CMS Tools for Developers- Owen Harris


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CMS Tools for Developers- Owen Harris - WordcampNZ 2012

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CMS Tools for Developers- Owen Harris

  1. 1. CMS Tools For Developers, etc. Owen Harris, PMP | Senior WEM Consultant, Adobe Consulting Services JAPAC© 2012 Adobe Systems Incorporated. All Rights Reserved.
  2. 2. Adobe CQ 5.5 “Enterprise Open Source”Content Apache FelixManagement Apache SlingSystem Apache Tomcat > CQSE Apache Webserver Java SE 1.6.0 “Everything is Content” OSGi Content created by User RESTful Web API Architecture Developers add functionality > CQ5 WEM + CRX JCR Create once, reuse everywhere CRXDE/Eclipse + SVN + Maven Multi-channel publication 2
  3. 3. Personalized, Measurable Experiences Cross ChannelOPTIMIZATIONCONTENTDATA
  4. 4. Adobe CQ5.5: Areas of Innovation § Creative professionals workflow with Creative Suite 6 § Personalized engagement and experience optimization § Content for (mobile) applications § e-Commerce integration framework, pre-built Hybris integration § Author and User experience enhancement § IT agility 4
  5. 5. Seamlessly integrate rich media management with CS5.x Value: Harness the power of Adobe Creative Suite and Creative Cloud to speed campaign execution for cross-channel digital experiences. § Rich media editing and management from within Creative Suite (via Adobe Drive & Adobe Creative Cloud) § Leverage the cloud for scalable, on-demand rich media transformations § Management and dynamic delivery of rich media assets, including video, powered by Adobe Scene7 § XMP metadata editing with round-trip support for CS5.x+ § InDesign files content and asset extraction for multi-channel repurposing 5
  6. 6. Author & Developer Experience EnhancementValue: Shorter implementation, faster iterations, overall agility§ Authors § Editing: Undo/redo changes made on page step-by-step while editing the page § Forms: Make fields conditional based on values of other fields § Campaigns: Improved teaser management and calendar view visualize on/off times§ Developers § Flexible mobile device group mapping § Syncing between repository and file system with “Vault Sync” § Widget UI toolkit updated to ExtJS 3.4, based on jQuery Mobile§ IT § “Cloud Manager” to remote deploy and control instances in Amazon EC2 § Monitoring and automation using JMX (Java Management Extensions) § Provide single WAR deployment for Application Server Containers § IPv6 compliance § Support for Java 7 6
  7. 7. Work with Rich Media Assets in Creative Suite WebDAV or Network Share Adobe CQ HTTP Digital Asset Management Adobe Drive 7
  8. 8. Next StepsDownload free CRX developer edition: 8
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