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What Multisite can do for You - Anthony Cole - WordCamp Sydney 2012
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What Multisite can do for You - Anthony Cole - WordCamp Sydney 2012


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Anthony Cole at WordCamp Sydney 2012 takes us through using Multisite in a commercial scenario

Anthony Cole at WordCamp Sydney 2012 takes us through using Multisite in a commercial scenario

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. What Multisite Can Do For You Anthony Cole, WordCamp Sydney | 21 July 2012
  • 2. WordPress Multisite• Used to be called MU, separate codebase• Introduced to “core” in 3.0• Used by everyone from the New York Times to Melbourne University• We’re talking about it the context of use by an agency
  • 3. My Background• First Job: Lead Developer, Agency in Melbourne• Lots of WordPress.
  • 4. Then, one day...• “We have ten sites that need to be upgraded”
  • 5. • “Why don’t we use WordPress Multisite? I know how to do that”
  • 6. NOT RLY
  • 7. But Why?• Centralised• Easy to upgrade• Efficient, Cost effective
  • 8. Ask yourself...• What are you trying to do?• Overcomplication• Overheads - is it cost effective?
  • 9. “Take the red pill”• Web Hosting • ????• US vs. Australia • Who is your target audience?
  • 10. Hosting• Australia • VPS or Shared - I prefer VPS• United States • WP Specialists - US based. • WPEngine or - Multisite • Enterprise plans, WPEngine supports it out of the box
  • 11. What I did• Australian Traffic• I wanted fine grained control over our hosting
  • 12. Story Time• One Friday night.... • Server went down at 4AM • CPU Bug, not anything to do us • Pretty lights
  • 13. My Philosophy• Keep it simple• Don’t overcomplicate• Do as little as possible
  • 14. What happens if you make things complicated• It might work, but stability is important
  • 15. A few small things• Pingdom - DNS/HTTP Checks• DNS - Externally Managed• Web Monitoring • Munin & Monit
  • 16. Let’s Setup Multisite• wp-config.php
  • 17. Setup Continued
  • 18. Tools → Setup Multisite
  • 19. Setup Continued• “Setup Network”• Subdomains or Subfolders? • - Subdomains - you’ll need wildcard DNS and to configure Apache and nginx
  • 20. Basic MS Stuff• Network Admin UI• When you’re developing plugins, ms- functions.php is your friend• mu-plugins - autoloads everything• 2011/11/17/wordpress-multisite-practical- functions-methods/
  • 21. Remember...• Keep it simple
  • 22. Environments• Two environments, exact clones • Development • Production
  • 23. Multisite Health• VCS • Use Git or SVN, just something • Nothing is bad • We used git
  • 24. Deployment• Good for complex WordPress setups• Capistrano • WP-Stack - markjaquith/WP-Stack • WordPress-Skeleton - markjaquith/WordPress-Skeleton
  • 25. Structure is Function• multisitewp = repo • two submodules • ms-plugins - Everything was thrown in • ms-themes - twentyten and twentyeleven • themes were submodules of ms-themes
  • 26. End Result• A bit messy. Git’s handling of submodules isn’t too good.• If I could go back and do it again, I’d use braid and build a tool to manage dependencies
  • 27. Braid• Ruby gem for dependency management• Supports git and SVN• external management•
  • 28. Caching• KEEP IT SIMPLE
  • 29. What some plugins claim...
  • 30. LOL
  • 31. Keep it simple• wp-super-cache• APC opcode cache drop in
  • 32. Uptime• Pingdom - HTTP and DNS
  • 33. Backups• BackupBuddy - basic • But not ideal• Ruby script on github that I forked and modified, uses S3 and run on a cron • link to script
  • 34. Hold Up• What if someone hacks my server?• Better way: Use an external EC2 instance
  • 35. Plugins• ALL THE PLUGINS
  • 36. Awesome Plugins• New Blog Defaults extend/plugins/wpmu-new-blog-defaults/• Theme Stats - plugins/wordpress-mu-theme-stats/• WP Debug Bar & Debug Bar Extender• Domain Mapping - extend/plugins/wordpress-mu-domain-
  • 37. Resources• Create_A_Network••
  • 38. Andrea and Ron Rennick• Awesome people• @andrea_r and @wpmuguru• Networks+ Plugin• Awesome Resources•
  • 39. What I do• So, what do I do now?• I took the red pill • Run my own agency • • @ksmnaut
  • 40. Me•• @anthonycole•
  • 41. Thanks• I love you all