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  1. 1. By: Chris
  2. 2. Congratulations...You Now Have Giveaway Rights to this e-book!Discover the Nuts & Bolts of Making Money Online Without AllThe Technical Jargon!IntroductionThis e-book is designed specifically to introduce you to making moneyonline. You may be skeptical about the possibility, but you are here so,there is an interest. I am here to tell you, that people like yourself aremaking money online as we speak.Thats right, they are making money, by working at their computers intheir spare time from home. I mean, “How cool is that”? Make moneyonline programs have gotten a bad rap online. Some reasons arelegitimate and some are not.When you purchase a money making system, it really is a guide. Thereason that many get a bad rap, is the simple fact that the people thatpurchase them and do not want to apply any effort.I remind my subscribers, that just like any business either offline or online,there will always be work involved, to become successful. There is nosuch thing as a “get rich overnight system.” If there was, than everyonewould be rich.I will also teach you about internet marketing and simple techniques thatare used by other marketers, to drive traffic to their money sites.What Is Internet Marketing?When you promote products or services over the internet, you are
  3. 3. engaged in internet marketing.The internet has truly revolutionized the way business is done. Businessescan instantly reach a wider and even global audience without having tospend as much. It is these advantages, that lure more businesses toemploy internet marketing techniques. In fact, it is an importantcomponent in a company’s overall business model. Join the Top Internet Marketing Training Membership for just $1There are plenty of methods that come under the broader category ofinternet marketing. However, all of these are designed to do one thing –increase site traffic. More people visiting a website, means moreexposure to the products and services offered there. In effect, this meansthe more money that a company makes. Strategies for internet marketingseek to add more quality leads and potential customers to a website.Internet marketing in a nutshell, is the various methods that are used toget ones site or business in front of the masses.This can be done many different ways, such as:
  4. 4. • Email Marketing • Banner Advertising • Social Networking • Video Marketing • Ad Swapping • Pay Per Click Advertising • Cost Per Action Marketing • And so on....What Is Affiliate Marketing?Affiliate marketing is a hugely popular online business platform. Mostcompanies that do business online, offer some type of affiliate programthat you can join. The majority of them are 100% FREE to join.Once you join a company or networks affiliate program, you are know asan affiliate. What makes that so great, you may be asking? Simple, as anaffiliate, you will now have direct links and marketing materials, that allowyou to start sending traffic to these pages. Whenever you generate a salefrom your affiliate link, you receive a commission or percentage of thesale.Some affiliate programs will send you a check and others will pay youthrough Paypal.This is why affiliate marketers, love affiliate programs: • You get an instant ready made site to send traffic to. • All the hard work is done for you. • You get marketing materials, such as banners, email ads, etc. • Commissions can be as high as 75% of each sale • There are no conflicts when marketing multiple products or services.
  5. 5. • You can make as much as you want. • You can work when you want. • You only need to send targeted traffic to the affiliate site.Now, as you can see affiliate marketing is a powerful money makingoption to get started with, as your main internet business.Have you ever heard about ClickBank? If you are new to affiliatemarketing, than you probably have not. This is one of the most popularaffiliate networks online.Whats great about Clickbank, is the simple fact that it is 100% FREE tojoin. Once you have joined, you will find 1000s of products that you canmarket and earn a commission from.As a matter of fact, it doesnt matter what niche you are marketing to,they will more than likely have an affiliate product for you to make moneyfrom.
