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Mwmg March1 Pp2003

Mwmg March1 Pp2003



Gold Mine Operation

Gold Mine Operation



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  • Cover Page

Mwmg March1 Pp2003 Mwmg March1 Pp2003 Presentation Transcript

  • Confidential Executive Summary Fed 10th 2010
  • BLUEBELL VERIFIED ASSAY TOTALS TO DATE Gold $124,372,150 Silver $268,139,200 FOUNTAINHEAD VERIFIED ASSAY TOTALS TO DATE Gold $11,651,220 Silver $12,816,000 MWMG was founded by Michael Hood and Lonnie Sanders to rapidly identify, capitalize and exploit under valued mineral resources, while providing an excellent investment opportunity, rapid ROI and quarterly shareholder distributions to our investment partners. MWMG conducted extensive research, on numerous available mining claims, throughout the united states and selected The 8 Rich Claim Sites located in Kingman, Arizona for. This group of claims was mothballed back in the 1960’s, when Gold was $35 an once. The original ore piles from 14 shafts, 11 tunnels and 20 exploration pits is still out there, just where they left the ore piles in 1960, extraction cost and labor cost would not justify future mines operation. Conservatively 30,000 tons or more are stockpiled on site and waiting to be collected for processing. We will utilize modern equipment and technology to transport and extract the precious metals from this ore. We can expect to yield 30,000 oz. Gold at $650 oz. for $19 million and 90,000 oz. of Silver at $10 oz. for $9.0 million. $28 million in returns in the first 18 months of operations at today's prices. MWMG seeks additional capitalization to begin mining operations on the identified claims. New assays prove the existence of large quantities of gold and Silver in these claim sites as well as an abundance of other precious metals. The assayed reserves on just two of the patented claims have a combined value of 136 million Gold, 280 million silver.
  • The 8 Rich Claim Sites consist of: 2 x 20 acre, patented mining claims on 40 acres, private property. 6 x 20 acre, unpatented mining claims on 120 acres, BLM public lands. The past and existing mine operation consist of 4 documented past producing mines. Complete with 20 prospect pits, 11 tunnels and 14 shafts, 3100 ft of tunnel workings. Ready to mine, mapped and assayed veins of 20,000 ft, with 110 current assays. MWMG on or about March 1 st shall commence operations at The 8 Rich Claim Sites, in accordance with the agreed upon term sheet and final offering. This agreement allows MWMG the authorization to proceed with a mobile base camp deployment, use of heavy equipment and available water sources for the batch processing of approximately 700 tons of ore samples.
  • MWMG has selected the base camp site for the processing and concentration facilities. This is the original mining base camp for The 8 Rich Claim Sites and is located on the 40 acres of the patented property. The property has been inactive for many years, we will bring new life to it. MWMG will deployed a heavy equipment team tasked with thoroughly clearing and grooming the entire base camp area. Special attention will be placed on the overall site safety and clean up of the 1960 era mine workings, any and all safety issues will documented and addressed in time. Base Camp
  • MWMG intends to rapidly develop and deploy the necessary infrastructure and man power required to bring to bring to market over 30,000 tons of metal bearing ore while building a firm foundation for traditional and profitable mining operation. MWMG processing and extraction of Gold and Silver from the metal ore at this site will represent less than 10 % of the metals we will ultimately bring to market with Copper, Indium, Gallium, Zinc, and Lead representing 90 % of the marketable metal, valuable metals in their own right, we will process and market them as by products, but expect to see large monetary returns on our balance sheet under these headings.
  • MWMG – 24 month projected gross revenue for The 8 Rich Claim Sites is a conservative $28 Million dollars, against projected gross operating costs of $11 Million dollars. The projected operating cost, takes into consideration, the acquisition cost of The 8 Rich Claim Sites and all other operational and capital expenditures as cost. With the land value, reserve minerals value and retained hard assets, this is a very secure and triple collateralized investment. MWMG - 2010 Mine Operations Plan is simple: build out a base camp with adequate infrastructure to support full scale operations, exploit existing ore piles, exploit exploration trenches, develop processing equipment lineup for classification, crushing, milling, separation and concentration. Provide rapid transportation of concentrated metal ores to the selected refineries, resulting in bankable revenue dollars.
