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  • 1. EvaluationQuestion 2 – How Effective Is The Combination Of The Main Product And The Ancillary Texts?
  • 2. Question 2• The trailer and the ancillary products which I have created are all alike. I have used similar ways in which all my products create a brand for my film. I have created this brand by using similar images ,font and colour. I had used the same images throughout all my ancillary products, I also used similar colours which matched with my film trailer and ancillary products. However I lacked in consistency of font types and styles.• I have done this to create a brand for my film so that it will attract the audience and will make them want to watch my film trailer. I have used all these three combinations to create a brand for my made up movie ‘Torn’.• I have shown a few people m ancillary products and film. From their feedback I understood that the ancillary products did look like a combination of each other and that they knew and could tell that each of them are related. The genre is same throughout this way the audience are ware of what type of movie this will produce into.
  • 3. Question 2This is the poster of mymovie trailer.The main image is of themain protagonist of the This is the date of the moviemovie. I have used only release. The issue of thehalf of her face to magazine cover is a winterstrengthen the title of issue.the movie. This is the title of my poster. This font is only used in the poster of the movie.