How To Safeguard Your Business Brand Name Online


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How To Safeguard Your Business Brand Name Online

  1. 1. How To Safeguard Your Business Brand Name – WordPress Training-Do you have a great idea for a new online business venture? Maybe you already have anexisting online business that you are trying to grow.If so, then you probably already know that building a business brand online requires a whole lotmore than simply choosing a great domain name, designing a unique logo and building aprofessional-looking website.Of course, these things are important, but there’s a lot more to it!Let me show you a couple of really effective, simple-to-implement and very inexpensivestrategies that you can put into place right now to safeguard your business presence online (youwill be really glad you did this as your business grows in the months and years to come!) …How To Safeguard Your Business Brand Name OnlineLet’s say that you have come up with a terrific name for a new business venture and you wantto take it online.One of the first steps that a savvy entrepreneur would take, would be to check if there is adomain name available that matches your business name.Domain names have become so important in the way we do business today, that any newbusiness owner (including your future competitors) would seriously need to consider whether togo ahead and register a business name if the domain name associated with that business nameis not available.Think about it. Would you go through the expense of setting up a business called “Best GreenSolutions” if every domain associated with this name (e.g.,,,, etc.) was alreadyregistered by someone else (e.g. your competitor)?Probably not. What would be the point of spending money and working ward to promote abusiness only to send more and more potential customers to another business?Let me give you an example …I work with many small business owners in Australia who have registered a domain,but not the .com version of their domain name.Invariably, a quick check online will often reveal that my client’s .com domain name is already 1/7
  2. 2. registered to someone else.This can result in online users who may be searching for products or services similar to thoseoffered by my clients typing in the .com business domain instead of the address andending up in someone else’s site.My client’s competitor or another business gets to benefit from the traffic generated bytheir efforts.This may not seem like a big deal, but it is something that can easily be prevented and help youavoid problems and headaches later on, especially if your business starts to grow and becomevery successful, or you decide to start marketing your products internationally.With this in mind, here are a couple of really simple and inexpensive strategies that will help yousafeguard your business brand name online and help to protect you from you competition:Strategy #1: Secure All Related Domain Names Associated WithYour BrandI assume you already have a domain name registered for your business. If you haven’t, go herefor a step-by-step online tutorial I’ve created that will show you how to quickly search foravailable keyword-rich domain names and how to register a domain name.Okay then … have you thought about safeguarding your business brand name online byregistering all of the variations of your domain name?Some of the most common strategies used to do this include: Register the .com, .net and .org versions of your domain (e.g.,, Register your domain internationally (e.g., Register both the hyphenated and non-hyphenated versions of your domain (e.g., Register a number of keyword-rich domains related to your business (e.g.,, etc.) – you can then use these to build separate sites focused on niches in your industry and drive targeted traffic to your main web site, or develop these domains into separate business divisions.Registering multiple domains is a relatively inexpensive investment (most domains cost around$12 per year to renew) and offers many benefits and advantages, such as: It gives you a local / global monopoly over the brand. It prevents competitors from securing those domains and diverting traffic to their sites. It stops people registering business names offline that are similar or related to your 2/7
  3. 3. domain. It can significantly increase the resale value of your business.Now … you may be wondering what to do with all of those domains after you have registeredthem. The simplest thing to do is to redirect all of your similar domains to just one domain (e.g.the main domain you want to promote online).Here are a couple of simple ways to do this: Domain Parking: You can park your domain on top of another domain Domain Redirect: You can set up the domain with a simple redirect code which then sends visitors from that domain to your main domain.For example, I own the domain name I then also went and registered anumber of related top level domains to safeguard the brand name associated with the onlinebusiness that I have built on that domain. These domains include: BIGGREENWEB.NET BIGGREENWEB.ORG BIGGREENWEB.BIZ BIGGREENWEB.INFO BIGGREENWEB.COM.AU BIGGREENWEB.CO.UK BIGGREENWEB.CO.NZ BIGGREENWEB.US etc …I then redirected those domains, so they all point to the main domain at Ifyou type in any of the above domains into your browser, you will be taken (i.e. the main domain)Parking and Redirecting domains is a fairly simple process. We provide all customers of ourWordPress Training Guides with a number of training updates and tutorials on how to parkand redirect domains.Registering A Domain NameWe recommend using GoDaddy to register your domains. GoDaddy is not only an affordableand highly trusted domain registrar, but they also provide an excellent domain namemanagement and administration system that makes the process of managing one or multipledomain names easy.Go here to register your domains: GoDaddy.If you need help with domain registration, then see our online tutorial here: WordPressPre-installation Checklist 3/7