  6. 6. I highly encourage you to go to and sign up as an affiliate,right now.How About Selling Websites?This can sound pretty complicated, yet it is truly easy to get started with.Building websites and turning around and selling them is called “FlippingSites”. You might be pretty amazed to find that many entrepreneurs areearning over 6 figures yearly, by simply doing this.And whats great is, that you can too. Now, this is a field of making moneyitself, so like anything there is a learning curve involved. But, you can dothis, with little or no experience.There is one website that you need to know about, its called
  7. 7. This is where you want to go and do your research. You will find 1000s ofwebsites listed for sale here. Flippa is not free. If you have a website thatyou want to list for sale, there is a fee to have the website listed. If youwant to upgrade your listing to stand out more, there is more fees andonce you have sold your website, there is another fee.So, selling a website for $30 is not going to help you make profits. But,finding a type of website that is in-demand, will. Flippa incorporatesbidding options just like ebay. This means that bidders can get into abidding war, in return your final earnings can skyrocket from one sale!In my observations, I have noticed that health , tech, celebrity and seoblogs seem to sell pretty fast. You will need to do your own research andnarrow done what type of site you are going to build. There are manydifferent kinds of niches (various fields) that are popular with buyers onFlippa.You will want to make this into a rinse and repeat process. So, if it takesyou a week to build a blog or site that makes you $500 in profits, you willsimply build another site in the same fashion as the first.4 sites a month for sale, equals $2000 a month in profits. Not bad, forbuilding sites in your spare time.You can easily take it a step further, by having others build the website foryou. This is called outsourcing. What if you could outsource the work andhave a site built every 3 days instead?That would be 10 sales per month. 10 sales at $500 each site is $5,000profit. Of course, you will have listing fees and also paying for the sites tobe built. But, youll still make a nice piece of that, and your not even doingthe work.So, Flipping sites can be extremely profitable for you, as a business
  8. 8. choice.Selling Digital Products?Have you ever purchased an e-book or software online? Do own a Nookor Kindle? If so, than you probably have purchased an e-book, otherwiseknown as a digital download.“Now, just what makes digital downloads so great, you may be asking?”Think about it from a customers perspective. I can get an ebook orsoftware instantly from home. I dont have to go to the store and hopethat they have it in stock. It doesnt matter if its 2 in the morning, I canget it, as soon as I hit the pay now button.It really comes down to convenience. Think about Amazon. They sell1000s of e-books daily to customers all over the world. Now, who is tosay, that you couldnt too?“It would be too hard, you might be saying”. Not really, you would beamazed at just how simple it is. There is something out there calledmaster resale rights and private label rights products.Master resale rights means, that when you purchase a product withmaster resale rights, you now have the rights, to turn around and sell theproduct yourself.Private Label Rights take it a step further. When you purchase a productwith private label rights, you are now granted rights to claim the work asyour own. In other words, if its an e-book, you can put your name as theauthor. If it is a software product, you can put your name as the creator.Believe me, this is really powerful stuff. There is no faster way tobecoming an expert in your field, than having e-books out there with yourname on them.
  9. 9. There are many ways, that you can bundle multiple products to ask for ahigher price. I have personally purchased plr e-books for under $10, addedmy name to them, changed the graphics a little bit and than sold them for$27 a pop.Now, one sale of a digital download will not make you rich, by any means,but there are membership sites, that you can join for a monthly fee andhave a never ending amount of plr and mrr products to download foryourself and than turn around and sell.What could even make this even more profitable, is to have storefrontwebsite, that lists all of these digital downloads that you offer for sale.Many people have done just that.Or, you could start your own membership site. You would make recurringincome. If your membership site cost $10 to join and you got 100 peopleto join. That would be an easy $1000 each and every month going intoyour paypal account.What if you could open more than one membership site? There are many
  10. 10. people that have multiple membership sites out there, making $1,000severy month.What is great about that option, is that again, you could even outsourcethe work. You could have someone else setup and maintain themembership site for you. This way, you arent doing any work, but youare collecting the money into your account every month on autopilot.This is truly passive money making at its best.Make Money on eBay?eBay is one of the world’s largest online stores. In fact, thousands oftransactions go on, in the site on a daily basis. You would be a foolish notto consider selling your products here.Selling on Ebay is an extremely fast way to make money online. There isan old saying, I know youve heard it “One mans junk is another manstreasure”. I guarantee that right now, as you are reading this, you haveused things laying around in your house that would sell on eBay.
  11. 11. Many people are making fortunes on eBay as we speak. Just think aboutit, they had to start out completely new to ebay themselves and figure itout as they went.Whats great, is that nowadays, there are many excellent training guidesform Top Sellers to help you learn quickly what sells and how to sell oneBay. I know a lot of people that supplement their incomes by selling oneBay in their spare time.I mean, why wouldnt you tap into this source? Ebay gets massive trafficeveryday, of people that are looking to buy specific things. If you can findwhat they want and a supplier or source to get these things, you couldeasily be on your way to making a fortune online. Check Out Salehoo To Get Wholesale Prices For Products
  12. 12. If you can find dropshippers, you simply list their product and once a saleis made, they will ship their product to your customers. You can also trackdown products, such as clothes, electronics and sporting goods atwholesale prices to turn around and sell at higher prices.This is where eBay training guides give you the edge. I would reallyconsider checking into this market for an online business.What Is Email Marketing?Email marketing is a form of internet marketing. It is a pretty simple wayfor you to make money online. It is a proven fact that most visitors toyour website will need to see your ad several times before they purchasefrom you.
