Conversion Rate Optimisation


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  • Conversion Rate Optimisation

    2. 2. What is Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)?• Conversion: Any actionundertaken by a user on yoursite that you deem to bevaluable• CRO: The process ofanalysing, improving andtesting your website toincrease the conversion rate
    3. 3. What is Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)?• Increase the number of salesgenerated by your website• CRO can be implemented atevery stage of the userpurchase funnel• “For every $100 spent ondriving traffic towebsites, companies spendonly $1 converting that trafficinto business.”** Forrester Research
    4. 4. Homepage vs. Landing Page
    5. 5. Campaign 1Book a B&B In GalwayCampaign 2Things to do in Galwaywww.galwaybandb.ieHomepage vs. Landing
    6. 6. Homepage vs. Landing Page• A good landing page produces a focused experience for usersand takes account of the website traffic source• Analysis Paralysis: Where too many options result in nodecision being made
    7. 7. Landing Page Basics• Lead Generation vs. Click Through.• Call to action (tell the user what to do).• Focus the user’s attention (encapsulation).• Use colour and contrast.• Point the user in the right direction.
    8. 8. Landing Page Basics
    9. 9. Look Out For:Frictional ElementsUnnecessary pageelements that mightdistract your user
    10. 10. Look Out For:Nuke ButtonsButtons that make it too easy foryour user to abandon theconversion
    11. 11. Look Out For:ContextUnderstanding where youruser is in the purchaseprocessthings to do in Cork
    12. 12. Accommodation Booking1. Make it look easy2. Give your user options3. Incentivise completingthe booking4. Let them know howgreat you are5. Is the user ready tobook?
    13. 13. Things to Avoid1. Using pop-ups to promotespecial offers.2. If no rooms/tickets areavailable, help the user out.3. Assuming that everyone isready to book or buy.4. Sites that don’t work onmobile.
    14. 14. Conversion Tracking1. Set up goals and/or events inGoogle Analytics2. Set up a funnel in Google Analytics(particularly important if thepurchase process involves severalsteps)3. Enable cross-domain tracking inGoogle Analytics. This will allow youto track across a third partybooking engine4. Enable conversion tracking withinyour paid search platform (e.g..Google AdWords)
    15. 15. Cross Domain Tracking• Third party booking engines arecommon• Need to track the entire userjourney• If it is not configured, yourbounce rates could be artificiallyinflated• Some Google Analytics codecustomisation required to pickup cross-links
    16. 16. Getting Started With CRO1. Do Your ResearchGet an understanding of how yourusers find you, where they land andwhat they do on your site2. Identify opportunitiesLook for elements (pages, trafficsources, location, language) withlow conversion rates3. Come up with a testBrainstorm reasons for lowconversion rate. Consult yourresearch4. Test ItNever assume. Always test.
    17. 17. Testing it Out1. Identify the quick wins mostlikely to generate the greatestreturns.2. Look for the big changes likely toimprove conversion rate. Theminor changes can come later.3. Give the test adequate time.4. Keep it simple. Don’t test toomany elements at the same time(A/B vs. Multivariate).5. Accept defeat, learn from it andmove on quickly. You will not getit right every time.
    18. 18. Useful ToolsResearch Tools1. Google Analytics2. Survey Monkey ( Click Tale ( Crazy Egg ( Customer Feedback / SessionsSplit Testing Tools1. Unbounce ( Google Analytics Experiments3. Visual Website Optimizer ( Optimizely (
    19. 19. 3 Key Takeaways1. Identify your principal websiteconversions and start trackingthem.2. Deep dive into your analyticsand familiarise yourself withyour top traffic sources andlanding pages.3. Try and book/buy/enquire onyour own website.
    20. 20. Questions?
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