 109. busy bored bark bleak bail 110. but boring barrier boiling bailiff 111. butcher born base boredom banal 112. butter bought basement bounce banish 113. buy bowl basic bound barefoot 114. by box basis boundary barge 115. café brain bathe bow barrel 116. cake brake bay breadth bash 117. calendar brand beast breed bearable 118. call brave beaten bribe bellow 119. camera breast beauty bubble biased 120. can breath bee buffet bidder 121. can´t breathe beg bullet-proof bitter 122. cannot brief beggar bug blade 123. capital bright behave bureaucracy blend 124. captain brilliant behaviour cable blossom 125. car broad beige cage bold 126. card broke benefit calorie brag 127. carpet brush beside cancellation brass 128. carrot bucket bet canteen breakthrough 129. carry builder billboard capacity breeze 130. cat built bin cape bribery 131. Catholic burglar alarm bind capitalism bronze 132. chair burn birth control cardboard buck 133. champagne bury biology careless bullet 134. chat button bishop carnival bulletin 135. cheap buyer bitten carriage bumper 136. cheese cab blame carton bunch 137. chemist calculator bless cartoon bundle 138. chicken came blew casualty burden 139. child camel block category bureau 140. children camp bloody cauliflower burp 141. China canal blown up caution cabin 142. Chinese cancel blush cease cabinet 143. chocolate canoe boiler celebrity cadet 144. Christmas caravan bond celery calf 145. church care borrow cell calves 146. cigarette career bother cello callous 147. cinema careful branch cellulite canary 148. circus case brick charm candid 149. city cash bring up charter canine 150. class cashier broadcast chew cannibal © Copyright 2006 Will McCulloch
  3. 3. Graded Word List Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Beginner Pre-Intermediate Intermediate Upper Intermediate Advanced 151. clean casino broken chill cannon 152. clever casual browse choir canopy 153. climb catch bruise chore canvas 154. clinic ceiling budget circulate canvass 155. clock cellar burglar civil canyon 156. close cemetery burst civilize capsize 157. clothes central bush claim capsule 158. cloud centre butterfly clamp caption 159. coat century bypass clarify capture 160. coffee certain cabbage clash carbon 161. cold certainly calculate classify caress 162. college chairman calculation clerk cargo 163. colour champion calm clip cart 164. come chance camouflage cloak cartilage 165. computer change campaign clone carve 166. concert chapel campus clue cast 167. congratulations chapter cancer coastline caste 168. continent character candle coffin cater 169. continue check candidate coincide caterpillar 170. conversation cheers! candy collapse cautious 171. cook chemical cap collar cement 172. copy chemistry capable collide censor 173. corner chest carefully colony chamber 174. correct chin carpenter columnist channel 175. cost choose cassette combination chant 176. couch cigar castle commentary chap 177. country circle catalogue commitment charged with 178. couple citizen catastrophe common chauvinist 179. cousin classroom cattle communist cheeky 180. cow cleaner cause commute chilly 181. cream clear cave comparison chisel 182. cry client celebrate compensate choke 183. cup climate cereal compete chop 184. cupboard climber ceremony competent chorus 185. curtain clothing chain competitive chuckle 186. cushion club chalk complaint circumstance 187. customer coach challenge completely civil servant 188. cycle coast championship complex civilization 189. dad cocktail chaos complicated clarification 190. daily coin characteristic compliment classification 191. dance colleague charge comply clause 192. dangerous collect charity comprehend claws 193. dark colourful charming compromise clay 194. date comb chart compute clench 195. daughter comedy chase conceal climax 196. day comfortable chatter concentration cling 197. dead comma cheat conclude clinical 198. deal commence cheek condemn clockwise 199. dear commercial cheerful conditional closet 200. death committee cheque confess clumsy 201. December communicate cherry confide coalition 202. decide companion chief confirm cobweb 203. dentist company childhood conflict coil 204. desert competition chimney confront coincidence 205. detective concept chip confusion collision 206. diamond concern choice congress colloquial 207. diary condition cider connoisseur colonial 208. dictionary conference circuit conquer commandment 209. did confident civilian conscience commission 210. didn’t congratulate clap consecutive commodity 211. die connect classic