Hybrid Cloud Enablement Technologies


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It was presented at CloudInspire 2012 held by SKT.

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Hybrid Cloud Enablement Technologies

  1. 1. http://www.coord.orgHybrid Cloud Enablement TechnologiesWoohyun KimThe creator of open source “Coord”(http://www.coord.org)2012-04-05
  2. 2. http://www.coord.orgThe Advent of Hybrid Cloud
  3. 3. http://www.coord.orgThe Cloud is DEAD• Amazon Outage Ironically Raises the Public Cloud Doubts • On April 21st, 2011, Amazon made the worst outage in the cloud’s history • A networking glitch made its storage volumes automatically create back-ups of themselves, filling up storage capacity and causing connectivity issues, lasts two days • The affected sites could not help waiting for just Amazon’s repairs • Q&A site Quora posted “Sorry – it sucks for us too. We’d point fingers, …” • News aggregator Reddit posted “We are still waiting on Amazon to get to our volumes” • Location service Foursquare, and SCVNGR posted “The sky is falling! Amazon’s cloud seems to be down (raining?)”
  4. 4. http://www.coord.orgThe Cloud is just a Tool• How SmugMug Survived the Amazon Cloud Failure • All of services in Amazon were spread across multiple AZs • They just launched another identical ELB(Elastic Load Balancer), point it at the non-affected zones, and updated their DNS • Note that ELB was affected by the EBS outage • Like RDS, ELBs would be also constructed on EC2 instances with EBS volumes ??! • The services were designed for failure • Fortunately, they didn’t use EBS, which was the main problem for Amazon crashes • Since EBS didn’t guarantee predictable performance, they didn’t use RDS running on it. • As a result, the exact types of data that would have potentially been disabled by the EBS meltdown don’t actually live at Amazon at all • Note that it all still lives in their own datacenters, where they can provide predictable performance
  5. 5. http://www.coord.orgA Better Alternative is Hybrid Cloud• Zynga Makes Dramatic Shift From Public Cloud • Zynga has moved most of its users away from Amazon and onto its private cloud, called zCloud, to maximize the reliability and performance of its social games network • Zynga started out hosting games on its own servers in a collocation facility but moved to Amazon when it couldn’t keep pace with demand • A turning point was the 2009 launch of “Farmville,” which shot form zero to 10 million users in six weeks • But from early 2011, Zynga launched all its new games in their own cloud only when demand became predictable • zCloud was built on top of CloudStack and RightScale • Nearly 80 percent of Zynga’s daily active users were hosted on its own infrastructure at the end of 2011, while 80 percent were hosted in Amazon at the start of 2011 • Zynga now sees Amazon as a way to deal with unexpected surges in demand rather than as its primary platform
  6. 6. http://www.coord.orgPublic Players are headed for Hybrid Cloud• “The hybrid cloud is a little bit like sex in high school” – Michael Crandell • Everybody is talking about it, but not everybody is doing it – except us Michael Crandell, RightScale• “RightScale is a little bit like a parasite in Amazon”
  7. 7. http://www.coord.orgHybrid Cloud Enablement Technologies
  8. 8. http://www.coord.orgAuto-Scaling in Hybrid Cloud Register with LB’s: • Using SSH Private Cloud • Using RightNet Public Cloud • Central repo CPU Scale Up LB LB Scale Down App App … App Public Internet App App … App ServerArray Master Slave Security: Contact DB: • Access Control • Using DNS / IP • Encryption • Executing a script
  9. 9. http://www.coord.orgDisaster Recovery in Hybrid Cloud Private Cloud Public Cloud CPU Scale Up Scale Down LB LB App App … App Public Internet App App … App ServerArray snap snap snap snap Master Slave snap snap snap snap snap snap Slave snap snap S3/Cloudfiles • Global storage • Live replication + rsync • NoSQL
  10. 10. http://www.coord.orgNetworking in Hybrid Cloud
  11. 11. http://www.coord.orgApplication Virtualization in Hybrid Cloud • Why Application Virtualization? • Extreme Simplicity – copy and run • VM doesn’t solve the app/OS problem • VM images tie OS and apps together forever and must be managed as a whole • Separate app and OS images to reduce permutations • Adapting VM images for migration among differing infrastructures is difficult • App & OS patches done once – gold “images” • Simple copy for archive, release, DR, replication
  12. 12. http://www.coord.orgI/O Virtualization in Hybrid Cloud
  13. 13. http://www.coord.orgHybrid Cloud Enablement Technologies • Image Storage • Racemi • rPath rBuilder • Glance • RightScale ServerTemplate & MCI(Multiple Cloud Image) • Cloud Bridge • Rackspace RackConnect • Vyatta-based SSL-VPN • RightScale Point-To-Point • Storage • NexentaStor – NexentaVDI at Citrix Synergey 2011 • GlusterFS, Sheepdog • Abiquo Tiered Storage(SATA, SAS, SSD) • High perf, replicated (tier 1) • High perf (tier 2) • Standard (tier 3) • Low cost (tier 4)
  14. 14. http://www.coord.orgThank You