When Devs Do Ops
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When Devs Do Ops



At wooga the separate game teams operate their own games. That means that two developers not only develop the backend for a social game but they also the administrator's part. ...

At wooga the separate game teams operate their own games. That means that two developers not only develop the backend for a social game but they also the administrator's part.
This presentation gives an insight on how this is done, what tools are used and how the most important challenges were solved.



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When Devs Do Ops When Devs Do Ops Presentation Transcript

  • 1 When Devs Do Ops! 1,000,000 daily users and just two developers !Jesper Richter-Reichhelm!Head of Engineering!wooga !
  • About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
  • When Devs Do Ops ! 3!  Starting Point!!  Finding Helpers!!  Challenges and Solutions!!  Looking back! !"#$$%&"
  • Starting Point ! 4!  InOctober 2009 we set out to build a backend for woogaʼs first game with a persistent world.!!  Our goal was to have more than 1,000,000 daily active users.!!  Wehave never done something like this before (who had?)! !"#$$%&"
  • Hosting model must fit the needs ! 5!  Small team dedicated to a single game! !  2 backend folks to do both development and operation!!  “Extreme” life cycle of a game! !(graphic by Rightscale)!!  We simply did not know what to expect! !  Scale up hosting when you are successful – not before!! !"#$$%&"
  • When Devs Do Ops ! 6!  Starting Point!!  Finding Helpers!!  Challenges and Solutions!!  Looking back! !"#$$%&"
  • Focus on what you do best… ! 7 and get help for the rest !!  Amazon Web Services! !  Easy to scale up and down! !  No limitations!!  Scalarium! !  Making operation of a large cluster easy! !  Provides default setup!!  New Relic! !  Profiling of application at runtime! !  Info from HTTP request down to SQL query! !"#$$%&"
  • When Devs Do Ops ! 8!  Starting Point!!  Finding Helpers!!  Challenges and Solutions!!  Looking back! !"#$$%&"
  • Challenge:
 9 Growing traffic !1,200,0001,000,000 800,000 600,000 400,000 200,000 0 4/22/14 5/22/14 6/22/14 7/22/14 8/22/14 9/22/14 10/22/14 11/22/14 !"#$$%&"
  • Solution:
 10 Automate to scale up and out easily !!  Scaling up! !  Application servers: 2 cores => 8 cores! !  DB servers: 7.5GB => 68GB!!  Scaling out! !  Application servers: 2 => up to 50! !  MySQL servers: 2 => 16 => 8!!  Easy installation by automation! !  Chef recipes managed by Scalarium make that easy! !"#$$%&"
  • Challenge:
 11Idle servers cost money, too! peak : valley ratio 20:1 @ VZ 5:1 @ FB !"#$$%&"
  • Solution! 12 Run servers only when needed!!  Scalarium offers time and load based instances! !  Start and stop instances based on time! !  Start and stop instances based on load! !"#$$%&"
  • Solution! 13Run servers only when needed! !"#$$%&"
  • Challenge ! 14 No application is perfect !!  Do you know your applicationʼs behavior?! !  How is it used?! !  Whatʼs the throughput right now?! !  What HTTP requests stress the DB most?!!  What did change in the last release?! !  How up-to-date is your information?! !  Can you compare performance now with last weekʼs?! !"#$$%&"
  • Solution! 15New Relic provides trace information! !"#$$%&"
  • Solution
 16New Relic provides overviews ! !"#$$%&"
  • Solution
 17 New Relic provides custom charts !!  Screenshot: Scalarium! !"#$$%&"
  • Challenge! 18 Itʼs hard to scale out MySQL!!  Caching requests would not work! !  Almost all HTTP requests were changing something in DB!!  We optimized our MySQL configuration! !  Perconaʼs XtraDB, innodb_flush_method = O_DIRECT! !  Patches to ActiveRecord and data_fabric gem!!  Still I/O performance of EBS was a hard limit! !  Maximum of 1,000 write transactions / sec / server! !  But already 5,000 writes / sec at peak for 8 masters!!  So we sharded our MySQL databases! !  But handling 16 DBs is no fun…! !  … and at that time we only had 300,000 users! !"#$$%&"
  • Solution! 19 Pick a DB thatʼs better suited!!  Redis was our choice! !  Master runs in-memory only (45,000 writes / sec / server)! !  Slaves backup data to disk every 15 minutes! !  Rich data model that is way beyond simple key/value!!  We migrated most write heavy tables to Redis! !  Currently Redis has 2.5x transactions / sec than MySQL! !  But MySQL has still more data (256 GB vs. 40 GB)! !"#$$%&"
  • Challenge
 20 Handling Data (Bases) is hard!!  MySQL has its problems! !  Making a backup of 64GB takes about 30 minutes…! !  But restoring it can take 6 hours or more!!  Redis is not perfect, too! !  Memory consumption of process grows over time! !  If too much memory is used backup to disk no longer works! !  Every two weeks we had to replace servers to “reset” RAM! !"#$$%&"
  • Challenge
 21Redis memory fragmentation! !"#$$%&"
  • “Solution”
 22 Automated setups always helps !!  Replacing MySQL DBs! !  Start up new master / slave and restore backup! !  Make master slave of existing slave! !  Wait until replication in sync again (some hours)! !  Switch to new master and remove old master / slave! E0V&" 40V&" E0V=" 40V="!  Replacing Redis DBs! !  Same procedure as above! !  But everything can be done in 30 minutes! !"#$$%&"
  • When Devs Do Ops ! 23!  Starting Point!!  Finding Helpers!!  Challenges and Solutions!!  Looking back! !"#$$%&"
  • We still have only 2 backend
 24 developers to operate this! !"#$$%&"
  • Know what it means
 25 to be in a Cloud !!  Using a cloud has some disadvantages! !  Another game with dedicated HW has 8x better performance! !  I/O and network performance of EC2 is quite … err … limited! !  You cannot pick the best hardware possible! !  All hosts have the same chance of failure!!  But offers unique advantages! !  Having unlimited servers on demand is just awesome!! !  You pay only for what you need when you need it! !  You can concentrate on your product! !  Itʼs very easy to experiment! !"#$$%&"
  • Play to its strengths
 26 and adjust for its weaknesses !!  Play to its strengths! !  Program your infrastructure, automate as much as possible! !  Measure closely and react to changes! !  Scaling up and out is quite easy! !  Sit back and relax…!!  And adjust for its weaknesses! !  Avoid I/O – consider an in memory database or caching! !  Be prepared that every host can fail! !"#$$%&"
  • Thank you! ! 27 ps. wooga.com/jobs jesper@wooga.com !"#$$%&"