The Awesome Logitech Z906 Gives You Big Bang For Your Dollars


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Find out here how to get a big bang for your bucks for the awesome Logitech Z906 speaker system. In this Logitech Z906 review, we share with you the views of actual owners why they think the Logitech Z906 5.1 is one of the best speaker systems.

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The Awesome Logitech Z906 Gives You Big Bang For Your Dollars

  1. 1. By Peter ScoufeezIf you are looking for a powerful THX-certified speaker system to turn any of your room intoa home theater then you should seriously look into the Logitech Z906. With the LogitechZ906, don’t be surprised to hear every tire squeal, footstep and rumble the way the studiointended— all in a 5.1 discreet channels of explosive surround sound.You will hear every detail in the Dolby Digital and DTS soundtracks. Enjoy a true cinema-quality sound at the comfort of your home through the Logitech Z906 as it is THX certified.With 500 watts (RMS) of power, you can even rattle your window or shake your roomanytime you want to.You have plenty of devices? No problems. The Logitech Z906 allows you to connectsimultaneously up to six devices. For example, the TV, DVD Player, DVR, Xbox 360,Playstation 3, Wii, iPod, computeretc can all be connected to the Logitech Z906. Page 1 of 4
  2. 2. Too difficult to get out of your couch? No problems. The Logitech Z906 comes with awireless remote and compact control console that lets you personalize the surround soundexperience to your fancies.Technical DetailsModel: 980-000467Color Name: BlackWidth: 17.00 inchesWeight: 3.00 poundsWarranty: 2 years limitedProduct Dimensions: 15.1 x 17 x 17.2 inches ; 36.6 poundsShipping Weight: 40 poundsHere are some owners of the Logitech Z906 and what they thought of their sound system:Awesome, June 15, 2011By PersaonOne of the better surround sound speakers I have heard in a long time. It is almost thesame as the Z5500 but it has a better bass and slightly clearer satellites. The design isbeautiful and the speakers have a nice build quality.Perfect system, September 15, 2011By A. Boston (Winchester, CT)This is an amazing sound system! Very easy to set up, I did it in 20 minutes. The only CONwas that I had to order an optical adapter to connect it to the flat screen TV. All that wasincluded in the box was what looked like a stereo connector with yellow/white plugs. I gotthe optical adapter on amazon for about 3.50 (including shipping!) which lessened the blow.I just didn’t like waiting to test it out!I love that the satellite speakers don’t have to plug into an outlet, and the length of thecords work fine for me. We do have a smaller living room though(about 12x11), so if youhave a larger room you’ll need more cord. The sound is fantastic, it feels and sounds likebeing in a movie theater! The remote control is simple but effective. The only thing I noticedwas missing was being able to adjust sound (treble, bass etc) levels or the speakersindividually. This is clearly a simple system, but for me it was about the sound. The soundquality is there, so this is all I’ll ever need!! Page 2 of 4
  3. 3. Logitech 5.1 Surround Sound Excellent sound,September 11, 2011By Peter D.Z906 WOW ! I had a set of Logitech Z506 for a long while which my daughter is using now,the difference between these and new is Night & Day!These are excellent quality speakers for music and gaming. Crystal Clear and pounding bassif you want it! I did have a Polk Woofer with old speakers but not needed with Z906 so thatalso went to my daughter.have had all Logitech speakers since the 90s, I believe this is set 3 now and nothing waswrong with last set just wanted to update them after updating my PC.Amazon is 1 of the 2 places I will/would buy PC parts and accessories online.Time to wake up the neighbors, June 6, 2011By fAtheadthis thing is fantastic. I love the look of the speakers. The weight on them let’s you know,“hey, these things are quality.” And the sub is just amazing. My neighbors are definitely notfans of my new speakers, lol. I have my i-pod, ps3, and computer hooked up to it, andduring games you definitely feel immersed in the thx 5.1. great speaker system.In Summary…If you are looking for small speaker system that packs a real punch, then you should lookno further than the Logitech Z906. Here is why… The most important is that this speaker system reproduces excellent crystal clear high quality sounds It is almost the same as its predecessor, the Logitech Z5500 but it has even better bass and clearer satellites It is almost a third cheaper than the Logitech Z5500, an outstanding Logitech surround sound speaker system – real value for your money Simple and easy to setup Page 3 of 4
  4. 4. High quality and solidly build Can be really loud if you turn up the volumeClick here to buy from Amazon now and enjoy a $29 discount plus free shipping. Note –prices, discount levels and other terms and conditions are subjected to change by Amazonwithout notice. So act now to enjoy the discounts. Click here or the image above to buy the Logitech Z906 Page 4 of 4