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The SAP HANA Cloud Platform is a enterprise ready, standards based PaaS. It is the platform of choice for developing extensions for SuccessFactors Employee Central. This presentation explains what the SAP HCP is and how it can be used to enhance _your_ SuccessFactors solution to work for _your_ company.

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  • Appreciated. Very good presentation. I have only one question. How to bring on Market Place of SAP Cloud Portal into Admin Tool of SuccessFactors as shown in your slide# 27 ?
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  • Change is an inescapable part of life and doing business. Avoiding it is futile, embracing it and attempting to understand it, much more useful.
  • Blah blah, safe harbour, blah blah – the real reason for putting this in here is that I’ve been lucky enough to secure permission for a few of my SAP contacts to reuse some of the content from their slide decks – but to make everyone happier, have included this standard, it may all change tomorrow disclaimer
  • Please do take picture, tweet, even post to facebook if you like, being social starts at the beginning of a presentation, not in the contact details at the end!
  • Example first
  • Example AWS … Should be noted that HEC is a hell of a lot more than an IaaS as we’re talking about managing and running SAP software on top of it too in a managed software or MSaaSkinda way – but underneath, if you want a HANA db in the cloud, you can get one here.
  • Finally PaaS
  • What is it – well…J2EEver 6 certified web runtime environment (funny seeing the SAP logo on an Oracle web page)A choice of databases – including HANA – MaxDb is the other.Ability to store unstructureed data – docs, videos, that sort of thing (although you do have a total size limit, so setting up a competitor to YouTube, probably not a good idea) Embedded connectivity to SAP on premise systems through SAP Cloud Connector
  • Built in user management, web based monitoring tools, an incredibly powerful and easy to use display option with SAP HANA Cloud Portal, and eventually, for partner’s the option to sell solutions through the SAP Store, and for customers to purchase and provision solutions via the SAP Store.
  • All together, it looks like this
  • Social is where things are going and the platform has direct links into the SAP Jam solution, and is the preferred solution for enhancing it.
  • There are multiple ways to connect to an on premise solution to a cloud solution, the options reduce when you factor security into the equation. Typically, you are looking at the ole DMZ approach with reverse proxies and “holes” in firewalls. As someone who has in the past tried to get cloud solutions to talk securely to SAP systems, there is a lot of work in getting this done – typically weeks of lobbying and going through committees etc. It’s harder than trying to get a Tech Spec approved by Matt Harding.  The simpler approach – enabled by SAP HANA Cloud Platform is to use the Cloud Connector. (I believe it uses TLS not SSL, but unless the latest Snowdon leaks get clarified a bit more, it’s likely that this is pretty secure.)
  • Use diagram to explain how these things connect together
  • Its about being a secure solution – a cloud company that gets hacked has no credibility. Everything that is done has security built into it.
  • 2 in Sydney, one with Verizon and one with MacQuire
  • I love the idea of a reverse proxy farm, you can imagine a hacker being bounced backwards and forwards with no idea where they are – but I guess that’s the point
  • Ok, so someone clearly has been drinking the KoolAid here…. I admit it I am an unashamed fan of the solution, it’s very usable, and very developer friendly. But…
  • To the business and IT reality – why on earth do we need this? Cool as it is, why use it? Firstly lets think about our current IT systems.
  • On Premise is incredibly flexible, and we have a huge level of control, we can keep running the same unsupported outdated software for years if we really fear change that much. Unfortunately due to the issues of needing our own hardware to run things on and potentially the amount of legacy code that we need to test against, our ability to change things quickly is severely hampered. Likewise, a large CapEx is needed to get the solution working.
  • SaaS, the answer to all our agility prayers, now I can add a whole new business into my solution, and have the initial infrastructure up in a day, Due to cloud companies running with “best practice” for all customers, huge economies of scale are possible, and so solution is relatively cheap to implement, CapEx minimal.The problems are “you get what you get and you don’t get upset”, and you do not have as much control as compared to on Premise.
  • Now add PaaS into the mix. The areas where SaaS was limited, PaaS can make a difference (OK, to be far, not as flexible or as controlled as OnPremise) but the issues we had with a one size fits someone else approach can be negated, we have the option to add flexibility and to a certain extent additional control over out applications.
  • Now, radar graphs are great for sales people because they disproportionally represent the data – imagine you have a graph with a 0-5 axis, one option scores 2 on all points, and one scores 4. The area shown under the graph is 4 times not 2 times larger in the second case. However, I did use then in case you feel like be a little salesy, - however, if you’re more into a clearer representation, check out these graphs. You should note that there are no numbers associated and I pretty much pulled the values out of my arse, but they do represent many years of experience with these systems. I’m pretty sure, if you do some digging you can find backup for the numbers.
  • SAP have a similar set of graphs, but they have the cost line above the access, which I think makes it harder to read. In the end, any cost is a negative, although a low cost is more positive? Ok will stop now and talk about what this looks like in the real world.
  • This is an example of the SuccessFactors Employee Central main screen. There are a whole bunch of widgets that the user can use. One though (Networking Lunch) is NOT a standard SuccessFactors component. The administrator of this particular SuccessFactors company has enabled and added the Networking Lunch extension feature. We can even see this additional feature has its own spot in the user menu (at the bottom) Note also how the widget looks just like all the others, same fonts, same colours – same theme!
