Using WordPress to Capture Memories by Kate Swaffer


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Kate was diagnosed with a rare younger onset dementia when she was 49. At WordCamp Gold Coast, Kate shared her personal story of living with dementia and how she uses it as motivation to live a fuller life. Kate demonstrated how WordPress helps her to capture memories, and how it is becoming her personal history file, by way of words and stories embodying feelings and emotions. At WordCamp Gold Coast, the power of her story inspired many.

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Using WordPress to Capture Memories by Kate Swaffer

  1. 1. My Unseen DisappearingWorld: Using WordPress to Capture Memories. Kate Swaffer 5th November 2011
  2. 2. My life was interesting,busy and very fulfilling.
  3. 3.
  4. 4. ‘Live with urgency,before the emergency’Robyn Moore, Alzheimer s Australia National Conference, 2011  
  5. 5. I did not thinkdementia wouldbe at my door atmy age, if at all,and certainlynot until I wasmuch older…
  6. 6. is imperative we all understand the human cost of dementia. Baroness Susan Greenfield, June 2011
  7. 7. We are mothers, fathers,lovers, daughters, wives,husbands, employees,bloggers…it is a tragedy so many just see ourdeficits.
  8. 8. My high functioning mind hasslipped away, sometimesshowing itself like a ghost, tryingto tease me into believing it willbe okay, but now outside of myreach. My thoughts fly aroundinside my head like heliumballoons high inside anauditorium, also out of my reach.
  9. 9. I read then I forget…I read then I forget…I read, I take notes, andthen I forget…I blog, and it isalways there!
  10. 10. Hallucinationssometimes take overmy mind, asstrangers and wildcats stalk me. Thefeeling that thesethings are real ismomentary, butstartling none theless and theyincrease the feelingof madness creepinginto my soul.
  11. 11. It can look like aswan – calm andserene on thesurface, but legspaddling athousand timesfaster below thesurface to makethings ‘look ok’ toothers.Christine Bryden, Dancingwith dementia, 2005.
  12. 12. It is as if I am drowning…
  13. 13. Dementia represents the end ofdreaming...WordPress has brought back thedreaming.
  14. 14. WordPress has alsoopened up a vibrantchannel of dialogue andcommunication…and a memory bank
  15. 15. Focusonyourbrainplasticity
  16. 16. My life continues tobe interesting, busy and very fulfilling.
  17. 17. Statistics:1500 new cases per week in Australia, i.e.214 per day, no cure, treatment available forabout 60%, which reduces symptoms for 2years, and 100% of us die.THANK YOU.