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Final presentation of the project group Knowledge Awareness in Artefact-Actor-Networks (knowAAN)
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Final presentation of the project group Knowledge Awareness in Artefact-Actor-Networks (knowAAN)


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Those slides have been prepared by my students from the knowAAN project group at the University of Paderborn. In the project group we worked on the (semi-)automatic analysis of scientific papers in …

Those slides have been prepared by my students from the knowAAN project group at the University of Paderborn. In the project group we worked on the (semi-)automatic analysis of scientific papers in order to enhance awareness of researchers.

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  • 1. Project group knowAAN Final presentation Computer Science Education Group University of Paderborn October 20th 2011
  • 2. OverviewOverview Introduction System components & Work flow Demonstration Development process Summary & Outlook Time for further questions of detail PG knowAAN 2
  • 3. OverviewOverview: First part Goals Extraction & Storage (of data) Exploration (of data) System components & Work flow Analysis & Visualization (of data) PG knowAAN 3
  • 4. GoalsGoals Explore research networks Based on: Artifacts (scientific publications) and metadata Combination and analysis of data Computation of similarities of full texts Support for conference management system Ginkgo Data visualization Recommendations (Source: PG knowAAN project description) PG knowAAN 4
  • 5. GoalsImagine you are interested in a conference.You downloaded the papers of 2 or 3 years. Now you have nearly 100 publications. How do you explore them? 100 publications. Do you know tools? PG knowAAN 5
  • 6. Extraction & StorageExtraction & Storage First step: Extract data and store it. PG knowAAN 6
  • 7. Extraction & StoragePG knowAAN 7
  • 8. ExplorationExploration Second step: Explore data. PG knowAAN 8
  • 9. ExplorationExploring a conference PG knowAAN 9
  • 10. ExplorationExploration Which extracted data is available for a publication? → Database schema PG knowAAN 10
  • 11. discipline pub_dis pub_aff affiliation id GUID publication_id GUID publication_id GUID id GUID text VARCHAR(512) discipline_id GUID affiliation_id GUID text VARCHAR(512) parent_id GUID Indexes Indexes location_id GUID aut_aff Indexes Indexes author_id GUID affiliation_id GUID Indexes pub_key publication keyword publication_id GUID id GUID id GUID keyword_id GUID lucuid VARCHAR(512) text VARCHAR(512) score DOUBLE title VARCHAR(512) author pub_autIndexes source VARCHAR(512) booktitle VARCHAR(512) id GUID publication_id GUID Indexes normtitle VARCHAR(512) text VARCHAR(512) author_id GUID location date VARCHAR(512) normtext VARCHAR(512) Indexes id GUID pub_con editor VARCHAR(512) firstname VARCHAR(512) latitude DOUBLE concept publication_id GUID journal VARCHAR(512) lastname VARCHAR(512) longitude DOUBLE id GUID concept_id GUID note VARCHAR(512) citation created BIGINT text VARCHAR(512) text VARCHAR(512) score DOUBLE pages VARCHAR(512) publication1_id GUID modified BIGINT IndexesIndexes source VARCHAR(512) publisher VARCHAR(512) Indexes publication2_id GUID Indexes tech VARCHAR(512) Indexes volume VARCHAR(512) pub_cat number VARCHAR(512) aut_add category publication_id GUID rawstring VARCHAR(4096) pub_add author_id GUID id GUID category_id GUID xmlfile VARCHAR(512) publication_id GUID address_id GUID text VARCHAR(512) score DOUBLE pdffile VARCHAR(512) address_id GUID IndexesIndexes source VARCHAR(512) topicfile VARCHAR(512) Indexes Indexes created BIGINT modified BIGINT eventseries Indexes address id GUID id GUID text VARCHAR(512) pub_evt text VARCHAR(512) filepath VARCHAR(512) publication_id GUID location_id GUIDIndexes event event_id GUID Indexes id GUID Indexes text VARCHAR(512) category_count bib_coupling evt_evs filepath VARCHAR(512) event_id GUID predecessor_id GUID discipline_count concept_count co_author eventseries_id GUID successor_id GUID Indexes Indexes evt_pub_aut_count keyword_count co_citation
  • 12. System components & Work flowSystem components & Work flow How is our system structured? → Some examples. PG knowAAN 12
  • 13. System components & Work flowComponents Model << component >> << component >> Backend ParscitTrainer << component >> << component >> Parscit Clustering WebServices << component >> FrontendReferenceExtraction << component >> << component >> DB TrendDetection WebServices << component >> DocBrowser << component >> << component >> Roundtrip TF-Component JDBC << component >> << component >> << component >> PDFToText JDBC TopicExtraction DataBase << component >> << component >> << component >> WebServices Recommendation xmlBuilder Solr FileSystem << component >> FileStorage PG knowAAN 13
  • 14. DocumentBrowser: RoundTrip : RoundTripExecutor : PDFToText : Parscit: Languagedetection: Lemmatizer: NounExtraction: Solr: DB: a / 1) .addPDF a / 2) .writeToFS a / 2) Path a / 3) .createThread .submitThread a / 3) a / 1) b / 1) .run b / 2) .getText b / 2) Text b / 3) .ParseFullText b / 3) ParscitXML b / 4) .extractBodyAndAstract b / 4) BodyAndAbstract b / 5) .getLanguage b / 5) LanguageString b / 6) .lemmatize b / 6) LemmatizedText b / 7) .extractNouns b / 7) NounsList b / 8) .lemmatizeNounslist b / 8) LemmatizedNouns b / 9) .ReduceToTopNouns b / 9) TopNouns b / 10) .writeToFiles b / 10) Paths b / 11) .addTexts b / 11) Solrid b / 12) .addPublication b / 12) b / 1)
  • 15. System components & Work flowWork flow PG knowAAN 15
  • 16. Analysis & VisualizationAnalysis & Visualization Third step: Analyze and visualize data. PG knowAAN 16
  • 17. Analysis & VisualizationAnalysis of authors PG knowAAN 17
  • 18. Analysis & VisualizationAnalysis of scientific publications PG knowAAN 18
  • 19. DemonstrationDemonstration Now: Demo. Image: PG knowAAN 19
  • 20. Development processTechnologies Jersey PG knowAAN 20
  • 21. Development processMethods of agile software development FDD XP Scrum PG knowAAN 21
  • 22. Development processMethods of agile software development Weekly meetings Sit together (as much as possible) Automated building system Continuous integration Issue tracking PG knowAAN 22
  • 23. Summary and OutlookSummary and future work Summary Integrated processing of scientific papers Aggregated visualization of authors, publications and events Compute various analysis over the data Cleaning functionality for automated processed data Future work Parallelized Clustering Additional graphical visualization Improve extraction of metadata from PDF files PG knowAAN 23
  • 24. Summary and OutlookThank you for your attention Questions? PG knowAAN 24