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Innovation And Tech Career Reinvention Final Version V1
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Innovation And Tech Career Reinvention Final Version V1


Published on

2009 Women Who Tech TeleSummit presentation on innovation and reinventing your career.

2009 Women Who Tech TeleSummit presentation on innovation and reinventing your career.

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • Dee – 30 seconds to frame the panel’s focus
  • Personal life chaotic? Join a low-impact team that stretches a few, targeted, risktaking muscles. Personal life running smoothly? Diversify your portfolio by adding more professional / career risk.
  • Each Risktaking Style has its vulnerabilities – environment, situation, and people It’s these vulnerabilities that often become our “blind spots” It’s a small step from blind spot to “emotional hot button”
  • Transcript

    • 1. Innovation and Tech Career Reinvention Women Who Tech TeleSummit May 12, 2009 Need Help? Press *7 to un-mute phone lines or call ReadyTalk Support at 1-800-843-9166 Christine Adzich , Big Picture Productions Sheryl Chamberlain , EMC Corporation Megan Fitzgerald , Career by Choice Nance Wheeler , Intel Corporation Moderator: Dee McCrorey , Risktaking for Success LLC
    • 2. Your Panel…Experienced in the Practical Art of Reinvention
    • 3. Christine has gone from high tech consultant to television producer…
      • Christine Adzich is a television producer of reality and lifestyle programming, forming Big Picture Productions in 2003.
      • She ventured into film financing; negotiating and closing a deal for a major motion picture staring William H. Macy and Meg Ryan. Other pending films include high-profile actors such as Kevin Costner, Mila Jovovich, Dennis Quaid, and Ewan McGregor.
      • Prior to setting up Big Picture Productions , Adzich owned a management consulting firm that worked with high technology companies developing business and financial strategies.
      • Her expertise with small and midsize companies, turnarounds and growth companies, along with her skills as a motivational speaker, has gained Adzich an outstanding reputation as one of the top results-oriented sales executives in her field.
      • Adzich is a frequent guest lecturer and is a motivation and business coach to start-up business owners. She holds a B.S. in Finance and Business Management from San Jose State University.
    • 4. Sheryl is a pro at reinventing her career and transforming the lives of others…
      • Sheryl Chamberlain is a Director at EMC responsible for directing, implementing, coordinating the strategic and operational activities for EMC’s Technology Alliance with VMware. Prior to that Sheryl worked in EMC’s Outsourcer, System Integration Sales Alliance Organization and was responsible for developing, building and establishing global cross industry corporate and regional relationship with Computer Sciences Corporation, a 14 Billion dollar outsourcer and consulting organization. Sheryl is an advisor to EMC’s West Coast Women’s Leadership Forum and was the founding President of the organization representing 5,000 Women. Sheryl founded a grass roots Leadership & Innovation Program for EMC in Silicon Valley.
      • Prior to EMC, Sheryl owned and operated a business consultancy practice focused on providing system integration business reengineering services to organizations with revenues of 5M to 1Billion. That was after she held key sales, marketing, project management and financial positions for Fortune 500 companies including IBM, PepsiCo, Norton Simon Corp. and Deloitte Touché.
      • Sheryl was selected to receive a 2008 YWCA Twin award . In addition, Sheryl has been involved in a number of leadership programs including serving as the Founding Officer and President of the Construction Financial Management Association Valley of the Sun, Institute for Women’s Leadership - Executives Leading Sustainable Change, Santa Clara University Global Women’s Leadership Network Women Leaders for the World, Director Mentoring Program Alliance of Technology and Women Silicon Valley, Advisory Board Foundation for Self Reliance and Forum for Women Entrepreneurs and Executives.
    • 5. Megan is a top notch personal branding coach and social media strategist…
      • Megan Fitzgerald is an expat career and personal branding coach and founder of Career By Choice . Named "one of the top 50 personal branding consultants worth working with", she helps fellow expatriates use their unique value or personal brand to build a career or business that ‘fits’ who they are and their international lifestyle.
      • Having lived, worked or played in over 25 countries, she currently works “virtually” with professionals and entrepreneurs across the globe, as well as in Rome, Italy where she currently resides.
      • With multiple degrees and certifications and over 15 years of experience in career and business development, she takes a creative, entrepreneurial approach to helping her clients build strong personal brands – on- and offline. Megan teaches them how to use the right tools and strategies to develop their online identity and network, which in today’s global market place, is just as important as one’s presence and network offline to professional success. A believer that technology transforms people's lives, she enjoys working with technology professionals worldwide.
    • 6. This is Nance’s 5 th major transition in her career…