  13. 13. So, if you have an affiliate product or a service that you are trying to sell,email marketing gives you the ability to follow up with your potentialprospects to turn them into buyers.Once someone subscribes to receive more info from you, they are calledsubscribers. If you are offering something for free, like information or agift, you will find that your subscribers will grow quickly. This is known asyour list.A good rule of thumb, is that a email list, that you have built a relationshipwith, by offering useful advice and tips is worth $1 per subscriber permonth.So, if you have a list of subscribers, and you are recommendingproducts/services to them, you can expect to earn $1 per person on yourlist from sales.If your list has 5,000 subscribers on it, you should be earning $5,000 permonth from sales of your recommendations for products or services.A few of the basic tools that you will need are: • An autoresponder account – This is basically a mailing robot. You write some pre-written messages into your autoresponder and set them to go out on different days. It does all the mailings for you automatically. • A squeeze page or website form – A squeeze page is simply a one page site, that offers something valuable, for free if someone subscribes to your list. You could use a free plr report or e-book to attract subscribers. If you have a blog, than you could just add a sign up form, this is known as an optin form. • Products to market – As you send out your mailings, you will need products to market to your list. You could market affiliate products / services or plr and mrr products that you own rights to.
  14. 14. In order to make money with email marketing, you should concentrate onoffering valuable information that your readers/subscribers would wantto know about.You are not spamming the heck out of them, you are building arelationship with them.Once everything is set up, you should start submitting articles at some ofthe top article directories, with a link in each article, back to your squeezepage / sign up form.This type of business requires very little start-up money to get going. Take Aweber Autoresponder For a FREE Test Drive Right Now!Email marketing alone has made many millionaires online. You are nodifferent from them, other than you will need to learn as you go. There isno time better to start this type of money making business than rightnow.What Is A Squeeze Page/Opt-In Page?Discussed previously is the email marketing strategy. So the question nowis where do you get email addresses to make up your subscriber list? Thereare many ways but one widely used effective method is the employmentof a squeeze page.
  15. 15. To put it simply, a squeeze page is a simplified html or web page thatprompts a reader or potential customer to provide their name and emailaddress, sometimes only the latter. A number of strategies are used inorder to convince the reader that providing his/her email address will beworth the while.For example, some webmasters will offer freebies to those who will signup. This is where electronic products such as eBooks can come in handy.You can keep giving the same eBook to every reader as long as you ownthe copyright to the eBook, have rights to distribute it as such, or theeBook comes with a unlimited re-distribution policy.Plr products are an excellent source of getting pre-written eBooks thatyou can place your name on as the author and than add your links.For marketers that are looking for subscribers, they may offer the readera month of free trial. Some may also give away coupons. The list can beendless.When making a squeeze page, it is advisable to keep things simple. Thetext must be an easy read and important words and phrases must begiven emphasis. Graphics design is also important to attract the reader. Ifyour offer is good, your reader will provide you his/her contactinformation. That will become part of your contact list. You will be able tosend updates, product offers, and other promos in the future to thesecontacts.
  16. 16. Build Awesome Squeeze Pages That ConvertJust remember that people always love FREE. So by giving awaysomething of value for FREE, you should have no problem getting peopleto subscribe to your list.How Do I Know What People Are Searching For?When it comes to internet marketing, keywords are everything. They willbe one of your greatest weapons that will determine whether you win themarket or not. If you use the right ones, internet users will find you withease. If you use the wrong ones, you will be invisible on the net. How isthis so?When people go to search engine sites such as Google and Yahoo in orderto find something, they use a keyword or a keyword phrase. Say forexample a teenager wants to find an acne solution, he/she may use any ofthe following: acne treatment, acne solution, how to treat acne, acne forteenagers, and et cetera.So what you really want to know are the exact keywords and keywordphrases that your target customers or the people in your market niche
  17. 17. are using. If you do this, it is highly likely that they will always end up inyour web pages. So how do you do it?One way is to enter your main keyword on the search engine of Googleand wait for the search bar to make phrase suggestions. For example,once you enter the word acne solution, other suggestions such as AcneSolutions Clinique, Acne Solutions That Work, and Acne Solutions Gel Lotionwill appear in the drop down list.It means that these keyword phrases are popularly used by internet users.You will do well to incorporate these keyword phrases to your webcontent along with your main keyword.A more effective solution however is the use of Google keyword toolcalled Adwords. You simply enter your main keyword and Google willshow you related keyword phrases and how often people are using thosekeywords.You will need to sign up for a free Google Adwords account. Once youhave signed up, log in and look in the top navigation for Tools andAnalysis.Once you click on that ,you will see a drop down of links, go to keywordtool.Now, you simply enter your criteria, such as exact search, broad orphrase. There are many types of information that you can get from thistool for various keywords and also urls or other websites keywords.