consent commonly 212. diet contact lens classical considerable compartment 213. difference cooking clearly consist compass 214. different cool cliff consonant compassion 215. difficult costume cloakroom constantly compatible 216. dinner cottage closely construct compel 217. direction cotton cloth consult compensation 218. dirty could cloudy consume competence 219. disease couldn´t clown contemporary complacent 220. do count coal contented complement 221. doctor countryside cocoa contestant complementary 222. does cover coconut context complexity 223. dog cowboy code contradiction compliant 224. dollar crash coincident contrary to complication 225. door crazy collection contribution complimentary © Copyright 2006 Will McCulloch
  4. 4. Graded Word List Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Beginner Pre-Intermediate Intermediate Upper Intermediate Advanced 226. double create colonel controversial composition 227. down creature column convenience comprehensive 228. download crime combat conventional compromising 229. downstairs crisis combine conversely compulsive 230. dozen cross comfort convertible compulsory 231. draw crown command conviction concede 232. dream cruise comment convincing conceited 233. dress currency commit cooperate conceive 234. drive current communication cope concise 235. driver customs community core concur 236. dry cut compact corporation condemnation 237. duck dairy compare corrupt confession 238. each damage complain countable confirmation 239. ear danger complete county confiscate 240. earring darling complicate courage conflicting 241. early data component course confrontational 242. earth daylight compose court conscientious 243. east daytime concentrate crack conscious 244. Easter deaf conclusion crawl consequence 245. easy decade concrete creative consequently 246. eat decision conduct credit conservation 247. egg decorate conductor crew conservative 248. eight deep cone cricket considerably 249. eighth degree confidence critical considerate 250. eighteen delicious confuse crop consistent 251. eighteenth deliver confusing crowded conspicuous 252. eightieth democracy connection crude conspiracy 253. eighty demonstration consider cruel constitute 254. either deodorant constant crystal construction 255. elbow department consultant cucumber consul 256. electric depressing consumer cultural consumption 257. electrical describe contact curiosity contagious 258. elephant deserve contain curious contemplate 259. elevator design content curve contempt 260. eleven desk contest cynic contemptuous 261. eleventh despite continuous damp contractions 262. emergency dessert contract daring controversy 263. empty destination contradict debt convention 264. end develop contrast deceive cooperation 265. England development contribute deck cooperative 266. English devil control deed copper 267. enjoy diagram convenient declare cord 268. enough dial convert defect corruption 269. enter dictation convict defence counterfeit 270. entrance difference convince deflate courageous 271. entry difficulty cookery deflect cosy 272. Europe digital coolly defrost crab 273. European dine copier delayed crackdown 274. evening direct corn delete cram 275. every director correction deliberate crave 276. everybody disadvantage corridor delightful craziness 277. everyone disagree cosmetics demolish crease 278. everything disappear cosmopolitan demon creep 279. everywhere disappointing cotton wool denial crib 280. excellent disaster cough departure criticism 281. exercise discover council dependable crow 282. exit discuss coupon dependent crunch 283. expect disease coward deposit crush 284. explain dish craft deport crust 285. express disk crayon depot cue 286. extra dislike creation depreciation cuisine 287. eye display credit card depression culprit 288. face distance criminal deprive cunning 289. fact district crisp descendent curb 290. factory dive critic deserted curfew 291. Fahrenheit diver criticise desirable curiosity 292. fall divide crossing despair curl 293. family divorce crowd destiny curse 294. famous donkey crucial destruction custody 295. far dot cube detergent cute 296. farm drama culture determination cutting 297. fast drank cure devastate cylinder 298. fat drawer currently devote cynical 299. father drawing curriculum diagnose daft 300. fax dressed custom dialogue dagger © Copyright 2006 Will McCulloch
