Complete WordPress Step-By-Step Training System In A WordPress Plugin


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The WPTrainMe plugin gives WordPress users instant access to hundreds of detailed WordPress step-by-step tutorials from their own WP dashboard!

WPTrainMe is a complete "A-Z" WordPress training system that is ideal for teaching non-technical users how to use WordPress and how to grow their presence online with a WordPress site.

This document provides an overview of the WPTrainMe WordPress training modules.

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Complete WordPress Step-By-Step Training System In A WordPress Plugin

  1. 1. wpt What Will WPTrainMe Teach Me About WordPress? WPTrainMe will teach you everything you need to know about using WordPress. Our detailed step-by-step tutorials are designed especially f or ‘non- technical’ users and cover every practical area of using WordPress in great depth. The tutorials are also well organized and extremely easy- to-f ollow. There is no other WordPress training resource like WPTrainMe. Our Tutorials Are Easy To Follow – No Technical Knowledge Or Coding Skills Are Required! The only areas of WordPress that our tutorials don’t cover are those that require having advanced web skills such as custom code editing, or expert knowledge of web design and web programming languages (e.g. PHP), as these are not required to build a successf ul web presence with WordPress. WordPress already provides substantial technical documentation f or web developers and web designers. WPTrainMe is specif ically aimed at helping businesses with WordPress-powered websites or blogs, WordPress beginners and general WordPress users go beyond just learning which “buttons to press” in WordPress. With WPTrainMe, you will also learn: How to grow an asset using WordPress that can automatically bring you a constant stream of new visitors How to get your content ranking highly in search engines How to create exponential growth and visibility f or your business with little time or cost involved How to increase leads, sales and conversions on your site How to have control of your own web presence with no technical skills required How to save thousands of dollars in web development and web marketing costs
  2. 2. Depending on the plugin edition you choose, WPTrainMe will teach you step-by-step everything you need to know about the f ollowing areas of WordPress: Module 1 – Introduction To WordPress The WordPress Introduction training module is designed to help new WordPress users understand what the benef its and advantages of using WordPress are. This module includes educational articles that explain why WordPress is f ree to download and use, how to get customer support, what makes WordPress the most popular Content Management system (CMS) in the world, how to use WordPress to grow a business and more! Module 2 – How To Install WordPress Module 2 (WordPress Installation) of the WPTrainMe WordPress training system take you step-by-step through the entire process of installing the self -hosted version of WordPress on your domain and hosting account, with detailed screenshot tutorials. You will learn: What to do before installing WordPress to save time and avoid problems, How to install WordPress using dif f erent installation methods, What to do after you have installed WordPress on your domain – how to verif y that WordPress has been installed correctly and how to ensure that your site is ready f or being set up and conf igured using the step-by-step tutorials in Module #3 (WordPress Conf iguration). This training module includes hundreds of screenshots with detailed step-by-step instructions, dozens of accompanying video tutorials, downloadable checklists and additional training resources. No step has been left out of the WordPress installation process. Additionally, if you are just starting out and need a WordPress site built, we provide a step-by-step WordPress Installation Guide. This comprehensive 253-page downloadable guide will save you hundreds of $$$ building your own WordPress site. Simply f ollow the step-by-step tutorials in the guide, which is f ully illustrated with hundreds of detailed screenshots and printable f or easy access …
