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Liberal Studies - Concept Drilling (M2 - Quality of Life)
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Liberal Studies - Concept Drilling (M2 - Quality of Life)


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Concept drilling for beginners - to consolidate subject concept

Concept drilling for beginners - to consolidate subject concept

Published in: Education
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  • 1. Liberal Studies – Concept Test 1 Prepared by Timothy Wong Page 1 of 4 Liberal Studies - Concept Test 1 Name: ___________________________________ Date: _____________ Marks: _______/60 Instructions:  There are totally four pages in this paper.  There are two parts in this test. ATTEMPT ALL QUESTIONS.  Part A refers to concepts, Part B relates to case study based on concepts.  Synonyms are accepted when they find reasonable. DURATION: 30 MINS PART A – Concept Building (36 marks) Fill in the blanks. There can be MORE THAN ONE WORD in each blank. Quality of life (QOL) refers to individuals’ level of _______________ in different perspectives of their lives. It can be measured in ______________ perspective, indicators include _______________ and _______________ (GIVE TWO); ______________ perspective which includes ______________ and ______________ (GIVE TWO); ______________ perspective which includes ______________ and ______________ (GIVE TWO); ______________ perspective which includes ______________ and ______________ (GIVE TWO) and finally ______________ perspective which includes ______________ and ______________ (GIVE TWO). Last but not least, QOL involves ______________ level which refers to satisfaction of physicals needs, and ______________ whose people pursuit physical needs. QOL can also be evaluated in _________ and _________ term according to interests of individuals, social groups or government. Improving one’s QOL is determined by various factors. When there are enough ______________, a deficiency can be handled. If ____________ are willing to express their views actively, the government normally would take initiatives to improve their corresponding QOL. ____________ , ____________ and ____________ , ____________ in the society are one of the determinants for the government to improve several stakeholders’ QOL in order.
  • 2. Liberal Studies – Concept Test 1 Prepared by Timothy Wong Page 2 of 4 Urgency is also a factor for the government to prioritize her agenda to improve a certain stakeholders’ QOL. However, the society does not hold much capital and Hong Kong itself involves too many interest groups, there are obstacles with respect to maintaining and improving QOL. First of all, different perspectives of ______________ may hinder the progress of the government to implement a QOL-friendly policy. For example, a lot of people would like to build a bicycle trail alongside the harbour, but then some residents may oppose the idea since it may upset the housing price. ______________ ___ ______________ is also a vital consideration for the government. The government never holds much resources and bargaining power to improve all aspects of the society. For example, regarding to ______________ and ________________ order, if there is/are political and/or social crisis, Hong Kong government may have difficulties in allotting capital and time to improve local QOL affairs. Last but not least ______________ ________ affects the efficiency and effectiveness when improving a community’s QOL. At last ________ ____________ can be the most important factor to hinder improving QOL. If the masses hold doubts on the government in improving QOL due to poor legitimacy / lack of trust, the whole improvement can be halted for a couple period of time until both sides get a consensus and/or resolution.
  • 3. Liberal Studies – Concept Test 1 Prepared by Timothy Wong Page 3 of 4 PART B – Case Study (24 marks) Not enough land to build 200,000 flats in Hong Kong, Audit Commission warns The Audit Commission has warned of long waits for public flats as it cast doubt on the government's claim to have enough land to meet its ambitious home-building targets. Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying pledged in his January policy address to provide 200,000 new public rental flats in the decade to 2023, up from the 180,000 he promised a year earlier. Government sources said after the speech that they had identified 80 sites to be rezoned for residential use, enough to provide the public flats and meet a wider target of offering 470,000 public and private flats by 2023. But the government watchdog said yesterday that its studies had shown a shortfall of 38 hectares on the land needed for public flats, even if the administration was able to "resolve many technical issues, local objections and [carry out] necessary rezoning" on other sites it had identified. That would mean it could build only 179,000 flats, 21,000 fewer than the target. The commission urged the Housing Department to co-ordinate better with other bureaus and departments to streamline the planning and land administration processes, and to increase flat production, for example by increasing building density on public estates. (adopted from South China Morning Post, 17/04/2014) 1. Housing involves different perspectives in Quality of Life. List them all out. (4 marks) _______________ / _______________ / _______________ / _______________ 2. Building public houses involve obstacles. Briefly describe and explain the factor(s) behind. (10 marks)
  • 4. Liberal Studies – Concept Test 1 Prepared by Timothy Wong Page 4 of 4 3. If you are the government, what measure(s) will you conduct in order to ensure stable housing supply without compromising sustainability of communities? Briefly explain. (10 marks) *** END OF TEST ***