  18. 18. In the example of the main keyword acne solution, Google Adwordyielded the following top results: • Acne Treatment – 33,100 monthly searches • Home acne treatment– 27,100 monthly searches • Acne treatments at home – 49,500 monthly searches • Acne treament home remedies – 14,800 monthly searchesYou will see if a keyword has a lot of competition, by looking at the high,medium or low. The amount of global searches as well as local searches.You can narrow it down to specific countries and more.I think that you can see that, there is a lot of money to be made in acnetreatments. This is why the competition is high. This is definitely a buyers
  19. 19. keyword. So, if you were an affiliate, marketing acne treatment products,there are always going to be potential customers, searching to purchaseproducts related to this niche.Since the competition is higher, that just means that you will have to workharder to steal away other affiliates sales and commissions.Keyword research is extremely vital in becoming a successful marketeronline. Whats great about this free keyword tool is simply, that you cansearch 1000s of keywords daily and drill down your results.In this e-book, I will not dive into, “Should you go after high searchedkeywords with a lot of competition or should you go after low traffic, lowcompetition keywords to build your sites around.I could write a book on the theories on this exact question, so Ill let youfeel it out for yourself. Although, I do highly recommend Micro NicheFinder, this software making finding money making keywords a snap!
  20. 20. What is SEO?SEO stands for Search Optimization Engine. Simply put, it is an onlinemarketing technique that is focused on making sure that your web site orweb pages will always appear among the top search list when peoplesearch the web for keywords related to your market niche. So whensomeone goes looking for acne solutions, your web site will have goodchances of appearing as one of the top 10 or even the top 5 results if yourwebsite is enhanced with SEO.So how do web masters make sure that their web pages are SEOenhanced? There are many techniques. One is Article Writing. Using thistechnique, the owner of the web page fills his website with well-writtenarticles that are written with keywords and keyword phrases related tohis/her market niche. Posting new articles may be necessary from time totime.Another technique is called Backlinking. To define, backlinks arehyperlinks appearing on other web pages and other web sites that directpeople to your own web page. So if there is a hyperlink in Website A thatconnects readers to Website B, you can say that the hyperlink in WebsiteA is a backlink to Website B. Simply put, a website will have higher
  21. 21. chances of making it to the top of the search engine results list if it hasplenty of backlinks.Other parts of the web page where web masters place keywords andkeyword phrases include the following: the domain name, the headings,the title, site text, and others.But why is it important to place your webpage with keywords andbacklinks in order for it to be SEO enhanced? This is because when Googlesearches for web sites related to the keyword provided by the user, itsends out little spiders to crawl out every nook and cranny of the web.And what these spiders are looking for are keywords and backlinks.There are many ways that you can get backlinks to your website. Thebest way is by writing excellent content. The other way is by writingarticles and sending them to various blog owners as free content. Inexchange you place a backlink in your articles and the owner of thewebsite adds your article to their site.Become an author at FREE Article Directories and submit articles. Theseare some of the best: Ezinearticles, GoArticles, ArticleDashboard,ArticleBase, IdeamarketersBy submitting articles regularly to these directories, you will see that yourvisitors to your website will increase dramatically. As your visitorsincrease so will your earnings.We will talk a little bit more about this form of marketing later, in this e-book.What Is Traffic?Traffic simply means “How many people land on your website daily”. Thiscan be the hardest part of making an income online. Let me explain why,You can have the greatest website or the best offer online, but if nobody
  22. 22. knows that your site is out there, than you will not get visitors and youwill not make sales.Internet marketing is using various proven methods to let people know,how to find your site. Once they know its out there, you will start to gettraffic.This goes to say that if a website has poor traffic it is not getting enoughviews. Likewise, if a website has lots of traffic it means people are alwaysviewing it. For internet marketers, getting a lot of traffic into theirwebsite is a necessity. This is because more views mean moreopportunities to make a sale.However, you have to take note that certain lines and web hosting canonly handle enough traffic. Some cannot handle too much while somecan handle a lot. So if you are into online marketing and you are aiming toget a lot of traffic, you have to be sure that your web hosting canaccommodate heavy internet traffic.What Are Some Traffic Methods?As already discussed, generating traffic is very important to onlinemarketers. It is the life and blood of their marketing strategies. So if youwant to succeed in this line of business, you need to know how toincrease traffic into your website. How do you do this?There are many methods. One of them is the use of SEO. By enhancingthe SEO characteristics of a website, there is a higher chance that it willappear on top search results of search engines such as Google and thussecuring higher visitation rates.Other methods include the use of Advertisements posted on major sitessuch as Facebook, Google, and Yahoo. Because these sites are alwaysvisited by internet users, it is an advantage to secure an advertisement on
