The Samsung UN55D8000 Got Me Hooked On My TV!


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I never know I could be hooked on TV until I got my Samsung UN5D8000. If you are looking for an excellent TV, you have to seriously check out the Samsung UN55D8000. It is truely fantastic!

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The Samsung UN55D8000 Got Me Hooked On My TV!

  1. 1. The Samsung UN55D8000 Got Me Hooked On My TV!5.0 out of 5 stars WOW, Im hooked, April 20, 2011By Rad Brad (Monrovia Ca)We are in the process of remodelling our house, packing and moving thing around.I was looking for a 65" LED TV and wanted to wait till next year after the house wasfinished, but having the grand-daughters over changed my mind since our 26" was a little toosmall for them.I decided to purchase the 55" Samsung UN55D8000 after seeing it at Pauls TV down thestreet and researching it for a week.We received the free Shrek and Megamind package first. The shipping company calledseveral days after the order was placed to schedule a time and date for delivery. So far sogood.The Samsung UN55D8000 TV came in about a week. They bring it in for you and plug it into see if it works, but dont hook up any video source. Page 1 of 7
  2. 2. I came home just when they were leaving as it only took several minutes for them to removeit from the packing and plug it in.I had it up on the wall within 15 minutes, only having to install the bracket on the back. Thescrews that came with the bracket were a little too long or too short, but I had some 8mm x25mm screws that were perfect.After watching it and playing around with the Smart TV Web functions for several days, wenoticed that most of the TV shows looked like it was (live) or that you were behind thecamera watching. It was that clear, or as if you were in the same room when they werefilming, and this was from cable TV, just regular shows we watch everyday.OK, so getting to the 3D part. I removed the glasses from the package, trying to be verycareful (my nature) and removing the protective film from each lens, I noticed one lens wasshattered! My heart just dropped. What the heck!I didnt notice it was broken when I removed it from the package, so did it happen during orafter, I really dont know.I got on the computer and found the return policy from Amazon, as I have never returnedanything in my life, well maybe one or two things but found it was very easy as they sendUPS to the house with a label and picked up the package, after I repacked it and put therequired info inside. I left it on the porch with a note (take me!)Amazon sent out another Shrek/Megamind BD/3D glass kit and I received it in a couple ofdays! That was fast.We watched a 3D movie last night, Resident Evil, Afterlife. The movie didnt (pop) out forus. I tried to adjust it during the movie but my wife wanted to watch the movie, so I waitedtill it was over.After fiddling with the remote (get to that later) I found the 3D settings and adjusted thedepth and POW, there it was, right in front of me, 3D as it should be. Now it looks likesomeone bored a hole in the wall behind the TV and added a table in front to hold stuff thatwas just hanging out in the breeze!Lets get back to the remote. I did notice that the keys do have some bounce, that is, you typein a i and you get 2 or 3 of them. Same with most of the buttons, at least Im going to saymost as it is probably inherent to the electronics in the remote, so my solution for thisproblem is to push the keys fast...Getting back to the Shrek Blu Ray kit, the tape they use to hold the glasses in is very sticky,to the point that it makes it difficult to remove the glasses. I was very careful (more so than atfirst) to remove this plastic film from the temples that held them in. Also removing the filmfrom the lens itself, as the lens is very thin. I think the frames should have gone all the wayaround the lens for protection. I think they made them the way they are so you get the feeling Page 2 of 7