  • The existing ore piles, referenced in this presentation are located on the 40 acres of the patented private property and on the additional 120 acres of BLM lands. These piles of ore will be immediately extracted and loaded for transportation and classification back at our base camp. New BLM permits and mining plans will not be required during this phase since we have existing authorizations for new exploration trenches and for the transportation of ore plies. The existing 30,000 tons of ore will be transported to the base camp for primary processing and be classified, separated and crushed to an appropriate size for milling then on to the concentrator. The individual ore batches will be processed using the mobile processing line and the individual results recorded and documented. Certain parts of these claims are extremely rich in gold. Our goal is to establish the most expedient path to profitability for our investors. Our focus will be to mine the richest veins first so our investors ROI is successful in the first 24 months and then build the additional processing capacity for long term operating success.
  • MWMG will utilize BLM approved exploration and trenching permits, already in hand to begin the exploration of 1,400 feet of new trenching we are allowed by permit to explore to 10 foot in depth. The pictured view is of an outcropping of an ore body that literally runs along the surface almost 35 feet wide. This trench will yield anywhere from 10,000 to 20,000 tons of ore. The trenching techniques employed will yield the maximum ore tonnage from the targeted exploration trenches. The conservative yield will be 10,000 tons of this ore @ $650 per ton. The expected return will be $6.5 million in Gold and about $5.5 million in other metals for a total of $12 million. Keep in mind, this is all an above ground trenching operation, we can just add a couple rock hammers and a blasting crew and keep the same equipment and man power from the ore piles and clean up project. Approved trench site outcropping
  • The existing ore stock piles are spread all over 160 acres and consist of approximately 30,000 tons of metal bearing ore located in front of the existing shafts and tunnels with an additional 10,000 to 30,000 tons or more of ore obtainable from a permitted trenching operation. The some of the ore piles are located above ground at the following locations: Site Name &Map Location Existing Ore Pile Value@ $625 Gold only Shooting Star Adit 2: 4,000 tons $2,500,000 Silver Legion Shaft: 4,000 tons $2,500,000 Banner Gold Adit: 4,000 tons $2,500,000 The Earl Trench: 8,000 tons $1.350,000 Permitted trench: 10,000 tons $6,250,000 Base Camp Piles: 10,000 tons $6,250,000
  • Underground mining operations are at least one year away. The Fountainhead Mine is one of the many existing mines located on the private property portion of the claims and operations can begin by mapping and planning a new tunnel entrance or expanding the existing shaft. No permits are required to commence exploration for approximately one million tons of ore reserves assayed at this one site, with conservative yields estimated at roughly $650 per ton in gold for a total of $6.5 Billion and another $4.0 Billion in other marketable metals. This Fountainhead Mine project will be the beginning of our below ground operations the most valuable deposits are located at 400 feet to 1500 feet below ground. The overall mine operating plan will change as we utilize the underground imaging technology to provide 3D and 4D imaging of the core deposits. We may be able to selectively carve away at the mountain of ore and expose the ore body without to much actual tunneling. Not exactly an open pit mine but as close to it as well can get utilizing some open pit techniques.
  • MWMG shall engage in various pilot projects with local universities and other private firms to build and operate pilot plants utilizing new extraction techniques: froth & flotation, gravity concentrators, air driven, separators, enclosed cyanide and bio leaching systems. Recognizing that new extraction techniques are in development, for metal laden ores our ultimate extraction method may change once we are in to the extraction stages. We will carefully design the most effective recovery systems for all our ore metals. We will start with a mobile equipment line up and traditional concentration systems.
  • Example of Enclosed Bio Leaching Plant
  • The plant layout in this overview diagram is over simplified. The actual layout will be modified to the site geography. The site is huge and we will make the best use of the terrain. The costing detail in the following pages are based on a projected layout similar to this.
