Wolfgang Client Event - March 2014
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Wolfgang Client Event - March 2014






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Wolfgang Client Event - March 2014 Wolfgang Client Event - March 2014 Presentation Transcript

  • #WolfgangBrekkie  
  • Thank  Yous  
  • Agenda   1.  Wolfgang  News   2.  Repor3ng:  New  &  Next   3.  Search:  New  &  Next   4.  Display:  New  &  Next   5.  Rise  &  Rise  of  Na3ve   6.  Content  &  Na3ve  Case   Studies   7.  Sustainable  SEO  in  2014   &  Beyond   8.  Niall  Harbison   9.  “Newsjacking”     10. Q&A   11. Last  Person  Standing   Quiz    
  • Wolfgang  News  
  • Wolfgang@TheWebSummit  
  • Yoga@Wolfgang  
  • Siobhan@DMI  
  • Al  &  Brendan  Speak  @SES  London   2014  
  • Your  Feedback  
  • Launched  The  Wolfgang  Lab  
  • From  The  Wolfgang  Lab   Irish  E-­‐Commerce  Study:   -­‐  Revenue  up  17%  2013     -­‐  Retailers  up  25%  2013  and  46%  in  Q4  
  • From  The  Wolfgang  Lab   Facebook  Ad  CTR  Study:   •  Display  ads  average   CTR  is  0.04%   •  Newsfeed  ads  average     CTR  is  2.09%   •  Newsfeed  ads  are  51   3mes  more  likely  to  be   clicked  on  
  • We  Revealed  Our  “Other”  Business  
  • “Walk  A  Mile…..”  
  • It’s  Been  Quite  An  Educa_on….  
  • Pain  Retailers  Feel  
  • Mone_sing  Trends  
  • Great  for  a  Giggle  
  • Morning  Rand!  
  • TROPHIES!  WoopJ  
  • Speaking  Of  Trophies….  
  • New  &  Next   -­‐Repor_ng-­‐   Repor_ng   Kate  McCleery,  Google  
  • Kate McCleery - Agency Team Ireland Bridging The Gap: Cross-Device Tracking
  • Source:  Comreg  2013     Base:  Na_onal  representa_ve  popula_on  16+,  n=  900       Q1:  Which  if  any  of  the  following  devices  do  you  currently  use?   84% of Irish are online 57% Smartphone penetration 2.7 Devices per person
  • 52%  then  purchased  on  a  computer   Base: Private smartphone users who use the Internet in general, Smartphone n= 900 Q48: Listed below are various products or services. For each of these products or services please indicate which statement applies to you. Consumer Path to Purchase 41%  then  purchased  offline   Having researched on their smartphone:
  • Multi-Screen World Moment Search Conversion Report
  • Estimated Cross-Device Conversions Captures consumers starting their research on one device or browser but end up buying on another 1. Customer clicks on mobile ad but does not convert 2. Customer visits site directly on another device to purchase 3. Conversion now attributed in new estimated cross device conversions columns
  • Use AdWords conversion tracking and estimated cross-device conversions automatically appear in your account. Where To Find It
  • Benefits of Cross-Device Conversions ² Optimize mobile bids ² Inform budget allocation ² Improve user experience
  • Tracking Conversions Across Devices  
  • New  &  Next   -­‐Search-­‐   Ciaran  &  Brendan,  Wolfgang  Digital  
  • Changing  Face  Of  Google  
  • Mobile  
  • Blended  Results  
  • Remarke_ng?  
  • Search  Remarke_ng  
  • Cart  Abandoners  
  • High  Value  Pages  
  • Broader  Keywords  
  • Past  Customers  
  • Compe_tors  
  • Next  in  Search  
  • AdWords Seller Ratings
  • 30  unique  reviews  from  the  last  12  months.  
  • Trusted  Reviews   ü  17%  liV  in  CTR     ü  23%  conversion  rate   improvement  
  • Take  Ac_on   ü Familiarise  yourself  with  eligible  review  sites     ü Proac_vely  chase  those  reviews    
  • Form Extensions - Beta
  • Use  Cases  
  • The  Wolfgang  Hack  
  • Dynamic  Search  Ads     The  Liklewoods  Perspec_ve   Rossa  Butler,  Liklewoods  Ireland  
  • Hey  girl.   Tell  me  what  you  know  about   Dynamic  Search  Ads!  
  • Why am I on stage? To give you an understanding of how and why Littlewoods Ireland use Dynamic Search Ads.
  • What will I cover? 1.  What are DSA’s? 2.  How do they work? 3.  Why do we use them? 4.  How have they worked for us?