  4. 4. STRATEGY #2: SECURE WEB2.0 USERNAMESThe World Wide Web has undergone many significant changes. One of these is the increasingrelevance and dominance of social media sites like FaceBook, YouTube, Twitter and dozens ofother social networks and bookmarking sites.Establishing an online presence in these major social networks is important not only in terms ofcreating a growing awareness for your business with the online community, but also in terms ofgenerating new sources of traffic, which you can then turn into new customers for your productsand services.We discuss social media strategies for growing your business online in our guides and blogposts, but for now, all you need to do FIRST is secure your brand name online with as many ofthese social sites as you can before someone else takes the name.Vanity URLsMany social sites allow you to specify a username when creating an account that will thenbecome part of your account’s web address for that site.These web addresses are typically called a vanity URL. By making your business name theusername on these sites, you can create vanity URLs that will help to strengthen your businessbrand online.Here are some examples of vanity URLs: etc…You can check to see if your desired username is still available at dozens of popular SocialNetworking and Social Bookmarking websites by visiting this site: in your desired username or vanity url and click the button to check its availability atdozens of the most popular social networking and social bookmarking sites … 4/7
  5. 5. And a list of all sites where the username is still available is instantly returned … 5/7
  6. 6. Tips For Unique Or Trademarked Business NamesWhat if your business name is a unique or trademarked name?Well, the same advice applies as was given earlier … secure all related domain namesassociated with your business name and create as many accounts as you can at all the majorsocial networking and social bookmarking sites using your unique username.Build Sites Pointing To Your Main DomainThere is one more strategy we recommend for securing your business brand name online anddriving more traffic to your site … register keyword-rich domains related to your mainproducts or services.I mentioned this earlier in this post, but let’s just look at this in a little more detail.Let’s say that your business name is something like and one of the products yousell is recycled seat covers. Although a name like this may be unique sounding and have a funring to it, it is meaningless to most search engines and online users searching for recycled seatcovers who have never heard about your business.What you do in this case, is see if the domain ( and some of its main variations (e.g. is stillavailable, and use a keyword tool like the Free Google keyword tool to see if there are enoughsearches made on the keyword to be worth registering it as a domain name.If you come across a good domain name that is worth registering, consider registering it andthen either redirecting the domain to the “recycled seat covers” section of your main website(e.g., or building an entirely different site specifically relatedto information about recycled seat covers and driving visitors specifically interested inpurchasing recycled seat covers to this site. Once you have a few strategies in place to captureyour visitors details (e.g. a newsletter), you can then direct visitors to all the sites that you own.Here’s a video that shows you how to quickly find keyword-rich domain names that are stillavailable using GoDaddy (function(d, s, id, vid) {document.write();var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0];if (js = d.getElementById(id)) {if (typeof(vidd_init) == "undefined") {var l = js.onload; js.onload = function(){l(); vidd_init_player(vid);};} else {vidd_init_player(vid);}} else {js = d.createElement(s); = id;js.onload = function(){vidd_init(vid);};js.src = "";fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs);}}(document, "script", "vidd-jssdk", 3)); 6/7
  7. 7. Go Here To Register Domains At GoDaddy Hopefully this article has helped you understand why you need to protect your business brand name online and given you some new ideas and practical tips to help you gain a competitive business advantage. If you’re not on our updates list yet, then please consider subscribing using the form in the sidebar menu. You will receive a FREE copy of our “Blog Vs Website” e-book“ plus training updates and links to more tutorials. WordPress Training information from WordPress Maintenance More info: How To Safeguard Your Business Brand Name Online 7/7Powered by TCPDF (