  3. 3. To view a list of the tutorials included in the “WordPress Installation Tutorials” training module, go here: WordPress Installation Tutorials – Learn How To Install WordPress Module 3 – How To Configure WordPress Settings Once you have installed your WordPress site, the tutorials in the WordPress Configuration training module will show you step-by-step how to expertly set up and conf igure your site f or optimal results. You will not only learn how to conf igure all the main f eature settings of WordPress, but also how to expertly conf igure WordPress to automatically notif y search engines, social media sites and dozens of web directories about new content posted on your site (the other half of this system is covered in the “WordPress Plugins Tutorials” module). You will learn how to set your WordPress site to become a powerf ul and automated traf f ic driving tool f or your business. Many advanced WordPress users don’t know how to conf igure WordPress at the level that our tutorials will show you. Additionally, we provide tutorials on how to conf igure settings f or a number of usef ul external applications that you will probably want to integrate with your WordPress site. To view a list of the tutorials included in the “WordPress Configuration Tutorials” training module, go here: WordPress Configuration Tutorials – Learn How To Set Up WordPress Module 4 – How To Use WordPress The tutorials in the How To Use WordPress training module explain in great detail what every f unction and f eature of your site does. This module also provides many practical tips and examples of how to use WordPress in everyday business applications. Note: If you only need to learn how to use WordPress, then the BASIC edition of the WPTrainMe plugin includes all of the tutorials in this training module (the BUSINESS and PRO edition includes this training module and more). To view a list of the tutorials included in the “How To Use WordPress Tutorials” training module, go here: How To Use WordPress Tutorials – Learn How To Use WordPress Module 5 – WordPress Plugin Tutorials WordPress plugins are add-on applications that allow you to expand your site’s f unctionality.
  4. 4. The tutorials in the WordPress Plugins training module show you step-by-step how to install, conf igure and use dozens of essential must-have business, site management, SEO, social engagement, security and media-enhancing applications that will signif icantly expand the capability of your site f or little to no cost. As there are many great plugin f or WordPress, we will continue adding new tutorials to this training module on a regular basis. To view a list of the tutorials included in the “WordPress Plugins Tutorials” training module, go here: WordPress Plugin Tutorials – Learn How To Expand WordPress Functionality Module 6 – How To Customize WordPress WordPress provides unlimited customization options f or your site. WordPress also allows you to create a unique look and f eel f or your website without the need to pay f or web design services. The tutorials in the WordPress Customization training module show you how to customize your site’s style, design, headers, f ooters, menus, etc. and how to get your site looking just the way you want it to look. We also provide a complete set of video tutorials on how to use CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) f or users who are interested in learning how to f urther customize styles and elements on their site. To view a list of the tutorials included in the “WordPress Customization Tutorials” module, go here: WordPress Customization Tutorials – Learn How To Customize WordPress Module 7 – Managing A WordPress Site We provide an extensive WordPress Management training module that shows you step-by-step how keep your site regularly maintained and error-f ree. You will also learn how to troubleshoot most common problems in WordPress. Once you learn how to manage and maintain your site, you will have all the tools and inf ormation you need at your disposal to create a “disaster-proof ” web presence f or your business that can help you quickly and easily recover f rom any serious disruption. You will be able to relocate your website, restore your valuable data, or completely reinstall your site af ter any disastrous event and get your site back to business as usual as quickly as possible. This training module alone will save you hundreds of dollars a month in the cost of managing, maintaining and paying f or WordPress support services f or your site. To view a list of the tutorials included in the “WordPress Management Tutorials” training module, go here: WordPress Management Tutorials – Learn How To Manage WordPress
  5. 5. Module 8 – WordPress Site Optimization The tutorials in the WordPress Optimization training module will show you how to keep your WordPress site f ully optimized. You will learn how to optimize your site f or search engines and mobile devices, how to optimize your site content and WordPress database, and how to make your site pages load f aster f or a better visitor and user experience. To view a list of the tutorials included in the “WordPress Optimization Tutorials” training module, go here: WordPress Optimization Tutorials – Learn How To Optimize WordPress Module 9 – WordPress Security Because of its popularity as a content management system, WordPress is of ten the target of attacks by hackers and malware looking f or vulnerabilities they can exploit in the WordPress sof tware. The WordPress Security training module is one of the most comprehensive training