  • 1.  What are DSA’s? Dynamic Search Ads automatically generate adverts, based on your website content, to match a users search query. The system dynamically generates an ad headline and a destination URL. You simply define the ad text.
  • 2.  How does it work? Index. Google maintains a fresh index of your inventory using Google's organic web crawling technology. Search. When a relevant search occurs, Google generate an ad with a headline based on the query, and a URL based on your most relevant landing page. Auction. The ad enters the auction and competes normally. N.B. - Google will hold it back for any search where you also have an eligible keyword-targeted ad.
  • 2.  How does it work?
  • 3.  Why do we use them? To plug the holes in our standard PPC campaigns o  40,000 products online o  New products and categories added daily o  In/Out of stock products & seasonal offers As a keyword mining tool to bolster our standard campaigns. o  “bed linen”
  • 4.  How have they worked? SENSITIVE  CONTENT  REMOVED    
  • My recommendations. v Prioritise your SEO. v Negative keywords are important. (“puppies”) v Adjust dynamic ad targets.
  • Summary. v  Great to plug gaps in your standard campaigns. v  A great keyword mining tool to find new keywords. v  They won’t work if your SEO is poor. v  Negative keywords are hugely important.
  • THANK YOU. +RossaButler @Rossa_Butler  
  • New  &  Next   -­‐Display-­‐   Display  
  • Innova_ons  In  Display  Adver_sing  
  • -­‐  New  ad  targets                                              -­‐  New  ad  formats    
  • Affinity  Segments  
  • In-­‐Market  Buyers  
  • Engagement  Ads  
  • Affinity  +  Engagement  
  • Combining  To  Deliver  Amazing  Results   •  CTR 20 times greater than traditional display •  CPC 62% cheaper than traditional display  
  • Display  is  Gemng  Smarter  
  • The  Rise  &  Rise  Of  Na_ve  Adver_sing  
  • Case  Studies  
  • Thinking  editorial   Going  na_ve  
  • 49%  
  • “People  don't  read  ads.     They  read  what  interests  them  –  and  some_mes  it's  an  ad”   Howard  Gossage    
  • What  would  magazines  do?  
  • Custom  audiences  +  serialised  content  
  • Thanks  for  your  
  • Content  Marke3ng  &  Na3ve   Adver3sing:   Where  Disney  Meets  Mother’s  Day  
  • The  Client  
  • BRONZE  WINNER  x  2!  
  • Objec_ves   Informa_on  Resource   Loyalty  &  Brand  Advocacy  
  • Case  Study  Content  Removed  
  • Sustainable  SEO   Disclaimer!!!   Although  We  Are  In  Google….   None  of  what  we  are  about  to  discuss  is  coming   from  Google.    
  • Mys_c  Meg  
  • SEO  Ranking  Factors  2014  
  • Sustainable  SEO  
  • Abbey  Travel  
  • “Disneyland  Paris”  
  • What  Clinic  
  • The  Mistake  Everyone  Will  Make  
  • Bakle  Already  Won  &  Lost    
  • The  Wolfgang  SEO  Formula   SENSITIVE  CONTENT  REMOVED  
  • Content  Is  What  I  do  
  • 700  Euros  
  • #Newsjacking  
  • #Eventjacking  
  • Predic_on  Infographic  
  • Google  Searches  
  • Twiker  
  • Phase  2  
  • Second  Infographic  
  • Second  Biggest  Traffic  Peak  Ever!  
  • Key  Takeaways  You  Can  Ac_on  Today!  
  • Multi-Channel Funnels : Top Conversion Pathways
  • My Favorite Google Analytics Report Ever…
  • Mul_  Channel  Funnels   ü Discover  how  all  your  channels  work  together     ü Look  beyond  the  last  click       ü Realise  the  full  value  of  integra_on  
  • Universal  Analy_cs  
  • Demographics  
  • Interests  
  • New  Audiences  
  • Audiences  to  Exclude  
  • www.ConsumerBarometer.com  
  • Accept  Payments  In  BitCoin  
  • Why?   1.  Quick  &  Easy  To  Set  Up   2.  Tiny  Transac3on  fees   3.  No  Fraud!  
  • It’s  Soooo  Easy…   1. Go  to  www.Bitpay.com   2. Fill  in  a  few  details  (<2  mins)   3. Await  approval   4. Pop  code  on  website   5. Accept  Bitcoin!  
  • Last  Person  Standing  Quiz   How  it  works:   1.  Everybody  Stands.   2.  I  ask  a  ques_on.  It  has  a  lew  hand  and  a  right   hand  answer.   3.  On  the  count  of  3  you  raise  the  hand  you  believe   is  correct.   4.  Those  with  it  wrong  sit  down….    
  • We  Have  A  Winner!!!  
  • Time  To  Say  Goodbye