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Vitality cranbarrier

  1. 1. CranBarrier ™The natural way to maintain ahealthy uri n a ry tra ct *For many women,urinary tract healthis a major concern.CranBarrier uses theall-natural powerof cranberry tohelp promote ahealthy urinarytract by inhibitingbacteria from One out of sevenadhering to the doctor visits are urinarywalls of the tract related. CranBarrier helps maintain and protect a healthy urinary tract.*urinary tract.*Unique Ingredient Blend Natural and Effective Tasty Chewable• Only CranBarrier combines • CranBarriers unique • CranBarrier comes in a the natural cleansing formula naturally works great-tasting chewable power of cranberry with with your bodys system form that is easy for uva ursi, and blueberry for to effectively promote a anyone to enjoy. enhanced urinary health.* healthy urinary tract.* *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or pre vent any disease.
  2. 2. P R E V E N T A T I V E H E A L T H S U P P L E M E N T ST he urinary tract plays a critical role in cleansing Protection For Calories Carbs Sugars the body’s system from unwanted waste. As Your Waistline scientists learn more about how our body systems Researchers agree Cranbarrier 10 3g 2gwork, we realize how crucial it is to protect it. Ur i n a ry tract that it requires Ocean Spray** 175 42.5g 42.5ghealth is important in leading an active, healthy lifestyle. 1000 milligrams of cranberry a day to receive the full health benefits—Who Should Be Concerned? about the same amount found in 10 oz. of pureWhile proper urinary health is important for everyone, cranberry juice. But due to it’s bitter taste, cranberrythose who should be most concerned include women juice is often diluted with water, sugar, or other juices-ages 20-49, expecting mothers, post menopausal women, meaning it could take as much as 32 oz. of juice drink amen with enlarged prostates, and those with diabetes or day to get the recommended dose. CranBarrier providesother disorders that suppress the immune system. the research recommended dose with just 10 calories and three carbs. Protection for you wallet CranBarrier is the healthiest and CranBarrier combines most affordable natural solution three all-natural urinary to promote a healthy urinary tract cleansing ingredients tract. And only CranBarrier Cranberries: contains uva ursi and blueberry Contain phytonutrients for maximum protection.* that inhibit bacteria fro m attaching to the walls of the tract, allowing bacteria Monthly Cost to pass harmlessly out of Cranactin® $27.48† the body.1*A Closer Look at the Urinary Tract CranMax® $25.98†The urinary tract is a system of organs that produces and Uva Ursi:excretes urine from the body. Urine contains unwanted Cranberry A potent natural Juice $15.84† ingredient used inwastes, mostly excess water, salts, and nitrogencompounds. The major organs of the urinary system are the protection of the Cranbarrier $12.99the kidneys, a pair of bean-shaped organs that u r i n a rytract.2*continuously filter substances from the blood and Blueberries:produce urine. Urine flows from the kidneys through two Contains phytonutrients †All prices equivilized to reflect thethin tubes called ureters. The ureters transport the urine similar to those in recommended 1000 mg dose. Competetiveto the bladder, where it is stored. When the bladder is cranberry Has been shown . product prices were acquired from nationalfull, the urine is excreted through a tube known as the to complement cranberries retail grocers in November of 2003.urethra. An average adult produces about 1.5 liters (3 pt) natural benefits.3 **Nutritional information based on 15 oz.of urine each day, and the body needs, at a minimum, to of Ocean Spray Premium Cranberry Blend.excrete about 0.5 liter (1 pint) of urine daily to get rid of Product names are registered trademarks ofits waste products. Excessive or inadequate production of their respective companies.urine may indicate urinary tract problems. Theingredients in CranBarrier work with your body’s natural 1 “Reduction of Bacteriuria and Pyuria after Ingestion of Cranberry Juice” Avron J,processes to protect your urinary tract and maintain Monane M, et all., Journal of the American Medical Association Vol 271, No 10 pgsoptimum health.* 751-54, March 9, 1994 2 “Prophylactic effect of Uva-E in women with recurrent cystitis: a preliminary report” Larsson B, Jonasson A, Fianu S, Current Therapeutic Research Vol. 53, No. 4,How Does CranBarrier Help? pgs. 441-443, April, 1999One of the leading causes of concern is the presence of 3 “Anti-escherichia activity of cranberry and blueberry juices” Ofek I, et al., Newharmful bacteria in the urinary tract. CranBarrier works England Journal of Medicine Volume 324, 1991 pg. 1599by inhibiting bacteria from adhering to the lining of yoururethra and bladder, allowing the bacteria to be easilyflushed from your body when you urinate.* *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or pre vent any disease. 01/04U