Investing in Wolverhampton - 30 April 2012


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Investing in Wolverhampton presentation by Shaun Aldis, Director of Property Services at Wolverhampton Homes

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Investing in Wolverhampton - 30 April 2012

  1. 1. Investing inWolverhampton jgj30 April 2012, Molineux Stadium, WolverhamptonWolverhampton. Making it happen
  2. 2. Strategic Construction PartnershipInvesting in Wolverhampton Improving Homes, Communities and our Environment Shaun Aldis Director of Property Services Wolverhampton Homes Investing in Wolverhampton
  3. 3. Contents• Contract Details• Procurement Objectives• Proposed Scope of Works• VFM :- Cost, Quality and Performance• Procurement Timetable Investing in Wolverhampton
  4. 4. Contract Details• Contracting Authority (Client) :- Wolverhampton City Council• Sole Managing Agent (Client Representative):- Wolverhampton Homes• Term:- maximum 15 years (with 5 year fundamental VFM service reviews)• Total Value:- Ranging from £100m - £450m (not guaranteed) Investing in Wolverhampton
  5. 5. Contract Details• Appointment:- 2 Principal Constructor Partners• Evaluation:- Cost and Quality• Ratio:- 70% Cost vs. 30% Quality• Contract:- Term Partnering Contract (TPC) 2005• Tender:- In accordance with the Public ContractRegulations 2006 (as amended)• Proposed Select Shortlist:- 6 -10 Companies Investing in Wolverhampton
  6. 6. Proposed Scope of Works• Internal Works• M + E Related Works• External Works• Environmental Works• Specialist Works Investing in Wolverhampton
  7. 7. Collaborative DevelopmentWheel:- ‘Delivery’ Investing in Wolverhampton
  8. 8. Collaborative DevelopmentWheel:- ‘Added Value’ Investing in Wolverhampton
  9. 9. Collaborative DevelopmentWheel:- ‘Strategic Value’ Investing in Wolverhampton
  10. 10. Collaborative DevelopmentWheel :- Partnership Key Phases Investing in Wolverhampton
  11. 11. Supply Chain Aims and Objectives• Integration, Support for Local SME’s / Local Employment• ‘Back to Back Agreements’• ‘Fair Payment Terms’ and retentions!• Collaborative Initiatives• Innovation:- construction processes + delivery• Understanding your role as a facilitator to manage SME Investing in Wolverhampton
  12. 12. VFM Efficiency• We are challenging but constructive• We do our due diligence• We look for Collaborative ways of working• We have offset potential price increases with efficiency savings• We have applied ‘lean’ management techniques• Undertaken consistency reviews Investing in Wolverhampton
  13. 13. VFM Efficiency• We continue to want top quartile commissioning costs• Incentivised what matters• Cost/Value reconciliation for each partner: OBCM, Full supply chain integration• We will be looking to continue to build value in the management of material supply, specifications, life cycles and guarantees• Undertake detailed health checks and gather market intelligence Investing in Wolverhampton
  14. 14. Value for MoneyCost• We are looking for Commercial Viability• Experience of Delivering OBCM Contracts• Management of Final Accounts• Predictability:- Cost and Time• Value Engineering• Cost vs. Price Investing in Wolverhampton
  15. 15. Value for MoneyQuality• Management of Quality:- Systems and Procedures• Management of Quality:- Staff Engagement• Management of Quality:- Supply Chain• Heath and Safety• Equality and Diversity• Defects :- ‘Getting it Right First Time’ Investing in Wolverhampton
  16. 16. Value for MoneyPerformance• How well you manage information• Client Satisfaction :- Product and Service• Customer Focused Service• Your commitment to the Environmental Investing in Wolverhampton
  17. 17. Procurement TimetableKey Milestones• Contract Notice and PQQ:- obtained from• Return date for PQQ :-28th May 2012• Despatch of ITT :- 2nd July 2012• Return of ITT :- 13th August 2012• Notify Intent to Award:- 29th November 2012• Contract Start date:-1st April 2013 Investing in Wolverhampton
  18. 18. Thank you Shaun AldisDirector of Property Services Wolverhampton Homes Investing in Wolverhampton