  5. 5. Graded Word List Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Beginner Pre-Intermediate Intermediate Upper Intermediate Advanced 301. February drew dam diameter dark horse 302. feel drop damn dice dart 303. feet drove dare digestion dash 304. female drug dawn dip daze 305. feminine drunk death penalty diploma debut 306. festival during debate disability deception 307. few dust decay disappearance decline 308. fiancé duty free decent disappointment decoy 309. field earlier decrease disclose dedicated 310. fifteen earn dedicate discourage deduct 311. fifteenth ease deeply discontented defective 312. fifty eastern deer discriminate defensive 313. fiftieth economic defeat disgraceful defiant 314. fight edit defend disguise deficient 315. figure editor define disgusting deflection 316. file educate definite disinterested in defy 317. film effort definition dismissal dejected 318. final elder dehydrated disorganised delegate 319. finally eldest delay distinction delicate 320. find electricity delighted distinguish delinquent 321. fine electronic delivery distort delirious 322. finger embassy demand ditch delusion 323. finish emigrate democratic diverse demanding 324. fire emotion demonstrate documentary dent 325. fireplace employ deny domesticate deplore 326. firm encourage depart dominant deportation 327. first enemy depend donation deprivation 328. fish energy depreciate donor despatch 329. fit engaged depress draft despicable 330. fifth engine depth drain destitute 331. fitness engineer deputy drift deterrent 332. five enjoyable descend drill detest 333. fix enquiry description drinkable devastated 334. flag entertain desire drip deviation 335. flat envelope desperate driven devious 336. flight environment despite due to dew 337. floor equal despondent duel diabolical 338. flower equipment destroy dull diagnosis 339. fly error detach dungeon dignity 340. follow escalator detail duplicate dilemma 341. food escape detect dusk dilute 342. foot essay determine duster diplomatic 343. football ever detour duty dire 344. for exact device dwell discouragement 345. forest exam dictate dye discrepancy 346. forever except dictator dynamite dishevelled 347. forget excite differ eagle disintegrate 348. forgive excited dig eccentric dispute 349. fork exciting dim ecology disqualify 350. form exist dimension economy dissolve 351. fortieth expensive dinghy ecstasy distinguished 352. forty experience dinosaur editorial distorted 353. forward experiment directly educational disturbed 354. fountain expert dirt efficiency diversity 355. four export disabled egotist dizzy 356. fourteen expression disallow eject doctrine 357. fourteenth factor disappoint elated drag 358. fourth fail disarm election draining 359. France failure disastrous elementary dreary 360. free fair discipline eligible drenched 361. freezer false discovery eliminate dribble 362. French fan discrimination elite drivel 363. Friday fantastic discussion embarrassed drizzle 364. fridge fantasy dishonest emit dub 365. friend fare disgrace emphasize dubious 366. friendly fashion dismiss employee dump 367. from fault disposable employment dune 368. front favour distant enable dupe 369. fruit favourite distribution enclosed earlobe 370. full fear disturb enforce earnest 371. fun feast divine engagement ebony 372. funny feather division engrave eclipse 373. further feature divorced enlarge eczema 374. future fee dock enterprise edgy 375. game feed document enthusiasm eerie © Copyright 2006 Will McCulloch
  6. 6. Graded Word List Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Beginner Pre-Intermediate Intermediate Upper Intermediate Advanced 376. garage feeling dominate entirely egotistical 377. garden fell donate entitled elaborate 378. gas felt doormat entrust elapsed 379. gate fence doorway envy elitist 380. genius ferry doubt equation eloquent 381. gentleman fetch doubtful era elusive 382. geography fever downward erase emancipated 383. get fiction dragon erode embargo 384. get up fierce dramatic errand embark 385. ghost fill drown erupt ember 386. gift finance drum establishment emission 387. girl fisherman due estimate emphatic 388. give fishing duet evacuate enchanting 389. glad flame dug evaluate engraving 390. glass flavour dusty eventually enhance 391. glasses flesh dynamic everyday enlargement 392. glove florist eager evidence epic 393. go flow earthquake evolve episode 394. god flu easily exaggerate equivalent 395. goddess fluent echo excerpt eraser 396. going fluid ecological excess erect 397. gold focus economical exclaim erosion 398. golf fond edge exclude eruption 399. good fool edible exclusive estuary 400. good luck foolish edition exhale eternal 401. goodbye forbid education