  • Helix-Spiral Gold Concentrators in “Series” Shown here: 25 ton/hour sliver galena processing plant that incorporates (four) 24" Helix-Spiral rougher's and (four) 16" Helix-Spiral cleaners in conjunction with a single 20" Low-G Horizontal Centrifuge used as a scavenger. The plant uses a plate feed hopper that feeds the ore to a jaw crusher. The material is then conveyed to a three deck screen classifier - coarser material is re-crushed using two different roll crushers and then conveyed back to the screen deck - the finer material is conveyed to the Spiral rougher's, then gravity fed to the Spiral cleaners. The tailings then fall off into the Centrifuge. The process takes 20 oz per ton sliver galena ore and concentrates it up to 1,800 oz. per ton. The entire plant was designed and built by Paul Clift and Tri-R Engineering. Oro Concentrators as a plant $650,000
  • MWMG will initially lease or purchase a equipment lineup for ore separation and concentration. Once the exact characteristics of each ore pile are known, the concentration techniques will be adjusted and equipment modified to fit the ore site profiles. Ultimately a small Permanente processing plant similar to this one this plant will run 20 tons an hour and recover both gold and silver.
  • MWMG has selected a trailer based processing equipment line up with additional support equipment and systems for crushing, milling and concentrating our ore for market. Descriptions Purchase Cost 1 x Rock crusher & associated equip. 120,000 1 x MSI Concentrator primary and secondary 250,000 1 x MSI Conveyor systems. 120,000 1 x MSI water extractors 120,000 1 x Air Impact Milling System 120,000 1 x Miscellaneous other 100,000 Total 830,000
  • 53,000 Fuel & Lube Truck MWMG has selected used equipment, primarily manufactured by caterpillar, for reliability, ease of maintenance and to standardize: tooling, training, and spare parts. Descriptions Purchase Cost 1 x Cat Dump truck 70,000 1 x Cat Track Hoe 70,000 1 x Cat Wheel loader 60,000 1 x Cat D6 Bull Dozer 50,000 1 x Crawler Drill 120,000 1 x Cat Back Hoe 50,000 Total 420,000
  • Additional equipment needed: Descriptions Purchase Cost 1 x Cat Skid Steer Loader 30,000 1 x Ford Welding Rig 40,000 1 x Ford Water Truck 40,000 1 x Ford Fuel and lube truck 60,000 1 x Air Compressor & hammers 40,000 1 x All terrain Lift Crane 30,000 1 x Spare parts and pieces 10,000 Total 250,000 30,000 Cat Skid Steer
  • MWMG will drill three new high performance water wells located at the base camp, and install all associated piping and pumps to provide the water supply to a centralized storage facility, consisting of two 20,000 gallon vertical holding tanks. These holding tanks will then gravity feed the rest of the plant. Three additional concrete holding tanks will be built for closed loop water use by the concentration plant. These three tanks will provide the required sediment traps to filter the water as it is continuously recycled to the concentration equipment. The water works: 3 x New high performance water wells and pumps 40,000 2 x 20,000 gallon central water tanks 40,000 3 x Water circulation tanks & with sediment traps & pumps 110,000 Total water works 190,000
  • MWMG shall utilize grid power provided from the Unisource electric cooperative in Kingman, Arizona. The utility service that we require is terminated about 3 to 5 miles from the property and may take 6 months to a year to actually be delivered, our immediate requirements will be provided by dual generators. These two generators will feed directly into our 1200 Amp 480 Volt switch gear for distribution. Once the utility provider has connected their service feed to our switch these generators will operate in emergency backup mode or be redistributed as needed. MWMG electrical power plant will house the switch gear and reside in a separate building designed with extra capacity to handle communications, video surveillance and process control systems from a central facility. All power and low voltage conduits will be buried underground and emanate from this building. Power Requirements: 2 x Power Generator - 250KW 480V 80,000 1 x Transformers & switch gear 80,000 1 x Underground conduits and cables distribution 80,000 Total Electrical 240,000
  • MWMG foresees the need for a small portable concrete batch mixing plant . The constant on site need for concrete structures, pads, water tanks and tunnel stabilizing materials combined with the distances and cost involved in transporting concrete batch by batch to the job site will necessitate the plant. We will produce all the needed aggregate and screened sand for use at the batch plant. The Portland cement will be trucked in and pumped in our silo as we need it, and we will mix everything on site, on demand. One short haul cement mixer will help transport the concrete to where it is needed. This plant will pay for itself in the first 4 to 5 months: Concrete yearly cost: 1 x Batch concrete mixing plant 65,000 1 x Used Concrete trunk 35,000 1 x Portland cement charges 20,000 Total 122,000