      • Nancy Wheeler has been an engineer and technical manager since graduating from Purdue University. She has spent her career managing engineers, technicians and scientists for Intel Corporation in California, Oregon and Japan. She has worked in both technology development organizations and in high volume manufacturing for semiconductor processing. She spent most of her career in developing metrology processes and in quality assurance.
      • Her work in metrology involved providing strategic direction for the selection and incorporation of new tools into new manufacturing processes. She developed new measurement technology for ever shrinking semiconductor processes. Her work involved installation of hundreds of tools, resolving manufacturing problems and developing streamlined processes for cost effectiveness. In her quality assurance role, she worked with suppliers to improve incoming material quality and establishing testing criteria.
      • Looking forward Nance identified that she would need to make a change to achieve her career goals. She joined Toastmasters 2 years ago and began improving her public speaking abilities. This led to opportunities on Television and Internet radio. With the scheduled closure of her plant on the horizon, she has also taken internet networking sites to heart. This is the 5th major transition in her career and she has found the networking sites afford opportunities to stay connected never before available.
    • 7. Dee’s passion is helping others level the innovation playing field…
      • Dolores "Dee" McCrorey , Chief Risk Guru and Innovation Coach of Risktaking for Success LLC , brings her passion for leading organizations and professionals through change and transformation via workplace reinvention and "homegrown" corporate entrepreneurship.
      • Dee launched her venture in 2000 after a successful twenty-five-year career serving in a variety of leadership, program and middle management roles for Fortune 500 companies, with a mission to bring practical innovation and Responsible Risktaking™ to the enterprise.
      • She became hooked on the business, career and social value of Web 2.0 tools in 2006 after the launch of her blog The Ultimate Corporate Entrepreneur. Today, Dee’s social media mix includes a video blog Road to Innovation.TV, two Internet radio shows on BlogTalkRadio—Coach for Innovation and Big Dreamers! The Reinvent Success Show. You’ll also find her experimenting with the marketing power of Facebook and Twitter.
      • Her educational background in Journalism and International Relations and a five-year expatriate experience in Europe and the Middle East provide Dee with a rich understanding of multicultural settings and international business environments. Dee resides in Silicon Valley but loves that innovative technology allows her to extend the reach of her offerings around the world.
    • 8. Reinventing yourself is a methodology that works at any stage in your career.
      • It requires 8 areas of personal commitment
        • Stretching beyond your comfort zone
        • Packaging your transferable skills & leveraging your expertise
        • Recognizing your patterns of change
        • Clarifying your true value set
        • Assessing your strengths and weaknesses
        • Bridging your skills & knowledge gaps
        • Shedding your skin and replacing with a new you – transitioning into a new environment
    • 9. Personal risktaking Transferable skills
    • 10. Risktaking is a great differentiator when others are frozen in fear. How has personal risktaking contributed to your career / business success ? What key learning or life changes were the result of a failed attempt ? How did you rebound from this setback? What transferable skills would you take with you no matter what the environment?
    • 11. Playing to your strengths
    • 12. Sleuthing for projects that play to your strengths.
      • Portable assets : transferable skills you refine over time = your differentiators.
        • Great place to start when reinventing yourself
      • Under the radar projects provide a fast track to developing areas of expertise.
    • 13. How do you sniff out projects that play to your strengths or the strengths of others? How do you help others play to their strengths when assessing projects to pursue? How do you determine whether to pursue a project? What do you look for in perceived value ?
    • 14. Strategic use of Web 2.0
    • 15. Differentiate yourself with strategic use of Web 2.0 tools and social media.
    • 16. How companies and individuals put their social media strategy to work.
      • How is EMC using social media to differentiate itself in the marketplace ?
      • How are you leveraging these tools in furthering your career and the careers of others?
      What do you recommend to your clients when using social media to build their personal brand ?
    • 17. Succession planning
    • 18. Learning to transfer influence and ownership to others builds your legacy.
      • Mentoring is a key component of career success & personal satisfaction.
      • Reverse mentoring is increasing in importance (situational / generational)
        • Someone with lesser experience mentoring someone with more
        • GenY women mentoring Boomers
      • Reinventing yourself will have components of “passing the torch”.
    • 19. Transfer influence and ownership to others and move your career forward… How do you decide what to bring along and what to leave behind when you’re planning to move to a new role inside or outside the company? How do you go about transferring influence to others? How do you transfer ownership to others and enable them to be accountable ?
    • 20. Career migration and cut over
    • 21. Timing and awareness is critical to successful career change and transition.
      • Understand your preference for initiating career change.
