Pricing and Negotiating for Commercial Photographers


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Pricing and Negotiating for Commercial Photographers

  1. 1. PRICING &NEGOTIATING!"#$%&()*+,-./#%Jess Dudley/Production Director
  2. 2. WONDERFUL MACHINE▹  Wonderful Machine provides creatives with the most comprehensive source of high quality photographers, all over the world. ▹  Invitation Only ▹  Active/Aggressive Promotion ▹  550+ Photographers ▹  50 US Cities ▹  50 Countries ▹  25 Specialties
  3. 3. Pricing and Licensing Basic Uses/TerminologyNegotiating Gathering Information Determining Fees Building an Estimate
  4. 4. LICENSING▹  Licensing fees are determined based on a number of factors including, but not limited to: ▹  Type of Use ▹  Prominence ▹  Geography ▹  Duration of Use ▹  Exclusivity
  5. 5. BASIC USES/TERMINOLOGY▹  Publicity – Client Submitted ▹  Press Release ▹  Editorial Request▹  Collateral – Client Produced ▹  Website ▹  Brochure, Annual Report▹  Advertising – Paid Placement ▹  Web Banner ▹  Print ▹  Outdoor
  6. 6. GATHERING INFORMATION▹  What is the concept?▹  Do you have a shot list?▹  Who is the client?▹  What is the goal of the campaign/project?▹  What is the intended use (in what ways can I limit the licensing)?▹  Who else is being asked to submit an estimate? Am I the favored photographer?▹  Has the agency/client worked with any of the photographers being considered?▹  Do you have a budget set already?▹  Have you shot this campaign/project previously?
  7. 7. New Client Info Extent of Use: Prominence: Duration: Geography: Volume: Exclusivity: Credit: Type of Use:Editorial: Anticipated Space: One Time Use? Local? What is the circulation of 30 days from publication Adjacent to the photo, orType of Publication: How many photos do you Other__________ Regional? the publication? or 180 days from delivery, if a cover on the table ofNewspaper plan to use, and what sizes? National? What is the advertising whichever is less.Consumer magazine Cover? Inside? What about International? contents page, or if aTrade Magazine web use, foreign language use page rate? Foreign Edition Use? spread, one large credit.Book reprint use, subsidiary use, Other__________ Foreign Language Use?Other_____________ syndication use? Do you want(for Corp. Mag . See Collateral Below) these included or a la carte? Other__________Publicity: N/A One Year? Local? Number of copies? Proprietary images are Credit on all prints andType of Use: Other___________ Regional? exclusive forever, non-Media Kits slides. National? proprietary images areOther_____________ International? exclusive for one year. Other__________ Other__________Advertising: Size of Photo(s): One Year? Will the ads appear: Number of insertions? Proprietary images are This is a negotiable point.What type of media: Are there other photos in the Other___________ Locally? Names of publications? exclusive forever, non-Newspaper Magazine ad or just ours? Regionally? Be sure to get it when Number of pieces? proprietary images arePoint of Purchase Catalog Nationally? exclusive for one year. you make any otherBillboard Bus Shelter Internationally? concessions.Direct Mail PackagingFreestanding Insert Other__________ Other__________Other_____________Collateral: Front cover, back cover, What is the life expectancy Will the publication be What is the print run? Proprietary images are Once in the back ofWhat type of publication? distributed: inside, or both? of this piece? Do you want Locally? exclusive forever, non- publication is customary.Brochure/ Annual Report Regionally? Will our photos appear with one time use of photos? proprietary images areCorporate Magazine Nationally? others? Internationally? exclusive for one year.CD-Rom Other__________ Are there separate foreignOther_____________ editions?What is the title of the publication? Separate language editions? Other__________ Other____________Retail: Will ours be the main N/A Will the product be How many pieces will you Proprietary images areWhat type of use? distributed: produce? photo or a secondary exclusive forever, non-T-shirts Locally? photo? proprietary images areMugs Regionally? exclusive for one year.Posters Nationally?Calendars Internationally?Other_____________ Other__________ Other____________World Wide Web: Will the photo(s) appear One Year? Is your audience: How many hits does your Proprietary images are How about a link to yourWhat type of use? on the main page or on site get per day or week exclusive forever, non- web page? Other___________ Local? or month?Editorial subsequent pages? Regional? proprietary images areAdvertising National? exclusive for one year.Other___________ International? Other__________
  8. 8. DETERMINING FEES▹  Pricing Structure: Day, Shot, Project▹  Consider the value of each image/scenario and the effect of the duration on the value▹  Review previous comparable estimates▹  Consult multiple pricing resources: BlinkBid, Corbis, Fotoquote, Etc.▹  Consider hiring a consultant or rep
  9. 9. BUILDING AN ESTIMATE▹  Use an estimating worksheet or software like Excel, Quickbooks, BlinkBid▹  Line item everything▹  For larger projects, consider including a treatment: ▹  Experience and client list ▹  Technical and creative approach ▹  Swipes including style references ▹  Production calendar & schedule▹  Terms and Conditions▹  Review with a Consultant, Rep or Friend
  10. 10. NEGOTIATING▹  Portfolio, Relationship and/or Money.▹  Don’t give away something for nothing▹  Does the intended use match the requested use?▹  Contract solutions▹  Duration limitations▹  Licensing segmentation▹  Production responsibilities▹  Invoicing
  11. 11. PRODUCTION ▹  Concept▹  Pre-Bid (optional)▹  Client Review and Approval▹  Estimate, Negotiation, Preliminary Schedule▹  Approval, PO & Advance▹  Production: Casting, Scouting, Wardrobe, Props▹  Talent/Location Approval, Fees & Releases▹  Shoot!▹  1st Edit Delivery and Image Selection▹  Retouching and File Delivery▹  Invoicing
  12. 12. PRICING &NEGOTIATING!"#$%&()*+,-./#%Jess Dudley/Production Director