  • Commercial mobile homes are readily available as well as prefab metal buildings and can be delivered and set up in days it is truly a buyers market. Descriptions Purchase cost 1 x Mobile Office 48’ x 80’ 50,000 1 x Furniture & fixtures 35,000 1 x Fencing & Cameras 15,000 1 x Mechanics Station & Heavy Equipment Tools 40,000 1 x Machine & fabrication Tools 60,000 3 x Metal Butler Buildings 150,000 1 x Miscellaneous parts & pieces 100,000 Base Camp 400.000 13 offices, 2 handicap restrooms, 50,000 Delivered 3 x 60’ x 100 Metal Buildings 150,000
  • Diesel fuel will be one of our most expensive items in the early days of the operation everything will be diesel driven, all the equipment, trucks, generators, every thing will be diesel by design. Electrical cost will be non-existent for the fist six months to a year but after we receive utility service we will see a sharp increase in electrical cost and a small decrease in diesel consumption. The truck we purchased will travel to and from the site transporting diesel three time a day. Later we will install a below ground, double lined tank and filling station, which will be filled as necessary. Fuel and Electric Cost: Monthly Yearly Diesel Fuel Cost 8333 gallons @ 3.00 25,000 300,000 Electric Cost 11,000 132,000 Total 36,000 432.000
  • MWMG has the best team of men ever assembled, waiting for the opportunity to produce results. Labor Cost Monthly Cost Yearly Cost 1 x Managing Partner 20,000 240,000 1 x On site Manager 12,000 144,000 1 x Geologist-Lab technician 10,000 120,000 2 x Process control operators 8,000 96,000 2 x Truck drivers - operators 8,000 96,000 2 x Heavy equipment operators 8,000 96,000 1 x Maintenance - Welder 4,000 48,000 1 x Maintenance - Electrician 4,000 48,000 1 x Maintenance - Plummer 4,000 48,000 3 x Security officers 9,000 108,000 Labor Monthly 87,000 Labor Yearly 1,044,000
  • Cost summary for first year operations: Processing equipment cost 830,000 Primary earth moving equipment 420,000 Secondary earth moving equipment 250.000 Water works 190.000 Electrical 240,000 Concrete 122,000 Buildings 400,000 Fuel 423,000 Labor 1,125,000 Total 4,000,000
  • Due diligence & Site reports : MWMG will establish base camp with a motor home and some used equipment heavy equipment with a large outdoor laboratory, utilizing canvas tenting and portable processing equipment. MWMG will survey and photograph every mine entrance, shaft, tunnel and prospect pit, all will be mapped to a large scale drawing and individual ore samples retrieved and manually processed and documented this will be our due diligence effort as agreed to by the sellers in the terms sheet yield samples will be sent to laboratories to complete analysis. We will process about 700 tons of raw ore as process the samples, we except to be able to recoup total operating expenditures to date with the sale of the metals we process. In simple terms break even or better in the first three months. If everything checks out in this process we will call for reinforcements and kick it up a notch. Estimated time Line: 90 days Estimated Cost: 500,000 Estimated Revenue : 549,000
  • PROJECT PROSPECTUS This is a unique and unusual mining project and investment opportunity. It is not about simply producing Gold and Silver. The project is actually about Indium, Gallium, Lithium, Tellurium, Magnesium, Copper, Lead, Iron, Aluminum and possibly Thorium and more which can be monetized with the proven values of our vast Gold and Silver reserves. Our private, wholly owned, mining properties are located in the Kingman Pegmatite Belt which contains world renowned high grade feldspar combined with Rare Earth elements Neodymium, Praseodymium, Cerium, along with Rubidium. These have a variety of uses from being strategic to our national defense, to being vitally important for production of new alternate energy resources. In addition to long known proven reserves of high grade Gold, Silver, Copper, Zinc and Lead our recent discoveries have found substantial previously unknown reserves of Indium and Gallium. In fact there are no Indium mines in the United States. These deposits literally stretch for miles and contain the highest grades of Indium and Gallium ever discovered to our knowledge. As you follow the outcroppings of our deposits the veins travel up and over Stockton Hill in the Cerbat Mountains and lead directly into the nearby Mineral Park Copper Mine which is one of the largest most profitable Copper-Silver mines in the United States. Indium ingot has sold for up to $1000.00/ kilo gram during the past several years and many experts say that there is only a ten year supply left on earth. Today Indium is used as the screen coating in every flat screen TV and computer monitor and is also used along with Gallium in the most current solar panels, batteries and light emitting diodes.
