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  • Up to this point Northwestern Technologies has been a leader in Business 2 Business Internet Technologies.
    It's time we broaden our minds, our business approach and horizons by adding a new method of virtually free marketing to the mix. One that will be both engaging to our buyers but also raise awareness to their customers about the services we provide as well.
    Bottom line here is that we are going to push our marketing to new levels through integrating Social Media marketing to our mix.
  • When marketing, many refer to a “funnel” to describe the many ways to attract new prospects. With limited resources and time keeping those new customers (at the bottom of the funnel) is usually a hopeful gesture that they had an awesome experience and will come back. The problem is in traditional marketing, a person will only tell one or two people when they had a good experience, but if they had a bad one, they will tell 10 or more.
    When you add Social media to the mix, we literally flip the funnel. Using low-cost, easy-to-use social media tools we don't have to hope that people will come back and bring their friends. We literally will reach out to them, engaging them, and despite the limited time and money available, bring them and their friends back to us!
  • The perception of social media has shifted over the years. From being a simple fad when it was first heard of, now it's become a essential part of many peoples lives and for business it's become a must to drive new customers into the doors.
    What was once able to be accomplished by a website now is virtually barren without the extra push that social networking can add.
    The facts here are from the 2012 Social Media Marketing Industry report. They show the marketing trends in the past year alone.
  • According to the CMO's 2013 guide to the social media landscape, it's only going to get better for us.
    Facebook, Google +, Twitter, and YouTube offer us many opportunities for communicating with our customers. That engagement will keep us at the forefront of their mind, so they know we are the place to go when they have questions or, even more importantly, when they need to purchase new IT products and services.
    If you add in Pintrest and LinkedIN as well, we have a beautiful platform to expose our brand to literally millions of people.
  • Where does that leave us?
    So far I've given you facts, figures, and even some projection information, but where does that leave us?
    Let's take a quick look at the “top three” social sites and see the opportunities and benefits of each.
  • Who uses Facebook? OVER 1 BILLION people are on it. Think of the number of prospective businesses and customers, buyers and purchasing agents that have their personal and business profiles on here!
    What do they do here? They share. Experiences, photos, what they are doing, videos and even games to keep them on the site. People spend hours on Facebook just to find new and interesting content!
    Why should I care?
    Almost ½ of Facebook's users are connecting or commenting on businesses they interact with every day. If you are there fielding those questions, comments, complaints and praises, who is?
  • Who's on it?
    All types of people are here. Twitter is one of the 10 most visited web-sites according to Google and Alexa page rankings
    What do people do there?
    140 is a magical number. With that you can tell people what you think AS you think it. A good or bad experience can be sent out to thousands or millions of followers, and then be re-tweeted to their friends and followers. Viral indeed. One good comment (Or bad) can spread like a wildfire!
    Why should I care?
    Twitter can bring to your door people that otherwise may not see or hear us on TV and Radio. It provides a voice to your business that can he heard around the world!
  • LinkedIn is the worlds largest network of professional people on the internet today. Over 175 MILLION members in over 200 countries!
    Who's on it?
    Business people. The people who work at the companies we are trying to court. Buyers, sellers, CEO's, they are all here.
    What do they do here?
    The majority of what they do on LinkedIn is to connect with other professionals. Those connections over time can prove valuable in our industry. Networking at it's finest.
    Why should I care?
    Get that foot in the door with those that we will be dealing with on a regular basis. They move to another company but will always have us in mind!
  • Where do we go from here?
    The choice is yours. With the millions and millions of potential customers alone, using social networking is a must have. You factor in the ability to interact with our customers, squelch complaints, make them happy in the “Immediate,” Social Networking becomes a platform that can do so much more then conventional marketing.
    For the price of a hour a week, or even two, so many things can drive customers into the doors, and light up the phone lines. Black in the ledger is one benefit, but the real one is happier, more satisfied customers who return over and over!
  • Robert cameron unit1 ip

    1. 1. Northwestern Technologies Why we want to add Social Media to our marketing plan
    2. 2. Why should we use Social Media? ● Find ● Convert ● Keep ● Find ● Convert ● Keep
    3. 3. Social Media Quick Facts 94% of all businesses with a marketing dept. used social media as part of their marketing strategy ● 43% of people age 2-029 spend more then 10 hours a week on social media sites ● 85% of all businesses that use social media report an increase in their market exposure. ● 58% of businesses that have used social media over 3 years reported increased sales over that period! ● - 2012 Social Media Marketing Industry Report, Michael A Stelzner, Social Media Examiner
    4. 4. What about us? ● Facebook ● Google+ ● Twitter ● Pintrest ● LinkedIN ● YouTube Social Media Landscape for those in the IT Industry. - The CMO's 2013 Guide To The Social Media Landscape
    5. 5. Facebook ● Who? ● What? ● Why should I care?
    6. 6. Twitter ● Who? ● What? ● Why Should I Care?
    7. 7. LinkedIn ● Who? ● What? ● Why should I care?
    8. 8. So now what?
    9. 9. So now what?