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Melaleuca cdm

  1. 1. These Networks have similar & common points: 1。 Systematic 2。 Manage by either government Electricity Television/Cable TV or private enterprise 3。 Wealthy organizations 4。 Unlimited residue profits with a low monthly expense 5。 Daily needs Water Networks Gas 6。 Consumable & high monthly reorder rate 7。 Convenient 8。 Trustworthy 9。No pressuring customers to purchase / place an order Internet Telecommunication 10。Auto deduction / Giro System Melaleuca Exceptional Daily 11。 Feel uncomfortable without it Grocery 12。 Once constructed,it is Supplies on autopilot Customers Reorder = Customers Direct System Purchase System
  2. 2. Consumer Direct Purchase System  Consumers Carrefour Friends’ & Switch Melaleuca Cold-Storage relatives’ store Eco-friendly Daily Need Switch Supermart NTUC Products brand  Daily need products  Daily need products  Original monthly expenses  Original monthly expenses  Products may not be safe  Exceptional & eco-friendly & eco-friendly product quality  No 100% satisfaction  60 days 100% satisfaction guarantee guarantee  No special service from  Reliable service from friends & supermart friends & supermart  Unlikely to have extra  Product discounts & discounts & membership benefits membership benefits  Only remain as a consumer  Referral revenue sharing
  3. 3. Comparison with Melaleuca & other brands: Product Profit Profit Operation Cost improvement 10~12% 10~12% Product 12~15% 3~10% Operation Cost improvement 12~15% 23~25% Advertisement & Distribution Cost Incentive to Loyal 60~75% Consumer 50% Melaleuca invest 23- 25% to improve the products value, on Conventional Distribution Melaleuca partnership safety, effectiveness, less wastes. Manufacturer invest Instead of paying little to improve the millions to advertiser Manufacturer product value. Instead and distribution P&G, Colgate, they’re forced to cut Direct delivery to consumer Channel, Melaleuca Palmolive, costs by using re-direct 50% of the Johnson&Johnson cheaper ingredients revenue to Loyal or diluting their Malaleuca Consumers. products with cheap fillers such as water manufacturing Consumer Advertisement Distribution factory & TV Channel direct delivery Radio Giant Consumer Flat Media Hypermarket, Jusco, Watson, Guardian Word of mouth Every distribution partner enjoy profit.
  4. 4. Simplicity: The Elimination of Clutter Other Company/MLM Melaleuca environmentally Friendly mail order Pay $ Stocking super store Direct pay to Company Direct deliver products Commission Pay Directly Distribution Channel/ Distributor You become introducer to Customer Introduce Customer Collect $ Selling Member Customer Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication -Steve Jobs(Founder of Apple Computer)
  5. 5. Customer Direct Marketing Melaleuca Your If satisfied, introduce to your friends Friends YOU If your friend is satisfied, Melaleuca pays you Referral Fee!
  6. 6. The World first of its kind Eco-friendly Super-mart Preferred Enjoy the benefits of saving, Customer refunding & earning money1. Enjoy Effective, Safer, Eco-Friendly, Economical Daily Need Products.2. Daily Need Products 30% discount, Skin Care & Cosmetics 40% discount.3. 60 days & 100% satisfaction guarantee.4. Free subscription to wellness & leadership publications plus free gifts in special occasions.5. Potential to build lifelong residual monthly income.
  7. 7. Revolutionizing the way consumers shop & savemoney by partnering with them Enjoy the benefits of saving, refunding & earning money 0 risk Dislike Refund Total refund withinPreferred 60 daysCustomer Loyal 5 main Save benefits Like International Share Revenue Earn Advertisement Sharing Bonus Opportunity