  • Our mines are located 4 miles from Kingman Az. on the top of Stockton Hill in a discrete area that can not be seen, heard, or readily accessed by the public and is surrounded by public Gov. land. We have two of the several natural water springs in the county giving us the important advantage of an abundant water supply. This desert area of Arizona is known by geologists to be perhaps the most highly mineralized ground in the United States. It is world renowned for Kingman turquoise, and many world class mineral specimens ranging from creamy White Onyx, Azurite, Kingman feldspar and horne Silver specimens from our Cupel Vein. The government standard for pure feldspar was taken from the Kingman Feldspar mine just over a mile away from our properties. This rare unusual mineralization area is the key that makes our project possible and separates us from all other mining projects in the world along with our commitment to make this the greenest, environmentally friendly mining operation ever conceived. No toxic leachants or chemicals will be used at this site. We have already developed processes that incorporate all natural solutions such a vinegar, pine oil, water and gravity to process our ores. We additionally have an experienced specialist employed who has worked developing a water reprocessing system that will maintain and recycle pure water of drinking quality standards.. Our plant and offices will be partially powered with solar energy and the refinery will be entirely heated and cooled with existing geothermal energy from underground water and wind turbines. It is our ultimate long term goal to develop a valuable product or market for every constituent of our ores resulting in no tailings or waste whatsoever.
  • Our project will be a huge technological challenge, but with foresight, extensive research and development and sufficient initial funding can easily become one of the most profitable alternative energy producing projects in the nation. In our business plan we intend to not only mine these exciting strategic metals but we will place primary emphasis upon the manufacturing and advanced product development of (end use) alternate energy products produced almost entirely from our own mineral resource reserves. This will give us the unique ability to control the cost of our raw materials for our future production, assuring us a minimum 30 year supply of these metals which are expected to be in short supply or no longer in existence within the next decade. Examples of some of these new products are: Hybrid solar panels made from Indium, Gallium and or Tellurium, Zinc- air, Zinc-Gallium and Lithium batteries used for mass transit and electric vehicles, as well as energy storage for residential solar panel and wind turbine systems, high tech super magnets made of Neodymium rare earth magnets for hybrid and plug-in electric car motors and some products simply out of the scope of your imagination. Our new Advanced Technology Center will be one of our first priorities along with a small pilot refinery to process 10 to 40 tons per day of ore which can immediately begin producing marginal revenue while developing advanced technologies. The plant will be constructed on our private land which is not subject to Federal BLM bonding and regulations. This will give us the opportunity to fine tune processing of the 5 types of ore found on our surrounding properties and give us the ability to process our simple non-complex ores that contain easily extractable, free occurring Gold, using simple gravity tables and water.
  • These ores will be obtained from our Federal Claims by simple surface trenching. These surface deposits are on our Federal claims and will be mined under our current approved Federal Mining Notice and reclamation bond. Furthermore, the plant will house prototype flotation cells that will allow us to develop new environmentally friendly flotation processes and fine tune them to our specific complex refractory ore. These ores have been already mined by previous mining companies and were abandoned on our ground as ore piles because at that time the value of Gold could not warrant shipping off site for processing at a major refinery. These piles contain about 6 million dollars in metal values which we should be able to recover on site using the pilot plant. It is anticipated the full scale refinery will be constructed approximately two years after the ideal technology is developed by the pilot operations. Our Advanced technology Center will employ Mining Engineers, Chemists, Metallurgists, Mechanical Engineers, Scientists, Patent Attorneys, and Project Engineers utilizing State Of The Art, X-ray Spectrometers, X-ray diffraction units, Leco Oxygen Analyzers and Scanning Electron Beam Microscopes as well as Gravimetric and Fire Assay techniques. This research will dictate the processes that will be used in actual production and the type of equipment needed to realize maximum productivity and profitability.