  • We can open the app up and go a little more into the custom features – the theming applied to the main SuccessFactors views are replicated here – note the fonts and colours – if I changed the main SuccessFactors site, these would change too!Imagine the company specific process that you have that makes your company run better than anyone else? Could it fit here?
  • So how is it all built? – Does anyone in the room – other than Alisdair Templeton know the relationship between all the logos on the right?Anyone other than Alisdair know what the logo in the middle is? (Clojure – a modern Lisp dialect, designed for concurrency)The main point (although it is not required) for developing apps is Eclipse, and SAP provide plugin environments to view the servers, manage logs and security settings. These allow you to manage both local test servers and remote SAP accounts. It is possible (and sometimes required) to use command line options to deploy to/manage the remote accounts instead.
  • The theming of the solution within the SuccessFactors solution is provided by embedding the development within SAP HANA Cloud Portal.
  • Building sites in the cloud portal is incredibly easy – you can try it out for FREE in the trial version of the Cloud portalHere we can see we have created some custom widgets to display content
  • Whilst Themes and roles are do-able in the HCPortal, our extensions inherit the SuccessFactors theme, and as long as the content we display uses the CSS style tags this all works auto magically
  • Maintaining a website using the cloud portal tooling is really simple. It is also reassuring that all the content works across web and mobile devices.
  • Onto account management – here I’m logging onto my own trial account and can see the applications running. On the left hand side there are a bunch of options
  • Note that in the database area I can see multiple schemas – even for applications that I have since deleted! SAP offers some real control here, data is only deleted once you specify that you want it deleted! Great thing here is that if you’re building a trial app you CAN delete your database as and when you want.
  • Some of the strengths of SAP HANA Cloud Platform are in its security, as long as you’re not concerned about the NSA listening in to your details (which if you connect to any device that connects to the Internet is pretty much what can happen) then the platform offers some enterprise strength ways to manage your security, including SAML authentication to your enterprise IDP.
  • For a given application it is also possible to view the logs, details of the application runtimes etc.
  • As previously mentioned security is a BIG concern with sapHCP and every outgoing request destination must be explicitly coded into the application properties
  • In summary of the enhancement solution -
  • Value proposition of enhancing SuccessFactors with SAP HANA Cloud Platform
  • Availability dates of the solution are not officially released, but expect to hear something in the next month or so – The key here is that this is about enabling YOUR business – not necessarily everyone’s you can have a business differentiation but still use a SaaS platform and benefit from that.
  • SAP HANA Cloud Platform - SuccessFactors Extensions

    1. 1. SAP HANA Cloud Platform, with Extension Packs for SuccessFactors Employee Central Chris Paine, SAP Mentor, Chief HR Geek @ Discovery Consulting @wombling
    2. 2. “If we don't change, we don't grow. If we don't grow, we aren't really living. ” Gail Sheehy “If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading.” 老子 Laozi
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    4. 4. Who am I? Chris Paine SAP Mentor 15+ years of SAP HCM consulting experience Chief HR Geek @ Discovery Consulting @wombling Blog:
    5. 5. The Cloud Computing Stack - SaaS SaaS – Software as a service
    6. 6. The Cloud Computing Stack - IaaS IaaS – Infrastructure as a service SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud
    7. 7. The Cloud Computing Stack - PaaS PaaS – Platform as a service
    8. 8. Features Standards-based development and run-time environment Persistency service leveraging the speed of HANA Scalable Document Service for managing unstructured data Connectivity service enabling seamless integration with on premise SAP and other systems
    9. 9. Features Federated identity management via the SAP Identity Management service Remotely monitored and managed apps via a web- based account page Mash-up SAP apps and 3rd party content with the SAP HANA Cloud Portal Integration with the SAP Store
    10. 10. The SAP Cloud Computing Stack SaaS SAP HANA App Services Native SAP HANA | Java | Portal | Mobile | Collaboration | Integration | HTML5 | MDF PaaS SAP HANA DB Services In-Memory | Transactions | Analytics | Text | Predictive | Planning SAP HANA Cloud Platform IaaS SAP HANA Cloud Infrastructure Layer SAP Cloud | Public Cloud – SAP HANA One on AWS | Telco / Hosting Partners Cloud
    11. 11. SAP Jam A REST based API exists for SAP Jam. Extending the solution and integrating it into new solutions is completely possible from SAP HANA Cloud Platform. Adding a cross platform social collaboration option
    12. 12. Connecting from On Premise
    13. 13. SAP Cloud Connector A secure VPN from your on premise solutions to SAP’s Cloud. Connect once from inside your secure company network. Easy to setup and configure Secure, only way to access is through SAP HANA Cloud Platform applications configured to use the cloud connector
    14. 14. Security ISO/IEC 27001 requires management: Systematically examine the organization's information security risks, taking account of the threats, vulnerabilities, and impacts; Design and implement a coherent and comprehensive suite of information security controls and/or other forms of risk treatment (such as risk avoidance or risk transfer) to address those risks that are deemed unacceptable; Adopt an overarching management process to ensure that the information security controls continue to meet the organization's information security needs on an ongoing basis. Source - Wikipedia
    15. 15. More (Physical) Security Multiple data centres distributed globally, with more being built/moved into.