exhausted eternity 402. grammar forbidden effect exhibit ethical 403. grandfather force effective exile ethnic 404. grandmother forecast efficient expansion evacuation 405. great foreign ego expenditure evaluation 406. green foreigner elastic experimental evident 407. grey formal elect expired evolution 408. ground fortunate elegant expose excessive 409. group fortunately element extend exclamation 410. grow fortune else extravagant exemplary 411. guest found elsewhere extreme execute 412. guitar fox embarrass eyelid execution 413. gun frame embryo fabric exempt 414. guy freed emigration facility exhilarating 415. gym freedom emotional fade exotic 416. hair freeze emperor fag expel 417. half frequent emphasis fairy expiry 418. hall fresh empire faithful explicit 419. hallo friendship employer falsify exploit 420. ham frighten enclose fancy exploitation 421. hamburger frontier encounter farther extension 422. hand frost encouragement fatal extensive 423. handbag frozen encyclopaedia fatigue extent 424. handkerchief fry energetic fearless extinguish 425. happy fuel engage feasible extrovert 426. hard funeral enjoyment fertile facetious 427. hat furniture enormous feud facing 428. hate gain entertainment fibre fake 429. have gallery enthusiastic fig fallout 430. he gang entire filter faraway 431. head gangster entrepreneur flake farce 432. headache garbage envious flask fastidious 433. hear gasoline equality flaw fatality 434. heart gear equator flea feeble 435. heavy general especially flee feign 436. hello generally essential flirt ferocious 437. help generous establish float fidget 438. hen gentle estate flock fictitious 439. her genuine eve flood fiery 440. here giant even flour filthy 441. hey giraffe event foam fiscal 442. high global evil fog flabby 443. highway glue exactly foil flammable 444. hill goal examination following flap 445. him goat examine fondle flare 446. his golden example formation flattery 447. history goose exceed formerly flaunt 448. hit government exception foster flawless 449. holiday grade exchange foul flick 450. home graduate exhibition fowl flimsy © Copyright 2006 Will McCulloch
  7. 7. Graded Word List Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Beginner Pre-Intermediate Intermediate Upper Intermediate Advanced 451. homework grand excitement fraction flinch 452. honest grape excuse frequency fling 453. hope graph executive frugal flip 454. horse grass exhaust fudge flirtatious 455. hospital grateful existence fund flog 456. hostel grave expand fundamental flop 457. hot greatly expectation furthermore fluctuate 458. hotel greet expedition fuse fluff 459. hour grocer expense gadget fluke 460. house grown up explanation gallop flush 461. how grow up explode gambler font 462. human guarantee explore gape forfeit 463. hundred guard external garlic fragrance 464. hundredth guess extinct garment frank 465. hungry guilty extraordinary gauge fraud 466. husband gum extremely gaze freak 467. I gymnasium eyebrow generalisation frenetic 468. ice habit eyelash generosity frenzy 469. idea hairdryer fabulous genetic frigid 470. if haircut factual generation gap fume 471. ill halt faculty germ funky 472. important hammer faint gesture funnel 473. in handful fairly glamour fury 474. inn handsome faith glacier futile 475. inside happen fame glory fuzzy 476. intelligent happiness familiar gorgeous gag 477. interesting harbour famine gourmet gambling 478. international harm fanatic grace gargle 479. internet healthy farewell gradually garnish 480. into heart attack fascinating gravity gash 481. introduce heat fasten grenade gasp 482. is heaven fate grieve gel 483. island height fault grip genial 484. isn´t helicopter favourable groan giggle 485. is not hell fearful habitat glance 486. it helpful feedback handcuffs glare 487. its hero fellow hangar glimpse 488. jacket herself filling hangover glitter 489. jackpot hide financial hardly gloat 490. jail highlight firmly hare gloomy 491. January hijack fist harmful gloss 492. Japan himself fixed haunt glum 493. Japanese hire flash hay glutton 494. jersey historical flexible hazard gnaw 495. Jesus hobby fluently headline gobble 496. jet hold fold hectic gossip 497. job hole folk hedge grasp 498. jog honestly follower heed gratitude 499. joke honey forehead heel grim 500. July honeymoon formality heir grin 501. jump hopefully format herb grind 502. jumper horizon former herbal grotesque 503. June horoscope formula heroic groom 504. kangaroo horrible fossil hesitation grovel 505. key host foundation hibernate growl 506. kid