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FRA(x) Program Teaser

  2. 2. THEMEN BEISPIELESociety, Politics, Education, EnvironmentBusiness, EconomyCulture, Media, ArtsDesign, Creativity, DIYLifestyle, Food, HealthTechnology, SocialMedia, GadgetsDigital &
  3. 3. CULTURE, MEDIA, ARTS TRACKBusinesses and traditional non-profits do not have a monopoly on collaboration forsocial impact. Recently, 32 musicians from 21 countries completed an internationalmusic exchange called OneBeat, collaborating with local communities up and downthe East Coast. Sharing ideas and spreading people-to-people diplomacy.ALL philanthropists want their donations to mean something, be it for a new wingfor a hospital or to finance a program aimed at doing social good. Increasingly,though, philanthropists are looking for a way to measure the impact of their dollars.How can schools set the next generation up for success when we dont have aclear picture of what the jobs of the future will be? The growing consensus is thatwe need to shift schools toward fostering creativity and conceptual thinkingabilities.OneBeat: Social Innovation through Philanthropists weigh the returns of doing goodImagination: Creating the Future of Education and Work
  4. 4. BUSINESS & ECONOMY TRACKRandom Hacks of Kindness (RHoK) is the name of an online communityof volunteer developers, aka hackers, who create apps, interfaces,platforms and systems to solve the world’s problems.  In 2010, they left the comforts of their school and headed south toGuatemala to live on a dollar a day themselves. They did this for tworeasons – to gain a deeper understanding of what the extreme poor gothrough and to make a documentary film that would engage…Getaround is one of several peer-to-peer car-sharing companies that lets10,000 users in select cities rent out their car by the hour to neighbors.Thats smart business meant to help car owners cut the cost of keeping uptheir rides, and making good use of an abundant, idle resource.Reinventing Corporate Citizenship Through HacktivismLiving on 1$Get Paid to Ignore Your Car for Months at a Time
  5. 5. DESIGN, CREATIVITY, DIY TRACKBerlin filmmaker Sam Muirhead has come up with an ambitious stunt: Hell live withoutproprietary goods for one year in an effort to immerse himself in the open-source makermovement. Muirhead will be something of a fish out of water—he doesnt code andisnt a die-hard DIYer, but hes excited to spread the gospel and benefit the community.The Imagination Foundations mission is to find, foster, and fund creativity andentrepreneurship in kids. It was formed by the creative team behind Caines Arcade, ashort film about a 9-year-old boys cardboard arcade. Posted online April, 9th, 2012, thefilm became a global phenomenon, receiving over 7 million views, raising a scholarshipfund for Caine, and inspiring a wave of cardboard creativity around the world.High schools would be smart to bring back shop class but rename it design class, ashift that really would entail just adding a few MakerBots to the school’s existingcomputer labs. How many students wouldn’t rather design and print real things thanmock up yet another PowerPoint presentation?Open Source YearOne Mans Experiment in Living Without Copyrighted ProductsCardboard RevolutionCaines Arcade Inspires Global Imagination ChallengeThe New MakerBot Replicator Might Just Change Your World
  6. 6. KEYNOTE SPEAKERKen DenmeadDon TapscottThomas DolbyCULTURE, MEDIA, ARTS BUSINESS & ECONOMY DESIGN, CREATIVITY, DIYThomas Dolby is anEnglish musician andproducer. Best known forhis 1982 hit "She BlindedMe with Science". He hasalso worked extensivelyin production and as asession musician.Don Tapscott is aCanadian businessexecutive, author,consultant and speaker,specializing in businessstrategy, innovation, andthe role of technology inbusiness and society.Ken Denmead is authorat, Theblog was named one ofthe top ten best-writtenblogs for its in-depthexplanations of difficultand intricate topics.
  7. 7. DIE DIGITALE BIENNALEhello@fra-x.deDarren Cooper & Wolfgang WeichtFrankfurt 15. Oktober 2012