      • Crucial to recognize when change is bubbling up – out of sync with your preference.
      • Proactively manage your career reinvention – reduces the risk of others doing it for you!
    • 22. Your approach to personal transition determines success in reinventing yourself.
      • What begins to shift in your life to let you know that it’s time to make a change?
      • How do you reconcile gaps and adapt to an environment that is changing faster than your personal preference?
      What tips can you share for successfully transitioning into a new workplace environment?
      • In the last 10 years have you noticed patterns for when you initiated a career change , i.e., 6, 9, 12, 18 months or longer?
      • What external conditions alert you to changing conditions within an organization?
    • 23. Q&A
    • 24. Backup Slides
    • 25. Dee’s Tips – 7 Career Reinvention Actions You Must Take Now
      • Pace Yourself – how fast do you need to reinvent yourself – internal drivers vs. external ones.
      • Career strategy – reinvent on your terms; be sure to leverage social media.
      • Peripheral vision – don’t be blindsided – your preference for change may be different from what is happening around you.
      • Connect-the-Dots – what is happening outside the workplace or business that can help you piece together bigger pix opportunities.  
      • Responsible Risktaking™ - identify the upstream & downstream impact of risks you’re planning to take – triple bottom line – People, Planet, Profits (3BL). 
      • Portable Assets – what expertise do you bring to the table (7+ years specialized experience).
      • Be Honest with Yourself – assess your situation not from a defensive perspective but an offensive one – develop your next steps action plan. | (blog)
    • 26. Nance’s Tips – career reinvention is a continuous learning experience.
      • Treat rejection as a learning experience. Let it tell you what you need to know.
      • Develop a network of people that are knowledgeable about your goal career. Ask them what you need to learn.
      • Immerse yourself in the various aspects of your goal career. You don’t know what you don’t know. As you see what concerns others, you will begin to identify the challenges.
      • Put yourself in the role mentally. Act it until it is comfortable.
      • Identify smaller scale learning opportunities to become confident in many aspects of the goal career before cross over.
      • | (blog)
    • 27. Megan’s Tips – EQ & personal branding = smooth workplace transition.
      • Research shows that 80% of competencies that define outstanding performance in the workplace have to do with emotional intelligence - not our knowledge or cognitive capacity. These are skills like adaptability, showing initiative, optimism, and working well with others.  These are all highly portable and transferable. I recommend Working with Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman to learn how to develop your emotional intelligence.
      • Leveraging social media to build your personal brand starts with understanding what you have to offer and who needs to know about your unique value  It continues with using the right combination of tools and strategies that allow you to have ongoing conversations and build authentic relationships with your target audience. You must define success for yourself and measure your progress so that your ongoing investment translates into reaching your goals. 
      • Transitioning into a new workplace successfully involves first being an observer - learning the lay of the land, who are the key players and how your strengths and skills can be best put to use. The next crucial step is securing early wins to build credibility and confidence that will help you moving forward. Building relationships with your new supervisor and key stakeholders will help you align your contribution to the project goals and insure you are set up for success in the long-term.
      • |
    • 28. Personal Risk Portfolio
      • Diversify your portfolio
      • Taking no risks puts you at greater risk for becoming “invisible” at work
      Life Changes 65% Professional Risk 35% Life Changes 35% Professional Risk 65%
    • 29. Mix up your personal risk portfolio – risktaking comes in different flavors
    • 30. Risktaking Styles Spectrum™ 2009 Risktaking for Success LLC All Rights Reserved Reckless Maverick Responsible Risktaker Adopter Skeptic Avoider Saboteur Prefers to “ go it alone”. Tendency to take unnecessary risks. Overlooks long-term effects or downstream impact of risky behavior. Comfortable with unknown outcomes. Political cache to influence change. Accepts personal ownership for their choices. Works “risk taking muscle” in managing change. Frequent shifts outside comfort zone. Takes limited risks if benefits are clearly stated. Requires supporting data where outcomes are “fuzzy”. Avoids tasks or activities perceived as having no known out- comes. Avoids “politically charged” situations. Derails squashes new ideas or changes. High stake in retaining status quo.            
    • 31. Coaching Guide by Risktaking Style™ Type Introduce change in small doses Provide frequent, positive feedback Cost Benefits Analysis Provide risk mitigation plan Guide through the risktaking process Reinforce learning, coach through setbacks Help them to Visualize Changes Prevent individuals from going underground Prep for mentoring & coaching entrepreneur-ship “ Flex” risktaking muscles for working with other styles Develop Innovation Footprint™ Strengthen Responsible Risktaking™ muscles 2009 Risktaking for Success LLC All Rights Reserved             Reckless Maverick Responsible Risktaker Adopter Skeptic Avoider Saboteur
    • 32. Risktaking for Success LLC