hostess fragile hike grumble 507. kilo housewife framework hint grumpy 508. kilogram hovercraft frequently historic grunt 509. kilometre hunger friction honourable guidance 510. kind hunt frightened hook gulf 511. kindergarten hurry frog hop gullible 512. king hurt frown hopeless gulp 513. kiss icy frustrate hormones habitual 514. kitchen idiom fugitive horn hack 515. knee idiot fulfill horror haggle 516. knife ignore fully human rights hail 517. knock illegal function humid hallucinate 518. know impossible furious humiliate hamper 519. lady image furnish humour harassment 520. lake imagine gala hydrogen hardy 521. lamb illustrate gallon hymn harmony 522. lamp immediately gamble hyphen harness 523. land immigrate gather hypnotise harp 524. lane importance gap hypocrite harsh 525. language import gay icon hassle © Copyright 2006 Will McCulloch
  8. 8. Graded Word List Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Beginner Pre-Intermediate Intermediate Upper Intermediate Advanced 526. large improve gender identical haven 527. laser inch gene identification havoc 528. laptop incident generalise idle hay fever 529. last income tax generation ignorance hazy 530. late increase genuinely illiterate hazardous 531. later incredible geometry illness heap 532. laugh indeed get rid of illogical heave 533. lay independent gifted illuminate hefty 534. lazy individual glamorous imaginary hem 535. lead indoor glider imitation hence 536. leaf industry globe immature herd 537. learn infant glow immigrant hereditary 538. least infinite goodness impatient hermit 539. leave informal goods impolite hibernation 540. left information govern impress hideous 541. lecture inhabitant grab impression hierarchy 542. leg injury graceful impulse hiker 543. lemon ink gradual inability hind 544. less inner graduation inadequate hinder 545. lesson innocent grain incapable hindrance 546. let insect grant incentive hiss 547. letter instant graphics incline hitch 548. library instead grease incomplete hoard 549. life instruct greed inconsiderate hoarse 550. lift instrument greenhouse effect inconvenient hoax 551. light insurance grid indecision hobble 552. like intensive grief indication hobo 553. line interested grocery indicator holly 554. link intermediate gross indirectly hoof 555. lion internal growth indulge hoop 556. lip interview guide inequality hover 557. liquid introduction guilt inevitable howl 558. list invent gutter inflate humble 559. listen invest handicap inflation humidity 560. little invisible handicraft influential humiliation 561. live invite handle initially hump 562. long irregular handlebar initiative hypocritical 563. look issue handshake innovate hysterical 564. lose item handy insane idealistic 565. lot jam hang insistent illusion 566. loud jar happening inspector imbecile 567. lounge jazz hardly ever inspection immortal 568. love jealous harvest inspiring immortality 569. low jeans haste installation immune 570. luck jewel hatred instinctive impact 571. luggage jigsaw heal institution impartial 572. lunch join headquarters instructive imperative 573. machine jolly health integrate impetus 574. magazine journalist heating intellect implement 575. magic journey heavily intensity imply 576. mail juice helmet intentional implore 577. main jungle helpless interact impose 578. make junior hesitate intercept impotent 579. mail just hidden interest impressive 580. man keen hijacker interfere improper 581. manager keep hip interpretation improvise 582. many kettle historian interrupt impudent 583. map keyboard hollow intersection impulsive 584. March kick holy interval in case 585. margarine kill homeless intimidate incessant 586. market knickers honesty intricate incest 587. marmalade label honour intrigue incompatible 588. marry largely hooligan intriguing incompetent 589. May lately hopeful intolerable incorporate 590. may latest horizontal intuitive incubator 591. maybe laughter horrid invalid indecisive 592. me laundry horseshoe invaluable indifferent 593. meal lavatory hostage invasion indiscreet 594. mean law hostile inventive indulgent 595. meat lawyer household investigation infamous 596. mechanic leader housing involve inflammable 597. medicine leather however ironic inflict 598. meet led hug irony innovative 599. men legal huge irresistible insensitive 600. menu legend humanity irritating inspirational © Copyright 2006 Will McCulloch
