YouthNet and 1000Heads showcase how they used WOM to put sex and drink on the agenda


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  • OLLIE AND MOLLY - INTROSBriefly introduce ourselves, our backgrounds and a simple overview of what our job involves now
  • Helping young people make choices today for a brighter tomorrow, for over 16 years online
  • MOLLY – 1000HEADSThe world’s largest Word of Mouth agency specialising in social media – NMA’s 2011 Reputation Online reviewFounded in 2000 and now grown to a team of 100 people across offices in London, New York, Sydney and BerlinPeople are our thing. We understand what makes them tick, what they are passionate about, and how to motivate themClients include Nokia, P&G, Skype, Gala Bingo and Lexus, and we have experience of working with some of the world’s biggest and best businesses.But what really attracted us to this project was working with a quirky charity and working with this audience.
  • OLLIE – Rationale & objectives /BRIEF
  • MOLLY – VIDEOSo without further ado – watch the videoSo now you’ve got an overview of the project we’d like to share our insight into why this was interesting for us, what worked and what didn’t and what we learned.
  • MOLLY 1One thing that was great for us was the chance to really drill down into what this audience talked about, felt and wanted, pushing aside assumptions to find the real picture.This included an emphasis on the influenced rather than the influencer, a big theme at 1000heads – not looking at the few people supposedly with influence but looked at the mass of others, the vast majority, the ones who are influenced and who go on to take action and make a real difference.What wasn’t surprising was the volatile link between sex and alcohol within the target audience 18-25. Now the fact that young people are always being told about the dangers of mixing sex and alcohol, so much so that it fades into the background for them now. How could we recapture their attention and make them stop and think about what they're doing and about whether it's what they should be doing. Our WOM audit into how and where young people talk online about three different ares (sex, drugs and alcohol) told us that a lot of conversation about these issues are had in a fun and cheeky tone of voice. Young people make jokes about these subjects, and are more likely to react well to something that speaks to them in the same way.And also because the vast majority of WOM, particularly on these sensitive topics, happens offline, we wanted that to drive our approach
  • MOLLY 2This was super simple, visual and easy to create an entire immersive experience around – from bar mats to pint glasses to t-shirts and even to condoms - and it was all led by face to face real world conversation
  • MOLLY 3Every asset was careful to drive the conversation back to where there was a special ‘morning after’ page where the audience could engage further with the campaign and find relevant advice to sex and alcohol related issues.We also ran a simultaneous Twitter quiz where we asked questions the answers to which could be found on Winners would get a set of the branded glasses. This was just the beginning of building a really vibrant Twitter community all with the same playful and creative style and the same honesty about shared experiences.
  • MOLLY 4One great success for us was that the campaign spread *between* students and became a talking point in their bars, common rooms, corridors, bedrooms and yes, of course online – with students from the different unis interacting with each other too. This makes a radical difference to TheSite talking to them or pushing the message – it combined the trust and traction of peer opinion on a sensitive issue with raising awareness of an authoritative resource people could go to for more objective advice.
  • MOLLY 5Sus are typical of a great wom or social community. They told us they had been approached regularly before by brands wanting to harness their power but it was either in a very intangible digital way or quite frankly did not align with their own objectives.We were really careful to talk to these guys beforehand and mould the project so it was in their personal interests to get involved – we were HELPING them push their agenda, not intruding upon it.
  • MOLLY 6Student union websites, publicity material and social presences; student press; local radio and newspapers.In Warwick we even worked with a local brewer to produce a new beer, a limited edition morning after beer that gave him press as well as us and tied in the local community very closely – and even pushed wom out into the brewery industry. Sold over 400 pints of his entirely new beer the week we ran the campaign on campus.
  • OLLIE AND MOLLY - LEARNINGSWhat would you change? What would you have done better or differently? How has it changed your future direction?From 1000heads point of view, our main improvements would have been - surprise surprise – around measurement. We did the usual 1000heads measurement with this: episodes, OTV etc. but we discovered later that actually people were looking for other info (especially YouthNet's potential funders): Did it change student behaviour at the universities we visited? Were there less unplanned pregnancies? How much did the site visits increase and people consume related articles? Site visits were hard to track due to a technical issue at YouthNet's end and we didn't have tools in place to measure these other types of questions. Something we recommended to YouthNet was that we actually have something like a stand at the universities where people can log onto the site there and then and see what it's about. We also recommended looking at other ways in which to tie online in more effectively than just the voices we contacted and the Twitter competition e.g. upload a pic of one of the glasses and receive a voucher for food at the student bar.
  • OLLIE – learning's and going forward
  • Q&A
  • YouthNet and 1000Heads showcase how they used WOM to put sex and drink on the agenda

    1. 1. Youth cultureand word ofmouthOllie Drackford and Molly Flatt#WOMMAUK03/11/11
    2. 2. Follow us on @YouthNetUK
    3. 3. 1 million Opportunities to volunteer 19,000 New users on average, per month“Volunteering made easy” 57,000 Applications during October 2011
    4. 4. The online guide to life for 16 to 25 year olds143,796UK young people visiteach day for advice &support Over 2000 articles offering support 800Questions asked viaaskTheSite each month 2 million Community board posts
    5. 5. Rationale • Existing focus on SEM and SEO; it was now time to diversify • audit & monitoring of off-site topic discussions • Great onsite engagement. However, very little reference off-siteObjectives• Find a way of getting young people to think about the risks of excessive drinking & provide them with the facts to help avoid those morning after regrets• Raise awareness of amongst 16 -25 year olds in the UK• Drive views of content both on & off owned sites• Build & develop relationships with influential advocates for
    6. 6. Video
    7. 7. 1. Insight into the influenced
    8. 8. 2. Offline immersion…
    9. 9. 3. …Driving online conversation
    10. 10. 4. Peer to peer, not charity to students
    11. 11. 5. Harnessing students unions
    12. 12. 6. Integration. Lots of integration
    13. 13. Completely new approachWOM & Advocacy – activities that we hadnot focused on. Miles away from our onlineSEO/SEM workThe offline hookDisruptive marketing was a great way to get it’s message into newspacesWOM = trustworthinessFit perfectly with our ‘digital native’ audienceService’s built on being trustworthy. WOM,recommendation and advocacy helps us to keepthis position.
    14. 14. Preconceptions?How can you measure WOM?Creativity was keyWithout the four branded drinks, playing on the issuesrelated to excessive drinking, the campaign wouldn’thave workedOpenness towardsthe issueThose we meet and interacted withboth on and offline we’re willing to talkand share things about the sensitivetopic
    15. 15. Measurement Improved ways of measuring the real impact; tangible changes in behaviourResourcing/momentumPeople on the ground managing. promotingand explaining the campaign throughoutevents Brand buy in Having the big drink brands partner with us, would have given us even greater impact & buzzCampaign impact…• WOM and ambassadors – now a key part of our strategy• Inspired new ideas, new activities, for new bids and campaigns• Relationship building and cultivation is now core
    16. 16. Thanks! Over to you…