  3. 3. of open space and not seeing a frame as you would in most glasses.I do agree with others that Samsung should have included a copy of the instructions, but I cansee why they didnt. Maybe put it on a CD so you can print it out yourself. I will be callingthe hot line to get a copy as someone mentioned here as I like reading about all of thedifferent settings.I did purchase the 3D Blu Ray player/7.1 sound system kit. It came several days before theTV did, so I was able to set it up prior. All I have to say is its ok, as I am an audiophile, its asgood as can be expected from a kit, but it sets up fast and is probably good enough for mostpeople.I am planning on using this system in the bedroom after the house is remodelled and getting a65" model, hopefully a Samsung again, as the glasses will be compatible and probably useanother sound system, possibly with my own stereo speakers. 55" is OK for me, but I think a65 incher will be a blast in the living room.Just to confirm the remote setup with what everyone mentioned, mine didnt setup from 10feet away, I tried several times until I remembered the instructions saying to be several feetaway, and just like magic it worked, so read the instructions people.. But of course to do thatyou have to get the remote working before you can access the e-structions on the TV.I have not seen any stray light or ghosting or anything out of the norm, but will be looking foranything strange.The sound from the built in speakers is fine for watching TV. Much better than the rearprojection Sony I bought 20 years ago!Several reasons I bought a LED TV was that it doesnt get as hot as a plasma, it weighs lessand doesnt get the burn-in. Maybe some of the older LCD screens were not as good but sofar this TV is going to make me fat, cause Im going to watch more TV and get less exercise!Now Im on a mission to find 3D Blu Ray movies.Added 5/11.After watching quite a few 3D movies, I have come to the conclusion that the 3D is not quiteas deep as what you see on the big screen. A little disappointing to me but still a nice picture.We are all enjoying the large screen and 3D effects.BTW, I also own the 3d system sold 15 years ago. Using the supplied glasses and convertorbox it isnt bad except for the flicker on a CRT TV. I tried the old 3D DVDs hoping thatsomething would work but it didnt. Maybe someday I can design a convertor that will makethem work on the new LCD. Page 3 of 7
  4. 4. 5.0 out of 5 stars BEST TV Ive ever bought, September 3, 2012By MeDavid16I usually do not write reviews, but I saw some poor reviews on the Samsung UN55D8000 and feltthere needs to be some balance.I for one have had a GREAT experience with ALL Samsung TVs, and the Samsung UN55D8000 is noexception. Ive been using this puppy for about a year now and is still spot on and never fails toimpress my friends.I bought the Samsung UN55D8000 when it first came out; carefully examined packaging and pixels.Maybe my eyes deceive me, but I scanned a few times with some friends and we all couldnt find adead pixel (which is very unlikely). Set up took minutes.Picture quality, is very difficult to define and clearly some of the reviews out there are verysubjective. "Oh its too dark, its too bright, too much color" But in another review, its interpreted as"Deep beautiful blacks, crisp sharp illumination, dynamic popping refined colors." Having that said,there are some things that are consistently important, and I can say this model hits it all. Faithfulreproduction of geometry and colors. I personally like the 240hz, although if youve never seen it, itmay take some time to adjust to and its not for everyone. Adjustment options are plentiful, and willplease most critics, be it subjective as it may. Images are very uniform edge to edge, theres no"bright or dark" corners/borders.If you play video games, make sure you turn on "Game Mode", it will prevent "lag" issues.Breathtaking gaming once you get it set up.3D, the best of all the models, including some of Samsungs own, when I tried some of them atvarious retailers F??s and B??? B??s. And Im really bothered by people who say "oh its dark, its toodark." Come on, thats the limit of the technology. You cant point at wheels of a car and say the tiresare too round. Active shutter is "SHUTTING" shades to make images in 3D. Why dont we just call it"rich beautiful deepening of the black" also? And yes, you can make it bright to compensate, butyoud also have to adjust the contrast, so its possible to adapt but Im sure people will complain "Ihave to do that everytime for 3D?" If it bothers you, dont buy it, Active Shutter 3D is not for you, itsnot a good "con."Tested all the ports, well placed and bountiful.Bezel is almost a mirage, AWESOME.However, nothing is perfect in life, here are some issues that I think are REAL cons:The Allshare / SmartTV are nice features, but please SPEED UP the apps. They are upsettingly slow.Menu speed overall can be improved as well. Some of the features are hard to get to. Game Mode,to be honest, should be a very important feature and not be so deep in the menu. Page 4 of 7
