Legal shield first step 16 tips


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Legal shield first step 16 tips

  1. 1. FirstStep Your guide to becoming a successful Independent Associate. Complete this document with your support team and get plugged into the system. Congratulations on starting your business! As a LegalShield Independent Associate, you can set your own hours,1 be your own boss, and the sky is the limit on how much you can earn. You now join Independent Associates across North America in an effort to spread Justice for All to everyone. In a market that has only 3% saturation, you can be assured there are millions out there that have yet to discover the peace of mind LegalShield can bring. Now you can also help combat the fastest growing crime in America by offering the Identity Theft Shield. You are offering a suite of products that truly has an impact on lives across North America. You can even help others achieve success and financial security by helping them become a LegalShield Independent Associate, just like you! These numbers correspond with audio instruction available at Getting Started Right : Identify your Contacts - Memory Joggers We all know people—individuals we grew up with, our friends, co-workers or people we’ve simply come in contact with. As time goes by, you will constantly be adding to this list through referrals, new contacts, remembering old acquaintances, etc.2 This list of contacts can be the key to unlocking your successful future. The following pages should help “jog” your memory. Think carefully about each specific description listed and consider who you might know within each one. As you are doing this, be sure to think about those who are “local” to you and those who you would consider to be “long- distance.” When you think of a name, write it in the space provided. It is very important not to PRE-JUDGE anyone while compiling this list. Don’t worry about whether they will be interested or not. Even contacts that do not join will be a great source of referrals. This exercise is meant to put everyone you know on paper and create a game plan to help them learn about LegalShield. The Members of Your Own Family Those You Meet In Organizations Or Clubs • Father and Mother • Civic groups, Rotary, Exchange, Jaycees • Father-In-Law and Mother-In-Law • Political clubs • Grandparents • Lodge, Elks, Moose, etc. • Children • Missionary societies, brotherhood groups • Brothers and Sisters • Merchants or farm organizations • Aunts and Uncles • School groups, boosters, alumni, PTA, etc. • Nieces and Nephews • Cousins Those You Have Been Associated With In the Past Those Who Are Your Closest Friends And • Schoolmates With Whom You Associate Regularly • Former co-workers • Friends and neighbors • People in your hometown • People you work with • Military cohorts • Church members • Sunday school class members Those You Do Business With • Doctor, lawyer, barber, merchants, grocer People You Know Who Are Decision Makers • Gas station attendant, dry cleaner, postal worker • Business owners • Beauticians, jewelers, waiters/waitresses • Human Resources Directors • Anyone you do business with • Office managers List of Acquaintances Already Available People You Know Who Are In Direct Sales • Cell phone contact list • Business/office machine salespeople • Christmas card list • Insurance salespeople • Address book • Car salespeople • Daytimer, planner • Anyone in direct sales • List of fellow employees • Church directory 1
  2. 2. 3 ASK YOURSELF IF YOU KNOW ANYONE ASSOCIATED WITH ANY OF THE FOLLOWING AREAS: •Accounting •Film Industry •Mutual Funds •Sewing States Provinces/Territories •Acting •Firemen •Navy •Sheetrock •Alabama •Alberta •Advertising •Fishermen •Newspapers •Shoe Repair •Alaska •British Columbia •Aerobics •Florists •Nurses •Siding •Arizona •Manitoba •Air Force •Food Service •Nutrition •Signs •Arkansas •New Brunswick •Airline •Furniture •Office Machines •Singing •California •Newfoundland •Alarm Systems •Gardens •Office Furniture •Skating •Colorado •Northwest Territories •Antiques •Gift Shops •Oil Changes •Skeet Shooting •Connecticut •Nova Scotia •Apartment •Girls Clubs •Optometrists •Skiing •Delaware •Nunavut Territory •Architect •Golfing •Orthodontist •Skin Care •Florida •Ontario •Army •Government •Painting •Soccer •Georgia •Prince Edward Island •Art •Graphic Arts •Parking •Social Services •Hawaii •Quebec •Artificial Nails •Grocery Stores •Parties •Softball •Idaho •Saskatchewan •Asphalt •Gymnastics •Pediatricians •Software •Illinois •Yukon Territory •Athletics •Hair Care •Pediatrist •Spas •Indiana •Auctioneer •Handicapped •Pedicures •Sporting Goods •Iowa •Automobile •Handyman •Pensions •Steam Cleaning •Kansas •Babysitters •Hardware •Perfume •Stereos •Kentucky •Banking •Health Clubs •Personnel •Stocks •Louisiana •Barber •Health Insurance •Pest Control •Surgeons •Maine •Baseball •Hearing Aids •Pets •Surveyors •Maryland •Basketball •Helicopters •Pharmacies •T-Shirts •Massachusetts •Beauty Salon •Hiking •Phones •Tailors •Michigan •Beepers •Horses •Photography •Tanning Salons •Minnesota •Bible School •Hospitals •Physician •Taxes •Mississippi •Bicycles •Hotels •Pianos •Teachers •Missouri •Blinds •Hunting •Pizza •Telecommunications •Montana •Boats •Ice Cream •Plastics •Telemarketing •Nebraska •Bonds/Stocks •Ice Skating •Plumbing •Television •Nevada •Books •Income Tax •Police •Tennis •New Hampshire •Bookkeeping •Insurance •Pollution •Theatres •New Jersey •Boys Clubs •Investments •Pools •Therapists •New Mexico •Broadcasting •Janitor •Preschools •Tile Layers •New York •Brokers •Jewelry •Printing •Tires •North Carolina •Builders •Judo •Property Mgmt. •Title Companies •North Dakota •Buses •Karate •Psychiatrists •Tools •Ohio •Cable TV •Kindergarten •Psychologists •Towing •Oklahoma •Cameras •Laundries •Publishers •Townhouses •Oregon •Camping •Lawn Care •Racing •Training •Pennsylvania •Crafts •Leather •Radio •Transmissions •Rhode Island •Credit Union •Leasing •Railroad •Trucking •South Carolina •Day Care •Libraries •Real Estate •Typesetting •South Dakota •Delivery •Lighting •Rehabilitation •Unions •Tennessee •Dentists •Livestock •Religion •Universities •Texas •Dermatologists •Loans •Rental Agencies •Upholstery •Utah •Designers •Luggage •Reporters •Used Cars •Vermont •Detectives •Lumber •Resorts •Vacuum Cleaners •Virginia •Diet Industry •Mail •Rest Homes •Vending •Washington •Direct Mail •Management •Restaurants •Veterinarian •West Virginia •Disc Jockey •Manufacturing •Roller Blading •Veterans •Wisconsin •Doctors •Mathematics •Roofing •Video •Wyoming •Driving Range •Mechanics •Safety •Volunteers •Dry Cleaners •Mental Health •Sales •Wallpaper •Dry Wall •Miniature Golf •Sandblasting •Waste •Education •Mobile Homes •Satellites •Watches •Electrician •Mortgages •School •Water Skiing •Engineering •Motels •Screen Printing •Weddings •Entertainment •Motion Pictures •Scuba Diving •Wine •Eye Care •Movie Theatres •Secretaries •Woodworking •Fax Equipment •Museums •Security •Writing •Farming •Music •Self Defense •Zoos 2
  3. 3. Create Your ListYour contact list is the foundation of your business. Write down EVERYONE you know. Don’t pre-judge anyone.Use as many of these pages as necessary. Work with your support team to share the information with everyone.NAME PHONE BACKGROUND TOOL FOLLOW UP 3-WAY LIVE EVENT Tools: PBR PCC DVD FL=Flip Chart WS=Website SC=Sizzle Call SD=Sit Down LDP=Long Distance Package 3
  4. 4. 4 Let’s get started! Use your membership. The first way I’m going to use my membership: ________________ Date completed:______________5 A Your “Why” If you had all the time and money you needed, how would your life change? Write down your dreams for the life you want to create. Also, what’s ONE goal we can help you accomplish RIGHT NOW?6 B Create Your List Your contact list is the foundation of your business. Write down EVERYONE you know. Don’t pre-judge anyone. Start with your TOP 10 right now and continue making your list on additional pages as needed. NAME PHONE BACKGROUND TOOL FOLLOW UP 3-WAY LIVE EVENT 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. @ 10.7 Tools: PBR PCC DVD FL=Flip Chart WS=Website SC=Sizzle Call SD=Sit Down LDP=Long Distance Package These are the 3 people you want to benefit the most. Make sure you contact these people with the help of your support team.8 THE EXPOSURE PROCESS @ This process is important, make sure your support teams shows you how to do it correctly. YOU CONTACT LIST USE THE TOOLS SUPPORT TEAM LIVE EVENTS (3 WAY CALLING) C Launch Your Business Schedule your PBR and PCC with your @ 15 Your First Goal support team.9 PBR (Private Business Reception) Date/Time Expert Recruit 1 person with a10 PCC membership and enroll 2 more (Private Conference Call) Date/Time Expert memberships. That’s it! Director11 Name/Phone YOU Executive Director Name/Phone Your Support Team Associate D Get Plugged In Stay connected to your leaders and plug into the events.12 Basic Training Date/Time Address M M Membership M Membership13 Business Briefing Date/Time Address New Junior Associate with Membership14 Conference Calls Date/Time Phone Number/Pin Code FAST START= 1 recruit + 3 memberships Personal Development Start with Jim Rohn’s Building Your Network Marketing Business CD. (or 5 personal memberships)16 If you have questions, call your Support Team or Associate Services at 580-436-7424. After completing this form, be sure to save it for future reference by clicking FILE then SAVE AS. 4