modules in the WPTrainMe system. The training goes well beyond showing you how to keep your site secure and protected f rom harmf ul attacks. It also provides extensive training on areas of computer, browser, email, password and hosting security. Note: Because of the technical nature of online security in general, some tutorials in this training module contain advanced content that does require modif ying code in your site’s template and core f iles. We do provide extensive and detailed instructions on how to do the modif ications to make it as easy as possible f or non-technical users, as well as repeated suggestions and advice on what to do if you f eel uncomf ortable about modif ying f iles on your site. To view a list of the tutorials included in the “WordPress Security Tutorials” training module, go here: WordPress Security Tutorials – Learn How To Secure And Protect Your WordPress Site Module 10 – WordPress Strategies Af ter your WordPress site is built, conf igured and up and running and you know the basics of how to use WordPress, you will probably want to start improving your site’s perf ormance in areas like getting your content indexed quickly in the search engines, driving more targeted traf f ic f rom various external web sources, increasing your sales conversions, promoting your site on social media platf orms, monetizing your site with advertising, growing a subscriber list, automating web process and more. The tutorials in the WordPress Strategies training module will show you how to journey beyond the basics of using WordPress, to continue growing a successf ul, sustainable and prof itable business or presence online with WordPress. To view a list of the tutorials included in the “WordPress Strategies Tutorials” training module, go here:
  6. 6. WordPress Strategies Tutorials – Learn How To Grow Your Business And Profit With WordPress As per our mission to provide WordPress users with the most complete, well-organized, up-to-date and easy-to-follow WordPress “A-Z” step-by-step training system available, we will be constantly adding new tutorials to WPTrainMe. WPTrainMe Provides Everything You Need To Master WordPress Faster! As you can see, WPTrainMe is not only the most comprehensive WordPress training system available, it is also extremely af f ordable and delivers great value f or money. In addition to providing you with hundreds of detailed step-by-step tutorials containing thousands of instructive screenshots, the WPTrainMe WordPress training system also include templates, checklists, f lowcharts, downloadable f iles, accompanying videos, additional resources, ref erences and more, thus providing you with everything you need to master using WordPress as a business owner or blogger! How To Get Started With WPTrainMe
  7. 7. The entire WPTrainMe WordPress training system can be instantly accessed f rom your own WP dashboard via the WPTrainMe plugin. Getting started with WPTrainMe is really simple: just download, install and activate the plugin. We provide complete step-by-step tutorials in the plugin download area, and also in our WPTrainMe Plugin User Guide. Which Plugin Edition Should I Choose? WPTrainMe Plugin – FREE Edition For essential “how to” tutorials that will help you get started with WordPress, we recommend downloading the FREE plugin edition. For more information about the FREE plugin edition, click on the link below: WPTrainMe Plugin – FREE Edition WPTrainMe Plugin – BASIC Edition Choose the BASIC plugin edition to access all of the tutorials in the “How To Use WordPress” training module. For more information about the BASIC plugin edition, click on the link below: WPTrainMe Plugin – BASIC Edition WPTrainMe Plugin – BUSINESS Edition The BUSINESS plugin edition is ideal f or users who want to learn how to use, grow and prof it online with WordPress and would rather outsource areas like WordPress management, optimization and security to prof essionals. For more information about the BUSINESS plugin edition, click on the link below: WPTrainMe Plugin – BUSINESS Edition WPTrainMe Plugin – PRO Edition If you want to have complete control of your website and online presence, then choose the PRO edition. The PRO edition gives you f ull access to every tutorial included in our training library. You will gain instant expert knowledge on how to install, conf igure, set up, use, expand, customize, manage, optimize and secure your WordPress site, as well learn proven strategies f or growing and prof iting online with WordPress. For more information about the PRO plugin edition, click on the link below: WPTrainMe Plugin – PRO Edition Additionally, we provide multiple-user licensing options f or WordPress service providers (e.g. website developers and web designers) here.
  8. 8. Learn More About WPTrainMe: WPTrainMe Home Page WPTrainMe FAQs WPTrainMe Plugin Features And Pricing WPTrainMe List Of WordPress Tutorials