  9. 9. Graded Word List Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Beginner Pre-Intermediate Intermediate Upper Intermediate Advanced 601. message leisure humorous isolation integration 602. metal lend hurricane javelin intentionally 603. method length hut jaw interaction 604. metre letterbox ideal jetty interception 605. mice license identify jockey interference 606. midday lie identity joint interruption 607. middle lifetime igloo jot intervention 608. midnight light switch ignorant joyful intimidation 609. mile lightning imitate joystick intolerance 610. milk limit illustration jubilant intuition 611. million lit imagination jug involvement 612. mine living immediate junction ironical 613. minute load immigration junk irritable 614. mirror loaf improvement jury ivory 615. miss local include justice jab 616. modern lock including juvenile jeer 617. moment loft increasingly kaleidoscope jeopardise 618. Monday logic independence kennel jerk 619. money lonely index kidney jilt 620. month look forward to indicate kit jinx 621. monument loose individuality kitten joystick 622. moon lorry indoors knuckle jubilant 623. most loss industrial labour jumble 624. more lost inedible lace junk 625. morning lottery infection lack justify 626. motel lovely inferior lad leggy 627. mother lower infinitive landscape liberal 628. mountain lucky influence lap lily 629. mouse luncheon inform latitude limp 630. mouth lung ingenious latter loiter 631. move luxury inhale lawn lumber 632. movie lying inherit launch lyrics 633. much mad initial lease magpie 634. mum make up injection legislation malice 635. museum magician injure lid malignant 636. mushroom mailbox inland literally mango 637. music major innocence literary maniac 638. must manage innovation litter manicure 639. my manual input loan manifesto 640. name marathon inquiry lobby manipulate 641. near mayor insanity lobster mannerism 642. neck maximum insert locally manoeuvre 643. need manufacture insist locate manure 644. neighbour march inspect longitude marquee 645. never mark inspire loyalty mass 646. new marriage install lump massacre 647. news master instance lust massive 648. newspaper match instinct macho mast 649. next matter institute magnify materialistic 650. nice mattress instruction maintenance maternal 651. night meaning insult majority matrix 652. nine meanwhile insure marble maze 653. ninth measure intellectual marital meadow 654. nineteen medical intelligence marsh meek 655. nineteenth medium intend martyr menace 656. ninety meeting intense mascara menial 657. ninetieth member intention mascot mentor 658. no memo interest mat merciful 659. nobody memory interior mend mere 660. noon mental interpreter merchandise merge 661. normal messenger intimate mercy metaphor 662. north microphone intolerant merely mirage 663. nose might invade metric miraculous 664. not mild invention microscope misbehaviour 665. note military investigate midget mischievous 666. nothing mind investment mime miscellaneous 667. noun minister invitation miner miser 668. November minor inward mint modification 669. now minus iron misbehave moisture 670. nowhere mix irrelevant mischief molecule 671. number model irritate misery momentous 672. nurse monitor isolate mist monogamous 673. ocean monkey itinerary mistrust monotonous 674. o’clock monthly janitor misunderstanding moody 675. October mostly jealousy moan mope © Copyright 2006 Will McCulloch
  10. 10. Graded Word List Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Beginner Pre-Intermediate Intermediate Upper Intermediate Advanced 676. of mother tongue jelly mobility morbid 677. off motor jobless mock morgue 678. office motorway journal modesty moss 679. officer moustache joy modify moth 680. often movement judge moist motivational 681. okay multiply judgement momentary motive 682. old muscle juggle monopoly motto 683. on musical junk food monotony mount 684. once musician kidnap moo mourn 685. one myself kingdom morality mower 686. onion mystery kneel moreover mucky 687. only narrow knight mortgage muddle 688. onto nation knit mosquito muddy 689. open nationality knob motivation muggy 690. operation native knot mow multiplication 691. opinion natural knowledge mud mumble 692. opportunity nature laboratory mug mundane 693. opposite nearly ladder muscular murmur 694. or neat laid mutilated mutilation 695. orange necessary landing mutual mutter 696. orchestra negative landlord mysterious mutually 697. other neither leadership nasty myth 698. our nephew league neat nag 699. out nervous leak necessity nap 700. outside niece lean nettle napkin 701. oven noise leap nickname narcotics 702. over none level noble nasal 703. p.m. normally lever nod nationalism 