  • In these difficult times of economic uncertainties with the continuing devaluation of the dollar our project offers the stability of Gold that can not be found with conventional investments. Gold has never been worth zero like some currencies have. With billions of dollars in in-ground assets our project adds the protection offered by Gold as well as Copper, Zinc and Lead supported by Indium and Gallium. Typically, when Copper, Zinc, Lead and the dollar drop, Gold rises and visa versa. Additionally, Indium and Gallium prices seem to be most tied to supply issues and are expected to increase greatly. In 2006 Zinc was very high while Gold was far less but the value of our Fountainhead vein reserves basically remained the same as today. Back then the Zinc value of our ore was actually valued higher then the Gold value. Today the Gold value is much higher than the Zinc value and yet the value of the ore has remained near constant with a modest increase chiefly based on rising Gallium and Indium prices. This offers safety against inflation and devaluation of the dollar particularly when you consider stocks have dropped 70% . As a long term investment you simply can not beat the metal markets and their long term stability. An example is the historic Gold price. In 1999 Gold was $287.00/oz.; today Gold is $947.00 which yields a return on investment of 329% in ten years. At this same time Copper was $.60/lb. in 1999 and is $2.80 today which represents a gain of 466%. During the last 6 months Zinc rose from $.48/lb to $.84/lb. Which is a gain of 175% Lead has risen in the same proportion as Zinc. If you compare gains like ours to typical commodities or the stock market you will realize there is no comparison. We feel this is perhaps one of the best investment opportunities available in these trying times of economic and political uncertainties.
  • THE STOCKTON HILL TUNNEL PROJECT Around 1912 the Arizona – Butte Mining Company developed a plan to build a 3-4 mile deep tunnel at a depth exceeding 1500 feet, beginning at the bottom of Stockton Hill underneath the Cerbat Mountain to a point just above the Mineral Park open pit Silver- Copper Mine. The tunnel was to be crosscut to connect with up to 100 veins on the hill and would follow the north branch of the Prince George silver vein up to Fountainhead and Banner intersection at 900 feet below the surface and proceed northwesterly to Bluebell , Miners Hope, Silver Monster, Summit Mine and beyond were it would reach a depth of over 1,500 feet. The crosscuts would access rich gold and silver ores at great depth with proven lead values above 40% and zinc values up to 45% at the Golconda Veins. The company had previously built a aerial tramway from Banner Mine to the foot of Stockton Hill which operated at a great success. Plans were halted for the tunnel with the beginning of the war and the following great depression. The following old documents were taken from the Mohave County Miner Newspaper now known as the Kingman Daily Miner. These articles thoroughly explain the great potential of this project. We have uncovered many of the original engineering documents for the tunnel construction in the local mining library at the museum in Kingman. Today, the potential of this project is far greater than ever conceived en-light of the Indium, Gallium, Lithium and rare earths discovered during the past two years by Applied Resource Sciences Mining Division. Almost all the claims are available across the proposed tunnel length and the patented claims are owned by us or can be purchased at a unbelievable low cost. In the event some properties could not be obtained I am sure the mineral rights could be readily purchased for a small royalty. This project would be completed in short order with automated tunneling machines used today and would be one of the largest, richest and most profitable mine projects in the country. Please keep this report confidential until the other claims are obtained.
  • Diagram of the Stockton Tunnel
  • Newspaper articles about the Stockton Tunnel
  • Newspaper articles about the Stockton Tunnel
  • Newspaper articles about the Stockton Tunnel
  • Newspaper articles about the Stockton Tunnel
  • Newspaper articles about the Stockton Tunnel
  • Newspaper articles about the Stockton Tunnel
  • Newspaper articles about the Stockton Tunnel
  • Newspaper articles about the Stockton Tunnel
  • FOUNTAINHEAD TUNNEL MAP This map was made using tunnel positions from a map I found at the Museum. The assay on the Fountainhead vein in the tunnel is quite good. Also the vein marked in red is also good and is also a new discovery. I will try to locate it on the surface next trip to the mine. It says its 7 foot wide!!!!!! The assays for the Fountainhead vein on Golden Legion(Silver Legion)were also from the museum map. Notice the Stopes to the surface are shown!