  23. 23. their pages. What you really want is for the users to see your banner.Other methods include the use pop-up ads, newsletters, sales letters, andsuch.If you are good at doing SEO on your own, then you can generate trafficswithout having to pay. But if you want to delegate this task toprofessionals in the field, there are people you can hire online. They areexperts in optimizing a site for increased traffic.Here is an excellent training guide that teaches you how to use social siteLinked in to maximize your efforts. Take a look at Linkedinfluence Right Now!What Is Blogging?Simply think of social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter and youwill already get an idea of what blogging is. So generally speaking, a blogis a webpage which shells out information in chronological order. Also, itis understood that a blog is supposed to provide updates continuouslyand regularly.As you can already imagine, blog sites are initially used as personal onlinediaries. Later on however, they became useful to online marketers aswell. They provided a means for online merchants to regularly provideupdates about their products, services, offers, and such. It became a verypowerful advertisement and promotional tool for them.Also, online marketers can easily keep archives of articles and differenttopics with the use of a blog site. So generally, it helps customers andprospect customers find the information they need about the company,the product, and/or the services offered.
  24. 24. This also gives online marketers the opportunity to easily create backlinksto their main webpage. So if the main website is www.shoesforsale.comfor example, the owner of the site can establish a separate blog sitewhich will contain plenty of hyperlinks that will direct readers important aspect of blogging which online marketers takeadvantage of is the use of comments. Although a blog may not acceptcomments from readers, many blogs actually do. This way, onlinemarketers can get plenty of feedback from customers and readers.This will be very important in determining what the target niche wants,what they are not satisfied about, what they are happy about, and someother concerns. Simply put, blogging is a very important marketing tool toonline merchants.What Is Article Marketing?As one of the most effective marketing tools used by online marketers,you would do well to know what article marketing is and how it is done.Simply put, article marketing is the strategy of making well-writtenarticles that talk about your products, your company, or anything aboutyour targeted market niche and disseminate them throughout the web.The purpose of these articles is to draw the attention of the readertowards the product, service, and/or company. It makes them want toknow more and eventually visit the website of the company. As such, thisis also a very effective traffic-generating tool.These articles however are nothing like advertisement articles whichdirectly talks about products, services and companies in a very subjectivemanner. Instead, these articles follow a neutral and unbiased tone whichcreates a good image for the product, service, and/or company withoutsounding like an advertisement.
  25. 25. For example, if an online shop that sells futon covers want to generatetraffic through the use of article marketing, it will want to publish articleswith titles like “10 Tips When Buying Futon Covers”, “Popular Styles AndDesigns For Futon Covers This Fall”, and “How To Match Futon Covers WithThe Interior Design”.As you can see, these titles are not directly promoting any brand or anycompany. Instead, such titles create credibility and good image for thebrand and/or company that wrote the articles.And because Article Marketing is generally meant to generate traffic,they are often incorporated with SEO techniques, that is to say, they arewritten to include popular keywords and keyword phrases related to thetargeted market niche.Generally, a density of around 2 to 3 percent is standard. Any more thanthat might black list the article as ‘spam’. Also, the typical length ofarticles would be around 300 to 500 words. This is short enough so that itis not boring, but long enough so that it is informative.There are tools online that article marketers use that can magnify theeffectiveness and reach of every article that they write. This is the mostpopular one online right now, as of writing this ebook.What Is Copywriting?Do not let the word ‘copy’ fool you into thinking that this is all aboutmaking copies of already existing write ups or articles. Instead,
  26. 26. copywriting is a marketing strategy which makes use of the power ofwords to persuade and encourage readers to become buyers. It alsoentices customers to return and purchase again.So basically, what a copywriter does is come up with catch phrases andlines which are so powerful that they can convince people. If you are aseller of online products for example and you need a description for yourproducts on display, you might want to get a copywriter.Instead of just listing the specifications list, what the product is about,what the service includes, or what offers are included in the package, acopywriter skillfully crafts words so that boring information are outlaidbeautifully so that they are convincing and catchy.This is different from Article Marketing in a sense that it directly promotesa product, service, and/or company. At times, it may even be used topromote a person and build that person’s reputation.What Is Social Media And How Can I Leverage On It?It is hard to imagine anyone who is adept with the use of the internet tonot know about social media sites. These are very rampant nowadays anda lot of people spend most of their online time on such sites. Good andpopular examples include Facebook, Twitter, and perhaps the oldFriendster.So what use do online marketers have for social media sites? While thesesites are generally used by the masses for online socializing, these canalso be very effective tools to online marketers. They can be used toreach specific target niches. For example, Facebook advertisement allowstargeted advertisement to users based on age, region, gender, andgroups joined.
