Does Your Backyard Garden Retreat Need a Facelift?


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Does Your Backyard Garden Retreat Need a Facelift?

  1. 1. Whether your garden is the picture of health or needs a few weeds pulled here and there, there comes a timewhen pretty plants just arent enough. If youre ready for a garden retreat, a place where you can entertain guestsand show off your handy work, then its time to give yourbackyard garden a much needed facelift. These innovative tips can give you a head start.
  2. 2. Mirror, Mirror
  3. 3. Show off the beauty of your backyard garden and create a few optical illusions at the same time. When mirrors arestrategically placed around your backyard garden, they canmake for a magical night. Mirrors reflect light and objects, and by placing your mirrors in unique places around your garden, even among plants, vines and tree branches, youcan accentuate your gardens key features. Your guests will have to take a second look when something catches theireye, reflected in your mirror. If you wanted a conversation piece, youve got it!
  4. 4. Nap Time
  5. 5. Whether youre entertaining guests, enjoying a middaybarbecue, or just spending some outdoor time with your family, you want to be comfortable without sacrificing your gardens contemporary look. Fortunately, wicker furniture is weather resistant and perfect for theoutdoors. Its chic and comfortable all at once, perfect forboth hosting soirees and relaxing on a Sunday afternoon. Not only can you get wicker furniture that meets yourreclining needs, such as daybeds and sectionals, you can get high-fashion dining sets and coffee tables as well.
  6. 6. Deep Blue SeaFountains add a touch of elegance to backyard spaces, but they may lack the "wow" factor that your garden needs. To spice your fountain up a bit, consider placing water lights underneath yourfountain streams. These lights make for a display of colourthat can change the whole look of your garden. If you have several tiers in your fountain, try adding different colours to each tier for an aurora effect. Changing or twinklinglights can give your backyard a feel of transcendence. Yourguests may have to pinch themselves to remind them that they arent having their coffee in a nautical wonderland.
  7. 7. Just a Little Sip
  8. 8. When you host guests in your backyard garden retreat, you may no doubt serve them tea, coffee, anddrinks. But thats not all that your china and silverware are good for. Decorate your outdoor space using china in unexpected ways. Show off your garden produce by lining your silverware and china displays with vines and fresh picked fruit and vegetables. Use your glasses and trays to display your gardens flowers. For added subtlety, sprits your centrepieces with cool water, giving them a fresh- from-the-garden look. If youd rather not use your expensive china for the centrepieces, pick up someimitation china at a local shop. Fun, jazzy margarita glasses or elegant tea sets may also do the trick.
  9. 9. Designing your backyard garden retreat can be fun andexciting and it doesnt mean that you have to sign up for a few more credit cards. Enjoy expressing your creativity and style in new and unique ways and brace yourself for the "oohs" and "aahs" that are sure to come your way when your guest finally see your brand new garden retreat.
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