How To Register A Domain Name
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How To Register A Domain Name






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How To Register A Domain Name How To Register A Domain Name Document Transcript

  • How To Register A Domain – WordPress Training-How To Register A Domain NameIn this tutorial we will show you how to check if your domain name is available, how to register adomain name, and how to find keyword-rich domain names that are available quickly and easily.Domain Name ProvidersThere are many domain name providers you can find by searching online. We use andrecommend’s domain registration prices are reasonable and they provide an excellent domainname management and administration system.Use the search box below to search for domain names at … img .com .us .biz .info .net .com .us .biz .info .net .org .ws .mobi .me .in .at &nbsp .org .ws .asia .mobi .me .CO.UK .IN .at .asiaFor the step-by-step tutorials in this section we will use as an example to showyou how to register a domain.There are no special requirements to register a .com, .net, or .org domain (other than they mustbe available – i.e. not be already registered to someone else!). You can purchase a .com,.net, or .org domain for around $12 and choose the renewal period from one to ten years (thelonger you register a domain name for the more you save on domain registration / renewalfees).Useful Tips For Registering A Great Domain NameChoosing a great domain name is not always a simple or straightforward process. You canspend a lot of time thinking up a good name, only to find out that the domain name you reallywant is already taken. 1 / 12
  • Here are some tips on how to choose a great domain name:1. .COM is the preferred option. Generally, the best domain extension to get is a .COM. It isthe most recognizable and popular of all the domain extensions and most people will type the.COM version when they are searching for a website.Preferably, you should include the .COM version of the domain name you want even if you planto do business in a country that has its own domain extension (e.g.,, etc …),especially if the .com version is available.Additionally, consider also registering the .NET and .ORG versions of the domain.I have written an entire blog post about the benefits of registering multiple variations of thesame domain name here:How To Safeguard Your Business Brand Name Online2. Shorter is better. The shorter your domain name is, the better. A shorter domain name iseasier to remember and print on stationery, signage, etc.Having said this, keep in mind that its getting harder to find great domain names that are alsoshort in length. They are out there, you just have to look a little harder.3. Make it easy to spell. Avoid domain names that are difficult or tricky to spell. You shouldalso avoid “clever” variations which can end up being confusing to online users.Sometimes – and especially when a good domain name is already taken – it can be tempting totry and be clever. For example, (substituting the letter “i” with the number “1?),or to avoid using numbers like “4? as a substitute of “for” (e.g. and “2? asa substitute of “to”, as you will then find yourself continually having to tell people that it’s “4?not “for”. Similarly, avoid things like “u” for “you”, etc.You should also try to avoid domain names where adjoining words both end and begin with thesame letters – e.g. This can easily lead to misspellings. By the sametoken, the same thing can happen if you try to merge two identical letters into one, Using Hyphenated Words. If the domain name you want is taken, you may be tempted toregister the same domain with hyphens between words. While there is always much debateamong SEO experts about the pros and cons of using hyphenated domains vs using domainswithout hyphens, ultimately both can work just fine. If possible, I suggest picking the versionwithout hyphens, as this will make your domain name shorter and less prone to typing mistakesby online users. If you choose to register a domain name with hyphens, however, then I suggestadding a hyphen between every word of your domain, e.g., instead of 2 / 12
  • or Using keywords. Choosing a keyword-rich domain name that specifically targets yourbusiness, niche or main website topic can be beneficial for search engine optimizationpurposes, contextual advertising, etc …Avoid using too many keywords in your domain or limiting your domain name to a very narrowniche. You want to avoid using a domain name that is too long or that looks spammy.Ideally, you should aim for a domain that has between 2-3 keywords. Anything longer than thisis called a long-tailed keyword and can significantly narrow your appeal from a “niche” marketto a “subniche” audience.Tip: If you’re going to register a long-tailed keyword domain, then make sure there are enoughpeople searching for that keyword. See the section below on how to find and registerkeyword-rich domain names.6. Location. Consider including your city, state or region in your domain name if you’re a localbusiness. For example,,, etc …7. Branding. Try to make your domain name as simple and memorable as possible.8. Singular vs. Plural. If possible and if it makes sense to do so, get both versions. and Again, please refer to my blog postabout the benefits of registering multiple domain names here: How To Safeguard YourBusiness Brand Name Online. 