  27. 27. Also, social media sites can be used as blogs wherein online marketerscan post regular updates about their company, products, services, offers,and such. Twitter for example is a very popular tool for companies to postregular updates.Another beauty of this marketing strategy is how you can reach morethan just firsthand customers. So if you managed to reach one person forexample, you might also have access to that person’s friends, family, andcolleagues. In Facebook for example, this is best represented by the‘Share’ function.Social media sites can also be used to create backlinks and post articles.As such, online marketers can maximize use of social media sites togenerate more traffic into their main website. This can also be used forlist building.And because social media sites almost always allow readers and users topost comments, it will allow companies to gather useful feedbacks fromcustomers and prospect customers. So to sum it up, the benefits areplentiful. If you want to succeed in online marketing, you would do wellto exploit social media sites. They are currently the fad in the World WideWeb.What Is The Difference Between Advertising and Promtion?It can get quite confusing and that is understandable. So what is themajor difference between promotion and advertisement?It may have more to do with the term of effect. Simply put,advertisement is designed to have a long term impact. On the other hand,promotions are more short term. To understand, take a look at thefollowing illustrations:
  28. 28. When a company advertises, it uses different means including TV spots,radio announcements, posters, and such. Some also hire people todisseminate handouts. The purpose of this is to inform the public or thetarget market about the company, its products, and/or services. Theeffect is long term because it builds up the status and image of thecompany.On the other hand, promotion schemes would be something like discountoffers, buy-one-take-one deals, freebies, draw coupons, and such. Thismeans promotions are meant to cause a surge of sale for a period of time.And thus, its effect is short term.So which one should you use? Generally, an effective marketing methodwould use both. There is also a common notion that promotion is forsmaller business and advertisement is for smaller ones.But since online advertisement can now come very cheap, it is now alsoaccessible even to smaller scale businesses. As for promotion, it is bestused sparingly and not all the time. Some businesses would only use it toget back from a setback or to incur a huge increase in sales for a limitedperiod of time.ConclusionSince its conception, the online world has become more and more like thereal world. And with it of course is the development of the online market.Nowadays, the competition is higher and more aggressive than ever.To win customers and secure steady sales, online marketers have usedevery means necessary. It is no longer just about who has the mostbeautiful or the most attractive-looking site. Today, it is about who hasthe most effective trick up his sleeves.
  29. 29. With different techniques including SEO, article marketing, traffic-generating programs, list building, and sales letters, online marketershave climbed the ladder and went for the top. With effective use of thesemethods, one can succeed in this venture.So as much as you would put a lot of effort in perfecting the services youoffer and/or the products that you sell, you would also do best to investtime, effort, and money on online marketing techniques.Study carefully and learn the techniques and methods presented in thiseBook and you will build a money making online business in no time. Itwill not be easy at first, but with experience and practice, onlinemarketing will not be as tough or as technical as it first appears.To Your SuccessChris PetersonQuick Resource FinderChris Ferrells Membership , Try it right Now for just $1– Learn how to succeed in affiliate marketing from the expertsPLR Products to sell for profitSaleHoo , Choose from 1000s of products to sellMembership Sites Blueprint - Build your own money making membershipwebsitesAweber Autoresponders - Get it FREE for 30 Days right now!Wordpress Squeeze Page Plugin – Build high converting squeeze pageseasily
  30. 30. Seo Pressor – Get #1 rankings in Google with this Amazing PluginMicro Niche Finder – Keyword research becomes easy with this softwareArticle Marketing Robot – Explosive results from every article you submitMaking Money With Facebook – Youll learn how to harness this massivesocial media giant to profit online