  • This map represents the locations of the shafts tunnels and prospect pits.
  • This map represents the locations of the shafts tunnels and prospect pits.
  • This map represents the locations of ore piles and ore veins.
  • This map represents the locations of all assayed veins.
  • Brand New Assays 12/27/2009
  • HIGH VALUE ASSAY FOUND ON GOLDEN LEGION CLAIM Yesterday an assay was found for our Golden Legion claim on a map found at the library at the mining Museum in Kingman.  It was taken along the Fountainhead vein about 130 feet NW of the Old Silver Legion main shaft.   It is believed to be at a depth of 399 feet.  This is the first old assay ever found on the Fountainhead Vein at depth on this claim. The assay was .52 ozs/ton gold,13.0 ozs. silver,11.5% zinc and 1.3% copper. The lead assay was illegible unfortunately.  This is a outstanding assay and proves the great value of the vein NW of our patented land on our Federal claim.  The following are all News Releases published by he current owners of the mining claims ARS MINING NOTICE APPROVED BY BLM Last week BLM approved our Phase Two Exploration Plan covered in our Mining Notice.  We are now arranging the required reclamation bond which will complete the Notice and allow excavating to begin using the heavy equipment required for major exploration.  Under this notice we can remove up to 1000 tons per claim in order to prove our valuable mineral discoveries.
  • SHOOTING STAR GOLD MINE GEO. REPORT Dec. 2009 Today ARS Mining announced the completion of its preliminary Shooting Star Mine Geological Summary.  Past production records and smelter returns have shown this rare deposit to be possibly the " Worlds Richest gold mine of all time, yielding smelter returns of $2000/ton in 1940."  Using today's gold price that amounts to $132,000/ton!   ARS Field personnel have recently mapped the vein structure by GPS over a distance of  approximately two miles. (Only 75 feet of the vein was mined in 1940.)    The vein which contains free crystalline wire gold branches off in three directions northwesterly to become three individual veins.     The 3 veins have recently been found to contain massive amounts of indium exceeding 827 P.P.M. with gold content up to .692 Oz/Ton (opt), silver up to 7.01 opt and lithium of 2.5 lbs/ton.  Additionally, areas have been located that contain 23% zinc!   These two veins had been previously named Earl and  the Wire Gold vein before we discovered they were actually offshoots of the Shooting Star main vein structure.  All have similar assays!  The main ore pile at the two lowest adits (tunnels) has been sampled and found to contain .259 opt gold.   The ore pile weight is estimated to be 3000 tons.  Pilot tests run have yielded gravity table concentrates of 70.17 Oz/Ton gold and 64.56 opt silver on the vein material while the ore pile yielded 22.179 opt gold and 27.817 silver.                                                                                Plans are underway after further testing to begin processing the ore piles using "State Of The Art" wind tunnel gravity concentration technology early this coming year. The advantage of this technology is concentration occurs using wind and gravity only without water.
  • MAJOR MAGNESIUM DEPOSIT JUST DISCOVERED BY A.R.S. Yesterday we received results from exploration samples from a unusual deposit we found on our High Grade Vein claim.  This deposit was thought to be a copper deposit by the previous claimholders. The tunnel (adit) had been previously buried until a recent thunderstorm washed away the soil covering the entrance!    We believed this was a copper deposit because of the numerous copper deposits on this claim and because of the blue color of the ore, however the X-ray spectrometer analysis revealed it to be chromium and magnesium!   The Fire Assays revealed gold and silver across the entire width of the roof of the adit and Xray showed 28.02%Mg, 18.84%Fe, 14.14%Al, 2.66% Cr, .0183% Vanadium, .0071% Tellurium, 144ppm Indium in veins, and over half a lb./ ton combined Rare Earth elements, Cerium, Lanthanum, Neodymium, Samarium!  Assays were conducted by Reed Laboratory in Carlsbad Ca.  There are no Chromium mines in the U.S. but considering the high Magnesium content of the ore, we believe the Chromium can be economically recovered as a buy-product of the Magnesium and gold recovery!  Typical Magnesium mines (none in Az. to our knowledge) run about 20% Mg oxide. If our ore is in the oxide form that equates to about 43% Mg O in our ore!  Again we are amazed about the high mineralization we have found so far on these new claims! The chrome price is $5.77/lb., magnesium is $3.45/lb., tellurium is $350/kilo and Indium is $530/kilo!  
