How to hire the best people for your startup-Gitta Blat-Head of People

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  • 1. Gitta Blatt, Head of People Wooga @ HIIG February 2014
  • 2. How many Singles do we have here today?
  • 3. Parship says YES
  • 4. (January 2014, Jobvite)
  • 5.   Lessons learned   Recommendations   Summary How to hire the best people for your start up
  • 6. 1.800 11.000 350.000 Gitta 15 years filled jobs Interviews CV‘s
  • 7. est.
  • 8. Wooga?   Lessons learned   Recommendations   Summary How to hire the best people for your start up
  • 9. Get the basics right
  • 10. What do you want?
  • 11. What do you need?
  • 12. 30 billion loss to the German economy in 2011 caused by unfilled positions (Ernst Young)
  • 13. You can easily scare the candidate
  • 14. Recruiting needs a change
  • 15. Talent Channel @Wooga Direct Contact 35% Events 3% Headhunter 15% Referral 40% University Relations 6%
  • 16. Referral 40% Talent Channel @Wooga
  • 17. Networking Management
  • 18. successful referrals
  • 19. Direct Contact 35% Talent Channel @Wooga
  • 20. Prepare your digital name card
  • 21. University Relations 6% Talent Channel @Wooga
  • 22. Universitiy Management
  • 23. Business Platforms
  • 24. But Focus
  • 25. Don‘t ask... Is this a good idea?
  • 26. But... Is this idea better than any other idea I am working on?
  • 27. Volume Management
  • 28. Fulltime Vacancies in 2013 3.000 Working Students
  • 29. Fulltime Vaacancies in 2013 289 488 131Working Students
  • 30.   Lessons learned   Recommendations   Summary How to hire the best people for your start up
  • 31. Fit over Skill
  • 32. Individuality and Personality
  • 33. Screen + Interview
  • 34. Decide How?
  • 35. Don’t follow the Hippo! HIPPO = Highest Paid Person’s Opinion
  • 36. What you want to know… And how you might ask for it… Team fit •  What‘s characteristic for a team you would be comfortable working with? •  What is your personal line that mustn't be crossed? •  Which are signs for you that a colleague is not happy with a decision that was made? Creativity •  To which point do you fight for your ideas? •  What characterizes a good idea for you? •  Which of your former ideas are you most proud of? How did you make sure they’re realized? Self-motivation •  What was your most complex/unstructured project you ever worked on? What made it that complex? How exactly did you handle the situation? •  Which achievements are you most proud of? Why? Performance- orientation •  When was the last time you pushed yourself to the edge to achieve a goal? •  Under which conditions do you decide to reject a task you’re given? •  What do you need to keep your performance up while working at a lengthily task? Sense for responsibility •  When would you assume the responsibility for something? Or when wouldn’t you? What does your decision depend on? •  Could you give me an example of your past where you’ve shown responsibility? Decision-making ability •  Would you please give us an example about how you made a decision when many insecurities were involved? •  How do you decide in case you don’t have enough time to research sufficient information?
  • 38.   Lessons learned   Recommendations   Summary How to hire the best people for your start up
  • 39. Summary: what did not work? •  too general •  too corporate •  engineers use their own channels: •  user groups, conferences & recommendations •  quantity vs. quality •  take care about women
  • 40. Summary, my future predictions 1.  Blogs and Media are top relevant 2.  Mobile might come critical mass 3.  Social tools already change practice 4.  Employees Market of choice 5.  Diversity enters the world of top talent 6.  Workforce analytics will ermege – Tools become critical for big data 7.  Package instead money (Culture, Career, Responsibility, Ownership)
  • 41. ?
  • 42. Gitta Blatt Head of People