Unclutter Your Online Closet in 3 Easy Steps!


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Is your desktop, smartphone, tablet bursting at the seams with apps, software, files, photos, games and more? Then follow these 3 easy steps to unclutter your online closet and find what you need faster and more easily. Join us at the Women's Learning Studio to learn more about how to use the Internet to meet YOUR needs.

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Unclutter Your Online Closet in 3 Easy Steps!

  1. 1. 3 Steps to Unclutter Your Online Closet and Find What You Need NOW!
  2. 2. How cluttered is your online closet? Do all your tech devices resemble this closet? Ours did! It is easy to get this way!
  3. 3. Ways we clutter our online life:  Folders, files, pictures, etc.  Apps and games  Email inboxes  Photos and videos  Music  Lists, notes, stickies
  4. 4. Time to de-clutter in 3 easy steps!  Store it  Sync it  Trash it
  5. 5. Step 1: Store
  6. 6. 2 Ways to Store Your Digital Data  Cloud technology  Do It Yourself External Backup
  7. 7. Store and Back Up Cloud Storage Music Files Videos Photos
  8. 8. Some Cloud Storage Programs:  Photos: Flickr, Picasa  Music: iTunes, Amazon MP3, Spotify  Files: Dropbox, Boxnet, Skydrive, Google Drive  Videos: Vimeo, YouTube, Screenshare  Presentations: Slideshare, Sliderocket, Google Drive
  9. 9. Store and Back Up Cloud Storage Pay for private, secure cloud storage for everything on your computer or mobile device (including the hard drive)
  10. 10. A few automatic, fee-based cloud storage programs:  Backblaze  CrashPlan  Carbonite  Mozy  SOS Online Backup From: About.com PCSupport: 40 Online Backup Services Reviewed
  11. 11. Store and Back Up Do It Yourself External Back Up  Flash  External hard drives  Discs
  12. 12. Do It Yourself External Backups:  External Hard Drives: Can configure to automatically back up laptops and desktops, but not mobile devices (unless data uploaded to computer)  Flash and Disks: must remember to manually back-up. Not suitable for mobile devices (unless mobile data uploaded to computer)  Portable: can have all or parts of your data available when you want it. Cloud storage dependent on internet connection.
  13. 13. Remember to Organize BEFORE you Store
  14. 14. Organize Before You Store:  Create folders for docs, photos to keep related data together in one place  Label folders and/or files clearly so easy to find  Continue to add to folders with related data – save to update, then store or restore
  15. 15. Step 2: Sync
  16. 16. Sync Definitely sync:
  17. 17. Sync using Aggregator Programs  Mail clients (Outlook, Thunderbird, Mac Mail)  Social Media aggregators (HootSuite, Postano)  Cloud calendars (Google, Zoho)  Cloud contacts (ConstantContact, Google Play)  Site passwords (LastPass)
  18. 18. To sync or not to sync?  Used on a specific device: keep it there only  Sensitive information: don’t want it everywhere  Security: may not want on mobile devices or shared computers  Not used often: keep where you use it most often
  19. 19. Step 3: Trash
  20. 20. Some people have a fear of trashing - they keep everything! Is this YOU?
  21. 21. What is your fear of Trashing Profile?  I'm fearless and trash everything!  I don't trash everything, but do trash my digital data regularly  I am selective and trash only after I have thought about it  I only trash what I know is junk or spam and keep everything else  I am afraid to trash anything because it may be relevant in 2024
  22. 22. Trash  Old files  Unused apps  Old emails  Blurry and uncomplimentary pictures  Anything else you are holding onto but don’t need! Your data will NOT be relevant in 2024!
  23. 23. Remember: De-clutter is 3 easy steps!  Store it  Sync it  Trash it
  24. 24. As a member of the Women’s Learning Studio you can access the full resource list of links, tools, and software to further Unclutter Your Online Closet! Register Here Now!
  25. 25. Online with us at The Women’s Learning Studio http://www.womenslearningstudio.net info@womenslearningstudio.net Creative Commons- use by attribution, non-commercial, no derivatives