704. page northern liberty nonsense nausea 705. pain notebook lick nuisance nauseous 706. paint notice likely numerous navel 707. painting nuclear limb nutrition needy 708. pair nun limitation oak neurotic 709. palace nut limited oar nip 710. paper occupation liquor obedient nobility 711. parent odd literal obese nomination 712. park offer literature obligation nonsensical 713. parking oil lively obvious noose 714. part old-fashioned location obscene normality 715. party omelette locker obscure nosy 716. pass oneself lodge observe novelty 717. passport opening log obsession nudge 718. past opera logical obstacle numb 719. path operate loosen obstruct nutritional 720. pay operator lotion occur nutritious 721. peace opponent lover off-peak oaf 722. pen optimist loyal offence oath 723. pence option machinery oily obedience 724. pencil order magical olive obesity 725. penny ordinary magnet open-toed obituary 726. people organize magnificent oppress objection 727. pepper ought to maid oral objective 728. perfect ours mail order orchard obliged 729. perfume ourselves maintain ordeal oblivious 730. perhaps owe mainly ordinarily oblong 731. person own mammal organ obnoxious 732. petrol pace management orient obscenity 733. pet pack mankind original observation 734. pharmacy package manner ornament obscurity 735. phone packet mansion orphan obsessive 736. photo painful manuscript otherwise obsolete 737. photocopy painter margin ounce obstinate 738. photograph pan marina outcome obstruction 739. piano panic marine outdoor obstructive 740. picture pants marvellous outer occurrence 741. pie paperback mask outstanding odds 742. piece parcel massage overall odour 743. pig pardon mate overcome offensive 744. pilot parliament material overflow omission 745. pink part-time mathematics overhead opinionated 746. pint partly mature overhear opportunist 747. pizza partner measurement overlook opposition 748. place passage mechanical overseas opt 749. plan passenger medal overtake optical 750. planet password media overtime oppression © Copyright 2006 Will McCulloch
  11. 11. Graded Word List Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Beginner Pre-Intermediate Intermediate Upper Intermediate Advanced 751. plant patient mediocre overwhelm orally 752. plate patrol melody owing to organic 753. play pause melt owl oriental 754. please pavement membership oxygen orientation 755. plural pea memorable ozone originally 756. plus peaceful memorial pacify ornamental 757. pocket peanut memorize packaging orphanage 758. poem pear mention paddle orthodox 759. Poland pedestrian merchant padlock outgoing 760. police pensioner merit painkiller outline 761. policeman perfectly mess painless outlook 762. pool perform metropolitan pale output 763. poor period mighty palm outrageous 764. pop music personal migraine pant outskirts 765. population pessimist mill paralyse outspoken 766. port phase mince participant overwhelming 767. possible photography mineral particularly ownership 768. postman phrase miniature partnership ox 769. postcard physical minimal passionate oyster 770. potato physics minimum pastry pacifist 771. pound pianist ministry pat pact 772. present pick miracle patch pail 773. pretty picnic miserable patent pane 774. price pill mislead pathetic pansy 775. prince pillar missile patiently paralysis 776. princess pillow mission patriot parallel 777. print pipe mistake paw paranoid 778. prison pirate misunderstand peach parasite 779. private pity mixture peculiar parasol 780. probably plain mobile pedal parliamentary 781. problem plane moderate peel parlour 782. programme plastic modest peninsula parole 783. promise platform monarchy perceive participation 784. pub player monastery permanent particle 785. pull playground monk permit pastel 786. pullover pleasant monster persecute pastime 787. pupil plenty mood persistent pasture 788. push plumber murderer personnel patience 789. put poet mutilate perspire patriotic 790. pyjamas point moor persuasion peak 791. quarter polite mop pervert peck 792. queen politician moped phantom peckish 793. question pollution morale philosophy peek 794. quick pony motion pier peer 795. quiet popular motivate pinch pensive 796. quiz portable mule pitch perception 797. rabbit porter multiple plot permanently 798. race position murder pluck perch 799. radio positive mustard plug periodic 800. rail possibly nail plum perk 801. railway poster naked poetic perm 802. rain post nanny polish permission 803. rat pot national politeness perspective 804. read power nappy political perpendicular 