    16. 16. And yet more security
    17. 17. SAP HANA Cloud Platform
    18. 18. Heard it before? We need to have this new functionality Social! Can we get this, like, yesterday? I want this on my iPad I want this on my tablet, not an iPad Is it secure? It has to integrate with the solutions we already have No, you won’t get any additional budget for it
    19. 19. IT Reality Business Consequences Suboptimal Applications Missed Opportunities Vendor Slow Proprietary Specialized Innovation Increased Lock-in Poor Rigid Skills No Response Complexity Infrastructure Collaboration To Change Environment Result
    20. 20. The challenges of On Premise Flexibility ROI Agility On Premise Control
    21. 21. The Challenge of SaaS Flexibility ROI Agility On Premise SaaS Control
    22. 22. SaaS & PaaS Flexibility ROI Agility On Premise SaaS SaaS & PaaS & Integration Control
    23. 23. Again, but with bars On Premise Flexibility Agility Control SaaS Cost to your business +Customizedtime-consuming to - Expensive,update +maintain / under IT control Completely Flexibility Agility Control Cost size fits - “Onenot work all” existing with - May + applications/data - Scalable, cost effective - Limited application configuration No control over individual application capabilities or hosting environment
    24. 24. SaaS enhanced with PaaS Flexibility Agility Control Cost +Configured to your business +Easy to maintain/update +Integrated with existing applications/data +Control over deployed +applications Limited control over application hosting environment configurations
    25. 25. Platform Extensions – an example Harmonized navigation and Out-of-the-box Portal runtime for services for Extension Apps developing Extension Apps such as SSO, Theming, Dat a Access (MDF), Storage, To oling, Mobile support, etc.
    26. 26. In place enhancement of SuccessFactors Employee Central
    27. 27. Market Place in Admin tooling Minimal clicks to “try before you buy” – test out solution in Sandpit first. Build/configure solution in space with restricted viewing and then publish when ready.
    28. 28. Can we build it? Yes we can! <geek>
    29. 29. Build apps in SAP HANA Cloud Platform
    30. 30. Organise Apps in SAP HANA Cloud Portal
    31. 31. Organise Apps in SAP HANA Cloud Portal
    32. 32. Organise Apps in SAP HANA Cloud Portal
    33. 33. Organise Apps in SAP HANA Cloud Portal
    34. 34. Manage your applications
    35. 35. Manage your applications
    36. 36. Manage your applications
    37. 37. Manage your applications
    38. 38. Manage your applications
    39. 39. Manage your applications
    40. 40. Home Web Page Theming API SF Application BizX Software as a Service BizX Entities Extension Entities (MDF) Shared Services SSO Lifecycle mgmt Integration UI Theming & Navigation SAP HANA Cloud Platform Platform as a Service Extension Application Web Pages Portal Services Extension Application Extension Entities and Files Platform Services SAP and 3rd Party apps OAuth Etc. Integration API UI Theming & Navigation OData API High level architecture
    41. 41. End of in depth tech dive in section </geek>
    42. 42. Value proposition For SuccessFactors Customers, a growing library of easy to install and manage solutions to enhance your solution. The option to build your unique solution to give you a competitive edge. For Partners, the opportunity to participate in a global market, get access to SuccessFactors customers and build and enhance solutions in a standards based environment
    43. 43. Value proposition SPEED CONTROL • In-memory technology for real-time data access • Shared services for faster application roll-out • Ready to go with your next biz need • Web based built-in monitoring • Connect capability to securely access data from both cloud and on-premise • Dedicated sandbox for each customer FLEXIBILITY AGILITY • Open standards-based technology • Dynamically scales • Aligned with mobile and social • Access to SAP partner ecosystem • Tight integration with SuccessFactors applications • Variety of apps in SAP Store FUTURE-PROOF COST • No timed obsolescence • Incremental improvements – no service disruption • Used by SAP • SAP maintains infrastructure • No upgrade impact • No vendor lock-in
    44. 44. SuccessFactors and SAP HANA Cloud Platform, enabling your business
    45. 45. SAP HANA Cloud Platform We need to have this new functionality Social! Can we get this, like, yesterday? I want this on my iPad I want this on my tablet, not an iPad Is it secure? It has to integrate with the solutions we already have No, you won’t get any additional budget for it
    46. 46. Thank you! ? Questions Chris Paine @wombling Please note much detail of this presentation is copyright © SAP 2013 and is very gratefully used here with their permission
    47. 47. Where to find out more
    48. 48. Where to find out more Watch out for more details and announcements in the near future!
    49. 49. For learning how to build an #saphcp app Check out how Granny would do it…
    50. 50. Follow on Twitter, Github, SCN #saphcp #sap #cloud @saphcp, @sapcloud
    51. 51. Thank you! Chris Paine @wombling Please note much detail of this presentation is copyright © SAP 2013 and is very gratefully used here with their permission