  5. 5. Internet speed too slow. Hardwired into my router, my 3g phone still run circles around it loadingwebsites etc.The remote controller eats batteries a little TOO fast (had to buy rechargeable batteries)*FIXED* Annoying popup screen for firmware update (Thank you for stopping that)Would be nice to come with more 3d glasses.I think these are more nitpicks, but overall, great investment.Product Features and Technical Details of The SamsungUN55D8000Size: 55-InchProduct Features QWERTY Remote Control Samsung Smart TV 3D LED-LCD HDTV (LED Backlight) Two pairs of 3D glasses included in box Full HD 1080p resolutionTechnical Details Brand Name: Samsung Model: UN55D8000YFXZA Display Technology: led-lit Display Size: 55 inches Image Aspect Ratio: 16:09 Image Contrast Ratio: 25,000,000:1 Speaker Count: 2 Resolution: 1080p Refresh Rate: 240What other owners of the Samsung UN55D8000 think of their TV?5.0 out of 5 stars Great TV, well worth the price., March 19, 2011By sicRage "Eric" (CT)I purchased the Samsung UN55D8000 to replace my old 42" Vizio LCD I bought about 6years ago. I did a lot of research online and decided it was either a Sony or a Samsung basedoff recommendations from friends and online. I went to my local electronics store to seesome of the TVs in action. While there I saw last year’s model of this TV. While very nice Ihave an all black metal stand for my tv, so I though the thick silver bezel would stand out. Italked to an associate and they told me about the new 2011 model. Once I saw it I knew itwas the TV I wanted. I did some shopping around and found Amazon had the best price Page 5 of 7
  6. 6. overall. I was a bit skeptical about making such a large purchase and ordering online.I have heard some complaints about the companies used to ship the TVs. I have to say I had agood experience. The delivery was made in the first hour of my delivery appointmentwindow. The box of the tv was a little damaged in the bottom corner but nothing to worryabout. My TV was brought inside and I inspected it and wow is this thing a work of art. Eventhe delivery guys were impressed; they hadnt seen the new model yet. The TV was a littlecold from being stored in the warehouse and on the truck so I assembled everything andhooked up all my extras (home theatre, Xbox 360, PS3, cable box etc) but i didnt plug thepower in for about 2 hours to let the Samsung UN55D8000 warm up and avoid damage to it.Once I turned the Samsung UN55D8000 on, I was greeted with an easy and simple to followsetup of the TV and wireless network.I have read one poor review of this TV stating the led backlight was visible from the edgesand I have to disagree. I cannot see the backlight source at all. This is by far the best lookingTV on the market. I do however wish it had full array led backlighting rather than thedynamic edge.My only complaint (if you can even call it that) is the remote. It is a bit chunky because of thefull qwerty on the back and I haven’t been able to get the qwerty side to sync with my TV yetit keeps saying failure.. I would have liked to see the touch screen remote that was includedwith the 9000 series before. However on the grand scale this is minor. I have only had thisTV for a short time but I would highly recommend this Samsung UN55D8000 TV if it is inyour budget.With beautiful picture, 3D, plenty of HDMI slots, USB, WIFI and the Samsung SmartTV thisis a great option for someone in the market for a high end LED-LCD.5.0 out of 5 stars AWESOME TV!!!!!!, August 22, 2011By MrMetrx (Los Angeles, CA)WOW. This is by far the best TV yet. Very crisp HD picture. I was amazed on how light theSamsung UN55D8000 is for a 55" LCD. I also have a year old Samsung 55" LED/LCD that Ihave been very happy with. Although there seems to be those who hate Samsung, I have yetto be disappointed with both TVs. I wasnt a big fan of 3D but it seems that most new TVsincluded 3D now. I have to say I was very impressed with the 3D. Watching sports makesyou feel like you are there in the stands. PLEASE NOTE.... I did start to get a headache afterwatching in 3D for about 1 hour.And finally.....You can’t beat the price... Retail stores have this TV for almost $1000 morethan Amazon. Page 6 of 7
  7. 7. Click here to buy the Samsung UN55D8000 TV from Amazon a whopping $1,600 discountnow! Please note that prices are subjected to change without notice, so click on this link nowto enjoy this hefty discount. Page 7 of 7