805. ready practice naturally poll perpetual 806. real practise naughty pond persecution 807. really prefer navy poppy perspiration 808. reason pregnant nearby pork persistence 809. red prepare necessarily poser persuasive 810. religion president needle possession perverted 811. remember press neglect postpone pest 812. repeat priest negotiate potential pester 813. rest Prime Minister neighbourhood potion petal 814. restaurant printer nerve pottery pew 815. rice prisoner nest pour phenomenon 816. rich probable net poverty philosophical 817. ride product network practitioner photogenic 818. right profession neutral pram picky 819. ring professor newly prayer pinnacle 820. river profit nicely preacher pioneer 821. road pronunciation nightmare precaution pip 822. roof property noisy precede pitiful 823. room public nominate precise placid 824. rose pumps notion predict plague 825. round punish novel preference plank © Copyright 2006 Will McCulloch
  12. 12. Graded Word List Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Beginner Pre-Intermediate Intermediate Upper Intermediate Advanced 826. royal pure nowadays pregnancy plantation 827. run purple nude preparation plastered 828. sad purse numeral presentation Plasticine 829. safe put off nursery preserve plea 830. sail put on nylon presidential plead 831. salad puzzle oasis prestige pledge 832. sale qualification obey presume plough 833. salt queue object pretend plump 834. same quickly obtain prevent poach 835. sand quite obviously preview poached 836. sandal quietly occasion previous poignant 837. sandwich racing occasionally pride poisonous 838. Saturday racket occupy primarily popularity 839. save rainbow offend prime porch 840. say raincoat official primitive pore 841. scarf raise omit principal portray 842. school rang on purpose principle posh 843. sea rate oppose priority possessive 844. seat rather optimistic privilege postage 845. second ray optional proceed potent 846. secret razor organization procession pouch 847. secretary reach origin production pounce 848. see react outdoors progressive pragmatic 849. select reading outfit prohibited praiseworthy 850. selfish realise owner projection preacher 851. sell reasonable package holiday prompt precautionary 852. send receive pad prop precedent 853. sentence receiver pamphlet properly preferential 854. September recent panel proportion precipitation 855. serious reception paperwork proposal precision 856. seven recommend parachute propose prediction 857. seventeen record parade prosecute preference 858. seventeenth recreation paradise prosecutor prefix 859. seventh reduce paragraph prospect prejudice 860. seventieth referee parrot prosper prescribe 861. seventy refreshments participate protection prescription 862. several refrigerator particular protein preservation 863. shall relations pass out protest prestigous 864. shampoo relax passion proud presumably 865. shape religious passive provided that presumptious 866. shark remain paste province pretentious 867. sharp reservation pastime provoke preventable 868. shave remind pattern poser preventative 869. she remove pavilion powder previously 870. sheep rent pearl powerless prey 871. sheet replay penalty producer prick 872. shelf reply penetrate profile principally 873. ship report penguin prohibit privacy 874. shirt reporter pension promotion privileged 875. shoe require percentage proof probe 876. shop request performer prosper problematic 877. short resident performance protection procedure 878. should resort persist proverb prod 879. shoulder resource personality prudent productive 880. shout respect personally psychiatry profound 881. show responsibility persuade psychology profitable 882. shower result pessimistic puberty progression 883. shut retire photographic puff prohibition 884. sick return pile punctuation prohibitive 885. side rise pin puncture projected 886. sign risk pine pursuit prolific 887. silent rob piper puzzling prominent 888. silly robot pit quack promising 889. simple rock plaster quarantine promotional 890. since rocket playful quay prone 891. sing rode pleasure quota prop up 892. single role plumbing quotation propeller 893. sister roll pocket money racial proportionally 894. sit romantic poetry radiate proposition 895. site rope pointed radius prosecution 896. six rough poison raffle prospective 897. sixteen route pole raft prosperity 898. sixteenth routine policy rag protective 899. sixth rubber politics rally provision 900. sixtieth rubbish pollute ramp provocation © Copyright 2006 Will McCulloch