9. Avoid trademarks. It’s a bad idea to try and build a business online using a domain thatcontains someone else’s trademark (e.g. You are only asking fortrouble with online advertising companies (e.g. Google AdWords) and potential lawsuits later on– especially if your business starts to attract greater visibility online!If your business is built around another company’s products or services, try to find a genericterm that will not infringe on the trademark or cause issues with copyright and intellectualproperty!For example, we provide training guides on using WordPress. Our domain names don’t containthe word WordPress (,,, etc …)10. Change your business name. This may sound like an absurd suggestion, but if youhaven’t registered your business name yet and you discover that the domain name for thebusiness you’re planning to start is already taken, then it may be worthwhile to considerchanging your business name. I address this issue in this blog post: How To Safeguard YourBusiness Brand Name Online. 3 / 12
  • Registering Keyword-Rich Domain NamesFinding a great domain that contains the keyword you want to promote in your business and isavailable can be time-consuming. Below is a video I recorded that shows you how to quickly findlots of available “keyword-rich” domain names that you can register for your business or website(s): (function(d, s, id, vid) {document.write();var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0];if (js = d.getElementById(id)) {if (typeof(vidd_init) == "undefined") {var l = js.onload; js.onload = function(){l(); vidd_init_player(vid);};} else {vidd_init_player(vid);}} else {js = d.createElement(s); = id;js.onload = function(){vidd_init(vid);};js.src = "";fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs);}}(document, "script", "vidd-jssdk", 3)); Click here to search for available keyword-rich domain namesHow To Register A Domain Name – TutorialThe tutorial below shows you how to register a domain name at you are ready to register your domain name(s), click here or use the search box below … img .com .us .biz .info .net .com .us .biz .info .net .org .ws .mobi .me .in .at &nbsp .org .ws .asia .mobi .me .CO.UK .IN .at .asiaYou will be taken to the main page of … 4 / 12
  • Enter your desired domain name in the search box and click Go …If the domain is already taken, a message will appear letting you know that the domain name isnot available … 5 / 12
  • The results screen will show you if there are any extensions of a domain that are still available(e.g. .net, .org, etc.). also offers a “backorder” domain registration service, whichallows to register an interest in acquiring a domain name if it becomes available in the future.If the domain name you want is available, a message will appear letting you know that you canregister it. It will also show you all the extensions that are also available for registration andallows you to explore a number of different naming variations of the searched domain.When you are ready to proceed to the next step, click on Continue to Registration …Normally, a pop-up window will appear with a special offer to purchase additional extensions ofyour domain name at discounted price.If you want to take advantage of a special offer click on the Add button to add additional domainnames to your shopping cart, or click No Thanks to proceed to the next step … 6 / 12
  • If this is your first purchase, you will be asked to create an account with your domain registrationinformation. Complete the fields in this section and click Next when done… 7 / 12
  • Note: you can ignore any upsells during your registration process (e.g. email address,webhosting, privacy options, etc.) and just register the domain name for now. You can alwaysadd additional features later on if required.Once you have created your account and user profile, select the domain registration renewalperiod from the Registration Length drop down menu (default is 1yr). You can just leave thedefault setting, or choose a longer renewal period if you want to save time and money ondomain renewals and renewal fees.Click Next when done to continue … 8 / 12
  • Unless you specifically want or need Privacy and Domain Protection for your domains, clickNext to continue …Review your shopping cart details and click Continue to Checkout when you ready topurchase … 9 / 12
  • Enter your billing information in the Payment Method section, then read and accept the termsand conditions of the registration agreement and click on the order button to complete yourdomain registration purchase …Once your order has been successfully processed, you will receive a couple of emails containing your receipt and domain name information, technical support contactdetails, etc. We recommend printing these out for your records … 10 / 12
  • Once your domain name registration is complete, you will need the following details for the nextstep: Your registered domain name Your domain registrar account login detailsCongratulations! If you have completed all of the above steps and registered your domainname, then you are ready for the next step … Step 2 - Set Up Webhosting 11 / 12
  • I Already Have Webhosting WordPress Training information from How To Set Up WordPress More info: How To Register A Domain Name 12 / 12Powered by TCPDF (