  • Preliminary results received from Mi. Tech. study for ARS A.R.S. just received results from the M.T.U. pilot project to recover Gold, Indium, and Rare Earths from our Kingman claims.  To sum things up:   They have taken S.E.M. photomicrographs of our wire gold after impact milling, unbelievably gold nuggets are still present up to 1mm.  Additionally, gold wires up to 1/8 inch have been found still intact.  Wire gold as only been discovered "in place" in the actual vein (source) in several locations in the world. This discovery is they only discovery of "in place" wire gold in Arizona to our knowledge.  It has however been found in dozens of placer deposits, of which the actual source, has not been found.  Unbelievably, in our uncrushed ore we have found gold wires 1 inch in length.  Also, in their first report from last week, they have discovered particles of a very rare form of Indium combined with oxygen known as Indium Oxide.  Additionally, they have discovered particles of cerium, lanthanum, neodymium with phosphorus.   We have just sent a large shipment of ore for them to begin froth flotation pilot runs upon. Some of the results from the completed studies are shown in the photo's above.  Lower left photo is wire gold and nuggets as viewed through a scanning electron beam microscope. The actual length of the wire is about 1/8 in.   Right is a photo of a indium oxide particle along with the x-ray spectrum of the indium oxide particle.
  • ELECTRUM DISCOVERED AT ARS WIRE GOLD-INDIUM DEPOSIT Today it was discovered that the extremely rare Crystalline Wire Gold discovered on the Kingman Az. ARS claims is rarer then ever imagined.   EDS x-ray spectrometer analysis by Michigan Tech revealed the wire gold to be composed of a rare gold alloy previously used as coins and mentioned three times in the bible.  The assay revealed the composition to be 75.35% gold and 24.65% silver, known as Electrum, a very rare form of gold alloyed naturally by nature.     Electrum is generally 70-90% gold and the balance composed of silver, although ancient electrum was only 45-55% gold.  In Egypt the alloy was used for drinking vessels, coins and the covering on pyramids. It's much more durable than pure gold and made excellent coins and jewelry. This particular composition is 18 karat gold and can be used for jewelry directly as it comes from the ground.  This eliminates refining and alloying with silver which is very expensive.    The gold and silver in this alloy sells for a premium above the cost of the gold and silver and greatly adds to the profitability of this property.  When you factor in the fact that this deposit additionally contains Indium, in quantities never before discovered  by 4 fold, its truly the most unique and  perhaps the most valuable mineral discovery made in America!   Good Indium mines in China generally run 70ppm and our mine has been independently sampled and assayed by Indium Corp. of America which found .75ozs/ton gold, 2.14 -2.57ozs/ton silver and 821ppm Indium plus Rare Earth elements.
  • LITHIUM DEPOSIT JUST DISCOVERED AT KINGMAN MINE This morning John Cost was reading the current issue of Mining Journal which included an article called "No Gas Needed" which was about the new plug- in Telsa Electric Roadster that gets the equivalent of 256mpg and travels 220 miles per charge using lithium batteries.  The last line of the article read: "Anyone know of a good Lithium deposit?"    This prompted John to take a second look at his last assays taken of the new found wire gold ore pile, which recently was discovered 600 feet away from their wire gold indium vein.  Unbelievably, in addition to high gold values this ore contains .532lbs per ton Lithium and over 1lb per ton neodymium and cerium combined, .624 lbs/ton molybdenum, .164lbs/ton indium, 94lbs/ton magnesium and .214 lbs /ton vanadium!  The estimated mineable grade as shown on Reed Laboratories Mineable Ore Guide is .010% lithium and our deposit is .0267%.  We at ARS are re-checking this assay to further verify these results.